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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Aquaman Key Issues Part 6

This is the last Part to this Aquaman key issues list series, and we're finishing up with the Modern Age Aquaman key issues. This will be short and sweet and the last two on this list are two issues I forgot to list earlier, so basically cleaning that up.

Click this Part 5 link if you missed it, but if you didn't, let's wrap up these Aquaman key comics.

First Aquaman New 52 on-going series
First appearance of Aquaman (New 52)
First appearance of The Trench

Okay, rumors are spouting that The Trench may be in the Aquaman movie, but rumors are rumors so who knows. However, this is important for several reasons. One, usually #1 issues pertaining to a character's on-going series sees a nice spike in demand when it comes to that character making a big screen debut.

Two, Geoff Johns completely wipes away the origin that Aquaman Time and Tide established with the whole nonsense about Aquaman being the son of Atlan. Also, as I talked about in an earlier part to this key issue comics list, Orm and Aquaman are the sons of Atlanna. Orm is a full blooded Atlantean while Aquaman is still only half and returns to being the son of Tom Curry.

November, 2011was when this comic was published.

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Origin Silver Age Aquaman
First appearance Silver Age Aquaman?
First appearance in titled series

I forgot to put this one in and it's actually one of the issues that's debated about being the first appearance of Silver Age Aquaman. This issue really just retells the first Silver Age origin in Adventure Comics #260.

However, it is an early Aquaman Silver Age comic and Aquaman's appearances in Showcase does come before his very first comic series came out.  Showcase #30 was published February, 1961.

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First appearance of Vulko

Vulko is the chief scientific adviser of Atlantis and a well-known and powerful political figure. He is often depicted as a trustworthy confident to Aquaman when he is King of Atlantis.

Vulko knew Aquaman's mother and argued against leaving Aquaman to die on that reef as shown in his Silver Age origin. Vulko is an important supporting character for Aquaman that has recurred often even after all the continuity changes, and since he is a prominent figure of Atlantis, I suspect he may have a very good chance of having a role in the Aquaman movie.

The first appearance of Vulko in Brave and the Bold #73 was published September, 1967. 

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As stated in Part 1 to this key issues list series, this Aquaman keys list isn't majorly in-depth, and it would focus more on the important key issue comics pertaining to the character instead of weighing it down with a bunch of minor ones.

I kept the minor ones to a minimum and did so intentionally. The movie is a far ways off so who knows which characters will be cast or used for the big screen. I'll be sure to report them when they do.

Alright, that wraps up this Aquaman key issues list. If you missed the Part 5, just click the PREVIOUS link below. Thanks for reading and hope this helped you in your hunt concerning Aquaman key comics.

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