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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ghost Rider Key Issue Comics Part 2

Burning Hellfire right into Part 2 of this Ghost Rider key issue comics list. In the first part, we detailed most of the heavy hitter Ghost Rider key issues. There are some in Part 2, but not to the degree of those listed in Part 1 for sure.

If you happened to miss the beginning of this key issue comic list, just click this Part 1 link to head on back. We definitely got some interesting Ghost Rider keys in this part of the series, so let's burn rubber and get to 'em.

First full appearance of Son of Satan
4rth appearance of Witch Woman

Ghost Rider #2 has the first full appearance of Daimon Hellstrom or otherwise known as Son of Satan. Daimon was an early supporting character for the Ghost Rider as well as Witch Woman.

So we have the first full appearance of Son of Satan and the 4rth appearance of Witch Woman. A double whammy key issue, though the 4rth appearance of Witch Woman is highly minor. October, 1973 was when Ghost Rider #2 was published.

eBay - Seems to be a decent selection. Can't really tell since eBay's search lists everything that has to do with Ghost Rider. Did see some raw copies. As for CGC, saw a few slabbed copies as well. Highest looks like it's a 9.8 and a 9.6 NM+. There's other graded options as well.

mycomicshop - Nothing but raw copies and the highest so far is a FN that's on consignment. Rest is downhill from there at the time of this writing.

ComicConnect - Three copies of this issue here. One is a CGC 9.8 and the others are raw copies. Raw copies are NM minus and VF+.

First appearance of The Orb
Origin of the Orb
First meeting of Ghost Rider and Spider-Man

Quite an interesting Ghost Rider key issue right here. We have the first appearance of the Orb, a pretty wacky villain in the Marvel Universe. The original orb is Drake Shannon who was once the partner of Crash Simpson. A terrible motorcycle stunt left Drake disfigured.

Believing that he deserved ownership of the motorcycle show, Drake as the Orb tried to claim this right but was defeated by Ghost Rider and Spider-Man.

Speaking of Spider-Man, this is the first meeting between the two at least concerning first published meeting. Also, this is the first time Ghost Rider crosses over into another comic title that isn't Marvel Spotlight or his regular self-titled series.

Whether industry recognizes that or not is a different story, but it's interesting to know. Marvel Team Up #15 was published November, 1973.

eBay - Raw copies available at the moment on the mighty eBay. Saw some CGC copies as well. CGC 9.8 is the highest and there's also a 9.6 NM+ Mile High II pedigree. 9.4 NM CGC and a 7.0 FN/VF as well.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.6 is the only slabbed copy here for now. Other raw copies are in stock though and the highest is a VG+. 

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.6 NM+ is the only copy here at the moment.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.6 NM+ here also and much more expensive than the one at ComicConnect.

3rd appearance of Son of Satan
Ghost Rider gains power to make cycle of fire

3rd appearance of Son of Satan in Ghost Rider #3. I believe his 2nd appearance was in Marvel Spotlight #12, but I'll just mention it here instead of listing it. Also, this is the issue where we first see Ghost Rider gain the ability to turn his motorcycle ablaze, which has become an iconic symbol for the character.

Yep, a flaming motorcycle for the Spirit of Vengeance in this issue, and it's the first time we fans see it.
December, 1973 was when Ghost Rider #3 was published.

eBay - Doesn't appear to be a scarcity on eBay concerning this issue. Saw quite a few raw options. Only 3 CGC copies at the moment though. Highest are a 9.6 NM+ and a 9.4 NM.

mycomicshop - Only one copy here so far and it's a CGC 9.6 NM+.

NewKadia - Only one FN minus copy here at the moment.

Ghost Rider vs. Hulk

Although Ghost Rider #10 has the Hulk on the cover, he doesn't appear in that issue. The Hulk does appear in Ghost Rider #11 and it's the first time the two meet and slug it out.

If Marvel and Disney ever have plans to reboot Ghost Rider on film, I'd love to see this match up play out on the big screen. Ghost Rider vs. Hulk in Ghost Rider #11 was published April, 1975.

eBay - A few raw copies located in eBay's search. Only one CGC 9.6 NM+ copy so far on the mighty eBay. May change by the time you read this.

mycomicshop - Only one VG+ raw copy here at the moment. It is in stock though.

ComicLink - CGC 9.6 NM+ here for now. Pretty cheap.

30 cent cover variants

Oh my goodness, I'm listing some price cover variants for those of you who are into that kinda thing. In terms of key issue status for any of the Ghost Rider comics from issues #17 to #19 there isn't really any. Or, they are so minor they're not really even worth listing.

However, the 30 cent covers did have a lower distribution that the regular cents cover. Ghost Rider #17 through #19 were published between April, 1976 - August, 1976.

eBay - Saw some 30 cent variants for issues 17, 18, and 19. Not many though and no CGC at the moment.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.2 low NM Price Variant here for 18. There are two Price Variants for #19 at ComicLink also.

Daredevil crossover
Death of Smasher

The Man Without Fear, Daredevil, crosses over into Ghost Rider in this issue. Also so does a very short-lived Daredevil villain who also dies in this issue as well.

For those who are looking for crossovers concerning their favorite characters, this one is definitely one for Daredevil or Ghost Rider fans. If you're both, even better.

This shouldn't be a highly sought out comic in the market, and slabbed or raw copies should be pretty cheap still. Ghost Rider #20 was published October, 1976.

eBay - Raw copies available. Saw two CGC copies. Highest and cheapest so far is a 9.6 NM+.

mycomicshop - Only one raw FN copy in stock at mycomicshop at the moment.

NewKadia - One VF+ copy here is all for now. May change by the time you read this.

ComicConnect - Three copies here with one of them a CGC 9.6 NM+. Other two are raw copies and they are a VF/NM and a FN.

As a whole and despite the various series Ghost Rider has been in, there aren't that many heavy hitter key issues concerning Ghost Rider comics. We're still on the 2nd series here and the next part will finish that up.

If you're wondering why I am labeling the first Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze series as volume 2, it's because there is actually a volume one that precedes it by Marvel. Completely different character, but I'm being technical here in terms of that.

If you missed Part 1, just click the PREVIOUS link to go back. Part 3 is ready with more Ghost Rider key comic issues so just click that PART 3 link below to continue on.


  1. Great Rider piece you have going on I love the character and hate the movies. Not everything can be Avengers I guess. Off the subject question for you I have a X-Force 2 comic that the cover has been miscut showing the corner of the full sheet where you can see the different color boxes in the corner you often see on full sheets. Is this worth anything or should it be trashed. Thanks again

    1. Not really sure what you mean by your description, but it may just be considered a printing defect. It's if it's great condition, you'll still be able to get the most a NM 9.4 grade wise if that's the only major defect.

  2. Of course it can not be considered as
    great investment, but artwise I would recommend ghostrider vol. 6 nr. 6 and 7 anytime. Great art by Richard Corben!

    1. Cool recommendations. Thanks for bringing those up.