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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Key Issue Investment Comics Within $500 to $1000 Part 2

Part 2 to the mayhem of this key issue investments comics list within the $500 to $1000 range. Like always, if you missed the previous part, you can visit the blue link to check out Part 1 to this series.

These are comics within that specified price range and the time of this writing and will encompass more grade ranges as well, since some are perfectly fine comic investments at grades other than CGC 9.8. I'll try to get as many CGC 9.8s in here, but they are becoming pretty slim within this price range.

Star Wars #1 May July, 1977 (CGC 9.8)

Episode 7 has been cast, a few from the original cast are returning, including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hammil. Characters other than the original cast members haven't been announced as of yet, and Star Wars #1, the comic book movie adaptation in CGC 9.8 are dropping around the $500 to $600 range on eBay.

Which is a bit surprising considering the fandom that surrounds Star Wars. With a whole new trilogy in the works, this bronze age comic should be pushing near the $1000 mark already. Still, a wise investment comic to have your sights on, especially since not many bronze age key issues in CGC 9.8 are below a $1000 any longer. 

eBay - No auctions so far at the time of this writing. Only a handful of Buy It Nows near the $600 range. 

mycomicshop - One regular Universal CGC 9.8 for sale here and going for $550. So far the cheapest option.

 Marvel Premiere #47 April, 1979 (CGC 9.8)

A comic that was a back issue bin for super cheap has gotten a huge surge in demand in a big bad way since confirmation that the Ant-Man movie would focus on Scott Lang rather than Henry Pym. This is not the first appearance of Scott Lang. It's the first appearance of Scott Lang taking over as Ant-Man, but it's now dropping past the $500 mark at this grade on eBay. 

One of the easier key issue comics to find in CGC 9.8 for auctions.

eBay - Two auctions at the time of this writing, both are under $500 so far. Two Buy It Nows in which the sellers both need to greatly lower their prices.

Incredible Hulk #271 May, 1982 (CGC 9.8)

This comic blew up in a big way and in a big hurry due to the Guardians of the Galaxy flick. It wasn't really well-known before, but then all the sudden it became a first appearance of Rocket Raccoon and BOOM! Demand for this sucker just hit the roof.

Now, Incredible Hulk #271 is one of the most late bronze age key issues and Marvel first appearances to be on the hunt for. 

eBay - Absolutely zero auctions for this comic at the moment. A few Buy It Now options that are below $1000 mark. Two still below $900, which one has a Best Offer option. That could change by the time you read this...for better or for worse. 

ComicConnect - auction going up May 12th for CGC 9.8 copy. 

ComicLink - Only one CGC 9.8 copy here at $800. ComicLink charges a buyer's premium if you do not pay by check. Pay by check to avoid the buyer's premium.

Strange Tales #138 November, 1964 (CGC 9.8)

Pretty much a minor Doctor Strange key issue comic. After all it is a silver age key issue and CGC 9.8s for this comic are still under the $1000 mark. 

Strange Tales #138 holds the first appearance of Eternity, and was featured on the Doctor Strange key issues list I just recently did. 

eBay - Only one available for sale as a Buy It Now for $825, but it is PGX, not CGC. Last CGC 9.8 sold in March for $850. 

ComicLink - One available CGC 9.8 copy here but the asking price is already above $1000.

Iron Fist #14 August, 1977 (CGC 9.6)

Another one of Marvel first appearances that came out during the bronze age, Iron Fist #14 features the first appearance of Sabretooth, whom becomes an important and popular foe of Wolverine and the X-Men. A bit odd this character made his first debut in an Iron Fist comic, as he did not become a recurring villain for the superhero. Already past the $1000 mark for CGC 9.8s, this key issue is still below it for CGC 9.6s.

One of the more popular and sought out bronze age key issues, this comic has a good track record as an investment and should definitely be considered one of the best investment comics to snag...and soon...from the era.

eBay - Recent auctions have been dropping a little bit past the $600 mark for CGC 9.6s. No auctions as of yet, but best to keep an eye out for them because that can quickly change by the time you read this. Only one Buy It Now option available that's incredibly over-priced for the current demand.

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.6 available at $694.89.

ComicLink - Cheapest option is here and only one for sale at $500 even. There are also two other CGC 9.6 options as well.

Werewolf By Night #32 August, 1975 (CGC 9.4)

Moon Knight has often been thought of as Marvel's version of Batman, and although not an extremely popular character, Moon Knight does have a cult following in the realm of comic geekdom. Regardless, the first appearance of Moon Knight is another odd Marvel first appearances, making his debut in the Werewolf By Night comic series of all titles.

This is definitely a sought out Marvel bronze age key issue, as CGC 9.8s and 9.6s are already selling for above the price range of this key comic issues list. I recommended this way back in August 2011 in a post about investing in Horror comics. You can click the link to check out it, but it's quite clear that Marc Spector as Moon Knight absolutely has hit the big leagues in a short time span.

eBay - This is steadily getting very close to the $800 mark. Only two options for this comic on eBay. No auctions. Both Buy It Nows and one is ridiculously priced. The other is still within the $800 range. 

mycomicshop - One option at $999.99 here.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.4 located here. Asking price is $885 and it's been bid up to $800.  

That's 12 key issue investment comics within the $500 to $1000 range so far to this series. Most of these comics have already appeared on other key comic issues lists on Total Comic Mayhem. 

This series is on-going, but that's it for now. Part 3 will be coming in the near future, so stay tuned. Actually, it might be a ways away from "near". 

If you missed Part 1, all you gotta do is click the blue PREVIOUS link below to read up on that. Also if you missed the other key issue investment comics lists in lower price ranges, just click the links at the very bottom of this post! Thanks for reading and your patience.


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  3. Key Issue Comics Between $200 to $500!

Post Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoilers!

Rumors and spoilers are about to hit high gear in the next several weeks as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released in other countries before it opens in theaters in the U.S. on May 2. Sony already announced their plans for a Sinister Six flick, but it definitely seems a go now.

Those lucky enough to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 got to check out a series of special teaser images implying the line up of the Sinister Six. Apparently, it seems that these teaser images are only available through a phone app they can Shazam the end credit music that shows these images. For those who don't feel like downloading the app, the fine folks at ComingSoon already done so and shared the teaser images and here they are courtesy of them.

A few of the pictures are pretty obvious. It looks like the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus (his tentacle arm which the trailer already showed and gave a nod to), Vulture's wing possibly and the last picture the Rhino's horn. The real question is the eye with the smoke coming out from it. A lot of people are speculating Mysterio, since the image references smoke, and that does make sense. He is an original member of the Sinister Six, but couldn't it just be Electro also since that character is also another original member? Dunno, but Mysterio would be an awesome villain to see on screen.

Also, if the symbol etched on what appears to be a dagger in the 5th image is who I think it is, I'm gonna seriously shit my pants. If it hasn't registered yet for you, that looks like a reference to Kraven the Hunter, another original member of the Sinister Six. If so, my Amazing Spider-Man #15 is gonna get a nice bump in demand. 

Definitely some things to keep a closer eye on concerning Spidey comics to be on the hunt for. Sinister Six movie is happening and I've already suggested the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 a little before the beginning of this year! Now? That comic is already through the roof and on the way to Mars.

Also it's no big secret that Felicity Jones will be playing a character named Felicia in ASM 2, and comic geeks have already caught on that her role will be that of Felicia Hardy the Black Cat. Although Felicity already copped that she'll be wearing a costume, it does seem that Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be setting up the Black Cat for a more major role in Amazing Spider-Man 3.

The first appearance of the Black Cat has already sky-rocketed in demand in a big bad way, and it seemed to do so in a relatively short amount of time. If you got high grade unslabbed coppies, it may be a good time to CGC it. If you got a high grade CGC copy, the time to sell is pretty much now if you're looking to cash in.

Looks like Marc Webb is kicking off a lot of Spidey characters to debut on screen soon. I sure hope Kraven is in the works, and I don't know any character that symbol can be attached to in Spidey's universe. Good stuff! 

What do you think? Which Spidey villains do you think those images refer to? Let the mayhem begin!

Key Issue Investment Comics $500 to $1000

I thought I might as well kick off this key issue investments comics list within the $500 to $1000 range or at least get it started.

These are comics within that specified price range at the time of this writing and will encompass more grade ranges as well, since some are perfectly fine comic investments at grades other than CGC 9.8. So here we are.

Marvel Premiere #15 May, 1974 (CGC 9.6)

First appearance of Iron Fist here, and since the character is gonna have his own Netflix television series that ends up leading the character into a Defenders television series, this bad boy took a huge jump in demand recently.

I didn't mention it on here, but recommended this issue a while back on a hubpage. Apologies for that. So Marvel Premiere #15 is within this price range for CGC grades 9.6. The most recent dropped at $776, and higher grade copies are becoming harder to find in the market.  

eBay - No options yet for this book at this Universal grade. There is a Signature Series that's above the $1000 mark. Last auction dropped for $776 in April. 

Tomb of Dracula #1 April, 1972 (CGC 9.6)

Tomb of Dracula #1 is above the $1000 mark or close to it. I honestly don't know because there aren't any I could find online. However, it's safe to say that CGC 9.6s are within the price range, but even they are hard to find at that grade as well online.

No doubt Tomb of Dracula #1s are moving up in value for 9.6s, since the 9.8s are increasingly becoming harder to find. I did recommend this issue a while back in a bronze age key issues list. 

eBay - No auctions. Last one was in March. Only 3 Buy It Now options. Two are below $700 and one has a Best Offer option. 

ComicLink - Two are here. Asking price is $900 and $1000! Wow, eBay may be the cheapest bet.

Ms. Marvel #1 January, 1977 (CGC 9.8)

Talk about this comic just blowing up pretty recently. Rumors flying around about Ms. Marvel or Carol Danvers being in the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron and boom!

When I recommended it in a Key Issue Alert back in February of this year, CGC 9.8s were dropping a lot less than $700 bucks. A couple months later, and they're almost hitting the $1000 mark.

CGC 9.8s are not easy to find now in the market. It will surely be a hunt, and the ones that are found will most likely be above $700. May want to keep an eye out for them on eBay, or if any do pop up in this grade range. May want to consider a 9.6. One of the best key issue comics to consider for 2014 and beyond.

eBay - Comic is super hot in CGC 9.8. NONE for sale at the time of this writing on the mighty eBay for 9.8s, not even Buy It Nows. That could change, of course, by the time you read this, but best to keep checking the search results. The blue eBay link above will take you directly to them.

ComicLink - One here for $850.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 May, 1988 (CGC 9.8)

Well, well, well. Boy, I talk an awful lot about this comic, and for good reason. This is a copper age super key and CGC 9.8s are almost nearing the $1000 mark if you can believe that. 

It's true, CGC 9.8s for this bad boy are dropping near the $1000 mark at the time of this writing. I'm not even sure how long this issue will last before I have to take it off and slap it onto the next higher price range key issues list. It may already be past the $1000 mark, but I'll have to wait for another auction to pop up in order to determine that.

First appearance of Venom, Todd McFarlane artwork, Amazing Spider-Man? Is there really anything else more to say? I don't think so.

eBay - Wow zero auctions at the time of this writing. A few Buy It Nows. Cheapest one is at $1000 exactly! May change by the time you click the blue eBay link. 

mycomicshop - Only one regular Universal CGC 9.8 for $999.99. Over a $1000 including the buyer's premium. 

ComicConnect - Cheapest bet is here. CGC 9.8 for $900 bucks. Only one available and ComicConnect charges no buyer's premium.

Iron Fist #1 November, 1975 (CGC 9.6)

One that I've yet to recommend, or at least, I don't remember recommending. The first issue to Iron Fist for some reason took a slight bump in demand when the Netflix Iron Fist television show was announced.

Awesome cover with Iron Fist and Iron Man going at it, and CGC 9.8s are already being pimped for well over $1000.  One of the many investment comics from the bronze age to consider for sure.

eBay - A few options, and some are below the $500 mark, but that won't really last much longer. 

Batman #181 June, 1966 (CGC 8.0)

Getting desperate here and having to go with a key issue comic investment at a CGC 8.0 VF grade. Just kidding. Actually, I wanted to at least get a DC Comic key issue in here, and the first appearance of Poison Ivy is a pretty good Batman key comic to squeeze in.

Besides, a CGC 8.0 VF is a perfectly good investment comic for this silver age Batman key issue, and it's already up there price. 

eBay - Not an easy find even at CGC VF grades and none for sale at the moment on eBay. Will be a hunt for this silver age key issue at this grade. Last auction dropped at $800 bucks.

ComicLink - One available for $850 at ComicLink.

Part 2 is ready so just click the NEXT link below to discover more key issue comic investments within $500 to $1000! Thanks for reading! Share if you feel like being social.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Even More Ramblings From A Comic Geek

It's nice to get off the subject of comic investing and just ramble about whatever comic related stuff that comes to mind. Don't get me wrong. It's a subject I love and am passionate about, but like everything, it can burn one out.

So I recently just paid for a CGC Premium Membership just in time to submit for the Big Wow Comic Fest coming up May 18th. I'll probably get the packet at the same time my Copper Age CGC submissions I submitted at Wizard World Sacramento comes back. Since they are mostly Copper Age and a higher grade is greatly needed for those comics, I'm pretty sure all four will be disappointing. A few curses may echo throughout my neighborhood for a good ten minutes shortly after I receive them, or I may be giving myself high fives. 

I dunno, and that's the thrill of it. Comics could come back better than you expected from CGC or worse. I still think it's upping the risk factor, but it's also good to mix things up as well every now and then.

So, I read a zombie comic from an indie title that I got a while back at the Toy Havoc and Comic Chaos show last year. The publishing company is called Action Lab and the title is The Final Plague. It wasn't bad. Artwork is pretty good, all done by paintings, but it didn't make me a zombie fan anymore than I'm already not.

I have the same gripe with zombie movies that I do with most Sci Fi stories or movies about aliens. Now, I'm not talking about Alien or Aliens, because those movies are just badass and take place on another planet.

I'm talking about movies that show aliens coming to Earth and doing a total assault. Independence Day comes to mind, so does Battleground Los Angeles. I always feel insulted watching these flicks, because it's just so unrealistic. Of course, it's unrealistic. It's Sci-Fi after all, but does the warfare aspect have to be as well.

For instance, if an alien race was able to send enough soldiers to do a full on attack on Earth, that pretty much means they are a highly more advanced life form than we are. The most stupid thing they can do is actually send ground forces first.

The fact that we are mucking around with biological weapons of mass destruction should be taken into consideration that these aliens also have virus weapons as well, right? Wouldn't it make much more sense for them to infect us with a deadly virus first before sending a massive ground assault?

I'm not talking about a virus that turns us into cannibalistic retards either. I'm talking about a virus that kills us in a matter of hours or days. Remember, an alien race that's more advanced. Killing as many of the indigenous people within an area is a military tactic that we humans also use, so it makes sense that an advanced alien race hell-bent on taking over Earth would have their own more advanced biological agents to terminate us with and do so as quickly as possible.

Then, of course, wouldn't the air assault come after that? While many of us are writhing in an agonizing death, wouldn't they be bombing the living crap out of us while those who've yet to be infected scramble around avoiding explosions and shrapnel while trying to find a cure to the virus?

Of course, not every human would be infected and there would be a resistance...a very small percentage...and that's when ground forces would basically come down to clean up the left overs. While aliens attacking Earth have the possibility of being really good stories, they always muck it up by letting the human ego ruin the plausibility.

First, aliens would most likely never start off with an air assault and ground forces simultaneously. They'd wipe most of us out first with their own biological technology, and then start hammering down on us.

And why do us humans always win? This is the most insulting part of these flicks for me. An alien race able to reach us through the vast galaxies of space means they are way more advanced then we are, and we outwit them only because the writer can't fathom any creature ever getting over on the human race. Super lame!

That's like Superman getting his ass kicked by a regular human in a brawl. It just wouldn't be realistic, like Superman is realistic to begin with, but we all buy into winning over technologically advanced aliens trying to eliminate us in the movies.

But it's just not just the writers' human egos that totally ruin these stories. It's all of ours. Let's face it, most people probably wouldn't even like an alien movie like the one I'd write, because we just couldn't stomach the plausibility of no longer being the highest predator on the food chain. 

We stomach movies about humans torturing other humans, or eating them, but another creature winning over our total dominance? Too much for our arrogance to handle. We'd have to win in the end or the movie would just suck.

But here's my thing: Us winning over the aliens in the end of movie makes no statement at all, except for us to continue being arrogant and petty. Sure, we'd align and unite and be buddies while we thwart off an alien invasion, but once we won against them, we'd go right back to trying to destroy ourselves for basically resources...or to obtain more resources than another. 

Which brings me to the point of most zombie flicks of the modern era. Dude, if a deadly virus got out that was bio-engineered for warfare, the likelihood of it turning us into human flesh eating rejects instead of a dead, non-animated carcass is about as likely as me gaining super powers. 

Like I said, nobody wants to send ground troops into an area where the population are mindless cannibals. I'm sure the government and the military who created that virus would rather have their enemy just plain dead before sending anyone in to mop up. 

Is there a chance that could happen? Sure, there's a chance I could someday have sex with Jamie Alexander too, but there's a higher probability that I could be eaten by a Great White shark, which is my #1 fear, before I'd get anywhere near Jamie Alexander.

Oh, yes, I'm one of those unfortunate souls who watched Jaws a little too young. Sure, the shark still looks fake, but knowing that there are creatures like that in the ocean just makes it ten times more terrifying. Yes, I know that there are viruses out there too, and they are very real as well. But, I don't really fear them turning me into some human, eating reject.

Besides, you can always run from a zombie. You cannot out-swim a Great White. Most times, you won't even see them coming before it's too late, and those bastards come out at you from below. Even if you do see them coming, it's not like you can do much about it if you're in water and they decide you're a sexy meal.

How I got from alien invasions to zombies to Jamie Alexander and Great White sharks is beyond me, but like the title says, it's a ramble.

I think most X-Men comic fans are fans of the comics because they're mostly outcasts who never really fit in. For whatever reason it may be, they may have just never been accepted by the so-called mainstream.

At least, that's why I identify with the characters. To be honest, I don't really fit in anywhere. Always the odd one, or the one most likely the target for stupidity in the form of a snide remark, and I'll admit, it usually has something to do with my race.

I won't get too much into that, but I have realized that there's a big difference in being bullied and being the bullied kid. Being bullied is just an every now and then kind of thing. Being the bullied kid is dealing with that mess every single day.

It's not just an occasional thing, it's part of your everyday life. I also notice that the people who usually say the "Ah, people need to stop being so sensitive" are usually the one's who have just been occasionally bullied or never bullied much at all.

The bullied kids, however, are the ones who have dealt with it for so long they just refuse to put up with that crap any longer, and I'll admit that most us can end up being quite hostile. It's how we learned to stand up for ourselves, to take it to the Punisher and Wolverine extreme. 

I use to always get in trouble for fighting right in class, and my dad would always ask me, "Why do you fight where you'll most likely to get caught? Are you stupid or something?"

I'd always tell him I do so because I wanted others to see it, and I wanted to let it be known to the others who thought about hassling me to think twice about it. Even if I didn't win. Even if I lost, I wanted to make sure they realized they were gonna walk away in some kind of pain. You don't take on a bully where no one can see it. You do it where everyone, especially his minions, can watch.

So whenever I read those X-Men comics, I understood exactly how the characters feel. I even understand Magneto's side of the argument, and for me, that's the brilliance of those X-Men comics. The X-Men comics is really just a long diatribe that asks the question of which side would you choose? That comic still strikes a chord with me even to this day, and though my reason for liking the X-Men or the Punisher or Wolverine may sound a little batty, just remember that every comic hero is basically a vigilante going out there taking matters into their own hands for a variety of batty reasons.

As for Amazing Spider-Man, that dude Peter Parker is pretty much  an outcast also. Hell, he got flack from everyone. Now, when comic fans argue about who is Spidey's #1 villain, the usual Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Hobgoblin, or whoever usually comes up. However, I think it's that twat J Jonah Jameson. 

That dude has more power to make Spidey look bad than any other villain. He's got the power of the media, and he doesn't dislike Spidey because the Web Head is foiling his grandiose, master-plot for power. He just hates Spidey for virtually no intelligent reason at all and tries to ruin our hero for the most simple-minded, petty of reasons.

Sure, J Jonah Jameson can't slug it out with Spidey or anything, but, damn, taking a hero's good deeds and turning him into more of a menace than the Lizard or Venom or Green Goblin takes some mad, villainous skill.  The worst part of that deal is that Spidey just can't go up to Jameson and lay the smack down on that fool, no matter how much we want him to.

It's pretty much the same thing with the X-Men as it is with Spider-Man! No matter how much good they do, they're always hated and feared. Spidey's got the death of Uncle Ben hanging over his head so I can see why the guilt keeps his hero on, but I still have no clue why the X-Men remain so.

After all, when Stan Lee was asked whether he'd be a super hero or super villain in real life, even he said he'd most likely be the latter. I know I wouldn't continue being a super hero if I were constantly shunned, hated and feared despite my good deeds. 

I'd be hitting up one bank after another, and Spidey would swing in and be like, "Drop the money bags, Dopey", and while battling the Web head, I'd say, "No way, I gotta get your first appearance in CGC 9.6! Could you sign some of my comics later on?"

Speaking of CGC, by everything that's unholy, where the hell are my CGC submissions?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Key Issue Comics Between $200 to $500 Part 2

Part 2 to this key issue comics list between $200 to $500. Sorry, but a lot of these you have already seen here on Total Comic Mayhem in different key issues lists, but that's the nature of doing these kinds of lists. I'll be constantly repeating myself.

These issues are falling between those two numbers at the time of this writing. That may change quickly or may not. If you missed Part 1, just click the blue link to catch up on that. If not, enjoy Part 2.

Amazing Spider-Man #252 May, 1984 (CGC 9.8)

The first black suit Spidey in the regular comic series has been a strong sought out key issue comic for quite a while now. To be honest, I like the black suit the best.

It is surprising, however, that this issue barely made this list, as it barely cracks over the $200 mark for recent auctions. Buy It Nows have no problem selling around the $230 or $240 mark.

This one may be one to keep an eye out for, especially if Sony is planning to do a Venom spin off movie. There's also a good chance that the Amazing Spider-Man movie franchise may do the black suit as well. If you got this key issue, best to hold onto it or grade it if you think it's high enough.

eBay - No auctions as of yet. Cheapest Buy It Now is $252. 

ComicConnect - Two CGC 9.8s here. One is asking for $260 and the other is asking for a smack, because the price needs to be lowered.

Caliber Presents #1 January, 1989 (CGC 9.8)

Another one in which I've repeated myself on here. I don't want to say too much about this one, because I'll sound like a broken record. This is the first appearance of The Crow and was featured on my Miscellaneous  Key Issues list a few weeks back. Definitely a Copper Age key issue and is definitely a sought out book for sure...well, at least for CGC 9.8s and made this list and in this price range.

eBay - Only one option left from the last time I suggested this comic. Not really sure if it's a good price, but there are14 people watching it, however. It has a Best Offer option on it, though.

The Incredible Hulk #340 February, 1988 (CGC 9.8)

More goodness by Todd McFarlane. This isn't technically a key issue, but fans love this comic. I guess it's because it's another famous bout between the Hulk vs. Wolverine.

As we all know, Wolverine first appeared in the Incredible Hulk series and the two famously went at it. They didn't do so for a long, long time until this issue. 

I do have to admit, I'm not very fond of the way Wolverine is drawn or colored in this issue. It really looks like all the artwork was rushed to get it done quickly. Still, it was one of my favorite comics to read over and over again as a kid. If only I knew what I know now: I would've bought a boat load of copies!

eBay - Plenty of Buy It Nows. No auctions as of yet for this Copper Age comic. 

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.8 copy here at $239.95. Really decently priced, but has a buyer's premium so it isn't the cheapest option.

ComicConnectCheapest option so far is a copy here at exactly $239. ComicConnect also does not charge a buyer's premium also. This is the cheapest and most decently priced copy I could find. You may want to wait for an auction.

Amazing Spider-Man #298 March, 1988 (CGC 9.8)

First McFarlane work on Amazing Spider-Man and the first appearance of Eddie Brock, who later becomes Venom! Yeah, this is a Copper Age key issue, but it is worth owning as an investment comic, especially if you're a fan of Todd McFarlane's artwork.

This issue is on the move up and has reached the price range of $200 to $500 in CGC 9.8 grades. A lot of people I know have grown up with these comics, including myself.

eBay - No problem finding over-priced Buy It Nows for this issue, but a bit of hunt to get an auction. Only one auction decently priced. This comic has been dropping around $230 on average.

mycomicshop - Only one CGC 9.8 copy here, and it's going for $270.

Wolverine #1 Volume 1 September, 1982 (CGC 9.8)

This one again. Yep, I've toted this guy since news of the Wolverine movie being based off this comic series, and I've never had any beef saying that it is one my favorite Wolverine comic stories ever.

No surprise since it is written by Chris Claremont. Any who, this is the first Wolverine series ever, even though it's only a limited series, and has the first appearance of Yukio. This comic is dropping for less than $250 in recent sales on eBay. 

eBay - Never really a problem finding this comic at any grade, but it's a bit more of a hunt to find auctions for this Copper Age key issue. At the time of this writing, it appears that only one auction is going on and ends in 3 days.

mycomicshop - Three CGC 9.8 regular Universal copies here. Lowest is $250 so far.

Amazing Spider-Man #162 November, 1976 (CGC 9.8)

Hey, it's this comic again, but in a different grade. That's right, the first appearance of Jigsaw in Amazing Spider-Man #162 at CGC 9.8 grades is still one of the more affordable bronze age key issues out there. Well, at least, for an Amazing Spider-Man book, and let's face it, those books are always in demand anywhere.

You can still get this for under $300 bucks at CGC 9.8 grades, and probably even cheaper with auction listings.

eBay - Only one Buy It Now option. Still under $300. Best to wait for an auction to pop up. This comic isn't in high demand nor near it in the meantime.

mycomicshop - One available at $250.

That concludes Part 2. If you missed Part 1, no worries. Just click the PREVIOUS link below to check that out.

Part 3 is ready so just click the PART 3 blue link below. If you missed the other earlier price range lists, you can click the blue links at the very bottom of this post to check those out. 

Thanks for reading!

  1. Key Issue Investment Comics Still Under $100!
  2. Key Issue Investment Comics Between $100 to $200!