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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Look At First Ant-Man Movie Trailer!

We finally got our first look at the anticipated big screen movie of Marvel's tiniest superhero, Ant-Man. Only a few days ago Marvel Studios and Disney released the very first Ant-Man movie trailer that's coming out in theaters this July 17, 2015.

If you've yet to see it, you can watch it below.

I've watched this a total of two times already and must say I'm not entirely impressed over-all. It seems pretty hokey. I mean, "Scott, I need you to be the Ant-Man"? Wow, I surely hope that line isn't in the actual movie.

However, I do have to admit the movie still looks interesting and the special effects of when Ant-Man shrinks is pretty bad ass. Another thing in the trailer that gave me goose bumps is the iconic image of Ant-Man riding that black flying insect.

That scene is straight from the comics and you wanna know which comic gave the inspiration of that scene in the movie? I've mentioned it here a few times, and even acquired it and featured it in the Vault section on here. 

Yep, you guessed right. That scene paid homage to Marvel Premiere #48, the 2nd appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man. Check it out.

If you missed it in the trailer, which I'm pretty sure you probably didn't, you can watch it again. So, I thought that was highly cool.

Okay, the dialogue seemed pretty goofy, but just remember that Guardians of the Galaxy's first trailer seemed pretty hokey at first also. That film definitely surprised a lot of folks.

Despite the less than stellar trailer, I'm still pretty excited to see this flick. Paul Rudd may have shocked quite a few fans, including myself, when he was cast as Scott Lang. The Ant-Man costume looks pretty awesome also. I dig it.

From the trailer, Paul Rudd looks like he'll do just fine in the role. Gotta admit that Michael Douglas was less convincing, or maybe it was the speech he gave during the trailer.

Aside from the trailer, we also got our first look at Yellowjacket, played by Corey Stoll, in costume. Must say that the big bad in this movie looks pretty cool as well.

Ant-Man comes out after Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and will conclude Phase 2, setting up the highly anticipated Phase 3 line up of Marvel comic book movies. 

Ant-Man hits theaters July 17 of this year. Can't wait. So what do you all think?


  1. i think like GOTG it could be a good surprise. JW

    1. I still have faith in this movie...first teaser or trailer wasn't anything spectacular but I think as we get closer to the actual release date, the trailers may be better.

  2. Yeah I wasn't a fan either but it will really interesting to see Paul Rudd. On a funny note I loved the last line in the trailer "is it too late to change the name" and thank you for putting the picture of Yellowjacket. I am soo happy that I picked up Avengers 59 - 1st yellowjacket. Hopefully, it was a good investment.


    1. I bought Avengers 59 a while ago too! it turned out to be a 9.6 and I got it for $79! I got it as soon as I heard he was going to be in the film. I hope it turns out to be a good investment as well.

    2. I got Avengers #59 in a comic lot a while back, purely by accident...wasn't really gunning for it. I doubt it's a 9.6 though. If the movie does hold true to the comics, Darren Cross does die in Marvel Premiere #48. Don't think Yellow Jacket will be a recurring villain for the franchise, so demand may drop for Yellow Jacket's first appearance unless they have someone else take up the mantle. Would be cool for Hank Pym to do so in a sequel though.

  3. Being a long time Ant-Man fan (Both Pym & Lang), I thought the Trailer was spot on with the tone and the visuals. I think with a character like Ant-Man, especially the Scott Lang version, you can expect an amount of Hokey. It's kind of the tone of the character. They'll get to a deeper place with his relationship with his daughter Cassie. I know what you mean about that one line of dialogue, but I think that it was put in to show it's a "passing the torch" hero passing down his legacy. I think Marvel Studios way of mixing action, comedy and drama is what makes them stand out above other comic book movie studios. The Dark Knight trilogy had a great tone for Batman, but that tone would be too serious and gritty for characters like the Avengers, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy & Iron man. It's not in their nature. Marvel Studios know's their characters well. Every time I see one of their films it's like stepping into a comic book. IMO at least.

    I agree with you about the shot of him riding on that flying Ant! I totally geeked out! I think they nailed the visuals in this, and I'm sure we haven't seen anything yet. They still have 6 Months of Post production CGI work.

    I couldn't be more excited! So glad I got my 9.8 Marvel Premiere #47, 48 and Avengers #181 issues about a year ago all really cheap. I think the character is going to be huge after the film.

    Marvel put out a new Ant-Man series this month. Issue #1 was a great read! Highly recommend it.

    1. You're right, the tone did set up what the movie will be about and it looks like they are following the basic origin story displayed in Marvel Premiere #47 and #48, so that is very cool.

      Lol, I should've said the flying on the queen ant scene. Marvel does like to poke fun at itself in the movies, you can clearly see it in Iron Man, Avengers, and from this Ant-Man trailer as well. The Nolan series was perfect for Batman, as Batman is originally a dark character, excluding the Silver Age Batman, so that worked for the character for those films.

      No doubt I will still see Ant-Man in the theaters, and preferably IMAX 3-D. I have a good feeling the visuals will be pretty awesome!!