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Monday, January 12, 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy Key Issues Part 4

Cruising right along with Part 4 to this expanded Guardians of the Galaxy key issues series, and we definitely have some well-known and lesser known key comic issues pertaining to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Some are already hot and some are steaming up as well in this list. Click this Part 3 link if you missed it, or just carry on with Part 4. Enjoy.

First appearance Ms. Marvel

Oh, this one again. Talked about this one already quite a bit and it's the first appearance of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel as well as the first issue to her self-titled series. As we know by now, she is the newest incarnation of Captain Marvel and will have her own solo movie.

However, I bet she appears on screen before then, and she may get a nod in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 since she did join up with the team in the newest incarnation. This one is already super hot in the market and it's been featured on here way too many times to talk about it even more. January, 1977 was when this comic was published.

eBay - No problem finding this key issue on here at the moment. Plenty of raw copies and quite a few slabbed options as well. 9.8s present and quite expensive already. Quite a few NM+ CGCs as well as other high grade slabbers also.

mycomicshop - No shortage of copies here for this key issue. CGC 9.8 and quite a few CGC 9.4 NMs available on consignment. Raw copies also present, but he highest unslabbed is a low VF.

ComicConnect - Plenty of copies here. All are slabbed and quite a few 9.8s and 9.6s. Other graded options as well.

3rd appearance of Star-Lord

Don't think I've mentioned this one yet on Total Comic Mayhem. A lot of you probably already snagged this issue and congrats on that. Star-Lord is a hot character now in the market, and I'm pretty sure this will catch on more soon enough. 

For those of you yet to snag it, this comic has steamed up a bit but it hasn't gotten crazy hot. A 9.4 CGC is still a tad above the $100 mark, so not too bad. CGC has yet to note this as Star-Lord's 3rd appearance though.

Marvel Preview #14 is the 3rd appearance of Star-Lord or Peter Quill, and it is in magazine form which is cool because the 70s magazine-size covers have some really amazing artwork. Marvel Preview #14 has the publishing date of Spring, 1978.

eBay - Limited selection but there are CGC copies of this one currently on eBay. Well, currently as in the time of this writing. Highest are 9.4 NM+s and are still fairly cheap. Well, at least they are still under the $200 mark with one 9.4 CGC just barely above the $100 mark. Raw copies available as well.

mycomicshop - Three CGC 9.4 NMs with one of the being a Signature Series copy. Highest raw copy is currently a low VF.

NewKadia - One copy here and it's a low VF minus.

First appearance of Bug as Galactic Warrior

Okay, I've been hearing that Marvel doesn't own the rights to Bug, and even James Gunn has said so in an interview. Who knows if that's true or not. What is true is that Bug first appeared in Micronauts #1 as Galactic Warrior, which is based of the toy.

Yes, Micronauts was a toy first before Marvel acquired the comic book rights. On the flip side, Marvel realized that the Bug character looked nothing like the Galactic Warrior toy, so they changed the character's name to Bug so they could gain ownership of the character back in the day.

So, who knows if Marvel is allowed to use this character in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This first appearance of Bug is on here just in case that is the case. Still a pretty cheap buy so far.

Micronauts #1 was published January, 1979.

eBay - No shortage of copies for this key issue on eBay. Plenty of raw options and a few CGC copies as well. Quite a lot of 9.8s and a few are Signature Series. Regular Universal 9.8s are cheap as far as CGC high grade copies go. 9.6s are still below the $100 mark and quite cheap.

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NewKadia - One VF+ copy in stock at NewKadia. Only copy there at the moment.

ComicConnect - Two copies here with one being a CGC 9.6 and the other a raw 9.2 low NM.

ComicLink - Two copies here and the highest is a CGC 9.8 pedigree from the Golden State Collection. Other copy is a 9.6 NM+ PGX.

Name is changed to Bug in this issue

Here is the issue where Marvel changes the name of the character to Bug so they could achieve ownership of the character. For fans of the character, this is an important key issue, or at least, should be considered one.

Kind of a fun tid-bit of comic geekery to know about anyway. Doubt this an expensive buy in the current market. Micronauts #4 was published April, 1979

eBay - Appears to be a decent selection for this highly unknown comic on eBay. Quite a few raw copies are in comic lots. Very cheap buy as 9.8 CGCs are below the $80 mark. Well, there's only one CGC copy so far.

ComicConnect - One raw 9.4 NM copy here at the moment.

First comic book appearance of Star-Lord
Origin Star-Lord

Ah, so this comic has finally been cleared up. Marvel Spotlight #6 volume 2 is the first appearance of Star-Lord in comic book form. If this is confusing, it should be.

So, now we have first appearances in magazine form and actual comic book size. CGC notes this as such, but Overstreet just notes this as an origin of Star-Lord.

I leave it up to you to decide whatever this should be noted as or not. Technically it is true that he does make a first appearance in a comic book sized issue, but does that mean magazine-sized comics aren't considered comic books? May, 1980 is the publishing date of this comic.

eBay - Both raw copies and slabbed copies located currently on eBay.  Two CGC copies with one a 9.8 and the other a 9.6 NM+. 9.6 is still pretty cheap and can be snagged well below the $200 mark. Best Offer is available on that 9.6 listing.

mycomicshop - TONS of copies here and quite a few are CGC slabs. Highest are two 9.6 NM+s followed by three 9.4 NMs and a 9.2 low NM. Rest are raw copies with the highest a 9.0 VF/NM. All copies here are on consignment.

2nd appearance Rocket Raccoon
First appearance in comics (canon)

This one again. So just like with Star-Lord or even Harley Quinn, Incredible Hulk sees the first appearance of Rocket Raccoon in comic book form and in Marvel canon or Marvel's primary continuity.

Yes, the creators of Rocket already stated that they fully intended that Rocky Racoon in Marvel Preview #7 is the same character, just in a future reality. So this is regarded as a 2nd appearance ever and first full appearance in comics by Overstreet.

Don't worry, Marvel Preview #7 is still regarded as a first appearance as well. Despite the confusion, this comic has already taken off in high grades. There may be a dip since the movie has already been released for quite some time. I dunno, I haven't checked really. May, 1982 is when Hulk #271 was published.

eBay - Definitely not very scarce on eBay at the moment. Plenty of raw and CGC copies alike. CGC 9.8s available if you're a high grade sniper. Actually plenty of 9.8s and 9.6s available. Most are in the NM range for slabbers.

mycomicshop - No shortage of copies here for this one either. Plenty of high grade CGC. One 9.8 Signature Series and six 9.6 NM+s. Two 9.4s as well. Raw copies also here with the highest a low NM.

ComicConnect - Two copies here and one is a CGC 9.4 Signature Series and the other a raw VF.

ComicLink - Five CGC copies and the highest is a 9.8 followed by three 9.4 NMs. One of the NMs is a Signature Series copy. Lowest option is a 9.0 VF/NM.

2nd full appearance of Rocket Raccoon in canon
3rd full appearance ever
First self-titled comic series

Okay, here's where things may get tricky. You see Rocket Raccoon did make an appearance in Hulk #272, but he appeared only in flashback so that may count as a cameo.

He also appears in Hulk #279, but only appears briefly and on a computer screen, hologram, or TV, so that may count as a cameo as well. Not too sure, but since this is actually a full appearance of the character directly after Hulk #279, I'm gonna throw it out there and say this is the 2nd full appearance of Rocket Racoon in canon and the 3rd full appearance of the character ever.

I may be wrong or industry just may label it something else entirely, but it is a key issue worth noting for the character of Rocket Raccoon since it is his first self-titled series also.
This was published May, 1985.

eBay - Quite a few raw copies here and still pretty affordable. Handful of CGC copies and they seem pretty bloated already at least for 9.8s. One is $300 with a Best Offer so you might be able to get that around the $200+ range. 9.6s present as well.

mycomicshop - We got a decent selection for this key issue at mycomicshop at the moment. Two CGC 9.8s and one of them is currently up for auction. The rest are raw and the highest is a VF. Some of the raw copies are in stock or on consignment.

ComicLink - CGC 9.8 copy here and it's the only one.

That wraps up Part 4 of this Guardians of the Galaxy key issues list. Some ones on here I didn't even really know about. Hopefully you can find cheaper buys out in the field for some of these. If you already got them, awesome!

You can click the PREVIOUS link to read up on Part 3 if you missed it. If you're already good on that, click the PART 5 link for more Guardians of the Galaxy key comics.

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