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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blade Key Comic Book Issues

Since starting off as a supporting character for Dracula, this may as well be a Marvel Dracula key issues list as many of the Dracula's supporting characters are intertwined with Blade as well. So, this Blade key comic issues list may start off like a Dracula key comics list, but it will start being more Blade centric as it further progresses on.

I believe this list was a request and I apologize it took so long to get around to it. Regardless, there's a lot of good stuff concerning Blade. If you're into more of the horror genre of comic books, this should be a blast. Even if you're not into them, there will be quite a bit of great comics to invest in from the Bronze Age.

Alright, Daywalkers, let's get the hunt on!

First appearance of Dracula (Marvel/Atlas)

If you want to get all technical, Suspense #7 is the first appearance of Dracula way back from the Golden Age. This concerns Marvel's version under Atlas Comics, and this is a different version of the character that's presented in Tomb of Dracula.

Tomb of Dracula's version is considered the modern Dracula, and it's that version created by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan that most of the Blade mythos is rooted. Still, Suspense #7 is a Golden Age goodie, and I'm putting it on here for those who are into the horror genre of comics. Suspense #7 was published March, 1951.

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First appearance of Abraham van Helsing
First appearance of Frank Drake
First appearance of modern Marvel Dracula

Blade started as a supporting character for Dracula no doubt. Thus many of the first appearances contained in Tomb of Dracula are for supporting characters of both Blade and Dracula.

Of course, the first appearance of Abraham van Helsing is through flashback, and the character is based off the Bram Stoker novel as is Dracula. Frank Drake, however, is a creation of Marvel and is a descendant of Dracula and resurrects the blood sucker by accident.

Frank Drake would later be tied to Rachel van Helsing, Taj Nital, Quincy Harper, Blade, Hannibal King and other vampire hunters rooted in this series and beyond. April, 1972 was when this was published, and it is greatly a Bronze Age comic worth snagging in my humble opinion.

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First appearance of Rachel van Helsing
First appearance of Taj Nital

Rachel van Helsing, the great grand-daughter of Abraham van Helsing, is purely a creation of Marvel and Gerry Conway also. Her first appearance is in this issue of Tomb of Dracula #3. The first appearance of Taj Nital is also in this issue as well.

Both characters have allied themselves with Blade quite a few times against various vampire enemies and hordes. They would both end up part of Quincy Harker's vampire hunters. Tombe of Dracula #3 was published July, 1972.

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First appearance of Quincy Harker

Yep, Quincy Harker is the son of Johnathan Harker from the Bram Stoker's Dracula novel. He would become the successor of John Harker and Dracula's greatest foe.

Quincy would form the vampire hunters that would continually stalk and kill Dracula and his legions of the undead. He would also form alliances with Blade several times. Even Stephen Strange would later be an ally of Harker in much later comics.

Definitely a major supporting character for Dracula and Blade as well. Tomb of Dracula #7 was published March, 1973.

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First appearance of Blade

And here's the star of this key issue list. As most already know, this is the first appearance of Blade in Tomb of Dracula #10 and one of the more sought out Bronze Age key issues.

Blade has been featured in 3 movies already and a TV series as well. He definitely has a fan-base, and the Blade movie starring Wesley Snipes was actually one of the first serious attempts at a serious Marvel comic book based movie.

Eric Brooks would the popular Daywalker, half-human half-vampire, of Marvel lore. This is the best direct Blade key issue you can get, and the character was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. Tomb of Dracula #10 was published July, 1973.

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2nd appearance of Blade

Tomb of Dracula #12 marks the 2nd appearance of Blade and the continuation of one of Dracula's most popular supporting characters. He just may be the most popular.

Completely over-looked Bronze Age key issue currently in the market, and pretty cheap buys even for slabbed NM high grades. Even cheaper for raw copies.

Tomb of Dracula #12 and the 2nd appearance of Blade has the publishing date of September, 1973.

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Definitely some pretty over-looked key comic book issues concerning Blade key issues. Of course, some are already pretty sought out like the first appearance of Blade and Dracula as expected.

If you're into horror or vampires or a Blade fan, this list may serve you. Oh, yes, and the 2nd appearance of the modern Marvel Dracula is of course Tomb of Dracula #2.

There's still more Blade key comic book issues to cover, so click the PART 2 link below to continue on.


  1. blade was always one of my favorite characters in the movies thanks for the list. jw

    1. Reading the back stories of a lot of Blade and Dracula stuff that I detailed in part 3 of this series, you can see how easy it would be to connect Doctor Strange, Blade and Dracula in stand a lone films. Just mention or feature the Darkhold in a Dr. Strange flick and one could easily connect the world of Blade in the cinematic universe or small screen.

      I think Blade would be either a great TV series or a movie, and even Werewolf by Night is connected to the Darkhold which is cool too. Personally, I think Werewolf by Night would be a better TV series than a movie franchise. Blade could be either and already has been either.

      Don't quite know how the Darkhold would fit in with the Avengers tie-ins since that seems to be more on the cosmic level, but Dr. Strange does connect more to the supernatural and magical. All this stuff is really interesting and exciting to think about.

      No problem JW. I'm actually having a lot fun doing this list as well. I'm learning a lot more about these characters. Good times!

  2. I figure that in a few years, once the "Twilight" crap has been buried and forgotten, a Dracula or Blade reboot will happen.

    1. I hope they do it soon BP...forget the Twilight crap...they got their own thing going. I hope Marvel and Disney, and I'm pretty sure they're not, don't get scared off by Twilight in doing some of Marvel's supernatural stuff.

      I think Blade and Dracula would easily connect together in a movie, and could connect with Doctor Strange to make it a shared universe. I don't see how they would fit in with the over-all cinematic universe, but to be honest, they don't really have to lead into or up to a big Avengers cross over epic.

      Keep the Blade and Dracula characters separate from the Avengers thing and have Doctor Strange be the glue that connects to both since his films will be stand a lone films anyways. Keep them minimally connected through nods or Easter Eggs, but keep them separate things going on at the same time. I could see that working, and I hope Marvel and Disney have that planned.