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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Avengers Age of Ultron NewTrailer Debuts!

Attention! We got more comic book movie goodness from Marvel Studios. While all the other studios are relatively quiet. We've got our first look at Avengers Age of Ultron and Ant-Man.

Now, Marvel and Disney just kicked down the newest Avengers Age of Ultron trailer for our comic geek eyes to ogle. Watch it below if you've yet to see it!

Nothing really overtly spectacular in this 2nd trailer that didn't already get me all comic geek excited from the 1st trailer. Hulk Buster still looks awesome, and I can't wait to see that battle between Iron Man and Hulk played out on the big screen. 

Hey, Thor got his whomping from the Jade Giant. Can't leave ole Shellhead out of the fun too.

Looks like we get to see more dissension among the Avengers team like we saw in the first film, but it looks like the team isn't too happy about Mr. Tony Stark doing a super hero no-no by creating Ultron. Didn't homeboy watch the Terminator movies?

Obviously not, but anyways, so we can see a woman, who appears to look African, standing by a pool in cave and is this a nod to Wakanda and Black Panther? After all, Ultron is made of vibranium so it's possible we could be seeing the fictional African nation of Wakanda in this Avengers sequel.

Once again we see Andy Serkis in this trailer and it seems he has a claw of an animal around his neck. Could this be a hint that this is indeed Klaw? Oh, let the speculation run wild.  After all, there's no rest for the wicked, and could Avengers Age of Ultron actually play out Black Panther and Klaw's origin, meaning will Klaw off Black Panther's pappa T'Chaka in this film and set the character up for Black Panther awesome in Captain America Civil War?

Speculation aside, this trailer neither sparked more desire or less to me concerning see this flick. The first trailer shot my excitement level up to 11, and this trailer has pretty much just kept it there.

By the way, Ultron looks pretty bad ass, and I'm still interested in how Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch will do on screen. So far their trailer appearances have been lack luster, but if you believe in Marvel Studios, they're definitely saving all the good stuff for when we finally plop our butts in those theater seats. 

I'm expecting to be blown away by some Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch awesomeness and this movie is looking like it's gonna be one hell of a ride!

Ready to get my Avengers on! Damn it, is it May already?


  1. do you honestly think comic's like ff 45,52,53 will hold these current stupid values.. i don't think anybody is gonna pay what there paying in the long run.

    for example marvel 4 preview in cgc 9.8 sold for $3,900 in nov 2014 and the last sale was $1,600
    if i was the i bloddy idiot i would of invested it in hulk 181.

    1. Probably not the best comparison in Starlord vs Black Panther. BP definitely has had more existing fans than GoTG, and greater historical value than Starlord.

    2. Wow, I'm just excited about the movie coming out this year to be honest. As for speculation, I don't care for the prices being insanely driven up, but if there are those willing to pay for those prices then what can anyone of us really do?

      I do agree with that Black Panther definitely has more of a following than Star-Lord, but Star-Lord or GOTG is just breaking into the pop culture consciousness.

    3. "what can any of us really do?" SELL!! SELL!!! SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      If you are an investor in say...Silver, and the price just went up from $16/oz to 250/oz
      I would run out and find every last coin I owned and pull the trigger.
      Let me tell you a little story of a time when I was learning comic values....
      I went to a yard sale (4 years ago) and the guy had a small box of Bronze FF comics.
      They were 50 cents I grabbed a few. When I went to pay, the guy says "I got more if you wanna see them" Sure I said, and he brought down a box of 90's toilet
      paper...I got more he says...and then the prices went to 10 cents and 12 cents on the covers....I grabbed ALL!!! I spent $60 on 50 cent comics. I had spent ALL of my yard sale money so I headed home to teach my guitar lessons (guitar teacher by trade).
      Anyways, when I showed one of the dad's a few comics, he offered me $260 for 4 comics right there and then...I was baffled..he held out his hand and said DEAL?!
      I Those 4 comics paid for my ENTIRE day Times 4!! The comics were a few oddball 50's war comics and one Submariner 42 (golden age) in about VG- condition.
      I looked them up later and he got $350 worth of comics for $260. Now before you go telling me I got ripped off or could have held out for more, just remember, I had a total of $2 into those 4 comics. Not a bad turnaround, not to mention I now had MUCH MORE spending power for my NEXT Hunt....The Moral of the Story is, it's not always about waiting for MAX Value. If you have a HUGE OFFER on the table, SELL!!!!!!!!!
      (as a side note, I later picked up another copy of Submariner 42, but this one is a CGC 6.0 and went right into the vault)...Happy Hunting! LK

    4. Great story LK. Yep, selling is definitely an option. I'm not gonna say you got ripped when you didn't get ripped off. Not sure why anyone would think you got ripped off. Guide is, after all, only just a guide.

      You did a classic flip, which is what most comic dealers strive to do. I'm pretty sure you've seen comic dealers after buying comics from some guy, they immediately price them to sell. Then again, they do get them for amazingly cheap as well, but in short, you did a classic flip.

      I was speaking more about the price hikes and that there's not much anyone can do about it concerning sellers or buyers paying or offering ridiculous amounts, except either don't buy or try to sell during the peak, or catch a grade that's has more growth potential.

      Great story and thanks for sharing that LK, good to hear from you also bro.

  2. even if black panther has more off a following in the comic community. he isn't worth $2,900 for a cgc 9.0 grade. The point i was trying to make why would you invest in such a comic like marvel preview #4.. when the comic is at the peak.

    for example $3,900 you could get a ff 48 for $1'500 ,ff44 for 380 and a holiday in the sun for 7 days.

    the good thing about the uk is we are getting avengers 1st :)))))))))))))))))))

    1. You make a good point, but demand does fluctuate, especially for comics like you're talking about. MAX peak is a dangerous time to buy CGC high grade copies.

      FF #44 hasn't even hit a peak yet. It's pretty much near guide value for CGC 9.4s. Dunno about 9.6s, haven't checked.

      When is Avengers Age of Ultron released in the UK?

    2. I hear the concern for sure and prices are waaaay inflated for FF 52, 45 and so on. However, how do we really know those comics are at their "Peak"?

      The Iron man film catapulted that character to new heights. His Key comics went up exponentially after that success and they wont come down anytime soon. Same with Guardians of the Galaxy and that will be a long lasting franchise or so it seems. Black Panther has potential to be a GIANT character after his film release. An awesome Black historical comic book character...With Marvel's success that's going to be huge...most likely.

      You take risks with comic investing. To pay $2,500 for a 9.0 FF #52 might not be a bad price if he becomes ultra popular and that book in that condition hits #4,500 years from now. I don't have that kind of money to invest, but some people do.

      It also depends on your love for the character. If your not a big BP fan then I bet you'd rather invest in Hulk 181.

    3. I kinda find it funny that this posting of Avengers Age of Ultron newest trailer immediately went to the subject of speculating.

      J Kandefer also makes a great point.

      You know, it's really all about perception (demand). I'm saying I wouldn't buy a comic at CGC 9.8 for a $10,000 or whatever bloated price is basically due to my own budget. J Kandefer is right...just because I couldn't afford it or wouldn't want to slap down that kinda money for a key does not mean that somebody isn't willing to do so.

      It's really the equivalent of saying someone is a douche bag for plopping $60,000+ on a BMW or Mercedes. I wouldn't spend that much on a car, but there are obviously people doing so.

      As for selling a comic at that price...Once again, I wouldn't necessarily do so. I would price it to sell, because after all, if I'm really willing to let it go, I don't want the comic marinating on eBay for the next year or 7 months waiting for someone to pay that price.

      Not saying I would price it ridiculously low, but I'd least price it somewhere near the average value for the month or two months, but that's just me. I'm not inclined to tell anyone else at which price they should sell their comics, because honestly, I could care less. It ain't my comic and I have no plans buying it.

      Also, that doesn't mean I won't call it out and say, Wow, that's a bit expensive for such and such comic at such and such grade. I think we all do that somewhat, but like J Kandefer has pointed out - it's pretty much subjective.

      Some comics that I think that are somewhat cheap, my bud Gerry might think is too expensive and vice versa.

      There are other ways around a peak. One doesn't have to go CGC, and one doesn't have to buy on eBay. One can still find a raw copy at a con or local that may be infinitely cheaper if that option is available and depending on the risk you're willing to take.

      Or, you could trickle down and find one that's a VF or something and still has potential growth. Get it raw and slab it and you may have instant return.

      You can just pass up the key issue all together as well and go for a 2nd appearance or another first appearance that isn't in crazy land just yet.

      When X-Men #181 and 182 were peaking, I bought #182 in a comic lot of 3 for $89 bucks. I already had those two copies in my collection, but the price was a steal so I snagged it. The 2nd copy of that comic was X-Factor #26 and the third was X-Men and The New Teen Titans. All the copies were in the VF range and I immediately flipped #182 for the price I got it in the auction.

      The X-Factor #26 was one of the reasons I snagged that lot also, since Bryan Singer came out real quick with the next movie after Days of Future Past. So, there are ways around a peak.

      Any who, what does anyone think about the new trailer lol?

    4. Looks Incredible! Marvel Studios is my top choice for Comic Book Movies. All their films give me that feeling of wonder and excitement of reading a great comic book story. They are so much fun. The MCU reminds me of watching films like the original Star Wars trilogy For the first time. I'm always so invested in their on screen universe.

      Can't wait to see Vision...they seem to really be holding him back. Ultron looks awesome and sounds so creepy.

      This film will be an event for sure!

    5. what i was orignaly trying to say was advantage "seller" for selling marvel preview 4 for $3,900. and a buyer paying so much for a third tier chactacter is uttter nonsense. just a pure en-educated investment.

      But let's be honest about the character 99.9% of the world hadn't heard of star lord about a year ago.

      you can get tomb of dracular 10 for $2,000 in a 9.8 cgc. Blade has had 3 films.. that's what i would call a good investment.

      by the way the avengers trailer is pure class.

    6. You make valid points but Blade also wasn't too popular of a character before the films and the Blade TV series that came out in 2006. You're right, Star-Lord wasn't all that known before Guardians was announced to be a film.

      Don't get me wrong. I think $3900 is a stretch, but that comic was selling even higher during it's first peaks. Right now is definitely not a peak for the first appearance of Star-Lord. Blade has more staying power, because he's already had the films and TV show, and he is a lot more known because of those factors.

      I have no idea how well Marvel Preview #4 will perform in the future. We still have quite a few more films for the characters, and I'm pretty sure they will be meeting up with the Avengers quite soon. It sure will be interesting to see, but it does look like GOTG has broken out of the comic collecting world and into the general consciousness. Heck, they even got an animated series coming out soon as well.

      Rocket Raccoon's first appearance in Marvel Preview #7 is still sustaining quite well. Looks like he's the break out character for the franchise.

      I do agree with you, but the general rule of snagging comic investments should be done before any kind of hype or peak or at least if the price is still reasonable and still has growth, and some are slow burners like DC Comics Presents #26. Some are really super quick because even rumors can hype out a comic.

      I can't wait to see Avengers Age of Ultron in IMAX 3-D!

  3. I just think you better investing in a cgc comic that's got room for growth.Than going anything near it's peak,

    24th april. so we've got it a whole week before the us:)))))

    1. I don't have anything against that point either, and frankly I have moved on from a variety of comics that have gone out of reach my budget.

      Ah, a week isn't too bad. A month would've been like...WTF?