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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Suicide Squad Movie Characters Have Been Cast!

Recently, we got news that Harley Quinn had been cast in the David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie. Rumors about Will Smith and Tom Hardy being in the movie were circulating and looks like they ended up being correct. However, those speculating just whom Will Smith or Tom Hardy was playing were all pretty wrong.

So let's look at the cast of the Suicide Squad movie so far!

Will Smith is Deadshot

Looks like Will Smith won't be Captain Boomerang as some out there speculated. Nor will he be Bronze Tiger as I thought he might be. 

Looks like Will Smith will be playing the coolest character in the Suicide Squad, and I'm not really all that surprised. Smith is a bankable star, and more importantly, an excellent actor that has proven to be quite versatile.

Already, some comic fans are calling PC, but I just shrug my shoulders to that. Will Smith can do action movies and is a veteran of them, so I'm actually pretty interested in what his take on Deadshot will be. I think it will most likely silence the PC shouting crowd once the movie hits.

All Smith needs is good writing, and he can take it from there. I'm sure he'll deliver a highly entertaining Deadshot.

Tom Hardy is Rick Flag Jr.

In the Suicide Squad key issues I did recently, I wrote that it would be weird not to have Rick Flag Jr. in a Suicide Squad movie. Rick Flag Jr. is a founding member of the original team as well as the revived team by Jay Ostrander. Apparently, Warner Bros. thought no Rick Flag Jr. would've been weird as well and I'm glad.

Another actor with chops, it seems like Tom Hardy can do it all when it comes to acting. I think him as Rick Flag Jr. is perfect casting. I can see him in that kind of leadership role, especially one concerning a team of rag-tag misfits and super villains. Before, I thought Tom Hardy would either be a good Deadshot or Rick Flag Jr.

Cara Delevingne is Enchantress

I was completely wrong on this call, stating in the Suicide Squad key issues list that I wasn't all too confident about the character of Enchantress being in the Suicide Squad movie or a future one. Oops, looks like those at Warner Bros. highly disagreed, and apparently English fashion model, actress and singer Cara Delevingne has been cast as the sexy bad-girl sorceress.

To be honest, never heard of Cara Delevingne until now, so have no idea what her acting chops are. I suppose she does look the part though. Am interested in how they're gonna pull off magic and sorcery in a Suicide Squad movie however. Should be interesting enough.

Jai Courtney is Captain Boomerang

Talk about an actor who does look the part of an A-hole and you got Jai Courtney in spades, which is perfect for the A-hole character of Captain Boomerang. Just like in the comics, I'm sure Jai Courtney will most likely get you to hate the character, as should be the case. 

In case you don't remember this guy, Courtney played in the terrible A Good Day to Die Hard and most recently Divergent, which I actually did enjoy. I highly doubt they'll use the original court jester like costume for Captain Boomerang, but it would be funny to see Courtney in that get up for the movie. Most likely, they'll give him some tactical costume based off the recent Captain Boomerang get up.

Jared Leto is The Joker

And here's the big one, expecting to draw much criticism and has already done so by some comic fans. Of course, Leto is filling some big clown shoes playing the #1 villain of comic books of all time - The Joker.

Two highly skilled actors have already taken on the role and both Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger gave amazing performances as the Joker. Just remember that comic fans had a big outcry when Heath Ledger was first cast as the iconic Clown Prince of Crime in Nolan's The Dark Knight as well.

I, for one, am excited to see this take on the Joker for the Suicide Squad movie. Joker was never a member of the team, but I'm sure he'll be linked to Harley Quinn in the movie as well. That's pretty much a given. I think Jared Leto will pull it off and give us a Joker we'll be satisfied with.

Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn

The news of the very lovely Margot Robbie being cast as Harley Quinn was dropped not too long ago, and quite a lot were excited by it. Of course, they were. We finally get to see the cheeky Harley Quinn on the big screen and played by Margot Robbie! Yowza!

She does look the part for sure, but so do 80% of the actresses in Hollyweird. I think this Australian bombshell will do just fine though, and comparing how well the actress will do as the character compared to cosplayers isn't just kinda lame. It's highly lame.

No doubt that there's a lot of big names attached to the Suicide Squad movie, and some are saying this means that Warner Bros. is taking their slate of new comic book movies seriously. I don't necessarily think a bunch of A-list actors means the movie will be good.

Big names also means big egos and more the director will have to play politics with the studio since a huge budget will be involved. Still, the Suicide Squad movie is undoubtedly an interesting concept - Bunch of super villains working for a secret government agency to pull off black ops missions in exchange for reduced prison sentences or pardons.

Should be some good stuff! If you want to learn more about the Suicide Squad or looking for comics to get concerning the titular team, just click this Suicide Squad key comics link to check them out. 

Now all we need is Amanda Waller to be cast and rumors have it that Oprah is being looked at by Warner Bros. That should be interesting. Thanks for reading.

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