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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2nd Appearance Comics To Invest In Part 8

First post of the 2015, and I thought I'd kick it off with Part 8 of this 2nd appearances key issue comics to invest in list. Most in this particular part are speculation comics, as they were highly unwanted prior to any movie rumor or confirmation. Probably best as short-term snags, but could prove otherwise if they are used successfully in a franchise and hype gets stretched out long enough.

You can click this Part 7 link in case you missed it, but if not, let's get to the comic goodness. Hope you enjoy!

2nd appearance of Ms. Marvel
Origin of Ms. Marvel

I mentioned this one in a Key Issue Alert just when the comic was just being recognized as a 2nd appearance of Ms. Marvel as well as the origin of the character in the market.  CGC 9.8s have been dropping past the $300 mark, but high grade raw copies are still much cheaper.

I still think this comic is a bit over-looked in the market, and you may find a cheap deal at a local or comic con for Ms. Marvel #2. You never know. This comic was published February, 1977.

eBay - Seems to be quite a few copies and some high grade raw copies too. Or, ones claiming to be. Definitely more CGC options than when I last mentioned this comic and it seems there's only 9.6 NM+s but all of them are pretty over-bloated at the time of this writing. As I mentioned before, 9.8s dropped a bit past the $300 mark last November. Not too long ago.

mycomicshop - Five CGC 9.6 NM+s here at the time of this writing. Wow! All are on consignment. There is a raw FN+ copy if you're not into high grade and it's in stock.

2nd appearance of Captain Marvel
First appearance of Carol Danvers
2nd appearance of Yon-Rogg

Triple whammy of a key issue, but double whammy 2nd appearances of Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg. This key issue is hot on the market right now, because it's the first appearance of Carol Danvers.

Marvel Super-Heroes #13 aren't easy finds in high grades nor slabbed currently. Auctions are few and far between on the mighty eBay as well. The 2nd appearance of Captain Marvel #13 was published March, 1968.

eBay - A lot more raw copies for this one than I remember. Prices seem pretty over-bloated already. No CGC copies like I remember also. Might be a good thing since those would be extremely over-inflated.

mycomicshop - Three low grade raw copies here. Highest is a VG.

ComicLink - One CGC Signature Series 7.5 low VF copy here. Only copy at the moment and it's signed by Stan Lee. Price is too up there for that grade, don't care if Stan Lee's signature is on it.

2nd appearance of Carol Danvers
3rd appearance of Yon-Rogg
3rd appearance of Captain Marvel

Not sure if this one is well-known for being the 2nd appearance of Carol Danvers just yet, or if those out there are concerned that it's the 3rd appearance of Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg. Whether they do or not, the hype for Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel as Captain Marvel for the movie has put this comic on the hot burner.

If you can find this comic cheaper at a local or comic con or dealer who is still going by guide prices, that option may be better than buying it at peak prices. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you get it that way and at guide in the current market. That goes the same for any speculation comic that's hot due to a movie or movies that's in peak demand. May, 1968 is the publishing date for this Silver Age key issue.

eBay - Spotted a few raw copies and it doesn't look like this issue is too bad currently on eBay. Definitely some CGC slabbed options for this one at the moment. Saw a 9.6 going for a pretty hefty price already. Also a 9.2 low NM that's pretty up there but still below the $500 mark, and a VF 8.0 that's up for auction at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - Four raw copies with the highest a FN+ followed by a low VG minus. eBay may have a better deal then here currently.

ComicConnect - Quite a few copies here. Three slabbed copies that are all CGC. Highest is a 9.4 NM and the 2nd top slabbed grade is a 9.2 low NM. Two raw copies up for auction here. Highest raw is a 9.2 low NM and priced more than the CGC option. CGC 8.5 and raw VF+ also spotted here.

ComicLink - The folks here bring the goodness with two CGC copies. Highest is a 9.0 VF/NM and the other is an 8.0 VF. Only two copies for this one here so far.

2nd appearance of Captain Boomerang
Last 10 cent issue

Probably won't be a cheap buy since it's Flash Silver Age and an early comic from the first comic series starring Barry Allen as the Flash. Despite that, this comic isn't recognized as the 2nd appearance of Captain Boomerang. Nobody is noting it.

With the character about to hit the big screen in Suicide Squad, I thought it may be helpful to put this one on the radar as a 2nd appearance. Flash #124 was published November, 1961.

eBay - Saw only a few raw copies so far. Most are low grade and a very small few are in the mid grade range. Pretty over-looked at the moment in terms of the key issue status it holds. No CGC for this one just yet on the mighty eBay.

mycomicshop - Very low grade copies here. All are raw and two are in stock.

ComicConnect - Only one VG raw copy here at the moment.

ComicLink - CGC 9.0 VF/NM here. Two raw copies also and both are FN+s.

2nd full appearance of Constantine

Despite the Constantine TV show starting off it's first season pretty slow with less than stellar ratings, it appears that Constantine will return this year and get a different time slot as well. Last year saw the first appearance of Constantine in Swamp Thing #37 get a nice boost in demand and value, but this 2nd appearance in Swamp Thing #38 seems to be pretty over-looked at the moment in the market.

For those looking for cheaper comics to invest in, this Copper Age comic just may be on of them. July, 1985 is the publishing date for this one.

eBay - Quite limited selection on eBay. There are a few raw copies and only three CGC copies. Two are 9.8s and one is barely below the $100 mark. There's also a 9.6 NM+ at the time of this writing. Totally over-looked key issue right now.

mycomicshop - NM raw copy in stock and a CGC 9.8 on consignment. There's also a VG raw copy in stock as well.

2nd full appearance of Gambit

Looking for a highly over-looked and under the radar 2nd appearance of a popular X-Men character that will be making another on-screen debut? You found it.

Uncanny X-Men #267 is the 2nd full appearance of Gambit. Overstreet notes it as such but CGC only notes it as an "Early Gambit Appearance". Damn right it's an early Gambit appearance. It's his 2nd appearance.

Tatum Channing has been cast as Gambit and the character has been reported to getting his own solo movie also. The first appearance of Gambit has always been a popular Copper Age key, but with the way the market is going, his 2nd appearance in Uncanny X-Men #267 just might see a spike in demand as well.

If you got it, hold onto to it for a bit. If not, they're still pretty cheap for high grades. This comic was published September, 1990.

eBay - No problem finding this 2nd appearance key issue on the mighty eBay. Plenty of raw copies and a few CGC copies as well. Regular Universal 9.6s are super cheap right now. There's also a 9.8 Signature Series signed by Chris Claremont that's $7 over the $100 mark. Regular 9.8s should be well under the $100 mark if you catch an auction.

mycomicshop - Only two CGC copies here and both are on consignment. Both are also 9.8s and both are Signature Series signed by Chris Claremont. One is going up for auction soon.

Alright, we ripped right though Part 8 and got a look at some more 2nd appearance key issues. Most you've already seen on here. Some I don't think I ever mentioned, but my memory is foggy.

Some of these may be short-term investment comics. I don't really see any long-term potential with any of these, but I may be wrong. We'll just have to see.

Anyways, to continue just click the PART 9 link below for more 2nd appearance comics to invest in. If you missed Part 7 just click the PREVIOUS link below. Either way, see you soon!


  1. Hey TCM! I'm trying to round up all the Ms. Marvel major keys. I got 1 & 2 of her solo series in NM. I am looking for issue 20 with her more iconic costume change debut and I'm still hunting down a nice copy of Marvel Superheroes #13 which is the big one and its bloating up big time.

    It's a little scary how bronze issues slabbed are bloating rediculously. I saw some 9.0 - 9.6 Ms. Marvel #20 issues for $350 - $450. It's not really a major key at least yet...crazy high prices.

    A guy on ebay had a Marvel Superheroes #13 in 9.8 and he was asking $24,000...WTF? I could buy a new car or a few nice copies of Fantastic Four #1 for that. I fear people like that will ruin the collectors market. What do you think TCM?

    1. Actually, when JW suggested a Giant Size X-Men #1 vs X-Men #94 and I did do the research for that (that post is all written up and ready to publish but won't be for a bit), I'm recognizing a lot of things that's wrong with the market now!

      I addressed a bit of it a few times on here with over-bloated prices, even with a comic I have which was an Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 8.0, in which one sold for like $800 and then all the new listings started having higher prices as well. Then recently a few auctions were bid back to it's normal average of $500+.

      I have always said that this is a problem, sellers over-bloating prices to ridiculous levels and the market is getting hurt because of it. I'll have to write up a post about that, and I've already mentioned quite a few times on here to watch out for those sellers doing this and don't drastically over-pay for a comic.

      Speculators with very little knowledge are the ones buying these comics for those crazy instant over-bloated prices and they are ruining the market, because here's what I foresee:

      1. Auctions will pop up and the prices will be bid back to the value averages that they should be according to natural demand, such as the case with ASM #129.

      2. If too many speculators who aren't smart in purchasing investment comics and buying comics that are priced at values 10 years from now keep this up, they will pull out of the market.

      3. False values are constantly over-looked in this current market by speculators buying comics at ridiculous prices. If this keeps happening it will bust because it's no different than the 90s speculators.

      Gerry recommended Go Collect on here a few months back, and I ended up paying for membership, which is a really cheap monthly fee but worth every penny. It records the averages of eBay CGC sales of various grades from 3 months all the way to 2 years.

      This is going to become an important tool to gauge not just what a CGC comic sold for recently on eBay, but the averages of sales for a certain period to give a correct value. This tool is going to help buyers spot the highly over-bloated prices, and I recommend everyone get a membership at Go Collect so you don't over pay.

      If buyers and sellers don't wise up, you'll see values for a lot comics friggin' crash, and I mean go down drastically, especially if there's actually an idiot who will pay for Marvel Super-Heroes #13 for $24,000, even if it is a CGC 9.8.

      I really need to write a post on this.

  2. TCM, great comments. I totally agree. I'd love to see a post devoted to that topic, even though you have touched on it in other articles.

    Another funny thing...while some of those CGC Ms. Marvel #20's are asking for $400 some perfect looking raw copies have been selling for around $20-30. That's a big divide.

    Question for you. I have a raw Avengers #57 1st Appeance of silver age Vision. The vision is one of my favorite characters. I inspected my copy and I'd put it at a 7.0 it could possibly be a 7.5. I would love to upgrade this book to a 9.0 copy.

    That book is pretty over bloated right now, but I have seen CGC 9.0 copies of that book go around $1,000 to 1,200. Is now a good time to sell my copy and upgrade before the film comes out and the Vision explodes in popularity even more? Thoughts?

    Fyi, I paid $70 for my copy 2 years ago. :)

    1. This is just my opinion, and it goes against the grain. I know upgrading is quite a big practice among collectors, but I generally do not like to do that. When I get a copy of something I try to get it at the grade I want.

      First, I would get your copy graded first. Then can you better decide, because you never know what it's gonna come back as. If it's restored...forget about it...I would dump it and invest in a 9.0 but a restored copy isn't going to cover much for that 9.0.

      I'll give you a freeze dried version of why I stay away from upgrades. You bought the book for $70, and if it does come back a 7.5 or 7.0, you've made $200 to $300 bucks in return already.

      So let's say you upgrade and dump the total return you got for the book you already have. You'd have to dump in about extra grand for the 9.0 VF/NM. Poof, your $200/$300 return is now at zero.

      I mean zero, because you have to wait for that 9.0 VF/NM to go up enough to cover eBay fees, Pay Pal fees, or some consignment charge of about 10%. Let's just say a consignment charge of 10% to make it simple.

      Let's say you get it at $1100. 10% of that is $110. So you have to wait till that goes up to $1210 average sales to start making any return on your upgrade. But what if the sucker tops out or starts going down? It can happen...look at Hulk #181 at 9.8, look at Giant Size X-Men #1 at 9.8. Going down for the last 2 years.

      I don't like buying comics at peak times, especially if I'm going to sacrifice the return on the comic I had prior to upgrade. If you have a really good gut feeling that the comic at 9.0 is going to keep rising substantially after you buy it, then sure go for it.

      Avengers #57 9.0 is going went up $200+ in the last 3 months from the beginning of the year. But is this near the tail end? The movie comes out this year and soon.

      I'm a lot more conservative when it comes to this, but if you want to upgrade because you just desire a higher grade copy, then yes you probably need to do that quick this year.

      My opinion on upgrading certain books is probably not the best, because I usually don't get a comic just to have and try to avoid upgrading as much as possible. Then again, you never know, you might get your copy back an 8.0 or 8.5. You might get it back even lower than you thought.

      You should submit it first and see what you have before deciding to upgrade.

    2. Oops not Hulk bad... I meant X-Men #94. How the hell I mixed those two up is beyond me.

  3. TCM, great advice! Thanks.

    Thing is, when I first started collecting a few years ago, I knew the key comics I wanted and I got them without much thought about condition. Then as I learned more and started thinking more about being a serious collector I started making better decisions, buying high grade keys at great prices. But now, what to do with the handful of keys I have but want in better condition?

    Now, I buy slower & smarter. I have a list of around 30 books I want to get in high grades before I move on to my next goal list. I have most of that list now but a few are mid grade books I'd like to have in better shape. I wish I bought smarter right off the bat, now I'm trying to figure out what to do with my handful of mid grades.

    I'm going to submit that 57. I'll let you know what it comes back as! Thanks so much for your response.

    1. J Kandefer, buying comics that increase in value $200 to $300 is smart buying, so don't knock yourself bro. If you really want higher copies or to upgrade them, do it. My opinion is only my opinion.

      Sell off your mid-grade copies and upgrade if that's what your gut feeling tells you. I'd still research those comics you want to upgrade to see if they're worth doing so. Avengers #57 9.0 does look like it's on the up and up.

  4. My goal is really to have my master list of around 30 Marvel Keys in 8.0 - 9.8. I buy other books outside that master list but I am really particular about condition with that list of 30.

    Here's my theory. Ant-Man, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther and some other characters like The Vision have never appeared on the big screen before. I think they have potential to be the next Iron man, Thor, Captain America. I think they will soon become very popular and all their key comics will soon be out of my spending range. We know how sky high Captain America, Thor and Iron man's first appearances are.

    I managed to get most of the keys for these characters in high NM range. The 2 biggies I want to upgrade are Avengers 57 and Fantastic Four 52 and my core set of 30 books will be complete. I am going to wait on FF 52, because I think that book might slump a little bit when some of the hype dies down this year, but I also think it will shoot up as soon as Black Panther shows up in the Civil War film. I plan on seeing how this book is selling this summer.

    However, I have a feeling The Vision will be the huge hit in Avengers: Age of Ultron sort of like how The Hulk was the hidden secret in the first Avengers film. Following my theory I want to nail this book before a 9.0 starts selling in the over $2,000 range which I think it will soon. He is rumored to be featured in the next trailer which is going to come out this month. I feel like that might sky rocket the price so I may be too late. This is the only one I am in a rush for, but I might just stick with my copy if it get's too ridiculous.

    1. Sounds like you have a goal J Kandefer and you should stick with it, despite what I or anyone else says. After all an opinion is just an opinion, but I do think upgrading to an Avengers #57 9.0 should be done pronto, as soon as possible. The movie is coming out soon and that grade is on the up and up, so that's the best opinion I can give.

      There may be some hype with the new trailer but it also depends on how many copies are being sold in the market during that time. It may slump during the period when the 2nd trailer comes out and the actual movie hits theaters also...after the hype of the 2nd trailer dies down. You never know, and I'm sure you'll be all over that one like stink on doo doo.

      I agree, I think those characters you mentioned will have sustaining power since they will be franchise movies and all the Marvel phases are interconnected. They will be in the front of the back issues market for quite some time.

      And dude, congrats on getting near the finish line of your goal, man! That's quite an accomplish already! One word: Awesome!

    2. What are the TOP 30? lk

  5. I have a question regarding Gambits 2nd appearance - since Overstreet notes both 266 and x-men annual 14 as first appearance, I wondered which is his actual 2nd appearance?

    1. Interesting and surprisingly, industry has X-Men Annual #14 as a first minor or brief appearance of Gambit. For now, #267 is his 2nd full appearance.

      I'm sure comic fans can debate all century long about this first appearance and that 2nd appearance and what should be a character's real first appearances or 2nd appearances, but I think industry has made up their minds about Gambit's first appearance and 2nd appearance. Despite outcries or lobbying from comic fans, I think it's pretty much set.

  6. I have a question about Gambit's stand alone comics. I recently bought Gambit #1-4, Vol I, and while I was looking at some comics a local shop had, they had Gambit #2 Vol 3, Honor Among Thieves. This issue had 2 different cover, with the upcoming movie, is this something worth holding on to?