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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key issues Part 14

Part 14 to this ultimate Green Lantern key issues list. We are heading out of the Copper Age and into Modern Age comics. If you're looking for inexpensive Modern Age key issues, Part 14 definitely has some. Okay, all of them are.

Probably not comics you'd be interested in if you're like me and don't care for Modern Age comics, but if you do, I hope you enjoy. If you missed Part 13, just click the link to head on back and read.

First issue to comic series

The Green Lantern Mosaic comics was a series that starred John Stewart as Green Lantern. It was to be an ongoing series, John Stewart's first solo series, but was cancelled after only 18 issues despite strong sales and reader interest.

In the story premise, a lone Guardian left behind was driven insane by loneliness. In order to cope, he took various cities from all the worlds he visited and brought them back to Oa, creating a patchwork of communities known as the Mosaic World.

After being defeated by Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and the returning Guardians, the Guardians believed Appa Ali Apsa's experiment should continue and charged John Stewart with the task of keeping the peace between the different communities.

Thus, the premise of this on-going series is laid. June, 1992 was when this comic was published and is a highly over-looked key issue.

eBay - Definitely no problem finding an unslabbed copy of this key issue on eBay. Plenty are in comic lots as well. No CGC for the first issue at the moment.

mycomicshop - Only one raw NM copy in stock so far.

NewKadia - Four high grade copies with the highest two being a NM and a low NM. Other two options are a VF+ and a VF.

John Stewart becomes the Master Builder
Last issue to series

Because of his accomplishments in this series, John Stewart would become the first mortal Guardians of the Universe known as the Master Builder. He was granted new powers and awareness as a result.

He would be reunited with his deceased wife Katma Tui as a reward, but this would not last long. As fans know, Hal Jordan would be responsible for this short-lived reunion. November, 1993 was when this last issue and first appearance of John Stewart as the Master Builder was published.

eBay - A few copies available and some are in comic lots as well. No CGC as expected for this one just yet.

mycomicshop - Four high grade raw copies here. Two are low NMs and the other two are a VF+ and a VF. All are in stock, not on consignment.

First appearance of Kyle Rayner

One of the few Green Lantern key issues from the Modern Age worth getting, Green Lantern #48 has the first appearance of Kyle Rayner. He does not appear as a Green Lantern in this issue however.

If you're looking for a cheap comic investment, this one is it for both slabbed and unslabbed. CGC 9.8 should still be under the $100 mark if you can find an auction.

Green Lantern #48 is also Part 1 to the Emerald Twilight story arc, which is a huge fan favorite and pretty important to the Modern Age mythos of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern universe. This comic was published January, 1994.

eBay - No scarcity of this key issue on eBay. Quite a lot of unslabbed copies at the moment. Two CGC copies with the highest being a 9.6 NM+ but is under the old Modern Red label. 2nd CGC copy is only an 8.5 VF+.

First appearance of Parallax (Hal Jordan)
Death of Kilowog
Death of Sinestro
Death of Guardians of the Universe
First appearance of Kyle Rayner as a Green Lantern

In the Green Lantern mythos and for the Modern Age, this comic is a huge important key. Green Lantern #50 sees the first appearance of Parallax or Hal Jordan as Parallax. In order to renew reader interest for the Green Lantern comics, Hal Jordan would be replaced with Kyle Rayner, as Hal Jordan descends into madness after Coast City is destroyed by Mongul.

Hal Jordan as Parallax destroys the Green Lantern Corps. The death Kilowog is a result, and even Sinestro is apparently killed. Parallax also kills all the Guardians of the Universe except for Ganthet. Destroying the Guardians and the Central Power Battery, Hal Jordan would rob John Stewart of his new found powers and the ability to keep Stewart's resurrected wife Katma Tui alive.

 This is a fan favorite story arc and Parallax has become a popular Green Lantern villain, and Green Lantern #50 also has the first appearance of Kyle Rayner as a Green Lantern as well. This comic was published March, 1994.

eBay - Seems to be a few unslabbed copies at the time of this writing. Two CGC copies and both are super high grade 9.8s. One is under the old Modern label though. Other one is a Universal label.

mycomicshop - Three raw copies here in stock - NM, a VF, and a FN.

NewKadia - Two copies in the NM range with one a solid NM and the other a low NM. Last option is a VF+.

First appearance new Green Lantern and new costume

The first appearance of Kyle Rayner as the new Green Lantern is a key worth considering for those who don't mind Modern Age comics to invest in or highly affordable comics to invest in. It is an important key regardless of era, at least to the mythos of the Green Lantern comics.

Kyle Rayner is a well-known supporting character, and was the main Green Lantern for over a decade while Hal Jordan was the super villain Parallax during this time. Rayner is half Mexican-American and Caucasian.

Ganthet, the last surviving Guardian, gave Rayner the last working power ring and the new Green Lantern was born. Green Lantern #51 was published May, 1994.

eBay - Three CGC copies on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. Highest are two 9.8s and both are under $50 bucks. Lowest is an 8.5 VF+. There seems to be quite a few unslabbed copies as well.

mycomicshop - Four copies here with the highest being a NM and the 2nd highest a VF. Last two options are a FN and a VG.

NewKadia - Three high grade copies and the highest is a NM+. Last two are a NM and VF+.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.8 going up for auction 12/15/2014.

First appearance of Hal Jordan as Spectre

Fast, fast forward, and here's another important event concerning the character of Hal Jordan. Able to break free from Parallax, whom is revealed to be a powerful parasitic entity, Hal Jordan assumes the new mantle of the Spectre as atonement for the events he caused in Emerald Twilight.

Instead of a Spirit of Vengeance, Jordan would become a Spirit of Redemption.
Day of Judgement #5 was published November, 1999.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies and quite a few are in comic lots that have the complete run. No CGC just yet for this one as expected.

NewKadia - NM+ and a NM in stock at the time of this writing.

Alrighty, some Modern Age key issues for ya, and definitely ones to snag if you're into Modern Age comics or cheap key issues. Part 15 is ready so just click the link below. It will be the last Part to this Green Lantern key issues list. If you missed Part 13, just click the PREVIOUS link below.


  1. NO MORE GREEN LANTERN!!!! : ) jk
    I'm wondering about upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2/Avengers 2/Xmen Apocalyplse/Thor Ragnarok Rumors flying around...Angela to take over Thor's job? A darker GOTG? X Factor to be in movies??(hidden secret: 1st x factor Avengers 263) Ryan Reynolds got a new gig?? Lots to talk about! LK

    1. Tell me about LK. That mother was long. Not too sure about Thor Ragnarok movie...supposedly Surtur is rumored to be involved. Some are saying that Amora The Enchantress is being eyed also. As for GOTG, not many rumors have surfaced worth reporting comic wise or at least I've yet to spot any. Last I heard, X-Factor is a potential TV series.

      Ryan Reynolds will return as Deadpool, not all that excited about that call.

    2. He was a bad green lantern, but something tells me this might work for him. They are saying that GOTG will feature more of each character's dark sides, so we might see Gamora slicing and dicing. Surter would be SICK!! Also, Apocalypse in Xmen film might be awesome and they are now saying Archangel will play a roll. (4 horsemen) It gets to the point that all of my money is going to Speculation Books and not enough to Blue Chips..."Must....Find....Balance!!!!" ; ) LK

    3. Well, not only Green Lantern but he wasn't a great Deadpool in X-Men Wolverine Origins either. Sure, I'll give the writing of that movie some blame as well.

      The test footage of the Deadpool movie looked good though, but it still wasn't something that I'd pay $10 or up to see in a theater. With Reynold's returning, I think I'll just Netflix the movie unless the trailers that come out are spectacular.

      I'm really excited at what X-Men Apocalypse will be about! Days of Future Past was AWESOME! Geez, I hope they confirm Archangel soon. I'm really interested in how he'll be in the movie, and it'd be cool to see his dagger wings in action.

      Ant-Man is another one I'm excited to see, and Avengers 2 Age of Ultron looks like it's gonna be BAD ASS! So many comic movies that are shaping up to be great!

      I hear you on the Speculation Books. I'm actually getting weary of them and concentrating on solid ones that I just want to have to quench the inner comic fan in me.