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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ghost Rider Key Issue Comics Part 4

This is Part 4 to the Ghost Rider key issue comics list, and we are now definitely ending the Copper Age and heading into the Modern Age. As you know, I don't consider many of these issues great comic investments in the least, but if you're a fan of Ghost Rider and just like collecting issues of the character, this resource may be useful to you.

A lot of these comics, I grew up reading and they're great nostalgia for me. They may be for you as well and some of the artwork in this series is pretty awesome to say the least.

Click this Part 3 link if you happened to miss, and continue on and enjoy Part 4 if you're ready to go!

First appearance of Blackout
2nd appearance Deathwatch

Blackout would be Danny Ketch's main nemesis in this series, as this villain would be responsible for killing his sister. He is a darkness generating super-human and started out as the enforcer and henchman of Deathwatch.

Blackout is responsible for murdering many of Danny Ketch's close associates as well. In this new series Deathwatch and Blackout are the #1 baddies for the 3rd Ghost Rider. In the next issue, the battle where Blackout is disfigured from Ghost Rider's Hellfire causes Blackout to mark Danny Ketch as his mortal enemy.

June, 1990 was when the first appearance of Blackout was published. His 2nd appearance would be in Ghost Rider #3 volume 3.

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First appearance of Blackheart

Blackheart was one of the main baddies in the first Ghost Rider film, and although I do like the character in the comics, he just wasn't quite translated to the big screen as I was hoping. Yep, Blackheart started his villainy in Daredevil and has his first appearance in this comic.

He is a demon and son of Mephisto, which makes him a perfect Ghost Rider villain. Blackheart was created by Ann Nocenti and legendary comic artist John Romita Jr. The first appearance of Blackheart was published September, 1989.

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First appearance of the Scarecrow

Going backwards in terms of publishing date, Tales of Suspense #51 has the first appearance of the Scarecrow. Yep, this is the Marvel version obviously, and to be truthful, I had no idea there even was a Marvel version of the Scarecrow.

Ebenezer Laughton started out as a villain for Iron Man and is an expert contortionist. When the Firm gave him surgical implants after he battled the Ghost Rider in the volume 3 series, he was able to produce pheromones that induced panic attacks within his victims.

I'm putting the first appearance of Scarecrow in Tales of Suspense #51 in this list and at this exact spot, because the character became a villain for the Danny Ketch version of Ghost Rider.

Tales of Suspense #51 was published March, 1964.

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Re-Intro of Johnny Blaze
First appearance of Zodiac

The original comes back in the comic title that made him famous, even though it's starring another character and a different series. Can't say it was bound to happen, and it was only a matter of time before the original Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance would cross-over with his successor Danny Ketch.

Johnny Blaze is shown on the last page in Ghost Rider #10, and the do not meet just yet in this issue.  Not exactly an important key issue in the grand scheme of the Marvel Universe or even the collector's market at large, but it is an important happening for Ghost Rider fans.

As for the Zodiac, he is pretty much a minor character, but is also tied to Doctor Strange. Centuries ago the Sorcerer Supreme of that time discovered an ancient race of demons called the Dykkors and banished them to another dimension. Dormammu would later conquer them.

When the Dykkors were unleashed on Earth, many heroes such as the X-Men killed most of them. The remaining sought out an occult book store owner named Norman Harrison. In a deal to supply these demons with fresh blood, Norman Harrison was given great power. Thus, he became the serial killer known as Zodiac.

Ghost Rider #10 and the re-intro of Johnny Blaze was published February, 1991.

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First time Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch meet

Not that well-known of a key issue outside of Ghost Rider fans, but Ghost Rider #14 is the first time Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch meet in Marvel continuity. In true Marvel fashion, their meeting is not under the best of circumstances, especially when Blaze's goal is to kill the Ghost Rider.

As the cover states, it is a Johnny Blaze vs. Ghost Rider happening in issue #14. Good thing Blackout started some evil shenanigans which ultimately made Danny Ketch flip out and become the Spirit of Vengeance before Blaze could properly whack him.

Maybe not the greatest of comic investments concerning this issue, but it sure does bring back some good memories of reading them during the many summers I was grounded as a kid. Ghost Rider #14
was published June, 1991.

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First appearance of Michael Badilino

Michael who? Michael Badilino, the first who would become the character of Vengeance. Yes, another Spirit of Vengeance, but he doesn't become one in this issue.

Just another classic case of a first appearance for a character who would later become a super powered character in Marvel Comics. So in this issue, Michael Badilino is a Lt. for the NYPD. His family is one of the holders of the Medallion of Power, which Blaze's family also held pieces of.

Apparently back in the day, Zatharos' Hellfire caused serious psychological damage to his father and drove him mad. His father then slayed his mother and sister but left him alive. When Danny Ketch became the new Ghost Rider, Lt. Badilino believed it was the same demon who destroyed his family, and thus became an enemy of the Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider #21 was published January, 1992. Great classic cover. At least I think so.

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Alright, only a few more parts to this Ghost Rider key issue comics series and that will be all for now as we are heading more and more into what I consider junk comics. I said I wouldn't get too in-depth when we reached the Modern Age of Ghost Rider keys.

So, if you missed Part 3, just click the PREVIOUS link to go back. Other than that, just click the PART 5 link below to continue with this Ghost Rider key comics list.

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