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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Issues Part 10

Continuing on with this Green Lantern key issues list, we're definitely cemented in the Bronze Age of Green Lantern comics in Part 10. The Bronze Age definitely gets a bit strange for the Emerald Warrior as you'll see in a bit.

If you're looking for sleepers or over-looked comics, there's quite a few in this part for sure. Most are pretty minor keys, but there's one that's especially under the radar in the market and worth gunning for.

So let's get to it. If you missed Part 9, click the link to go back. Otherwise, enjoy Part 10!

2nd Green Lantern/Green Arrow team up begins

Believe it or not, but the Green Lantern volume 2 comic series was cancelled for a bit after Green Lantern #89. Actually the titled series was cancelled for a little more than four years!

However, Green Lantern and Green Arrow became a back up feature in the Flash comics during this time. Say what? But that's why this is noted as the 2nd Green Lantern/Green Arrow team up as it did run in the Flash comics for quite some time. September, 1972 was when this comic was published and Green Lantern was relegated to a back feature character.

eBay - Seems to be quite a lot of raw copies for this issue here. Not as great concerning slabbed copies. Only one 8.5 VF+ and a Signature Series 7.0 FN/VF signed by Neal Adams and Dennis O'Neil.

mycomicshop - Low VF copy available for sale and it's a consignment. There are two copies in stock as well and the highest of those two is a FN/VF.

NewKadia - Only two copies here at the moment and they are a low VF and a FN.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.0 VF/NM copy is all that's here at the moment.

2nd appearance of John Stewart

I don't think the 2nd appearance of John Stewart is that well-known or has caught on just yet, but Justice League of America #110 has it. CGC doesn't even note it either. In terms of publishing date, this issue sees the 2nd appearance of John Stewart. Chronologically in terms of DC canon that could be a different story.

John Stewart stands in for a temporarily incapacitated Hal Jordan and is seen often in this adventure, so it should count as a 2nd full appearance. March, 1974 sees the publication of Justice League of America #110 and the 2nd appearance of John Stewart. Can we say a sleeper worth getting for sure?

eBay - Only one CGC 9.2 low NM in terms of slabbed copies on the mighty eBay for now. Saw a few raw copies if you prefer those. 9.2 is pretty affordable as well, but no higher grade slabbed just yet.

mycomicshop - Four copies here but the highest is only a low FN. Not really worth getting at that low of a grade for a Bronze Age sleeper key that hasn't caught on yet. Get the highest grade possible for this one as it won't last long before others catch on to this comic being the 2nd appearance of John Stewart.

NewKadia - Two copies here in stock and one is a VF and the last option is a low FN.

ComicLink - CGC 9.6 NM+ located here. Only slabbed copy so far.

3rd Green Lantern/Green Arrow team up begins
First appearance of Saarak

After a stint in the Flash comics, the Green Lantern comic series was once again revived and picked up from the issue where it left off. Green Arrow would once again co-star in the titled series, which is still considered volume 2.

Green Lantern #90 would also introduce another Green Lantern named Saraak, whom as a child had the ability to commune with the dead. He is a pretty minor character and was actually based on Star Trek's alien race the Vulcans, in which he gives the customary live long and prosper hand salute as a farewell greeting to Hal Jordan. This comic was published September, 1976.

eBay - Looks to be plenty of raw copies of this one on eBay. Seem to be pretty affordable as well. As for CGC though, no luck just  yet on here for this issue.

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ComicLink - Only one CGC 6.5 FN+ copy here, and that's all folks.

First appearance of Air Wave II
First appearance of Harold Jordan
100th issue
Harold Jordan is Hal Jordan's cousin, and like his father, Harold Jordan, a Golden Age character, Harold Jordan took up the mantle of Air Wave. Harold Jordan had the power to transmute into energy and was a recurring supporting character in the Green Lantern comics along side Green Arrow and Black Canary.

Air Wave II and the first appearance of Harold Jordan in Green Lantern #100 was published January, 1978.

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First Tales of the Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern #107 would have the first back up feature of the Tales of the Green Lantern Corps. The story title is of the same name as well and stars Katma Tui in this first adventure detailing the Green Lantern Corps.

A key issue yes. A major key issue? Not really, but if you're a fan of Green Lantern, this could be an inexpensive key to add to your collection. This comic was published August, 1978.

eBay - Only one CGC 9.6 slabbed copy available for third party graded copies. Looks like there's quite a few raw copies to choose from though.

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NewKadia - Quite a few copies here. Highest two are a low NM and a VF+. Lowest copy is a low FN.

First appearance of Guy Gardner as an actual Green Lantern

Big issue for Guy Gardner fans, and it's this issue that sees the first appearance of Guy Gardner as an actual Green Lantern. As a substitute for Hal Jordan, because his ring is broken and has to fly back to Oa to get it fixed, Guy and Green Arrow team up to kick some ass in this issue.

John Stewart was Hal Jordan's replacement when Guy was hurt in an accident in Green Lantern #87, which is why Stewart wasn't called upon in this issue since Guy is obviously better. May, 1979 is when this key issue was published and is probably a sleeper that shouldn't be.

eBay - Not scarce on eBay concerning raw copies for sure. Decent selection of those as of this writing. CGC is a different story and only three copies here for now. Highest is a 9.8, and there's a 9.6 also. The lowest is a 9.0 VF/NM.

mycomicshop - Six copies and there's a CGC copy here as well. CGC copy is a super high grade 9.8 and is on consignment. Rest are raw and in stock with the highest raw copy only a FN+.

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ComicLink - We got five CGC copies here and all are high grade. Top grade is a 9.8 and only one those there for now. There are two 9.6 NM+s and one 8.0 VF and a 9.0 VF/NM.

If we're talking about some note worthy key issues that are over-looked or sleepers - whatever you want to call them - Part 10 to this Green Lantern key issues definitely has some. I'm predicting that more collectors will catch onto Justice League of America #110 as the 2nd appearance of John Stewart, and I do believe it's also John Stewart's first adventure with the JLA as well.

That one is a huge sleeper just waiting to catch on. Also, some others are the first appearance of Guy Gardner as a Green Lantern is one that should be greatly considered as well. That's if you're into sleepers. 

So, out of Part 10, I'm definitely backing up Justice League of America #110 as a soon as possible must get. If John Stewart ends up being the Green Lantern for the rebooted movies or a supporting character for the rebooted GL franchise, you'll definitely see a lot more heat for that one.

Okay, I know I've been posting less and less the last few days and that's because of the holidays but the main reason is trying to replace my old router with a faster one. Apparently, the new router I got was not able to communicate with my network printers and I tried everything so had to return it.

If I don't post that often, you know why. Click the PREVIOUS link if you missed Part 9. Part 11 is ready to ogle with more Green Lantern key comics, so just click the PART 11 link below to continue.


  1. Hey, No worries with the posts...take your time...we'll keep checking back.
    Besides you are much faster than most even on slow weeks. Last week, i was
    looking around the web for "comics as investments" news and found a forum.
    Most of the people there were bashing the whole idea as a way of making money.
    I kept reading until I found your reply...I was like OH BOY! Here we GO!...You put
    the smack down on their "broken record"mentality. It was refreshing to see someone
    who's not stuck in 1999 comics are dead BS. The good ones have gotten even BIGGER!
    I have gotten to the point that if someone starts in on how comics are worthless, I just
    go..."you're right". Then I make like a fox in a hen house and route it out like a thief.
    People are always asking me..."you made HOW MUCH?....WITH COMICS??!?..yep.
    Anyways, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. ROCK ON!! lk

    1. Thanks LK, how was your Thanksgiving? Hope you and yours had a good one. Wow, that forum must've been the one on Comicbookrealm, which I very rarely post to...for the very same reason you pointed out. Quite a few "comics are lousy investments" mentalities on there.

      And I'm fine with that. If they're straight up collecting/reading I have no problem with that's cool. I'm glad there are still those out there who just enjoy reading comics. However, I've gotten to the point where I don't bother trying to convince anyone either/ or anymore.

      Let those who believe continue to make money with comics and let those who don't continue to lose out. But one thing perplexes me is the mentality that the stock market is a more viable investment market than comics, which some constantly say on these forums.

      I'm like what's the difference? You meke $60,000 returns on stocks or you make $60,000 return on a comic or comics. It's still $60,000 return.

      I totally agree bro, just let them carry on and we will continue to do what we enjoy and are passionate about. "To those about to Rock, I salute you!"