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Monday, January 26, 2015


Warlock #10 
Origin of Thanos & Gamora     
Published: December 1975  
Publisher: Marvel Comics  
Writer: Jim Starlin 
Artist: Jim Starlin


eBay - There are quite a few CGC 9.6s in the market for this key issue now. When I first wrote this post, there was only one. This post has been updated. Still, no CGC 9.8s on eBay.


Well, if this wasn't easy enough to figure out why this may be one of the Bronze Age key issue comics to invest in as soon as possible. Warlock #10 reveals the origin of Gamora in a Thanos told flashback.

If you don't know the origin, Thanos pretty much adopts Gamora and saves her while Magus destroys the rest of her people also known in Marvel Comics as the Zen Whoberis. Because of this, Gamora has a burning hatred for Magus, whom Thanos also wanted to destroy.

Of course, Thanos would train the female badass and modify her body with implants to make her even more badass. All the genetic engineering and stuff you can think of and blah, blah, blah. 

No surprise that this comic is written by the cosmic king Jim Starlin. After all he did create Thanos and Gamora, and Warlock #10 just happens to be the origin of Gamora. Since origins of characters are also pretty sought out...well, here it is.
And speaking of sought out: As of now, Gamora is pretty hot in the market and quite a lot of collectors are looking for her key issues. Her first appearance is already up there and her 2nd appearance in Strange Tales #181 is gaining steam but slowly.

Warlock #10 hasn't yet really caught on just yet as a Gamora key issue comic to invest in. It is known and sellers are noting it in most listings, but the collector's market, or shall I say speculators, have yet to hone in on this one in mass droves.
So, this High Grade Key Issue Alert is more an alert for those who are either looking to snag a cheaper key speculation book that has a good chance of catching fire or, as I like to say, blow up.

Personally, I could care less whether you prefer raw or slabbed copies. Hell, your comic store or a dealer at a comic con may not have yet caught on just yet either.
Or, this alert can be for those who may already have this issue and don't know just yet. Time to check your comic boxes.

I prefer these alerts as a way to quickly get the info out there. It takes less time to whip these up than a key issues list for sure. 
Since Warlock #10 hasn't really caught on in the market just yet, I would say to hold onto it until it does. It just may catch real heat real soon though, and I predict before the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie comes out. 

Just another slightly under the radar key issue comic to consider if you've yet to snag this Bronze Age key issue. Maybe not one of the best long-term comics to invest in, but could be a good short-term comic investment. 

Good luck on your hunt!  


  1. Hello Mayhem,

    Which is a better long term investment..FF #48 or ASM #14? I am looking for a 9.0-9.2 for the #48 and 7.0-8.0 on the #14. Keep up the great work!

    I just may have to pick up a Warlock #10

    Thank you,

  2. I hope I don't intrude on anyone's answer, but I'd like to throw in my 2 cents. My initial reaction is FF48 all the way!! That's only because I like silver surfer a lot, and you get Galactus too. But looking at both issues in those grades I have to ask if you have a price limit? ASM14 in 7.0-8.0 range is going for $12-1600, but FF48 in 9.0-9.2 is going for$22-2500. Thats quite a difference. Looking at goCollect over the last 24mo. Sales FF48 has increased 14-28%, over that time ASM 14 has gone up 7-9%. It seems to me the performance nod goes to FF48. Now, rarity, you're looking at an early Spidey book vs. first appearance of Silver and Galactus in a higher grade. I don't have access to CGC data, but I would think the high grade FF48 would be more rare? So, if I have learned anything from this Mayhem site, I would have to confirm my personal preference and go with FF48. Hopefully this helps, and I'm sorry if I unnecessarily pitched in.

    1. I actually appreciate others pitching in with their ideas about the subject, so thank you. As for rarity, believe it or not, but CGC Census has 3007 total submissions of FF #48. ASM #14 has 2238.

      Both are pretty big keys, so that's an eye opener. Also FF#48 was published 2 years later. As for 9.2s of FF 48 in the Census there are 109 Universal copies as opposed to 107 of ASM #14 at 8.0 VFs, so it's pretty even.

      For growth, 9.2s of FF #48 did drop on average $200 in the 2 year CGC sales. However, if you look at Guide from 2003 to 2014. Fantastic Four #48 at 9.2 NM went up $513 bucks.

      2003 price was around $1187 and 2014 is now at $1700. ASM #14 8.0 only went up $92 according to Overstreet. 2003 price was $1300 and 2014 price is at $1452.

      Although I'm more of a Spidey fan than Surfer, I'd have to go with FF #48, and even though both are pretty scarce on eBay at those grades you mentioned for each comic, I wouldn't pay the prices those sellers are asking for, especially since the last 9.2 #48 Fantastic Four sold at $1500 and was a Best Offer.

      Anyone else have thoughts on this. They are actually welcome.

  3. Thank you for the feedback

    I never pay more than fair market value...that is why collection only consists of 3 books (haha). "Patience" is what I find the most difficult about comic book collecting. Errr...I may just have to get both.

    Great insight as always!

  4. Just Snatched a 9.6 from the bay for 150 BIN Good deal?

    1. Not bad...pretty much fair market value currently.

    2. Thanx again for the warlock key list! As for this book….. I bought a Fine copy at heroes con last year for about 20$….Sometime later I requested a warlock key list from you and started looking through my captain marvel and warlock runs. Anyway I took you're advice and really started gunning down these books in High grade and replacing my mediocre books with investment grades. I won nice copy of this book on ebay "auction style" a couple weeks before Xmas for like 15$ just got it slabbed from cbcs and it came back a 9.4!! So a total investment of 45$…. not too shabby! And to top it off I had no problem reselling my Fine copy for what I paid for it almost a year later. Anywho… keep up the great work and thanx again for sharing you'r knowledge

    3. Heya, Wayne, how goes it? Wow, you decided to upgrade, eh? Very cool. Congrats on the 9.4! That's good news and a pretty good steal. Take it easy!

  5. I saw a Batman Adventures #12 in GREEK for $85 including postage. Is this worth it. Not many know of it in a different language. Is it worth buying?

    1. Don't know about those foreign editions that aren't in English or whether they're 2nd prints or what. Most likely have smaller print runs but not sure if a European co. handled printing or what.