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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blade Key Comic Book Issues Part 4

We're at the last part to this Blade key comic book issues list, and all of these are Modern Age comics. Personally, I don't see these as very good long-term comic investments or comics to invest in, but they are part of the Blade mythos in comics at least.

If a movie does happen that features some of these characters or groups, there could be a quick boost in demand and these comics could see an increase in value. I wouldn't expect a huge increase though, like in the thousands.

I think they'd be better quick flips if that does happen. Besides, if you have these and I'm pretty sure you just might if you've collecting long, you may want to hold onto them a bit longer in case a movie does sprout up that may affect these comics.

Click the link if you missed Part 3, or continue with this last Blade key issues part!

First cameo appearance of Nightstalkers
First cameo appearance of Lilith
First cameo appearance of Midnight Sons
First cameo appearance of Darkhold Redeemers

I could wrong about this, but I think this is the Nightstalkers first cameo appearance. First, Frank Drake, Hannibal King, and Blade are seen only in a vision in this issue. They do not make a real appearance and are only seen briefly.

Also, they are not named just yet as the group or do they officially form in this issue under the group. Once again, I could be wrong since the Teen Titans in DC Comics Presents #26 were only seen in vision by Raven, but the team was seen a lot more in that comic story to warrant it as the New Teen Titans first appearance.

As for being unnamed, that isn't much of a locking factor either since the original Teen Titans first appearance in Brave and the Bold #54 is still regarded as their first appearance even though they are not named. Of course, that's being debated with Brave and the Bold #60 in which they are named and actually have all four members of Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Robin, and Speedy.

So, I think this is a first cameo appearance of the Nightstalkers in Ghostrider #28 volume 2. Could be wrong, might be right. Since they are not seen very long in the comic at all, I'm going to stick with that until the powers in the industry label it otherwise.

As for Lilith and the Midnight Sons, they are all also seen in visions and briefly, so I'm considering their first appearances as cameos or brief first appearances as well. Just taking a stab here and these may not be firsts at all but considered just plain cameos. August, 1992 was when this was printed.

eBay - Only a few copies here as well and all are raw as expected. Many of them are in comic lots, so you can pretty get them pretty cheap per copy.

mycomicshop - NM and a VF here. Both are raw copies and in stock.

NewKadia - Two copies and both are polybagged. Highest is a NM+ followed by a NM.

First full appearance of Darkhold Redeemers

Once again, the Darkhold Redeemers and it's members make a very brief appearance in Ghost Rider #28 volume 3. I'm not sure if their appearances in the issue will be later considered by industry as a plain cameo, a first brief/or cameo appearance, or a a flat out first appearance.

I'm calling Darkhold #1 as the first full appearance of the Darkhold Reedeemers. The original members Vicki Montesi,  Sam Buchanan, and Louise Hastings all share this first full appearance in Darkhold #1 as well.

Victoria Montesi is the descendent of a long line of guardians designated in protecting the Darkhold. However, Victoria Montesi disbelieves this family fairytale. After an attempt on her life and pages from the Darkhold are stolen and somehow distributed among mortals does Vicki Montesi finally joins up with Louise Hastings and Interpol agent Sam Buchanan to locate and retrieve the missing pages.

The Darkhold Redeemers would ally themselves with the Nightstalkers to battle Lilith, not to be confused with Lilith Drake, in what would be a team of teams called The Midnight Sons.
December, 1992 was when Darkhold #1 was published.

eBay - All raw copies and quite a bit of high grade ones which shouldn't be too surprising. No CGC just yet, and quite a few are in comic lots.

mycomicshop - Only one raw NM copy here for now.

First Nightstalkers comic series
First full appearance of Nightstalkers
Formed under the guidance of Doctor Strange, I believe Nightstalkers should be considered the group's first full appearance since they actually do fully come together in this issue. They are named and it's the first time that the team of Blade, Frank Drake, and Hannibal King regard or acknowledge themselves as the group.

The Nightstalkers were already portrayed on the big screen in Blade Trinity, but did not have the character of Frank Drake as a team member. Instead, they referenced the Frank Drake character as Dracula, giving him a strange nod in that movie.

Nightstalkers #1 was published November, 1992.

eBay - Wow, a butt load of copies here currently on the mighty eBay. Didn't see any slabbed copies but was pretty sure there wouldn't be any due to the non-demand of this book at the moment.

mycomicshop - One NM raw copy in stock here. This is the polybagged version. There's also a non-polybagged copy that's a NM as well. Both cost the same.

NewKadia - Four copies here, and one of them is still polybagged. It's the highest grade at a NM+. Other three copies aren't still sealed and they are a NM, a NM minus, and VF+.

First appearance of Hydra D.O.A.

Hydra has many branches and this branch, the Department of Occult Armaments, and went up against the Nightstalkers to retrieve a sample of Hannibal King's blood. The group originally consisted of Belial, Malpractice, Innards, Rotwrap, and Pyre.

All of the original D.O.A. members separately make their first appearances in this issue of Nightstalkers #2 also. December, 1992 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Few copies here and all are raw at the moment. Very little demand for this book currently.

mycomicshop - Once again, only one NM raw copy, but it is in stock.

NewKadia - Six copies here of this issue. Three are in the NM range with the highest a NM+ and lowest a NM minus. Other three are in the VF range starting with VF+.

First Blade self-titled comic series

Since it seems that the first self-titled comic series of a character, whether on-going or limited, seems to get a nice speculation boost when a character hits the big screen, Blade #1 volume 1 goes on this list. It was a short-lived series.

Wouldn't exactly call this a long-term comic investment and would see it more as a short-term flip. Not a very in-demand comic at all in the current market. Should be a super cheap snag. Blade #1 was published July, 1994.

eBay - As expected not that many copies for this one on eBay (largely unwanted in the market at large), but there are a few raw copies. Should be high grade since it is a 90s comic.

mycomicshop - Only one copy and it's only a VF. Item is in stock.

NewKadia - Only one VF+ copy here at the moment.

Alright, I'm stopping here with this Blade key issues list. Of course, there are other self-titled Blade comic series that came out after the 1994 series, but they were short-lived as well. 

Most in Part 4 are purely speculation, and I consider them quick flips if they ever do become in-demand by some sort of miracle off in the distance. If you missed Part 3, you can click the PREVIOUS link to go read up on that. 

Thanks for reading and hope this helps you in your hunt!


  1. Nice List. However, I have a question about the first appearance of Deacon Frost. While you name TOD 13, Overstreet has listed TOD 45 as Intro. Could you help?

    1. Totally my mistake. Forgot to even include issue #45. Just to clarify, you are correct. #45 is Deacon Frost's first full appearance. #13 is either a cameo or brief appearance of Deacon Frost. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll correct it as soon as I can.

    2. Fixed it...sorry about the confusion and thanks again for pointing that out amigo!

    3. I should probably note that Deacon Frost has earlier appearances after Tomb of Dracula #13 that precedes #45. However, he is briefly shown in these issues prior to #45 and never identified. Issue #45 is only considered his first appearance because Hannibal King reveals Frost's name.

  2. Thanks for you research! I think I will hold on to Nr. 45 now, since there might be some speculation value left in it...


    Hey mayhem, don't know if this link will work but i just saw this on ebay, can you please tell me what the hell PGX is thinking?!! If link dosent show, they stated captain marvel #27 is the first full appearance to Thanos on a graded 9.6 PGX? The date says 12/14 WTH?

    Thanx, keep on truckin!!

    1. Either could be a typo or PGX is going against the grain and considering Captain Marvel #27 Thanos' first full appearance. CGC doesn't even note it as Thanos 2nd appearance. Only Guide notes Captain Marvel #27 as his 2nd appearance so far.

      Then again, it could be a typo. CGC noted Showcase #24 as the 2nd appearance of Silver Age Green Lantern on one copy that sold on eBay in Nov. It's his third appearance, so these mistakes do happen.

      No telling what PGX is up to.

    2. Hmm, interesting I started doing some digging and found this web sight;

      It seems PGX isn't the only ones who think Cap M #27 is the first full either. This got me really thinking, luckily I picked up The Life Of Captain Marvel book #1 the other week (just for reading), has reprint copies of Ironman 55, and Captain Marvel 25-26.

      In Ironman 55, Thanos first appears only in memories of Drax. Then he has I think 6 panels when he smashes Ironman's hand (and a full body panel.) After that Ironman and Drax battle the blood brothers then Thanos' robot comes out!! Then Ironman crushes his head, now I'm more confused than before!!

    3. Well, then you have the question of what should be considered the first full appearance of a character?

      I'm considering a lot of this just fan babble B.S. to try and make a comic that they have more valuable by lobbying to get the comic they have in question labeled a first appearance.

      Does a vision like in DC Comics Presents #26 count as a first appearance, or does a flash back count as well? Does the character have to physically be in the main story in order for it count as a first full appearance?

      Personally, I think that visions and flash backs do count as long as the character is shown in enough panels and shows more than an arm or leg. Thanos in Iron Man #55 is recognized as the character and is shown enough throughout the story to warrant it a first appearance.

      I do not agree with PGX or the site concerning this first appearance debate, and the whole hoopla of it is getting tiresome and boring. More and more are catching on that this has little to do with an actual first appearance or not, but everything to do with money and making a comic have more key issue value than before.

      Of course, the debate will rage on and maybe industry at large will cave in just so the comic in question can have more value and that will mean more money for the comic economy. I'm just calling it as I see it.

      As for Iron Man #55 on Total Comic Mayhem, it stays a first appearance of Thanos. Captain Marvel #27 I think should still be considered a 2nd appearance.

    4. I should add that just like CGC, CBCS or PGX grading, nobody knows the standards they are going by, just the same as nobody knows the standards of what constitutes a first appearance or not.

      Right now it's just a bunch of opinions on the matter of first appearance standards and it's a mess. For example, if a flashback or a vision doesn't constitute a first appearance, most origins are told in flashback.

      So if we start with Dr. Strange having a flashback of the Ancient One shown in a few pages, should that not be considered a first appearance? What if the Ancient One died during that origin and there isn't another appearance of the character ever? Does the Ancient One not get a first appearance because he is only told through an origin flashback?

      Of course, that doesn't happen in the Dr. Strange comics with the Ancient One, but I'm just bringing up an example. I think most of these this should be a first appearance because of this, that or this is becoming a mess, and some of it is just plain stupid.

      If a character is dead and never had a physical appearance or live appearance in a comic and is shown in multiple issues but only through a character's memories, that first flashback of a character should be considered his or her first appearance. Otherwise, the character, even though dead and only in memory would technically never have a first appearance according to some fans' arguments.

      The best example of this is Frank Castle's wife and family. Her first appearance is in Marvel Preview #2 through a flashblack. I don't think industry should change Thanos first appearance based on the majority of arguments.

    5. Thank you for clearing that up for me! This industry does get confusing at times, thats why I check as many shops, web sights, and conventions as possible to ask about their knowledge of something. Its all in good fun and keeps the wheels turning in my mind on collecting and investing.

      Thanx again and keep up the good work!

    6. The industry gets confusing at times because they're caving into a lot of fan's demands of what should be a first appearance or not without fully thinking through the contradictions of their arguments. Then again, why should they? It's all more Ka-Ching for them if they label a once junk comic with a new key status. Just means more will spend the dough to snag that new labeled comic and most likely submit them to third party grading services.

      If Industry took a stand against some of these ridiculous campaigns instead of giving into them, I think we wouldn't have the big mess we have now with first appearances, but it's all about the dollars now.