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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Showcase #24 CGC 5.5 FN Minus

You'll have to excuse the crappy pictures, but I've been jacking the scanned photos off of the auctions I've won recently and unfortunately this auction didn't have a great picture. Believe me, it saves time to just swipe an auction scan of slabbers you win, and as you can tell, I'm not the greatest product photographer.

So, this is my first purchase of this year, and I had been watching this Buy It Now for quite a while on the mighty eBay. I figured I had gotten the 2nd appearance of the Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan, which was by an unintentional mistake, I might as well snag the third appearance.

Besides, early DC Comics key issues are quite lacking in my Vault. It was time to change that, which actually is a New Year's resolution of mine for 2015.

While everyone is scrambling around to get the latest speculation sleeper, oldie but goodie key issues like the 3rd appearance of Silver Age Green Lantern is being widely over-looked at grades like this one here. As stated in my last Vault post, I've been actively seeking these out and trying to get slabbed copies for as under guide as possible. Just 'cause it basically makes me feel good and speculation aside.

Guide is just a guide and getting comics under guide is really no big deal if you want to break it down. I mean, it just pretty much means demand for Showcase #24 at this grade isn't all that hot currently. No biggie, right?

Which brings me to reason two of why I decided to add this one to my watch list. It was a fixed priced listing for $392, which is already under guide value. Guide currently has this at around $447. Another enticing reason was that it had a Best Offer option, so click add to watch list.

For at least a month, I saw this in my watch list just hoping nobody would snag it. There were four watchers already, so as the days passed, I grew more and more nervous.

Why didn't I submit a Best Offer sooner? Two words: eBay Bucks. My eBay Bucks coupon would've been issued January 3rd, so I had to wait for that.

Okay, okay, I'm a greedy shit, or should I say cheap bastard? My plan was to haggle this down from $392 and then use my $31.81 eBay Bucks coupon on top of that to whittle it down even more.

I got the $31.81 eBay Bucks from two prior purchases, one of them being the Showcase #23 I got at the very end of last year. Since that was a 4.5 VG+, I wanted something a little higher than that for Showcase #24 and the 3rd appearance of Hal Jordan or Silver Age Green Lantern.

This Showcase #24 was the best option grade wise. Significance wise, Green Lantern was the 2nd Golden Age character to be revamped in the Silver Age revival within DC Comics' library of Golden Age superheroes. The first, of course, for DC Comics was the Flash with Barry Allen.

Although not Hal Jordan's first appearance, I do like the historical aspect of comics like these as a comic fan. As a Hal Jordan Green Lantern fan, a very early appearance is always a nice addition to the ole Vault.

That's if I could get it before it gets gotten. When January 3rd came around, I immediately logged into eBay to see if it was still on my watch list. It was, so I checked the search results to see if a new listing hadn't of popped up at that grade or higher that was cheaper. There wasn't.

Satisfied, I went to the listing and sent the Best Offer of $350, pretty sure that it wouldn't be accepted since it was pretty much already a decent deal at the price it was listed at. To my great surprise, my Best Offer was accepted and on that very day, making me think I might've been able to haggle it down more possibly.

Still, I felt I got a pretty good deal and accomplished my goal. With my eBay Bucks coupon, I got this new addition to my Vault for $328 and some change, which includes shipping.

Guided around $447,  I got this around $119 under guide, so a tad bit over 26% off. Not too bad. Surely can't complain. Great art by comic artist legend Gil Kane also, and the seller was more than generous.

When it arrived, I must of stared at it for a good 30 minutes, just admiring the cover and artwork. Something about the Silver Age artists and artwork that I just love. Comic investing wise, it's not that hot in demand, obviously since I can get it under guide at this grade. You probably can too since a proposed Green Lantern flick is way off into the distance.

But it is an important DC Comics character with a big enough fan base, definitely a key issue comic investment for any fan of the character. Though they may go through down swings, I predict interest will spark in these early Silver Age Green Lantern key issues again and will keep doing so over the years.

This comic is also the issue that preludes to Green Lantern #1, the character's first issue to his first titled series. Another early key for a favorite of mine, another On the Hunt adventure fulfilled,  another key issue to scratch off my want list, and another Silver Age goodie to marinate in my Vault.

Good luck and wishing you a fun-filled year in your own hunts during 2015.


  1. Aint She Sweet!...I'd go with Cheap Bastard, which is a good thing, not bad.
    Gene Simmons (of KISS) calls himself cheap and he is proud of that fact.
    I was just listening to his new audio book "Me, Inc.", which is all about doing
    your own thing and making a living with multiple streams (sounds familiar...)
    Anyways, he goes on in one chapter, talking about how when he was younger
    he would buy comics for $1 per pound. He would then find the valuable ones and
    sell them for $$$. He talks about selling an Superman 54 (golden age) for $800.
    Not bad for

    1. Lol, sounds like Gene Simmons. Man is a business genius. Not surprised he did that back in the day. He knows A LOT about comics. Guy is a comic fanatic.

  2. nice score. if you hunt around, you can always find good books at less than guide. i always tray and not buy anything unless i get it for at least 25-30 pct less than guide.