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Monday, January 5, 2015

2nd Appearance Comics To Invest In Part 10

This is Part 10 to this 2nd appearance comics to invest in series, and there's a good mix of well-known keys and some that are a bit well-known. Bronze Age 2nd appearance comics as well as Silver Age in this part.

All Bronze Age and Silver Age comic investment goodies in Part 10. If you missed Part 9, just click the link to check that out. If not, let's rock this one out.

2nd full appearance of the Punisher

Definitely no over-looked key issue, the 2nd appearance of the Punisher is already well past the $1000 mark for 9.8 CGCs. 9.6s are nearing the $500 mark on average sales. However, 9.4 and lower NM copies are still quite affordable and can be snagged at or under the $200.

Definitely one of the Bronze Age 2nd appearances comics to invest in. I need to hunt down a copy of this one soon just because I'm a fan of the character, but make no mistake that this key issue more than deserves to be on this list as a definite comic book investment. Amazing Spider-Man #135 was published August, 1974.

eBay - No problem finding raw copies for this key issue and there seems to be a few high grade unslabbed ones. As for CGC, there's seems to more than a handful currently. Highest is a whopping 9.9 and yes it's going for some major bucks. No 9.8s and two 9.6s. There's also two 9.4 NMs as well, but no regular auctions for those grades concerning slabs.

mycomicshop - 8 copies here with only two of them being slabbed CGCs. The top is a 9.6 NM+ and on consignment, and the other is a CGC FN that's up for auction at the time of this writing. Rest are raw and the highest raw copy is a FN+.

ComicConnect - Only two raw VG copies here. First is a VG+ and is up for auction here. Other is a low VG or VG minus.

ComicLink - About six copies and there's the 9.9 CGC copy here. 9.6s and 9.4s, and the cheaper options are a 9.2 and below. A few raw copies here as well.

2nd appearance of Fin Fang Foom

According to Oraldo, this is still a cheap buy compared to the character's first appearance in Strange Tales #89. The 2nd appearance of Fin Fang Foom is a Bronze Age comic and so far is a minor key issue and a sleeper.

Although his first appearance is in the Silver Age, he would not be integrated into the Marvel Universe, mainstream continuity, until the Bronze Age. After seeing the Desolation of Smaug, I think it would be kinda cool to see a dragon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though I have no idea where that would fit in exactly.

Maybe a Doctor Strange flick even though it would make more sense with Iron Man since he is an actual foe of the character. However, with RDJ ready to pack it in concerning the role, another Iron Man movie is kinda up in the air. On that note, Fin Fang Foom was given a nod to in Iron Man 2. He was on a billboard in one scene. April, 1974 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Pretty limited amount on eBay. Not because it's rare or has a low distribution or anything. It's because it's not that wanted of a key issue in the current market. Could change, could not. No CGC, but the raw copies currently are pretty cheap.

ComicConnect - Two raw copies here and they are a VG and a FN. Both for immediate sale.

2nd appearance of Green Goblin

I don't think any other Spider-Man villain is more beloved than the Green Goblin. Sure, there are definitely other cool Spidey villains, but the one that has endured and survived as Spider-Man's ultimate nemesis is still the Green Goblin...well, at least, in most fans minds and hearts. The character does die after all and his son Harry Osbourne takes up the mantle for a bit.

The 2nd appearance of Gobby, still Norman Osbourne, in Amazing Spider-Man #17 is absolutely no over-looked or under the radar comic. It's pretty sought out, but has proven to be one of the best Spider-Man comics to invest in for quite a while.

October, 1964 is the publishing date for one of the best Spider-Man Silver Age key issue comics.

eBay - Quite a lot of copies here on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. Boat load of raw copies, but expect most to be in the lower grades. Highest CGC is a 9.4 NM followed by an 8.5 VF+. Actually quite a few of at 8.5 currently. Mig-grade and lower grade options also available.

mycomicshop - All low grade copies here with the highest being a 5.5 or low FN. Only CGC is a 5.0 VG/FN Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. VG+ raw copy is up for auction as of the writing.

ComicConnect - Few copies here. One CGC low VF will be up for auction next month. Rest are raw copies and the highest one is a low NM.

ComicLink - Quite a few copies here as well. Highest is a 9.6 NM+ and it's the Pacific Coast Pedigree. Two 9.0 VF/NM slabbed copies and an 8.0 VF. There are also mid-grade and low grade copies also.

2nd appearance of Flash

Another mighty 2nd appearance, extremely mighty appearance concerning the Silver Age of comics. As most of you know whose been reading for sometime, superheroes fell out of favor in the later Golden Age era. It was the revival and revamp of the Flash character in Showcase #4 that started the superhero revival.

Yes, Barry Allen and his first appearance marks the Silver Age era, and the 2nd appearance of the Flash, Barry Allen, in Showcase #8 is a highly important key issue comic and 2nd appearance. I shouldn't have to say why should I? However, despite a Flash TV series and a proposed movie in 2018 in which Ezra Miller has already been cast, this is a definite Silver Age comic investment if you can afford it. Showcase #8 was published June, 1957.

eBay - Not a lot of copies but there are some on eBay currently. A few CGC copies and most are in the low grade. Highest is a 7.0 FN/VF but it's a Restored copy. Highest Universal is a 5.0 VG/FN.

ComicConnect - Only one CGC copy that's a 1.0 FA. Rest are all raw copies and the highest is a VG+.

ComicLink - CGC 4.5 VG+ copy here. Rest are low grade raw copies. Highest raw copy is a VG.

2nd appearance of Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom)

Another Flash comic and this one should be considered by any fan of Professor Zoom, or the Reverse Flash. According to pictures on the Flash set that mysteriously ended up on the internet, it looks like we will get Reverse Flash on the small screen pretty soon.

Pretty expensive in high grade solid NMs and up already as expected, but VFs or VF/NMs still may be affordable. Not so many copies on eBay at the moment.  September, 1964 was when the 2nd appearance of Reverse Flash in The Flash #147 was published.

eBay - Pretty limited amount of copies on eBay at the moment. Quite a few raw copies but most are lower grade. One raw copy advertised as a 9.2 low NM. No CGC as of yet.

mycomicshop - Only one low VG raw copy on consignment at the moment. Only copy there so far.

ComicLink - Only copy here and it's a CGC 9.4 NM. Pretty up there already in price.

2nd appearance of Howard the Duck
First issue to Man-Thing series

For all those who went coo coo when Guardians of the Galaxy put an Easter Egg of Howard the Duck in the Collector's vault, this here is another key issue to be on your radar. Continued from Adventures Into Fear #19, which holds the first appearance of Howard the Duck, Man-Thing #1 holds the 2nd appearance of Howard the Duck.

Personally, I didn't care much for the Easter Egg, and did not get the hype for the character's first appearance after it, but believe it or not, there are fans of the character. I actually did like the Howard the Duck flick, but mostly because of Lea Thompson. Huge crush on her back in the day.

I leave this one up to you, just listing it for those who are wondering. Besides, it is the first issue to the Man-Thing comic series as well. January, 1974 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Absolutely no problem finding this one on eBay. Tons of raw copies and pretty cheap buys. If you prefer CGC, highest is a 9.6 NM+ and there are a few 9.4s. Two are decently priced opposed to the other 9.4 NMs. Lower graded slabs also present.

mycomicshop - Two CGC copies here with the top grade being a 9.6 NM+. Other CGC is a 6.5 FN+. Rest are all raw copies. Highest raw copy is a FN/VF and is up for auction.

ComicConnect - Only one raw FN copy here at the moment.

Alright, there were some interesting ones on here. Some I've talked about before and new ones I've never talked about. 

Missed Part 9 to this series? Just click the PREVIOUS link below to go back. We will be continuing this 2nd appearance comics to invest in with Part 11, so click the link below to carry on with this series.


  1. With Fox's announcement of the Gambit movie in 2016, would it be prudent to pick up X-Men 267, Gambit's 2nd appearance?

    1. Sure, if it's still cheap in high grades. X-Men #267 2nd Gambit's appearance was listed in Part 8 of this series, so can't really say no lol.

  2. Duh! My bad.