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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year From Total Comic Mayhem!

Well, another year has come and gone. Where does the time go? I remember being a kid and time just dragging on and on. Everything seemed like it took forever. Now, it goes by in the blink of an eye.

What a huge year 2014 was. Wow! LK has stated that it's a great time to be a comic fan and that's definitely on the mark. Some very awesome comic book movies came out this year and a butt load of movie and TV news concerning a wide range of our favorite comic book heroes.

The quality of comic book movies that came out this passing year was a feast for sure. X-Men Days of Future Past, Captain America Winter Soldier, and the surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy all were enormously well received by critics and comic fans.

Fox stepped up their game and released perhaps the best X-Men movie to date. Being a fan of the X-Men and having Days of Future Past in my top 3 of X-Men favorite stories, I was insanely nervous that it was going to suck.

I admit that after the beginning fight scene with the future Sentinels, I was blown away. I was hooked. It was pure joy to finally see Iceman riding his iconic ice slide live action. Such an amazing visual in comics and Brian Singer and those CGI and special effects wizards delivered.

Then I got to see Sunspot in action whom was my favorite New Mutants character while growing up. My 2nd favorite X-Men, Colossus was a pure joy to finally see in action during that beginning fight scene, and yes, it did tug at my heart when he died in the flick just it like it did when I first read the comic. Even Blink was badass to see teleporting around, but it was awesome to see Nightcrawler do the same thing in X-Men 2. Quicksilver was a great surprise to see, and even though I riffed on his look, his action sequences were amazing. Costume still blows though.

The story was great, plausible and although it did deviate quite a ways from the comics, I enjoyed it greatly. My only beef from a fanboy standpoint was why was Kitty Pryde the main force that sends Wolvie's mind back to the past. She's not a telepath. I completely missed the reason, if they had any, for the use of that character in that way. 

Okay, I did like the Nimrod looking Sentinels much better than the one's in the past. They did kind of look goofy. Still the movie was great. A pure joy to watch.

Then the folks at Disney and Marvel Studios released Captain America Winter Soldier, and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about that flick. Freaking awesome and floored me from beginning to end.

Story was great, movie was extremely entertaining, and like my review of the flick says, I totally geeked out seeing the Falcon in action. Absolutely loved it!

But the real awesomeness of Captain America Winter Soldier was no doubt the Winter Soldier. Talk about being the badass comic book movie villain of 2014! Actually, I think he just might be one of the top comic book movie villains on screen ever. Sebastian Stan did an amazing job and definitely hit the mark with this character, and I think most comic fans are itching to see more of this character in the future as I am.

The surprise hit this year was absolutely Guardians of the Galaxy, and I do mean surprise in a big bad way. The obscure and over-looked comic characters were under much skepticism with comic fans. Even I scratched my head when they announced the movie project. However, it came out and blew audiences away. Even some top actors as well. Robert Downey Jr. has even said that it's the best Marvel movie to date.

Now that's some high praise, and it's gotten a lot of praise from comic and movie fans a like. My favorite of the bunch is still Groot.

On the movie news front, what a jam-packed year it was. Sony and DC/Warner clearly under pressure to step up their game and compete with Disney/Marvel. Even Fox, despite their massive hit with X-Men Days of Future Past also seems under pressure as well.

A slew of movies were announced 2014. The surprise of this year was Warner Bros. unloading their entire slate of movies till 2020! Wowza!

Don't know if that was just an act of desperation or what, but the surprise flick announced for that camp was definitely Suicide Squad. Even more surprising was the news of the casting so soon after the movie was announced.

So we got the major characters and the actors who'll play them in the Suicide Squad this year. Deadshot, Rick Flag Jr., Enchantress, Captain Boomerang, and Harley Quinn will assemble for some black ops fun.

The surprise and not so surprising casting of Will Smith in the Deadshot role got the usual resistance from some comic fans, spouting the usual "PC" statements. Lot's of excitement for the casting of Tom Hardy as Rick Flag Jr. (that one's no surprise), Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, the lovely Cara Delevingne as the Enchantress, and the gorgeous Morgot Robbie as Harley Quinn. All we need is Amanda Waller to be cast, and the latest news is saying that Viola Davis is being considered.

Despite Will Smith being under the hot seat from some fans, we also learned that Jared Leto is now in the hot seat as well as he was cast this year to play the iconic Batman villain, the Joker. I think he can pull it off, but I do have to admit that's some big clown shoes to fill.

DC also cast Jason Mamoa this year to play Aquaman. The actor apparently has a four picture deal with Warner Bros. His first appearance will be in the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and we can assume he will be in the Justice League Part One (2017) and Part Two. However, before Part Two (2019) of the Justice League flick, it was announced that an Aquaman solo movie was to be released a year prior in 2018. Looks like that wraps up Jason Mamoa's four picture deal.

Besides the Suicide Squad, the other movie that was a bit of a surprise when announced was the Flash, considering that 2014 also saw the launch of the live action Flash TV series. Even stranger was the casting of Ezra Miller to be the silver screen version of the character. Also, the announcement of a Green Lantern reboot in 2020 was also a bit of a surprise as well, but that one I am looking forward to a lot.

A solo Wonder Woman movie was a given, but surprising since the movie has been talked about for years and Warner Bros. seemed to always bow out from going full on with the process in the past. Now, it seems that has changed in a big way, and it looks like they have an idea of how to get this character to the big screen. 

We even got our first look at Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume at San Diego Comic Con this year, and I must say, I dig it. It's time for a good female-led comic movie anyway, and Warner Bros. announced the solo Wonder Woman movie to be released in 2017 just before Justice League Part One. Bring it on!

Other DC Comic movies announced were Shazam and a solo Cyborg movie, in which Ray Fisher was cast earlier in 2014 to play the role in Batman v Superman. 

Marvel was definitely not silent this year either in the movie news realm. Josh Brolin was cast as the Mad Titan Thanos, and San Diego Comic Con saw Josh Brolin join the cast of the Avengers on stage. We also got to see him as the role in Guardians of the Galaxy, the 2nd time Thanos has appeared in a Marvel movie.

Disney and Marvel also announced their slate of movie projects to 2019 starting with Captain America Civil War, in which the title got all sorts of buzz from comic geeks. Especially when it was announced that Robert Downey Jr. would reprise the role of Tony Stark and Iron Man for it.

Doctor Strange finally gets confirmed with the release date of 2016 after Cap, and even saw the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular role late this year. Finally.

The other great Marvel comic movie news this year was the announcement of a Black Panther solo movie in 2017 and the casting of Chadwick Boseman, whom will be first seen as the character in Captain America Civil War. All I can say to that is awesome! 2017 will also see the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok.

Not to be outdone by DC Comics, Marvel and Disney also announced that a Captain Marvel solo movie will join the ranks of the mighty Marvel cinematic universe this year, and it will be Ms. Marvel as the character, adding yet another female-led comic book movie to this generation of comic fans. Like the Wonder Woman movie, I'm on pins and needles to see this one, and I hope they do cast Emily Blunt in the role. Watch Edge of Tomorrow and you might think so too.

Can we say, Inhumans! Finally, all the speculation about an Inhumans movie was finally confirmed later this year also for 2018. Totally excited to see Black Panther and Inhumans, and it looks like Vin Diesel will play an Inhuman. He hasn't come out and said who, but many are already speculating he will be Black Bolt. Seems like a good fit, and I can definitely see that.

This mighty year of 2014 also saw the announcement of the highly anticipated Avengers Infinity War release date, and that it will be a two part saga with Part 2 having the release date of 2019. Also we got our first peak of the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer and got our first look at the Hulk Buster armor that Stark will be using to combat the Hulk. Greatly looking forward to seeing that, as well as the Vision whom was also announced this year to be assembling with the Avengers and cast Paul Bettany in the role.

Sony announced the Sinister Six movie and a Venom/Carnage movie which has reportedly been scrapped due to producer Matt Tolmach's lack of confidence in Venom heading his own solo movie. Latest reports also suggest that Sony is considering rebooting the franchise altogether.

In short, as of now, it looks like Sony has no idea on what to do with the character, and all the proposed movie plans, including Sinister Six, is up in the air as of now. A bit of a disappointment late in the year, but perhaps it will all go through. I say finish what you guys started. No need to reboot, just make the next movie better.

Now for the smaller screen. A big year for superheroes or comic characters on the tube as well. As mentioned before, 2014 saw the kick off of the Flash, Gotham, and Constantine TV series. 

Marvel's Netflix series saw the casting of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones this year, who will be played by Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter. The character Rosario Dawson is playing on the Daredevil Netflix series was finally revealed as Claire Temple, and we got our first look at the Man Without Fear also which put me off from seeing any of the early episodes. When the red costume comes out, then I'll starting streaming it. 

Regardless, it's been a huge year for comic fans and full of comic goodness. Suicide Squad keys shot up, Inhumans keys shot up, Black Panther keys had another spike in demand due to the announcement of the solo flick and Chad Boseman being cast. 

The first appearance of Venom shot up ridiculously this year as with the first appearance of Harley Quinn in Batman Adventures #12. Good stuff!

Way too many comics saw growth in demand and value this year, and hopefully you already had them. 2014 definitely brought up a lot of things to look forward to in the years to come. 

May 2015 be another stellar year and Happy New Year to you all around the world. Have fun and be safe. Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys n gals next year!

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Year In Review: In A Nutshell

By Gerry D.

And so comes the end to another year of comic goodness. I attended a few local cons, checked out the Wizard World con in Sacramento, grabbed some key issues from my local, snagged some nice books on eBay, signed up for CGC premium services and gave CBCS a try. 

I really like going to comic conventions, mostly just to geek out and see some cool costumes and see if I can find any great deals on some comic books. Most of the time I walk out empty handed but occasionally I'll grab a book if I can haggle it down to the right price. I picked up an X-Men #14 at the East Bay Comic Con and an Astonishing Tales #25 at Stockton Con. I felt like I got a good deal on them. I bought them unslabbed but have since gotten them graded.

Of all the local cons, I'd have to say that Stockton Con is my favorite. It's a nice mid sized con that attracts a lot of people. There are quite a few people dressed up in killer costumes. It's where I saw the best Black Panther costume I've ever seen.

Walking around can be a little hectic because it does get crowded, but when you need to take a breather, there are plenty of seats to sit in and browse through your price guide after you've grabbed your nachos and a hot dog at the concession stand. Of course, Vic and I have to stop by and say hi to Ron Lim while we're there.   

Also this past year I went to my first Wizard World convention. It was a lot of fun, but I gotta admit, I thought it was going to be bigger. Maybe next year it will be now that they know that there are a lot of people wanting to go to bigger cons around here. I also recently found out that Wizard World will he having a con in San Jose next year which is much closer for me to go to, but that's a story for a later time. 

Wizard World Sac had a lot of people dressed up as their favorite superheroes, Aliens, Xenomorphs and there was no shortage of Star Wars characters. The people watching was fantastic. Not to mention all of the amazing comics that were for sale. They had me drooling for sure but most of them were well out of my price range. Oh well. You gotta know your limits and stay within your budget, right?

It was fun walking around and seeing all of the celebs too, and we saw quite a few. If you're lucky, you may just have one of them wave at you as you're walking by.

I don't usually get many books from my local comic shops because they want too much for their key issues. And since it seems like most of the "wall books" are consignment you can't really talk the prices down. However, just after Thanksgiving, Heroes and Villians was having a killer sale of 40-60% off all back issues and 20% off all consignment books so I picked up a decent mid grade Hulk #182. It's also the same sale that Vic bought me Aquaman #11 for my birthday. Thanks again for that book bro.

Buying comics on eBay has been crazy for me this year. I mostly get unslabbed books because I can get them cheaper and I'm also a bit of a gambler. I recently got a raw Batman #181 and a raw The Amazing Spider-Man #50. Hopefully they will come back graded to at least the grade I think they are. I've also picked up a few that were already graded like The Amazing Spider-Man #13 4.0 VG and DC Comics Presents #26 9.6 NM+. I also picked up The Amazing Spider-Man #135 9.4 that you can read about in the Vault section. My personal vault has grown from two books at the beginning of the year to 19 now. That's due to getting most of my books through eBay. Not all, but most. And it's also from sending the raw books out to be graded. I have quite a few more books to be sent out to be graded too, some that I've mentioned already.

I signed up for the CGC premium account this past year, mostly for the coupon to get four standard books graded. That alone was worth the membership. It saved me about $120. I also get 10% off all other submittions I made this past year, but I never did use them to get the 10%. I didn't use it because CBCS had started up and I wanted to try their services. If you haven't already, you can read all about my CBCS experience right here on this very website.

I've had a lot of fun this year building up my collection and going to conventions and I can't wait to see what next year has in store for me in this amazing hobby we have.

Until Next Year...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Aquaman Key Issues Part 6

This is the last Part to this Aquaman key issues list series, and we're finishing up with the Modern Age Aquaman key issues. This will be short and sweet and the last two on this list are two issues I forgot to list earlier, so basically cleaning that up.

Click this Part 5 link if you missed it, but if you didn't, let's wrap up these Aquaman key comics.

First Aquaman New 52 on-going series
First appearance of Aquaman (New 52)
First appearance of The Trench

Okay, rumors are spouting that The Trench may be in the Aquaman movie, but rumors are rumors so who knows. However, this is important for several reasons. One, usually #1 issues pertaining to a character's on-going series sees a nice spike in demand when it comes to that character making a big screen debut.

Two, Geoff Johns completely wipes away the origin that Aquaman Time and Tide established with the whole nonsense about Aquaman being the son of Atlan. Also, as I talked about in an earlier part to this key issue comics list, Orm and Aquaman are the sons of Atlanna. Orm is a full blooded Atlantean while Aquaman is still only half and returns to being the son of Tom Curry.

November, 2011was when this comic was published.

eBay - No problem finding high grade raw copies for the moment. Only five CGC copies with the highest being a 9.8. Two 9.6 NM+s and one is a PGX. 

mycomicshop - Five raw copies all in stock. Highest is a VF+ and the lowest are two FNs. In second place are two low VFs. 

Origin Silver Age Aquaman
First appearance Silver Age Aquaman?
First appearance in titled series

I forgot to put this one in and it's actually one of the issues that's debated about being the first appearance of Silver Age Aquaman. This issue really just retells the first Silver Age origin in Adventure Comics #260.

However, it is an early Aquaman Silver Age comic and Aquaman's appearances in Showcase does come before his very first comic series came out.  Showcase #30 was published February, 1961.

eBay - Very limited selection at the time of this writing. Only 4 raw copies and two CGC copies. Highest slab is a 6.0 FN and the other option is a 3.5 low VG.

First appearance of Vulko

Vulko is the chief scientific adviser of Atlantis and a well-known and powerful political figure. He is often depicted as a trustworthy confident to Aquaman when he is King of Atlantis.

Vulko knew Aquaman's mother and argued against leaving Aquaman to die on that reef as shown in his Silver Age origin. Vulko is an important supporting character for Aquaman that has recurred often even after all the continuity changes, and since he is a prominent figure of Atlantis, I suspect he may have a very good chance of having a role in the Aquaman movie.

The first appearance of Vulko in Brave and the Bold #73 was published September, 1967. 

eBay - Quite a few copies of this one at the moment. Three CGC copies with two of them being 9.6 NM+s and the lowest option a 5.0 VG/FN. 

mycomicshop - Three raw copies in stock. All are raw and the top grade is a VF. Last two options are low grade GD/VG and a GD+.

NewKadia - A low VF and a VG available here for now.

ComicConnect - Four raw copies and the highest is a 7.5 low VF. Only one CGC copy and it's a 9.0 VF/NM.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies with the highest a 9.0 VF/NM. Other option is a 5.0 VG/FN. Both are priced reasonably.

As stated in Part 1 to this key issues list series, this Aquaman keys list isn't majorly in-depth, and it would focus more on the important key issue comics pertaining to the character instead of weighing it down with a bunch of minor ones.

I kept the minor ones to a minimum and did so intentionally. The movie is a far ways off so who knows which characters will be cast or used for the big screen. I'll be sure to report them when they do.

Alright, that wraps up this Aquaman key issues list. If you missed the Part 5, just click the PREVIOUS link below. Thanks for reading and hope this helped you in your hunt concerning Aquaman key comics.

Aquaman Key Issues Part 5

We are at Part 5 to this Aquaman key issues list and we are breezing quickly by the Bronze Age, Copper Age and Modern Age. As for good Aquaman key comics, there's probably three that might be worth snagging in this list for short-term speculating.

If you missed Part 4, click the link to go back. Otherwise, here's Part 5 and more key Aquaman comics.

Death of Aquababy
Black Manta revealed as African American

In terms of Black Manta issues, this storyline sees the death of Aquababy and Black Manta is responsible. Also, at the whim of Aquaman's nemesis, Aqualad and Aquaman battle each other.

One must die in order for Black Manta to release Aquababy from the globe-shaped prison that will fill with air and suffocate Aquaman's son within five minutes. Aquaman goes after Aqualad in order to save his son.

Adventure Comics #452 also sees the first time Black Manta takes off his helmet and reveals himself to be an African American male. The battle between Aquaman and Aqualad would strain their relationship for quite some time. This Aquaman key issue was published August, 1977.

eBay - Extremely limited amount of copies on eBay for this highly over-looked Aquaman key issue. Only spotted three so far and all are raw. One is in a comic lot.

NewKadia - One VF+ copy in stock at NewKadia at the time of this writing.

First appearance of Nuada Silverhand
First appearance of King Bres
First appearance of Thierna Na Oge
New Aquaman costume

Aquaman #1 volume 2 is actually a limited series, and although I didn't note it above, it's the first Aquaman limited series ever. This series comes after the Crisis of Infinite Earths limited series and has and has several first appearances that expand on the Aquaman mythos.

The first appearance worth noting is the of Nuada Silverhand. She was the ruler of the Atlantean city Thierna Na Oge until she was ousted by her sister Bres.

This series introduces a new Aquaman blue costume that looks just as silly as his original. This series is the first of the Aquaman stories to take place on New Earth. February, 1986 was when this Copper Age key issue was published.

eBay - Quite a few copies of this one on the mighty eBay. Plenty of high grade copies should be available. Only one CGC copy and it's a 9.6 NM+ for ubber cheap.

mycomicshop - Only one FN copy in stock here at the moment.

NewKadia - Two high grade copies here. Top grade is a low NM and the 2nd is a VF.

First origin of Black Manta

And here it is: Finally the first origin of Black Manta and it's a 90s comic. Yikes! Still, this one might be one to snag as it may see some demand if the character is indeed confirmed for the Aquaman movie.

This first initial origin had Black Manta grow up in the Baltimore, Maryland area and often played by the Chesapeake Bay. As a young boy, he was kidnapped and forced to work on a ship. After seeing Aquaman and his dolphins in the ocean one time, the boy tried to signal him for help but Aquaman did not see him.

The boy who would become Black Manta would end up killing his tormentor and hate the emotionless sea and it's representative - Aquaman. He vowed to become the master of it one day.

The more I write about his origin, the more it's silly as all hell. I do like the character, but his origin is shamelessly lame and makes no sense that a guy who hates the ocean or sea would want to be submerged in it most the time. He'd be more like Chief Brody and want no part of the sea.
This Aquaman #6 issue was published May, 1992.

eBay - A few raw copies here but not many. This comic is not that well-known as of yet. No CGC for this one on the mighty eBay at the moment.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy in stock here.

NewKadia - Four copies and all are in the high grade range. Highest is a NM+ followed by a NM. The last two options are a low NM and VF+.

First issue to 3rd on-going Aquaman series
First long-hair and bearded Aquaman
First appearance of Charybdis

It's this on-going series that follows the rewrite of Aquaman's origin as him being the son of  Atlanna and the wizard Atlan. The first appearance of Atlan is in the Atlantis Chronicles #5 in case you want to know, and the weird re-haul of his origin was in the Aquaman Time and Tide limited series I believe. Orm would also be the son of Atlan as well and still Aquaman's half-brother.

The look of Aquaman changes drastically also in this series and moves away from the clean cut look he has always had in the past. With the casting of Jason Mamoa, the look of Aquaman in this series may be the basis for the look of Aquaman on the big screen, as he has the gruffy long hair and beard look.

Issue #2 of this series sees Aquaman lose his hand cut and Charybdis is the character responsible for that event. In Aquaman #0, we see Aquaman replace his missing hand with the hook.

Don't know if those issues will see a spike in demand since the movies' look just may be based off the look from these comics, but it doesn't hurt to mention them I suppose. Aquaman #1 from the 3rd on-going series was published  August, 1994.

eBay - No problem finding this one on eBay and there seems to be a decent selection. No CGC as expected.

mycomicshop - Two raw copies in stock. One's a VF and the other is a FN.

NewKadia - Only one copy here so far, but it is a high grade NM.

First appearance of Admiral Strom

Might as well put this guy in here since he is an Aquaman enemy and a U.S. Navy commander, which seems like an appropriate and logical character to introduce in the Aquaman film franchise. Admiral Strom is a New Earth Aquaman enemy and is like General Ross in the Hulk comics.

Strom would eventually be executed by his alien master Tiamat for his continual failure in defeating Aquaman. Whether they use this character or not, who knows now? Since it's a 90s comic and an Aquaman 90s comic, it's probably pretty cheap anyways.

Aquaman #3 from the 3rd on-going series and considered volume 5 was published November, 1994.

eBay - Didn't see any single copies of this one on eBay. They might be in comic lots. Definitely didn't spot any slabbed copies as well.

mycomicshop - Two raw copies in stock with the highest a VF and the lowest a FN.

NewKadia - Two copies here at the moment - NM and a VF+.

2nd Black Manta origin

Definitely had to put this one in, and this Aquaman #8 from the 2003 series gives another origin for Black Manta. This origin is vastly different and the boy who would become Black Manta was an autistic kid and placed in Arkham Asylum.

The subject of experimental treatments cured him of his autism but left him extremely prone to violent behavior. He would end up killing the scientist who treated him and escaped from Arkham and set out on his quest to conquer the ocean. Another under the radar key issue currently.

eBay - Not that many of this issue on eBay right now. All raw copies and probably mostly all high grade.

mycomicshop - Only one VF copy in stock here.

NewKadia - NM+ copy in stock, but the only one so far.

Alright, we've got one more part to this Aquaman key issues list to go as we're definitely into the Modern Age. Part 6 will be more of a clean up job for some Aquaman key comics I missed that should be listed.

If you missed Part 4, you can click the PREVIOUS link below. To continue to the last and final part of this Aquaman key comic issues list, just click the PART 6 link below.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Aquaman Key Issues Part 4

Welcome to Part 4, and you definitely won't be disappointed with this one. We got some important key Aquaman issues concerning 2nd and 3rd appearances that are under the radar or not even that known for their key issue worthiness just yet in the market over-all.

Plus, there's two first appearances you may want to consider as well. I give a bit of a hint in the descriptions and you'll be able to catch them. Alright let's get this going, so if you missed Part 3, just click the link. If not, enjoy this Part 4.

2nd appearance of Ocean Master

Here we have the 2nd appearance of Ocean Master in Aquaman #32. Definitely under the radar in the over-all market currently. Nobody is noting it as such as most don't know that this is the 2nd appearance of Orm (Ocean Master).

This may catch on, but I predict it will be a slow steam up. So far most are gunning for Orm's first appearance. Aquaman #32 was published April, 1967.

eBay - Quite a few copies when it comes to raw ones. As for CGC, only one 9.0 VF/NM that's way over guide.

mycomicshop - Auction starts Jan 3, 2015 for a raw 5.5 low FN. Other copy is in stock and it's a low VG.

NewKadia - Only one low FN minus copy here at NewKadia.

ComicConnect - Four raw copies here. High grade 9.2 low NM is the top one. Also a FN+ and a low FN and a VG copy for sale as well.

First appearance of Aqua-Girl

This is the Aqua-Girl that most fans know of, and her name is Tula and was adopted by one of the royal families of Atlantis. She was given the title of Princess of Poseidonis and was taught in the Atlantean ways.

Tula often accompanied Aqualad on adventures, as well as his missions with the Teen Titans also. Tula and Garth (Aqualad) would share a romance together, but she would die during the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series.

In the New 52, her and Orm share the same father, making them half brother and sister. Oh, snap! Will she be in the movie? Could be if they're gonna borrow more from the New 52 continuity for the film. Then again, she may not also. Aquaman #33 and the first appearance of Tula was published June, 1967.

eBay - Only saw like two raw copies of this one on the mighty eBay at the moment. No CGC yet.

NewKadia - Three copies here with the highest being a low VF. 2nd highest is a FN and the lowest is a low VG or VG minus.

ComicConnect - Only one VG/FN raw copy here for now.

First appearance of Black Manta
3rd appearance of Ocean Master
First appearance of Manta Men

Of course, the first appearance of Black Manta in Aquaman #35 is getting a lot of play in the market right now. Considering that Black Manta is one of the only cool Aquaman villains, many are speculating that this character just has to be in the Aquaman movie, and I tend to agree.

It would not just be weird if Black Manta isn't fighting against Aquaman on the big screen, it would be plain wrong. Also created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney, Black Manta would not receive an origin until the Modern Age of comics! Wow! He would get a few other origins as well, including a New 52 one obviously.

Those issues will be covered in this Aquaman key issues list later. Aquaman #35 also holds the 3rd appearance of Ocean Master and the first appearance of the Black Manta's Manta Men. The fact that this issue is the 3rd appearance of Ocean Master is yet not that well-known.

Aquaman and the first appearance of Black Manta was published October, 1967. It is one of the best Aquaman Silver Age key issues to get for sure and should be considered one of the best Aquaman Silver Age comics to invest in.

eBay - Very limited amount of raw copies. No CGC and one raw copy already priced at the value it should be like 8 years from now.

mycomicshop - Low grade GD is here on consignment.

1st Jim Aparo DC work

Jim Aparo is most known for his work on Batman, but the legendary artist got his start at DC Comics with Aquaman and in this issue right here. Although, this isn't a key issue that really pertains to the Aquaman mythos, it is an important key issue that pertains to a legendary artist doing his first ever work for DC Comics.

Aparo would provide pencils for much of the series until it's cancellation. Aquaman #40 was published August, 1968.

eBay - No shortage of raw copies for this key issue on the mighty eBay. Zero CGC as expected.

ComicConnect - Three raw copies with the highest a VF/NM. 2nd highest is an 8.0 VF and the lowest is a FN/VF.

2nd appearance of Black Manta

We have the 2nd appearance of Black Manta, one of Aquaman's most famous villains. We all probably know him from the Super Friends cartoon if you go back that far.

Definitely a comic that should be under the radar. Not that many sellers are noting this as the 2nd appearance of Black Manta on eBay. Perhaps even the majority of comic dealers aren't aware of this one just yet either.

You definitely have an advantage now, so comic con, your local, maybe even eBay may provide a cheap snag for this one. Not sure how long this will last until people start catching on.

The 2nd appearance of Black Manta in Aquaman #42 was published December, 1968. 

eBay - Extremely limited selection. Only saw like 3 copies and they are already over-bloated simply because it's a Black Manta appearance. However, they don't know it's his 2nd appearance.

mycomicshop - FN+ 6.5 raw copy on consignment here.

3rd appearance of Black Manta

Since we're on a 2nd appearances kick, I might as well throw out the 3rd appearance of Black Manta also. Yep, it's in Aquaman #51 and like his 2nd appearance, this Silver Age key isn't all that known in the market yet.

You should be able to get this one raw for under $70 for VF grades. Aquaman #51 and the 3rd appearance of Black Manta was published June, 1970, making this a Bronze Age key issue.

eBay - A few copies here and there seems to be some raw copies available on eBay. I spotted two unslabbers claiming to be VFs. I also see two CGCs in which one is a high grade 9.4 NM. The other is a 9.0 VF/NM.

mycomicshop - Only one raw GD copy in stock at the moment.

NewKadia - Only one FN+ copy here in stock for now.

ComicConnect - Two CGC copies and the highest is a 9.4 NM and the 2nd highest a 9.2 low NM. There are two raw copies also. One is a VF and the other a FN/VF.

I think Part 4 kicked down quite a bit of knowledge concerning some key issue Aquaman comics. You know now the 2nd and 3rd appearances of Ocean Master and Black Manta. Of course there's the minor first appearance of the 3rd Aqua-Girl known as Tula.

So quite a bit of important Aquaman keys in this Part 4. I could just stop here, but why do anything half-assed. We'll have a few more Aquaman key issues to cover, but not that many more left. 

If you missed Part 3, no worries. Just click the PREVIOUS link to go back and read up on that. Part 5 is ready so click the PART 5 to continue with more Aquaman key comics.