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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ghost Rider Key Issue Comics

This key issues list was requested a while ago, and though I do apologize that it has taken a while to get to it, there were a bunch of other key issues lists that I had to get done quickly due to movies that were announced. Now that it has quieted down a bit on that front, I think it's a good time to get into some Ghost Rider key issue comics.

This Ghost Rider key issues list will be all over the map since I will be listing some top villains for the character and their first appearances even if they are in a different titled series. In the beginning, this will not be like the Marvel Spotlight key issues list done a while ago.

Also, I won't spend too much time on the Modern Age comics pertaining to the more recent series. I will do a quickie when it comes to those.

Alright, let's get this Spirit of Vengeance down the road.

First appearance of Mephisto

Going outside of the title here and that's because if Ghost Rider has a #1 baddie, it should be Mephisto. This demon is also a villain for many superheroes such as the Silver Surfer and Thor.

Nonetheless, it was later written that it was indeed Mephisto posing as Satan who turned Johnny Blaze into Ghost Rider as an act of revenge, because the demon was unable to acquire Johnny's soul as the deal made. For this spite against the tempter, Mephisto would continually hound and torment Johnny Blaze as the Ghost Rider.

So, this first appearance of Mephisto in Silver Surfer #3 kicks off this Ghost Rider key issue comics list. Don't worry, we'll be getting into some actual Ghost Rider key comics also. Silver Surfer #3 and the first appearance of Mephisto was published December, 1968.

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First appearance of Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
First appearance of Roxanna and Crash Simpson
Origin of Ghost Rider
First Zatharos

Here's the holy grail concerning the most direct Ghost Rider key issue you can get. As most know, Marvel Spotlight #5 from the first series holds the first appearance of Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze, but it also holds the first appearance of Roxanna and Crash Simpson.

Johnny Blaze is the son of a motorcycle stuntman who dies during a stunt. He is adopted by Crash Simpson and becomes part of his stunt team. While growing up, he becomes close to the Simpson's daughter Roxanna.

In the comic, it is Blaze's adopted father Crash Simpson who becomes ill with cancer. In order to save him, Blaze makes a deal with Satan, whom was later reconned to be Mephisto posing as the character, and sells his soul in order for Crash Simpson not to die of the disease.

In typical Mephisto fashion, Simpson is cured of his cancer but dies in a motorcycle stunt. Being all technical, Mephisto says he indeed kept his word and comes to claim Johnny's soul. It was only Roxanna's pure love for Blaze that kept Mephisto from obtaining it.

Because of this, Mephisto bonds Blaze and the Spirit of Vengeance known as Zatharos, unnamed in this issue, together out of vengeance. Thus, Ghost Rider is born and comics were never the same again. The first appearance and origin of Ghost Rider in Marvel Spotlight #6 was published August, 1972.

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2nd appearance of Ghost Rider
2nd appearance of Roxanna Simpson
2nd issue to first on-going series

Speaking of 2nd appearances again, here we are with Marvel Spotlight #6 again and the 2nd appearance of Ghost Rider. Of course, this is also the 2nd appearance Johnny Blaze and Roxanna Simpson, but it's also the first appearance of Satan's Servants.

Other than that, there's not much more to say except that is also the 2nd issue to Ghost Rider/Johny Blaze's first on-going series. October, 1972 was when Marvel Spotlight #6 was published.

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3rd appearance of Ghost Rider

Marvel Spotlight #7 sees the 3rd appearance of Ghost Rider. The story is continued from issue #6 in which Curly, leader of the biker gang Satan's Servants, is actually Crash Simpson. Apparently, Crash Simpson also sold his soul to Mephisto. In order to live again, he must kill the Ghost Rider.

In this issue, Curly brings Roxanna to Satan's followers to be prepared for sacrifice at a Satanic Church under Mephisto's orders. Of course, Johnny Blaze as Ghost Rider goes to stop this from happening.

December, 1972 is the publishing date for the 3rd appearance of Ghost Rider in Marvel Spotlight #7.

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4rth appearance of Ghost Rider
First appearance of Snake Dance
First appearance of Sam Silvercloud

The first appearances in Marvel Spotlight #8 aren't really anything special in terms of major recurring characters. They do show up in the series a little, but they are very much minor supporting characters.

Sam Silvercloud is an Apache tribe member who intended to stop Johnny Blaze from jumping over Copperhead Canyon. The reason was he feared that the publicity of the stunt would make the land too valuable for his people to ever purchase back. Sam Silvercloud's last appearance would be in Marvel Spotlight #12.

Snake Dance was a former leader of an Apache tribe and had the power to control any snake and was invulnerable to snake venom. Snake Dance had a following of tribesmen called the Serpent Men. Early Ghost Rider and Son of Satan foe, but he did not last very long.

Marvel Spotlight #8 is the 4rth appearance of Ghost Rider though. Not a highly sought out key but also not over-looked either. If you can find high grade raw copies, you should still be able to get them at decent prices. CGC 9.4s are more expensive but aren't all that expensive for high grade slabbed copies.

The 4rth appearance of Ghost Rider in Marvel Spotlight #8 was February, 1973.

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First issue to self-titled series
First brief appearance of Son of Satan
3rd appearance of Witch Woman

Another huge key issue for Ghost Rider and fans of Ghost Rider. It wouldn't take long for the supernatural comic character to get his own self-titled series.

To add to the importance of this already #1 key issue, Ghost Rider #1 has the first brief appearance of Son of Satan or Daimon Hellstrom. Son of Satan and Ghost Rider became supporting characters for each other early on.

Ghost Rider #1 also has the 3rd appearance of Witch Woman, who was detailed in the Marvel Spotlight key issues list along with her first appearance.

Ghost Rider #1 was published September, 1973.

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Believe it or not, we still got some more Ghost Rider key issues to go through. This part 1 probably has the major ones, or most well-known. Part 2 will most likely have some that are minor or just flat out over-looked or mainly unwanted in the current market.

If you're ready for more Ghost Rider key issue comics, just click the PART 2 link below to continue.


  1. great article mayhem been awhile since you published anything was starting to get worried. one of my favorite characters is Loki hell named my dog after him. are there any key issues for him besides his first and second app. always thanks for the great input you have. JW

    1. I believe that Journey Into Mystery #112 and #113 has his origin. I think JIM #115 also continues the origin but in more detail, but not 100% sure. Just at the top of my head for now, but I'm sure JIM #112 starts his origin.

  2. I do gain a lot from this site and I appreciate you taking time to put it together. However:

    Everywhere in your blog you use the word 4rth. When did this become standard for the shorthand of fourth? When I was in school (and it's been a long time ago) we used to write it: 4th. As I would understand it, the abbreviation of first=1st, second=2nd, third=3rd, fourth=4th, fifth-5th and so on. There aren't three consonants after the number, only two. I'm not aware of any other language that uses this convention. A minor gripe I'm sure, but when I see it - it makes me think of the word earth and it makes the sentence seem broken.

    I'm not sure if there's any way to go about doing a site-wide find and replace for this single thing, but I wanted to at least bring attention to it.

    1. Thanks for the English lesson. Is that seriously all you want to comment on?

    2. mayhem maybe you should use roman numerals. then everyone will be happy. or a 4rth appearance list to give people something to talk about. JW

    3. Actually not a bad idea there JW. Not bad at all.

  3. Oh, I don't know. How about an article on grading companies? I don't see any listings for books graded by CBCS.

  4. Hey there Mayhem. Just noticed that the comic you have pictured next to Ghost Rider #1 volume 2 is actually Marvel Spotlight #5. Probably just an oversite. But it does need correcting for those folks not knowing the difference. Keep up the phenomenal work.

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