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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Issues Part 13

We're getting up there and here's Part 13 to this Ultimate Green Lantern key issues list. If you're not into Copper Age or Modern Age comics, you may want to stop as that's all there will be from here on out. If you're looking for cheap or affordable keys, this part definitely has a lot.

Click the link if you missed Part 12. Otherwise, here's Part 13 and more Green Lantern key comics to consider.

Hal Jordan returns as Green Lantern

Like I said, Hal Jordan returns as Green Lantern in this issue after he supposedly retires from the Green Lantern Corps. Even though I usually don't care much for these kinds of leaves team/rejoins teams keys, I may as well list it since I did list Hal Jordan resigning as a GL in the previous part.

I don't really consider these type of keys major keys nor like them very much, but you may so here it is. Green Lantern #199 was published April, 1986.

eBay - Pretty limited selection. Only raw copies and only a few at the time of this writing. Still pretty cheap though.

mycomicshop - VF and FN copies are both in stock. Both are unslabbed copies as well.

NewKadia - Only one low VF copy in stock here at the moment.

ComicLink - CGC 9.6 NM+ located here and the only copy here so far.

Becomes Green Lantern Corps as titled on cover
First appearance of Kilowog

This should actually be called Green Lantern Corps #201 as the title switches and marks the end of the Green Lantern volume 2 series. The new title does carry on with the same numbering however.

More importantly is the first appearance of Kilowog in this issue. The character was already seen in the first Green Lantern movie, and just like in the movie, he is the primary trainer of new recruits. Kilowog was created by Steve Englehart and John Staton.

CGC 9.8s are still below the $150 mark for this Copper Age key issue. If this is in your budget range, may be a great Green Lantern key to snag. One of the few Copper Age Green Lantern key issues I would consider for a comic investment, this comic was published June, 1986.

eBay - Only a few unslabbed options and only one CGC 9.2 low NM copy on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. It's located in Australia.

mycomicshop - No CGC copies but there are four raw copies in stock. Highest two are a VF+ and a VF. Last two options are a FN+ and a FN.

NewKadia - Three copies here and the highest is a VF. Last two options are a FN and a VG+.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.6 NM+ is the only copy here at ComicConnect for the moment.

John Stewart marries Katma Tui

While training John Stewart, him and Katma Tui end up falling in love, and they get married with the Guardians blessing in this issue. Unfortunately, their marriage would not last long. Katma would die in Action Comics #601 at the hands of Star Sapphire. 

Katma Tui would be resurrected a few times, but not for very long as tragedy would befall the DC Comics universe or the Green Lantern universe. Minor Green Lantern key issue, and Green Lantern Corps #212 was published May, 1987.

eBay - Two CGC copies in the eBay search results so far. One's a 9.8 and the other a 9.6 NM+. A few unslabbed copies if you prefer those to slabbed copies.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.8 copy here, but has a minor side crack on the slab. Two raw copies in stock as well and they are a VF and FN.

NewKadia - VF+ and a FN are the only two copies here at the time of this writing.

First issue to limited series
Origin retconned
The limited series that actually got me reading Green Lantern comics. #1 to this series was the first Green Lantern comic I ever purchased and was enthralled. One of my DC Comics favorite reads during the Copper Age, and yes the cover to issue #1 is what first caught my attention. To me it's a classic cover, but not really regarded as such in the market.

Little did I know then that Green Lantern Emerald Dawn #1-6 was actually a retconned retelling of the Green Lantern origin post-Crisis. I ravaged and picked up all 6 issues then. Great series of the time created by Keith Giffen and Gerald Jones.

This series was published December, 1989 to May, 1990, and is still pretty inexpensive.

eBay - Doesn't seem to be a problem finding all six issues on the mighty eBay for this limited series. eBay results does clump in Emerald Dawn II also. Plenty of raw copies and a few CGC copies as well for the various issues in this series. Most slabbed are super high grade.

mycomicshop - All six issues of this limited series is in stock at mycomicshop. Two CGC 9.8 copies for issues #3 and #4, but they are on consignment. VF seems to be the highest grade for raw copies that are in stock.

NewKadia - Only issues #2, 4 and 5 are in stock. Highest grade for all three issues are a low NM. All issues in stock also have VF+ copies as well.

First issue to 3rd Green Lantern comic series
Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner and John Stewart return
This is the first Green Lantern comic series post-Crisis and would continue with the post Crisis DC retcon or revival or theme or whatever you want to call it. I collected this series as a kid and thought it was a good read, and the stories immediately picked up from the first Emerald Dawn limited series.

There are only a few important keys in this series, and I will only be detailing those on this keys list.
June, 1990 was when this first issue was published.

eBay - Some unslabbed copies present but only four slabbed copies so far. Three 9.8s with two of them being CGC and the other a PGX. Last option is a CGC 9.6.

mycomicshop - Raw VF and FN here and both are in stock.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.8 copy here and it's at the very bottom of the page once you click the link.

First issue to 2nd limited series
Retconned origin
Retconned Sinestro origin
Since I loved the first Green Lantern Emerald Dawn as a lad, I also enjoyed the sequel to the limited series Green Lantern Emerald Dawn II. In this series, this retcons Hal Jordan and Sinestro's origin, making Sinestro Hal Jordan's mentor and Green Lantern trainer.

In the original origin and first appearance of Sinestro in Green Lantern #7 volume 2, Hal Jordan had never met Sinestro before, and like I mentioned earlier in this Green Lantern key issues list, the Guardians were the ones who told Hal Jordan about Sinestro and his origin.

However, the Emerald Dawn II series retcons this and has Hal Jordan trained by Sinestro. In doing so, it's Hal Jordan who discovers that Sinestro is in fact the tyrannical rule of his home world Korugar. In the original origin, it was Tomar-Re who discovered Sinestro's abuse of power.

Great series that I was a fan of as a kid. This sequel limited series was published from April, 1991 to September, 1991.

eBay - All the issues to this limited series is on the mighty eBay as well. Most are raw and only a few CGC options for this sequel. There is a CGC 9.8 of issue #1 here and 9.8s for issue #2.

mycomicshop - All issues are in stock here as well. Only one CGC 9.8 on consignment for issue #2. Highest grades for raw copies are NMs for issues #2, 4, and 5. Others are VFs concerning high grades.

NewKadia - All issues are in stock for this limited series. All issue's highest grade are NM+s except for issue #6 which is a NM. All high grade options for issues #1-6 in stock for the moment.

We've just concluded some Copper Age key issues of Green Lantern and have moved from the volume 2 series to the volume 3 series post-Crisis. Surprised to find as many CGC copies as there are out there. Thought they'd be next to none.

So we've got Part 14 coming up and we'll probably be heading into Modern Age comics in the next part. If you missed Part 12, just click the PREVIOUS link below to head on back. Part 14 is ready so click the PART 14 link below to continue onward. Thanks for reading!

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