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Friday, January 16, 2015

Blade Key Comic Book Issues Part 2

Rocking out part 2 of the Blade key comic book issues list, and there's certainly some important and minor keys concerning our favorite blood sucker and Daywalker as well. Some are a bit under the radar or at least not all that hot in demand just yet.

Still, it's a fun series and some pretty great stories involving Marvel's supernatural genre. A lot of great artwork by Gene Colan as well.

If you missed Part 1 to this key issues series, you can click that link and go back. If not, here's part 2 and more Blade key issues to consider snagging.

3rd appearance of Blade
First origin of Blade
First appearance of Deacon Frost
First appearance of Tara Brooks

Pretty important key issue concerning Blade. Not only does Tomb of Dracula #13 has the 3rd appearance of Blade, it also has his first origin.

Yep, this also shows the first appearance of Deacon Frost, the vampire who killed Blade's mother Tara Brooks and is indeed responsible for turning Blade into a Daywalker. Deacon Frost was portrayed by Stephen Dorff in the Blade movie.

The character of Deacon Frost is the main reason why Blade became a vampire hunter, and he is the doctor that fed on Blade's mother while giving birth in this issue. He is shown briefly in a flashback. Tomb of Dracula #13 was published October, 1973.

eBay - Some high grade raw copies and slabbed copies currently on eBay at the moment. Highest slabber is a 9.8. There's a raw copy claiming to be a 9.6 NM+, and the 2nd highest slabs are a CGC 9.4 NM and a CGC and PGX 9.2 low NM.

mycomicshop - PGX 9.2 low NM is here, probably the same one on eBay and for cheaper. There's also two raw copies that are both low grade and in stock. Highest is a GD+.

NewKadia - One VF minus copy here currently.

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ComicLink - Only three copies here with only one of them being raw. The raw copy is an 8.0 VF. The two CGC copies are a 9.6 NM+ and a 7.5 VF minus.

4rth appearance of Blade

May as well put the 4rth appearance of Blade in this list as well and Tomb of Dracula #14 is the issue that holds it. Aside from that, there isn't any real key issue worthiness about this comic.

Dracula does get resurrected again in this issue, but he continually gets killed and resurrected. November, 1973 was when the 4rth appearance of Blade was published.

eBay - Decent selection for this issue. Most are raw copies of course. Five CGC copies at the time of this writing. Two are CGC 9.6s and are at the same price. There's also a 9.2 low NM, a NM 9.4, and 6.5 FN+ as well.

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First Blade in title outside of TOD

The Adventure Into Fear titles are simply just known as Fear, and issue #21 is the first time Blade is seen outside of the Tomb of Dracula comic series. He would have run-ins with Morbuis in this comic series.

Pretty minor key issue all around. Fear #21 was published April, 1974, and it shouldn't be an expensive buy. It isn't exactly hot in demand in the market.

eBay - A bit of a limited selection. Quite a few copies are in comic lots. High grades are still cheap for raw copies. No CGC or slabbed copies for this one currently.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.6 copy here if you're more of a slabbed high grade sniper. It's also a tad over $100 including the buyer's premium and shipping cost. Not bad. Other copy is a raw GD+ copy in stock.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.4 NM and a raw FN located here so far. Only two copies there at the moment.

First appearance of Lilith Drake
First appearance of Angel O'Hara

Lilith is the daughter of Dracula and Zofia, the Lord of Vampire's first wife, and was forced upon him by his father. When Dracula's father died, Vlad renounced Zofia and drove her and Lilith, who was just an infant then, from Castle Dracula.

Lilith's mother committed suicide and Lilith was adopted by a Gypsy woman. By the time Lilith was a young girl, her father had become a vampire and killed her adopted mother's son. Seeking revenge, the gypsy woman cast a curse on Lilith and turned her into a vampire, but strangely different from those like her father.

She could walk out in daylight and did not fear holy symbols. Also, the curse forever had her oppose Dracula until he was destroyed. Everytime Lilith died, she would possess the body of a woman who hated and wished for her father's death.

Angela O'Hara is a host to Lilith, and Giant-Size Chillers #1 has both the first appearance of Lilith and Angela O'Hara. It was published June, 1974.

eBay - Appears to be no problem finding a copy on eBay for this one. Plenty of raw copies for now, but only two slabbers. Both are CGC and one is a 9.6 and the other a 9.4 NM.

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First appearance of Hannibal King
Origin of Hannibal King

Ryan Reynolds played this character in the third Blade movie, and Hannibal King is actually a comic character. Hannibal has been an ally and team member of Blade for quite some time.

Tomb of Dracula #25 has the first appearance of Hannibal King and it's not that sought out of a key issue. High grade raw copies should be pretty cheap, or according to my standards of cheap. This comic was published October, 1974.

eBay - A few copies here with most being raw. Some unslabbers are high grade or claim to be. Only saw one 7.0 FN/VF CGC copy that ends in about 3 days of this writing.

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ComicLink - Only one CGC 8.0 VF copy here at the moment.

Blade vs. Morbius

Not really sure if this is technically a key issue or not. It is the first match up between Morbius and Blade, so that's pretty cool in it's own right.

Adventure Into Fear #24 should not be an expensive buy, especially for raw copies. October, 1974 is the publishing date for this first battle between Blade and Morbius.

eBay - Limited selection for now on eBay. A few copies of this are in comic lots. No slabbed copies presently.

mycomicshop - One CGC on consignment and two raw copies in stock. CGC is an 8.5 VF+ and the two raw copies are a VF minus and a FN/VF.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.6 NM+ copies here for now. Only two copies so far.

Believe it or not, we still have some more Blade key issue comics to go through. I won't deal with too many moderns in the upcoming parts, but there will be some. For now, Part 3 will still cover Bronze Age key issues concerning Blade, and most likely Dracula as well.

If you missed Part 1, click the PREVIOUS link below. Otherwise, click the PART 3 link for more Blade key comic book issues.

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