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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Showcase #23 CGC 4.5

Here we are with another Vault post, and this one is a bit more interesting than say the others. I'll explain why and you might agree or not. Any how, it's a way to connect to the 2nd appearances key issues list that's currently being done, so taking a little break from that and writing this up isn't exactly off topic.

It's not what you think though. Snagging this issue actually happened by accident. It was totally unintentional, despite all the 2nd appearance talk. I actually wasn't gunning for this issue at the time I was on the hunt, and it wasn't the actual copy I bought off eBay either. Sounds weird, but it'll make sense soon enough.

Let's start at the beginning. As I've mentioned, I've been on a kick of just getting comics I've always wanted and partially ignoring all the speculation hoopla. There is a catch though. I've been gunning for comics I can get under guide and slabbed.

Getting comics under guide at conventions or comic shops can be pretty tricky even for raw copies. You gotta find the right dealers and know you're prices. 

Sometimes, you even gotta be willing to walk away. Gerry knows that one pretty well. That's how he got the dealer to accept his offer for the 1st appearance of Deathlok.

However, I'm getting off topic a bit. Getting slabbed copies under guide is a bit more fun for me, especially for Silver Age key issues and especially on eBay. Believe it or not, a lot of sellers on eBay are more stringent and for good reason.

Unlike a comic convention or comic shop, which is localized, eBay is a much bigger market place. There are more buyers, offers, and whatnot. There's no booth space cost and a longer time limit to decide in accepting an offer or not.

So more often than not, getting slabbed vintage key issue comics under guide is kind of  a fun challenge for me. That can be done a bunch of ways. First, you can snag one that's bid under guide for an auction (over-looked key), or try a Best Offer and get it under guide, or you can get a magical eBay coupon that gets you 10% off any purchase over $150.

Now, this isn't 10% eBay Bucks. This is a 10% coupon off the purchase price. I happened to get one of these coupons about two weeks ago from eBay, and I almost didn't use it. Yes, I was seriously gonna just disregard it.

That was until I saw a CGC 9.2 of Green Lantern #52, first appearance of Guy Gardner, on eBay with a Buy it Now price of $425, Free Shipping, and a Best Offer option. I looked up guide and it was guided at $385.

Hell, I thought to myself, Christmas is coming. I want it, and I can get a great deal for it! One more last comic before the new year!

Besides, I wanted more Silver Age Green Lantern key issues in my vault, or at least a good one. I put in the Best Offer of $385 and submitted it. The coupon only lasted two days from when I put in the Best Offer, so I was a bit on pins and needles waiting for this transaction to be a pain in the ass with counter offers or even the offer being declined.

The next day, I was surprised that the seller accepted the Best Offer. I almost did a happy dance. When I paid for the item and put in the coupon code, it came out to $346. Sweet! $39 bucks under guide for a high grade Green Lantern key in the NM range, slabbed, and no minor key either. Not too bad.

The day after I paid for it, I logged into eBay to see if the item had been shipped or not. It hadn't, and then I noticed I had a new message waiting for me.

Unfortunately the message was from the seller, and I sort of knew it was bad news before I opened it. Yep, apparently the item was no longer in stock the seller wrote, and said that a buyer had bought it off their website a minute before they accepted my Best Offer. He wasn't aware this had happened until he tried to process my order that morning.

Whether or not the story was true, I wasn't too happy about it either way. The seller also wrote that I could look at their site and make an even trade for what I already paid, or he could refund me immediately.

I looked at his site and didn't see anything I wanted or was a good deal for $385, so I wrote back telling him I would just take the refund. However, I soon realized that wasn't a good option either.

You see I had already used my eBay coupon for 10% off. There was no way to get it back. I would've lost out on both ends then. Double whammy to be pissed about!

So, after cussing up a storm, I did a search for CGC Green Lantern key issues on eBay and came across this Showcase #23, the 2nd appearance of Green Lantern or 2nd appearance of Hal Jordan, at a CGC 4.5 VG+. It was being sold by the same seller, and it was a comic on my want list for a while now, though at a higher grade VF.

This copy, though, was around the same price I already paid them. It was also a bit above $400 and was a Buy It Now with a Best Offer. Free shipping as well.

I looked up the value on Overstreet Price Guide, and it was $380 for a solid VG, so around $400+ for a VG+. I then checked the CGC Census for that grade to see just how many there were, and there were not many at all.
So I wrote the seller and asked if he'd do an even trade for what I already paid on the Green Lantern #59 CGC 9.2 for Showcase #23 CGC 4.5 VG+. The seller wrote back saying he'd send Showcase #23 in its place and refund me $10 to my Pay Pal for the inconvenience.

I did receive the Showcase #23, but never received the $10 refund as promised. I chose not to give them feedback cause they forgot the $10 refund, which I didn't ask for to begin with.

But still, if you say you're gonna do something and don't do it (twice for one transaction), I consider that bad policy. They did send me a $10 off coupon of a comic of at least $50 bucks, but I feel that's a cop out. I don't feel like buying $50 of anything from them at the moment.

I could've been a douche and gave them negative or neutral feedback, but I did receive this comic considerably under guide. No feedback I believe was a fair call. Hell, maybe I am being a douche bag about it.

I didn't get the comic I wanted, but I did get a comic that I want, so check. I did get this key for considerably under guide, so check. It is a key issue that's one of the more solid investment comics, and I am a fan of the character of Hal Jordan as well, so check. It's not a minor key, so that's an added bonus.

It didn't even occur to me that a Green Lantern movie was going to be rebooted and that this comic may see some good growth until after I received the item. Wasn't really my main concern at first, but an added bonus after all that went down.

So, this DC Comics Showcase #23 goes into my vault. Over all, I'm pretty happy with it. I went for a 1st appearance and ended up getting a 2nd appearance. Yes, totally unintentional, and a tad ironic. Oh, well, it's an early appearance of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern and an early Silver Age key issue, so I'm not really all that disappointed. 

Besides and believe it or not, 9.2 Green Lantern #59 and a 4.5 Showcase #23 have appreciated in value in the last 11 years pretty closely according to guide. Check it out:

2003 Overstreet Values:

Green Lantern #59 (9.2) = $231.50
Showcase #23 (4.5) = $ = $266.20

2014 Overstreet Values:

Green Lantern #59 (9.2) = $385
Showcase #23 (4.5) = $418

11 year growth for Green Lantern #59 (9.2) = $153.50
11 year growth for Showcase #23 (4.5) = $151.80

So the #59 at 9.2 beats the Showcase #22 at VG+ by $1.70. Appreciation is close enough, and not that ridiculously off...yet.

As usual, this isn't to brag. This snag was actually a mishap that turned out okay. 

When something like this happens, it's natural to be pissed off a bit, but if you gather yourself, you may turn a situation like this into something just as good or almost. If I would've stayed pissed off, I would've just got my refund but completely blew my 10% eBay coupon. No slabbed comic under guide plus no 10% coupon equals double shitty.

Just to further connect the whole 2nd appearances ride that we are on (I may as well), the 2nd appearance and 3rd appearance of Green Lantern Hal Jordan at VG grades (even for slabbed copies) are pretty over-looked right now. You may just be able to get these early Green Lantern key issues at guide or below it.

eBay Bucks, 10% coupon, Best Offer, or catching an auction just may achieve this. Getting an auction that drops way below guide and having a 10% coupon as well would be kinda priceless! Getting an auction well below guide with a 10% coupon during quadruple eBay Bucks would be highly unlikely but absolutely priceless!

Just another adventure for my Vault and hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading and back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Great Snag! And to be honest, I would rather have Showcase #23 any day of the week!
    It's where it all began for Silver Age Green Lantern and that's exactly what I always gun for.
    Great Story, thanks for sharing. lk

    1. Thanks LK, the more I think about it, the more I'm happy with getting this one. You're right, this is an early key for the Silver Age Hal Jordan and where it all began for the character. It wasn't a terribly bad experience. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I think you´ve made a great snag here, congratulations! If it helps you, there is a Green Lantern #59, VF+ at Newkadia´s (although I´m not quite sure if that one is a little bit overgraded)! Maybe they will have a sale in the future where you could buy it for a nice bargain...anyway, keep up the good work and Merry Christmas for you! -Sven-

    1. Hey, Sven, long time, man. How you've been? Thanks and thanks for the tip about Green Lantern #59 at NewKadia. Unfortunately, I'm all tapped out this year, and I'm pretty sure it'll be snagged by the time I get some funds. Merry Christmas to you also and hope all is well across the pond. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. Hey TCM,

    Read about your story and must say that although you didn’t get Green Lantern #59, you still came out ahead on getting the Showcase #23. Awesome snag on that one. Two thumbs up! Nevertheless, I would like to ask if you could help me with a comic book. You see, several months ago I was at home simply enjoying the day and began to think to myself what better way to pass the time than to take a look through the 2014 Overstreet Price Guide and see if there were any comics worth looking into. Well, as I strolled through the pages I came across the comic book title Whiz Comics and as I gingerly began to run my index finger down the issue number column I came across issue #151 which it mentioned the issue as being of low distribution which was published in 1952. I don’t know why but something about that issue caught my attention and thus I began looking for it on ebay. After several minutes, I saw one in Fine condition for $74.00 and because of the intrigue I thought to myself “why not”, I haven’t bought a comic book in about a month and so I ended buying it. Upon receiving the comic book I was shocked and surprised that the Whiz Comics #151 had a double cover and therefore I decided to send it to CGC for grading. Now fast forward several months later after sending it to CGC for grading and receiving it the comic book had an interior cover grade of 7.5 and the outer cover grade of 7.5 with an overall grade of CGC 7.5. I called CGC and checked their registry to check if there are any other comics of this title and issue with any double covers but have found none. I was told by CGC that their registry list comics by title and issues but don’t list anything about comics having double covers. What can I do or when can I go to see if there is any other Whiz Comics #151 with a double cover error or am holding onto a one of a kind variant Whiz Comics #151 and is it worth keeping since it’s also an issue of low distribution?


    1. You most likely have a double cover error. I don't know if all the #151 Whiz Comics were printed this way. If it's low distribution it is worth keeping for sure. The dude at may know of this issue. You may want to email him. Here's the link to the page with his email addy on it.

      Just copy and paste it into the address bar on your browser. Regardless of what he says, I would still keep it because of the low distribution. I don't think the double cover error will add any more value to it since CGC didn't note it and since it's already slabbed...kinda hard to prove it's such unless you unslab it.

      Then again, I'm not sure and maybe the recalledcomics guy will know more about this. Glad you liked the story and thanks for reading RG...been a while since I've heard from you as well.

  4. Great find buddy! I had this book in my hand last weekend at Motorcity Comic con CGC 6.0 and I passed only because the guy pulled out a Daredevil #1 CGC 5.0 for $1,200 and after trying like hell to have him take a few bucks off he was kind enough to take $50 off for $1,150 which I was very happy to pay. I am still upset that I couldn't get the Showcase #23 as well it was a Great show with some nice deals and as they say you can never bring enough cash :( Maybe next time.