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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Comics Part 12

Here we are at Part 12 to the this Ultimate Green Lantern key comics, and we are in the Copper Age of comics. There are going to be a ton of minor keys, sleepers, and over-looked comics. Quite a few deserve to be such, but there are also some that just might be worth snagging up also.

There are three under the radar in this part alone that are worth picking up, and they pertain to key events for two different but popular characters in the Green Lantern comics. You may recognize them when you see them.

Alrighty, if you missed Part 11, click the link to go back. If you're ready to continue with more Green Lantern key issues, enjoy!

Hal Jordan resigns as Green Lantern

Usually, I don't like to note characters leaving a group or whatnot, because they always end up rejoining a team or group anyways. Unless they die of course, but I'll put this one on this list. So Hal Jordan resigns as the Green Lantern of Earth in this issue.

Yes, he would end up coming back in typical comic book fashion, but another will take his place until then. This other person taking his place in the next issue will make it a semi-important key for that character as well.

October, 1984 was when Green Lantern #181 was published. 

eBay - No CGC as expected but there seems to be quite a few raw copies to select from concerning this key issue on eBay at the moment. Getting one that's really a high grade copy may be a hunt however.

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NewKadia - Three copies with the highest two being a low NM and a VF+. Last option is a low VF.

John Stewart becomes new Green Lantern

Green Lantern #182 is the issue where John Stewart is chosen to succeed Hal Jordan as Earth's new Green Lantern. Up until now, John Stewart had some sporadic appearances in the Green Lantern comic series. After this issue, the character would be a major player in the GL universe.

John Stewart would be Earth's Green Lantern for only a few issues, and even though Hal Jordan would eventually return, Guy Gardner would be chosen as the new Green Lantern. November, 1984 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Selection is a bit more limited. There are a few copies and some seem to be high grade for the time being.

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NewKadia - Low NM and a VF+ are the highest graded copies here at NewKadia for this key issue at the moment. Last two copies are a VF and a low VF.

Origin of new Green Lantern John Stewart

As the cover says, this comic is a special origin issue. Mixing business with pleasure, John Stewart takes reporter Tawny Young on a date and gives her the exclusive to the origin of how he officially becomes the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814 after Hal's resignation.

Another great key for fans of John Stewart and still very much under the radar. February, 1985 was when Green Lantern #185 was published.

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John Stewart reveals I.D.
First appearance of Mogo
First appearance Book of Oa

In this issue, John Stewart takes off the mask and reveals his identity to the public. Katma Tui takes up the mantle to begin properly training John Stewart to become a Green Lantern as he has never really received such. Kinda weird to have a guy running around with that much power and no real training, but welcome to the Green Lantern Corps.

In the back up story written by Alan Moore in this issue called, Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: Mogo Doesn't Socialize, we see the first appearance of Mogo, a sentient or living planet. He is responsible for guiding Green Lantern rings to new beings after the old host has perished.

The backup story also sees the first appearance of the Book of Oa, the massive book detailing the origin of the Guardians and Green Lantern Corps as well as the code of conduct and history of the Corps. Another under the radar key issue worth snagging in the Copper Age of Green Lantern comics. Green Lantern #188 was published May, 1985.

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Re-intro and origin of Star Sapphire

I have no idea why this is toted as Star Sapphire's first full appearance, as there is no new Star Sapphire and Carol Ferris is still the character. She does tell Hal Jordan her origin and is summoned back to Zamaron. I do believe that guide notes this comic as such and so does CGC.

A bit confused as to why so if you know, would be appreciated if you explained it to me in the comments section. This comic was published September, 1985, and it is one of the more valuable and sought out of Green Lantern key comics from the Copper Age.

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Hal Jordan & Guy Gardner battle
Guardians choose Guy Gardner as new Green Lantern
As mentioned earlier, Guy Gardner is appointed a new Green Lantern of Earth, only after he and Hal Jordan have a scuffle after Hal finds Guy desecrating the grave of Abin Sur, looking for the ring that Guy believes should rightfully be his. Can we say, entitlement attitude?

So the Guardians officially appoint Guy Gardner as a protector of Sector 2814. Green Lantern #194 is a Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and was published
November, 1985.

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Part 12 has been concluded and we still have more Green Lantern key issues to go through. If you're a fan, you might be happy about that. If you're not, you probably just want me to cut this list short and move onto to another character.

For those, who keep asking me for over-looked comics or sleepers, you got plenty in Part 12, and you'll probably get plenty more in the upcoming parts as well. As for solid comic investments or solid Green Lantern key comics to invest in, we've passed those a while back. 

Not to say that some of these in Part 12 or the other parts won't catch on in the near or later future. They very well could.

If you missed Part 11, click the PREVIOUS link below. To continue with this Green Lantern key comic issues list, just click the PART 13 link below.

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