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Friday, February 28, 2014

Captain America Key Issues Part 8

Welcome to Part 8 of the Captain America key issues list. Let's just cut to the point and get this on.

Captain America #176
  • Steve Rodgers quits being Cap
Although not the last time, this is the first time Cap quits being Captain America after being disillusioned by the corruption of the U.S. government. It is no coincidence that this comic was published in August, 1974, which is the same month and year Richard Nixon resigns because of the Water Gate scandal. 

Definitely a comic of the times. 

eBay - Much better selection for this issue concerning unslabbed copies. On the CGC front? Only one graded 9.4 copy I saw so far. 

ComicLink - One CGC graded 9.4 as well.

mycomicshop - One graded CGC 9.4 copy and a few lower grade unslabbed copies. 

NewKadia - Four copies available. Highest is a FN+. 2nd highest is a solid FN. Others are low grade copies. Extremely affordable. 

Captain America #180
  • First appearance of Nomad
  • First Viper
This is the first appearance of the character Nomad. Steve Rodgers is the first to become this character after he quits being Captain America. Rodgers, however, is not the last to take the name of Nomad. Jack Monroe, also known as the third Bucky is the third and most well-known character to become Nomad.

This issue also sees the first appearance of Madame Hydra as Viper.

Fans of the character of Nomad definitely have their sights on this bronze age key issue, but by all accounts it's still very much a sleeper.

eBay - Decent selection of unslabbed copies for this first appearance of Nomad. Pretty affordable copies as well. CGC is lacking. Only saw one 9.6 Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. CGC SS copies with his signature are becoming over-saturated. 

mycomicshop - More unslabbed choices. These are lower grade books if you don't mind. They are extremely affordable. 

NewKadia - Only one FN- minus copy left here.


Captain America #181
  • First appearance of new Cap
  • Origin of new Cap
Roscoe Simmons would be the next to take up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rodgers quits and becomes Nomad. In this issue we see his origin. He is given Rodger's blessing as the new Cap and inherits the indestructible shield.

Roscoe does not under go the Super Soldier Serum process. He has the normal strength of a man his age, but is a very capable combatant. The Falcon ends up training the new Cap further.

eBay - Quite a bit of unslabbed copies worth checking out so far on the mighty eBay. Just click the blue eBay link to check out the search results for this key issue. CGC 9.2 copy was the only one I saw so far.

ComicConnect - If you're only into high grade investment comics, then ComicConnect delivers the goods. Two CGC high grade comics here. One's a beautiful 9.8 and the other a beautiful 9.6! Also two unslabbed options as well.

ComicLink - CGC 9.6 copy here if you're on the hunt for high grade copies. 

mycomicshop - If cheap, affordable unslabbed, raw copies are more your taste, here's more options for you. Three copies with the highest a VG+.  

NewKadia - Only one FN+ left.

Captain America #183
  • Death of new Cap
  • Steve Rodgers returns as Cap
Of course, Roscoe does not last long as the new Cap and is killed by the Red Skull in this issue. Inspired by Roscoe's sacrifice, Rodgers hangs up the mantle of Nomad and returns to being the rightful Captain America.

eBay - A few affordable unslabbed copies. Let me restate that: Extremely affordable unslabbed copies. No CGC at this time.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed, three copies here. Highest is a solid FN. 

NewKadia - VF+ and a VF- available for snagging at NewKadia. Also a FN+ copy here as well. These are total budget comics.

Captain America #186
  • True origin of Falcon
Wow, if this wasn't startling to find out, I don't know what else is. It seems that stereotypes were just too strong, even for those writing comics at the time.

In this issue, The Falcon gets retconned by writer Steve Englehart. In the earlier comics, Sam Wilson's origin was that of a social worker who sought to better the lives of inner city youths. In this new retcon, Sam Wilson's true past was that of a mob-connected thug and pimp. It was revealed in this issue that the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to alter the memories of Sam Wilson, and he was indeed a criminal before becoming The Falcon.

Sadly, this is known in the industry as the true origin of the Falcon. This is still a bronze age key issue to get concerning The Falcon, and it is a sleeper!

eBay - Only a few unslabbed copies available to get snagged. You will have to look for other places for CGC copies.

NewKadia - Two copies here, highest is a FN+. Other copy is a low grade copy. Cannot find any CGC copies at the time of this writing. You may have better chances getting a high grade copy at a Comic Con. 

Captain America #208
  • First appearance of Arnim Zola
We saw Arnim Zola in the first Captain America movie, and we'll most likely see him again in the sequel. Whether we see his famous ESP box headed body is a different story.

Unlike the movie, however, Zola is a genetic engineer who discovered how to project one's mind into a cloned body. He is a founding member of HYDRA.

Despite his appearance in the Captain America: The First Avenger and confirmation that the character will return in Captain America The Winter Soldier, demand for this key issue wasn't really affected. It's still very affordable even in high grade.

eBay - Lots of unslabbed copies at high grades. Only one CGC 9.8! It's a Signature Series and signed by Captain America creator Joe Simon.

Captain America key issues Part 9 is ready! Same drill, if you missed Part 7, just click the PREVIOUS link below.

Captain America Key Issues Part 7

Here's Part 7 to this Captain America key issues list. A lot of more great Captain America key comics and thanks for being patient. Much appreciated. We're still in the bronze age and moving along. If you came upon this post before reading the previous parts I do suggest you start at the beginning with Part 1. You can just click the blue link. 

If you've been following along with this series, enjoy Part 7 and thanks for reading!

Captain America #153 comic
Captain America #153
  • First appearance of Steven Rodgers II/Captain America 4
  • Origin of Jack Monroe
We get even into more confusing retcons with this issue. Two Captain Americas? Yes, sir! Here's where we actually see the first appearance of William Burnside as Steven Rodgers II and Captain America 4. However, this issue doesn't explain why there are two Caps. This issue starts the story arc that would explain how the Captain America of the 1950s came to be.

This issue also tells Jack Monroe's origin story.

eBay - A pretty small selection. A few unslabbed, raw copies and only two CGC copies I saw. One's a 9.6 and the other a 9.4. The 9.6 is a very good deal, and only a few bucks more than the 9.4. Definitely worth taking a look if you're on the hunt for bronze age key issues. 

Captain America #154
  • First full appearance of Jack Monroe
Jack Monroe's first full appearance here. This is the same Jack Monroe who is Bucky of the 50s and later becomes the character Nomad, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. This issue continues the strange story of two Caps.

Pretty much still a sleeper. Not too many know there were so many different Captain Americas and Buckys. Still a key issue and under the radar for now.

eBay - Surprisingly limited selection for both CGC and unslabbed copies. There are two CGC 9.8s, however. Too expensive for my blood for this bronze age key issue, though. There's also some 9.2s as well.

Captain America #155 comic book
Captain America #155
  • Origin of Steven Rodgers II
  • Origin of Captain America 4
  • Confirms Burnside as 1950s Cap
  • Confirms Monroe as 1950s Bucky
 This issue explains just how there are two Steven Rodgers and two Captain Americas. Apparently, William Burnside was a huge Cap fan while growing up. He graduated with a PhD in American History and desiring to study Captain America from the viewpoint of the Nazi's took a trip to Germany. There he found the formula to the Super Soldier Serum. 

Taking it back to the U.S., he offered it to the U.S. Government to create a new Captain America (Jeff Mace had just retired from service) with the condition that the new one be him. The U.S. Government agreed or relented, seeing that they needed a patriotic symbol during the height of the Korean War. 

Along with taking the Super Soldier Serum, William Burnside also legally changed his name to Steve Rodgers and went reconstructive surgery to look and sound like the original Steve Rodgers as well.

NewKadia - Only one copy left here. It's a VF- (low very fine) and ridiculously affordable. For those more on a budget, this comic could be for you. 

eBay - Wow, surprisingly no CGC copies at the time of this writing. There is a small selection of unslabbed copies for this under the radar key Captain America comic from the bronze age.

Captain America #161
  • First published appearance Peggy Carter 
Okay, when I mean first published appearance, I mean when the character was first introduced to comic fans and by name. Peggy Carter's face is not revealed in this issue, but this is the issue that puts the character on the radar of comic fans.

It would not be until the next issue when her retconned first appearance would point to the unnamed World War 2 love interest seen in Tales of Suspense #77

eBay - Extremely limited selection for both unslabbed and CGC copies. I did spot a 9.6 graded copy, though. This could very well change as time goes on, especially after the new Captain America sequel comes out. Oh, yes, they are planning a television show featuring the further adventures of Peggy Carter. Hayley Atwell will star!

NewKadia - Only one GD copy here.

Captain America #162
  • Peggy Carter revealed as Sharon Carter's sister
Uhmmm...yeah! In her early comic development, Peggy Carter was introduced as Sharon Carter's older sister. Of course, Peggy was later retconned to be Sharon's aunt. I guess you could say that this is technically her 2nd real published appearance, and in this issue, Cap finds out the truth about Peggy Carter and how she is the unnamed love he met and lost in Paris, France during World War 2. 

I should note that a television show entitle Agent Carter is in the works. Hayley Atwell confirmed she will star in this major television show. The show has a lot of potential in sparking a large interest in Captain America key comics feature the character. This would be one of them.

eBay - Can we say sleeper? Not much of a selection as of yet. There are a very limited amount of unslabbed copies. Even more limited for CGC, but there are two CGC 9.8s that I saw so far. This will definitely change once the television show hits production.

NewKadia - VF+ copy available here. Highly affordable and at least it is high grade.

Captain America #168
  • First appearance of Helmut Zemo
Back to Baron Zemo. This is Helmut Zemo's first appearance as the Phoenix.  Not to be confused with Heinrich Zemo, the previous Baron Zemo.

Heinrich founded the Masters of Evil and was killed in Avengers #15 while battling with Cap. Helmut Zemo would end up replacing Heinrich as Baron Zemo, but not in this issue. Yes, Helmut Zemo is the son of Heinrich Zemo and won't be making his first appearance as Baron Zemo until much, much later. 

Demand is low for these bronze age keys. Best time to snag them if you're a Captain America fan.

eBay - eBay is lacking on selection for this Cap issue as well. Only saw less than a handful of unslabbed copies. CGC so far is pulling a Claude Rains. Well, at least, during the time of this writing. You may have a better chance of picking this issue up in a comic lot auction. However, pretty chancy that you'll get a high enough graded copy in a lot. 

More Captain America key issues is ready in Part 8, so be sure to click NEXT to see more Captain America key comics you should be keeping an eye out for! Same drill, if you missed Part 6, just click the PREVIOUS link below.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Captain America Key Issues Part 6.

Part 6 to this key issue Captain America list. There's a lot to cover also. In case you missed the previous parts, it would be wise to start with Part 1. There's quite a lot of retconning with Cap and a lot of issues sporadically pointing back to older issues.

I've done my best in explaining all this in a linear fashion, so click this Part 1 link if missed it. If not, carry on and enjoy! 

Captain America #112 pic
Captain America #112
  • Story of how Cap and Bucky disappear during World War 2 revealed
  • Silver age Cap recovery retold
With Cap's supposed death, Tony Stark as Iron Man prepares a final statement for the secret records of the Avengers on Cap before closing his file. In this issue Iron Man recounts some of Cap's greatest moments. 

It's here where we first learn what happened to Cap and Bucky during their final days in World War 2. Iron Man recounts how Cap and Bucky foiled an attempt by Baron Zemo in sending a drone plane to attack England. They exploded the drone and Cap was sent into the freezing waters below where he would be in suspended animation until recovered by Sub-Mariner. Bucky was thought to have died from the explosion.

Not a well-known key issue, which is highly surprising. This issue should be a more in-demand Captain America key issue.

NewKadia - NewKadia also brings the goodness on this issue. Two copies are available. One is a VF+ and the other a FN- copy. You'll need to scroll a little after clicking the blue NewKadia link to check it out. 

mycomicshop - Two copies here. One is a beautiful CGC 9.4. The other is an unslabbed VG/FN 5.0. 

eBay - Unslabbed copies for this key issue? No problem finding them on eBay? As for the selection of CGC, quite lacking. That may have changed by the time you read this, however.

Captain America #113 comic cover
Captain America #113
  • Funeral of Captain America
  • Resurrection of Captain America
Okay, this issue does the typical comic book death twist. You know where the character isn't dead and faked his death to protect his secret identity.

Cap explains the reason why to Rick Jones at the end of this issue, but Cap is back and the readers are duped. Not a special key issue, but the story arc was necessary in setting up Captain America #112. It's understandable that they needed to bring Cap somehow.

NewKadia - Only one VG+ left here. Extremely affordable.

mycomicshop - The fine folks at mycomicshop also help bring the goodness for this key issue comic. Two CGC 9.4s are available for sale, as well as four unslabbed copies for those who are more on a tight budget. 

eBay - Loads of unslabbed copies. A few CGC options. Quite a bit of CGC 9.4s.

Captain America #117 image
Captain America #117
  • First appearance of The Falcon
Absolutely no doubt that the first appearance of The Falcon (Sam Wilson) has been hot ever since it was announced the character would be in the new Captain America sequel. This silver age character has become quite popular and well-known as one of Captain America's partners. He is, after all, the first African American superhero in comics ever!

It's also been rumored that the character will be The Avengers Age of Ultron film as well. The Falcon debuted in September 1969, and this Captain America key issue is definitely one of the best comics to invest in concerning this title.

mycomicshop - CGC graded 8.0. Issue is a Signature Series and signed by Stan Lee. Also a GD+ unslabbed copy available as well. 

eBay - This comic is still definitely in demand. CGC 9.4s at over a thousand dollars for a bronze age comic? Yep, this book is hot! Plenty of unslabbed copies and CGC graded copies.

Captain America #118 image
Captain America #118
  • 2nd appearance of The Falcon
1st appearances are always more desired, but 2nd appearances have really gained a lot of steam in recent years. This 2nd appearance of The Falcon is surely no exception.

NewKadia - Two copies here. One is a VF- (low very fine) and the other is a FN+. Both are very affordable for this key issue comic. You will need to scroll some to get at this issue once you click the link above.

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed copies located here at the time of this writing. One is a FN 6.0. The other a GD- or low good. This issue is super affordable unslabbed. 

eBay - Small CGC selection. Highest worth getting is a 7.0. There is a Green Qualified label 8.0 CGC. I personally don't like the Qualified label, but you may not have a problem with it. Lots of unslabbed options for those who like raw comics.

Captain America #133
  • Falcon becomes Caps partner
  • Origin of MODOK
Sam Wilson and Steve Rodgers officially become partners in this issue. However, it isn't until the next issue is the famous title changed to Captain America and The Falcon!

Also, we get the origin of MODOK in this bronze age key issue.

NewKadia - This issue is in stock and ready to go! There are two left. One is a solid VF and the other a FN+. Super affordable.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed goodness for those who don't care for CGC comics. Two copies here. Highest is a FN-.

eBay - Only a handful of CGC options. Highest is a 9.6. There is a 9.4 and 9.0 CGC graded copies as well. Good selection of unslabbed copies.

Captain America #144
  • Falcon gets new costume
This is the famous costume that I grew up with. It's my favorite one, and although I do like the color green, the original Falcon costume never really did it for me. 

Surprisingly not an easy find for this issue CGC graded. Still pretty much a sleeper comic. 

eBay - A bit lacking on the unslabbed selection. As of this writing, no CGC at all for this issue.

Part 7 to this Captain America key issue list is ready. Click the NEXT link below to read on! Thanks for your patience!

Captain America Key Issues Part 5

When Captain America throws his mighty shield! Here we are with Part 5 to this Captain America key issue series. 

Once again, if you happened to pop on here before reading the previous parts, I suggest you start with Part 1 so you don't get confused with all of Captain America's character retcons that happens within his continuity. Just click the Part 1 blue link above, or if you know all of Cap's continuity retconning, enjoy Part 5.

Tales of Suspense #79 image
Tales of Suspense #79
  • First appearance of Cosmic Cube
I do believe this issue also made it on my Iron Man Tales of Suspense key issues list. Since the cosmic cube is an important item in the Marvel universe, it goes on this Captain America key issues list as well.

mycomicshop - Two copies located. One a solid VG and the other a 3.0 GD/VG. Both unslabbed copies.

eBay - A smattering of unslabbed copies. Many still affordable. Lacking on the CGC selection at the time of this writing. I only saw two, both are Signature Series and signed by Stan Lee. Highest CGC is 6.5 FN+.

Tales of Suspense #99 image
Tales of Suspense #99
  • First full new Baron Zemo
  • Last Tales of Suspense issue

Alrighty. Now, it should be cleared up that although this issue totes the first full appearance of the new Baron Zemo, it's only Franz Gruber impersonating the character. That's not the reason why I put this issue on this list though.

Issue #99 is the last Tales of Suspense issue for both Captain America and Iron Man.  Cap gets his own title, but the issue numbering carries over from this Tales of Suspense issue. 

Iron Man's story continues in the one shot Iron Man/Namor the Submariner before Iron Man receives his own title starting with issue #1.

mycomicshop - A bit of goodness here. One CGC 9.2 low near mint. The rest are unslabbed copies and a pretty decent selection. Highest unslabbed copy is a FN+. 

eBay - No shortage of unslabbed copies. A few CGC options. Highest is a gorgeous CGC 9.4. Also saw a CGC 9.2 low near mint copy that's pretty affordable. 

Captain America #100 comic cover
Captain America #100
  • 1st issue to silver age titled series
  • Death of Franz Gruber
Here is another famous silver age Captain America key issue comic. This is when Cap finally joins the big boys again and gets his own self-titled comic.

But that's not all. Cap unmasks Baron Zemo and finds out he is not Baron Zemo at all. This issue also sees the death of the Baron Zemo imposter Franz Gruber. The first issue was published April 1968.

eBay - Absolutely no problem finding this key issue on eBay. Tons of unslabbed copies at various grades. Two amazing CGC 9.8 copies that are quite expensive. Loads of high grade CGC copies, especially 9.4s.

Captain America #103 pic
Captain America #103
  • Agent 13 name revealed for first time
It's true, Sharon Carter went around only known as her operative name Agent 13 since her first appearance in Tales of Suspense #75. It's not until this issue is Agent 13's real name Sharon Carter actually revealed. It happens when Steve Rodgers takes her on a date.

NewKadia - The fine folks at NewKadia have two issues. Highest is a FN+ and the lowest is a solid FN. 

mycomicshop - Gorgeous 9.6 CGC graded copy here! Also a few unslabbed copies that are more affordable for those on a tight budget. 

eBay - Another key comic issue that has a great selection on eBay. This menu has various unslabbed grades, but only a few CGC graded comics. Highest is a gorgeous CGC 9.6. Actually there are two of them. Also one CGC 9.4 worth considering.

Captain America #110 image
Captain America #110
  • Rick Jones dons the Bucky costume
  • First appearance of Madame Hydra
A great issue where Cap goes up against the Hulk. Also Rick Jones dons the Bucky outfit and becomes the fourth Bucky, although his career as Caps partner only lasts through issue Captain America #116.

Even more key issue power for this issue, though. This holds the first appearance of Madame Hydra, who later becomes Viper. The character of Viper was seen in last years The Wolverine movie. 

eBay - Some great options here. Quite a few unslabbed comics to choose from if you wanna take the risk. Just be sure there are a lot of high quality pics. A whopping three CGC 9.8s, as well as a 9.4!

Captain America #111 comic cover
Captain America #111
  • Death of Captain America
This issue starts off an important story arc that leads to a very important key issue story that is revealed in Captain America #112. This will all be explained in Part 6 to this series.

Not a highly sought out or in demand comic. You can still get this at pretty affordable prices. 

mycomicshop - The high grade goodness is available here. Two copies and one is a beautiful CGC 9.4 graded copy. Other copy is an unslabbed 5.0 VG/FN. 

eBay - Nice selection of raw, unslabbed choices. Two beautiful CGC 9.8s and two 9.4s. Also a pretty affordable CGC 8.5! Definitely worth checking out the options available if you're on the hunt for this key Captain America comic.

Part 6 is ready! Just click the NEXT link below to read on. Of course, if you missed Part 4, just click the blue PREVIOUS link to go back and check it out.