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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Issues Part 15

Welcome to the last part of this Ultimate Green Lantern Key Issues list. That's right, Part 15 will be the last one at least for now. I've already listed a whole boatload of Green Lantern key comics throughout this series.

So we are definitely in the Modern Age of Green Lantern keys. If you like Modern Age cheap key issue investment, keep reading a long. Or, even if you want to know a little bit more on the Green Lantern mythos keep on reading. 

As a fan of the character, I did enjoy writing up this series. Probably a little more for golden, silver and bronze age keys than the copper and modern. If you missed Part 14 or want to start at the beginning with Part 1, just click those blue links. 

Otherwise, here are the last of them key issue comics. Enjoy!

First issue to series with Hal Jordan as new Spectre

The 4rth series of the Spectre would star Hal Jordan as the titular character after the original Jim Corrigan finds peace. The Spectre spirit finds Hal Jordan's spirit after he sacrifices himself and chooses Jordan to be his new host.

The Spectre volume 4 series would be a short-lived series and was cancelled after only 27 issues, but that would be great for Green Lantern fans. Spectre #1 was published March, 2001.

eBay - Will be a hunt for this one since eBay's search isn't exactly discriminatory and lists everything under the sun having to do with the Spectre. Did not see any CGC or many raw copies for the volume 4 Spectre #1.

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Return of Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern

Fans have been moaning and bitching for at least a decade to have Hal Jordan return as the Green Lantern, and finally they got what they asked for. Geoff Johns would finally have Hal Jordan return to the role he was originally created for and it's Green Lantern Rebirth #4 that has this major Modern Age come back.

Not a surprising move, but the origin of the Spectre spirit wanting Hal Jordan for his worthiness was retconned in this series. Instead, the Spectre spirit of vengeance wanted Hal Jordan so it could destroy the Parallax entity that was infecting Jordan's soul.

Apparently the Spectre was able to purge Parallax from Jordan and departed to find another host. Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern was back! Green Lantern Rebirth #4 was published March, 2005.

eBay - Only a few options here, but not that many. There are two CGC options with the highest being a 9.8 and the other a 9.6 NM+.

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First issue to volume four series
First appearance of Jillian Pearlman
Issue #1 to the 4rth Green Lantern comic series, and Hal Jordan is back and stars in this series. Once again, Geoff Johns helms this come back series and would introduce a new supporting character. Green Lantern #1 from the 4rth series sees the first appearance of Jillian Pearlman.

Pearlman is also a test pilot with the call sign Cowgirl. They were intimate for a while and she was even possessed by the Star Sapphire gem and became Star Sapphire temporarily.

There is a variant cover for this issue by Alex Ross. July, 2005 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Another issue where you'll have to wade through all the other listings to find this #1 issue from the volume 4 series. I did see a CGC 9.8 Signature Series however in the search results.

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First appearance of Sinestro Corps
First appearance of Manticore
First appearance of Sandstorm
First appearance of Arkillo
A lot of important firsts in Green Lantern #10 from the 4rth series, and the main one is the first appearance of the Sinestro Corps and the concept was created by none other than Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.

The Sinestro Corps began recruiting members who could instill great fear and all are given Power Rings that uses yellow energy. The Yellow Central Power Battery for the Sinestro Corps was stationed on Qward, and each member would have a sector like that of the Green Lantern Corps, which was restarted by Hal Jordan.

Arkillo is one of the first recruits into the Sinestro Corps and is the main trainer for the corps much like Kilowog is for the Green Lanterns. Manticore is not part of the Sinestro Corps but is a member of the Global Guardians. This comic was published May, 2006.

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First appearance Star Sapphire Corps
First appearance Star Sapphire Ring
First appearance Star Sapphire Power Battery
Carol Ferris joins
Quite a lot of firsts for this Modern Age key issue as well. Of course, since every one is getting a corps in the Green Lantern mythos, might as well have a Star Sapphire Corps as well.

The Zamarons learned that the Star Sapphire gems were too powerful to use, so they did what the Guardians of the Universe did and fashioned them into Power Rings that would use the Violet energy of love. Also known as the Violet Lanterns, they would also form their own corps as the Book of Oa predicted.

Once a villain, Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire would join this Zamaron led corps. Green Lantern #20 was published July, 2007.

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First one-shot issue
Begins Sinestro Corps War story arc
It's this little one-shot comic that begins the Sinestro Corps War story arc, and of course there was going to be a war with the Sinestro Corps. Why else even have them in the first place, right?

Green Lantern Corps versus the Sinestro Corps? One word: Awesome! Of course, Sinestro and his minions seeks to rule the universe through fear. 

This story arc would run through Green Lantern volume 4 issues and The Green Lantern Corps. It would end with Green Lantern #25 volume 4, and that issue would see the first appearances of many. Sinestro Corps Special #1 was published August, 2007. 

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First Blue Lantern and Red Lantern Corps
First Orange Lantern and Indigo Lantern Corps
First appearance of Scarred Guardian
First appearance of Munk and Atrocitus
Death of Anti-Monitor
The Book of Oa also predicted that many other Lantern Corps would be formed, and Green Lantern #25 introduces the Blue Lantern Corps, Red Lantern Corps, Orange Lantern Corps and Indigo Lantern Corps to the Green Lantern Universe. Pretty big Modern Age Green Lantern key issue.

The Blue Lantern Corps would derive their powers from the energy of hope while the Red Lantern Corps use the energy of rage and are the most violent of the Lantern Corps. Guy Gardner would become a notable member of the Red Lantern corps, and the super villain Atrocitus also uses the Red Power ring.

Atrocitus is an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro as well. His first published appearance is in Green Lantern #25 volume 4, but his chronological first appearance is in Green Lantern #29 volume 4, in which he is depicted as a prisoner of Abin Sur.

The Orange Lantern Corps are fueled by the power of Avarice (greed) and is led by Larfleeze, whom is the primary wielder of the Orange Light. Larfleeze also makes his first appearance in this issue as well. The Indigo Lantern Corps, also known as the Indigo Tribe, uses the energy of compassion. Munk is a member of the Indigo Tribe.

Green Lantern #25 was published January, 2008.

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First appearance Black Hand as Black Lantern
Origin of Black Hand as Black Lantern
Once an over-looked Green Lantern foe, Geoff Johns makes sure that Black Hand gets more play in the DC Universe. In Green Lantern #43 from the 4rth series, we see Black Hand's origin being retconned by Geoff Johns as well as the first appearance of him as  a Black Lantern.

Scar, or the Scarred Guardian, who first appeared in Green Lantern #25 volume 4, is the one who gives Black Hand the first Black Power Ring and tells him that he is the embodiment of the Black Lantern Corp with the single mission to extinguish all light.

The Black Power Ring has the power to resurrect the dead. This issue was published September, 2009.

eBay - Quite a lot of copies here for this one, at least for raw. Two CGC 9.8s located and one is a Signature Series as well.

mycomicshop - VF and FN raw copies are in stock for this Modern Age key issue at the time of this writing. No CGC just yet but not surprising.

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First appearance of Black Lantern Corps?

The fan favorite Blackest Night limited series that deals with the Black Lantern Corp's goal of extinguishing all light in the known universe. Of course, Nekron or the Guardian of Death, is behind this all and working behind the scenes.

Nekron's first appearance was in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #2. I do think I missed listing that one in this Green Lantern key issues series.

Many deceased characters such as Abin Sur and John Stewart's wife Katma Tui are resurrected into zombie-like creatures that hold Black Power Rings. The first appearance of the Black Lantern Corps is noted with a question, because other sources claim other issues hold the first appearance of the Black Lantern Corps.

However, I'm marking this issue as it, because it seems the other comics only give reference to it. Green Lantern #43 volume 4 could be debated as the first appearance of the Black Lantern Corps, but it's really an origin retcon for Black Hand and him turning into a Black Lantern. It does not show other members, and this issue issue shows the Black Power Rings being dispersed throughout the universe and the arrival of members that are resurrected.

So, not really sure if industry will consider this the first appearance of the Black Lantern Corps or not. It was published September, 2009.

eBay - Quite a lot of raw copies for this one on the mighty eBay as well. Only CGC copies I saw were the sketch cover variant of this issue. Both are 9.8s and Signature Series. One is marked up  super ridiculously.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy in stock at the moment. Super cheap, but I'd definitely gun for a higher grade. 

Concerning the Modern Age or recent Green Lantern mythos, Geoff Johns has had a huge impact. Many of the new characters or groups such as all the other various Blue, Orange, Red, Indigo, etc corps are created by him. I'm not including the New 52.

Of course, there is the New 52 Green Lantern #1 and that series so at least I'll mention it for now. Maybe I'll expand on this Ultimate Green Lantern key issues list in the future, but for now I am concluding it.

Sheesh, fifteen parts and I'm pretty sure you're glad I'm done. I know I am. All-in-all though, there are quite a lot of great Green Lantern key issue comics. 2nd appearances of Sinestro and John Stewart are over-looked currently. Even the 2nd and 3rd appearances of Hal Jordan in Showcase #23 and #24 in 4.0 to 5.5 grades are over-looked in the market. Oh, I do have a story for that in the Vault coming pretty soon.

Alright, if you missed Part 14 to this monstrosity, just click the PREVIOUS link below. If you missed the Green Arrow key issues list, click the link below to check that out.

Thanks for reading and sorry about this one being so long and taking so long. I do hope you enjoyed!

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