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Friday, January 9, 2015

HIGH GRADE ALERT: Iron Man #125 CGC SS 9.8!

Iron Man #125
Third appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man  
4rth appearance of Scott Lang 
Published: August 1979 
Publisher: Marvel Comics 
Writer: David Michilinie and Bob Layton 
Artist: John Romita Jr. 


eBay - For those who like CGC Signature Series, there is a 9.8 copy signed by Bob Layton on eBay that is $199 but with a Best Offer option. Should be able to get this not well-known 3rd appearance for quite a bit under the $200 mark.


Alright, since the very first Ant-Man movie teaser was just released to the open public, I thought it be nice to drop a really unknown and over-looked key issue pertaining to Scott Lang. If you missed the first look at the Ant-Man movie trailer just click the link to check it out.

I've already talked about his first appearance and his 2nd appearance, but what about the guy's third appearance?

If you're looking for under the radar key issues, then you're in luck. If you're looking for under the radar keys pertaining to Scott Lang as Ant-Man, we'll here it is!

Iron Man #125 is the third appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man. Nobody is noting this as such...not guide, not CGC, and not the sellers on eBay either.
However, it is. In publication date and story continuity, Scott Lang last appeared in Marvel Premiere #48 before this issue.

With the movie nearing it's release date and more trailers bound to be released in the upcoming months, the excitement is building up for sure. The 2nd appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man in Marvel Premiere #48 has yet to really catch on in terms of hot demand. It's mildly heating up.

So, I don't expect this 3rd appearance to really take off quite so soon. Depending how well the movie is received, demand may trickle down more to the 2nd and 3rd appearances of Scott Lang as Ant-Man over time.

This may especially be true once the comic is more recognized in the market as such. For now, it is a very cheap speculation comic. 

As for the CGC 9.8 Signature Series, there's only two on eBay, and this is more for a reference than anything else. It is signed by writer and inker Bob Layton, but it's only $199 with a Best Offer option. You should be able to get it for less, maybe around $150 as it does have FREE Shipping.

So, in reference to that, CGC 9.8 Universals should be drastically cheaper, below the $100 mark when they do start popping up. Of course, you can find a raw copy on eBay or your local or comic con for substantially cheaper.

I don't think most sellers have caught on to this comic just yet. If you do like Signature Series than the option presented here just may be the perfect addition to your vault.

All in all, for those who already have the first appearance of Scott Lang in Avengers #181, the 2nd appearance of Scott Lang and first appearance of him as Ant-Man in Marvel Premiere #47 and the 2nd appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man in Marvel Premiere #48, this 3rd appearance in Iron Man #125 will be a nice cheap addition to Scott Lang's key issue appearances in your mighty collection. 

This late Bronze Age unknown key issue does have the potential to increase in value a bit over the next few years once the market catches onto it. May be a good one to take a very affordable chance on.


  1. Thank you TCM; On iron man 125 I didn't know this comic was going be a key issue I bought two for 2$ ( VF-) a few years ago I thought they were just regular common comics that I was going to give away to my nephew.

    1. Hey Oraldo, no problem...just a recent discovery I made as well. I don't have the issue but thought it would be cool to let those know about it who have it or for those who don't. Either way, it's a Scott Lang 3rd appearance as Ant-Man, so we'll see if more catch on to this fact in the near future or not. I'm expecting it to.

  2. I just got one signed nm is it worth sending to cgc ??

    1. Not unless you don't mind it going under the Qualified Label and not the Signature Series label.

  3. Thanks for the info TCM. I need to check to see weather I have this one in my collection or not. I'm pretty sure I'm missing it..