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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Aquaman Key Issues Part 5

We are at Part 5 to this Aquaman key issues list and we are breezing quickly by the Bronze Age, Copper Age and Modern Age. As for good Aquaman key comics, there's probably three that might be worth snagging in this list for short-term speculating.

If you missed Part 4, click the link to go back. Otherwise, here's Part 5 and more key Aquaman comics.

Death of Aquababy
Black Manta revealed as African American

In terms of Black Manta issues, this storyline sees the death of Aquababy and Black Manta is responsible. Also, at the whim of Aquaman's nemesis, Aqualad and Aquaman battle each other.

One must die in order for Black Manta to release Aquababy from the globe-shaped prison that will fill with air and suffocate Aquaman's son within five minutes. Aquaman goes after Aqualad in order to save his son.

Adventure Comics #452 also sees the first time Black Manta takes off his helmet and reveals himself to be an African American male. The battle between Aquaman and Aqualad would strain their relationship for quite some time. This Aquaman key issue was published August, 1977.

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First appearance of Nuada Silverhand
First appearance of King Bres
First appearance of Thierna Na Oge
New Aquaman costume

Aquaman #1 volume 2 is actually a limited series, and although I didn't note it above, it's the first Aquaman limited series ever. This series comes after the Crisis of Infinite Earths limited series and has and has several first appearances that expand on the Aquaman mythos.

The first appearance worth noting is the of Nuada Silverhand. She was the ruler of the Atlantean city Thierna Na Oge until she was ousted by her sister Bres.

This series introduces a new Aquaman blue costume that looks just as silly as his original. This series is the first of the Aquaman stories to take place on New Earth. February, 1986 was when this Copper Age key issue was published.

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First origin of Black Manta

And here it is: Finally the first origin of Black Manta and it's a 90s comic. Yikes! Still, this one might be one to snag as it may see some demand if the character is indeed confirmed for the Aquaman movie.

This first initial origin had Black Manta grow up in the Baltimore, Maryland area and often played by the Chesapeake Bay. As a young boy, he was kidnapped and forced to work on a ship. After seeing Aquaman and his dolphins in the ocean one time, the boy tried to signal him for help but Aquaman did not see him.

The boy who would become Black Manta would end up killing his tormentor and hate the emotionless sea and it's representative - Aquaman. He vowed to become the master of it one day.

The more I write about his origin, the more it's silly as all hell. I do like the character, but his origin is shamelessly lame and makes no sense that a guy who hates the ocean or sea would want to be submerged in it most the time. He'd be more like Chief Brody and want no part of the sea.
This Aquaman #6 issue was published May, 1992.

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First issue to 3rd on-going Aquaman series
First long-hair and bearded Aquaman
First appearance of Charybdis

It's this on-going series that follows the rewrite of Aquaman's origin as him being the son of  Atlanna and the wizard Atlan. The first appearance of Atlan is in the Atlantis Chronicles #5 in case you want to know, and the weird re-haul of his origin was in the Aquaman Time and Tide limited series I believe. Orm would also be the son of Atlan as well and still Aquaman's half-brother.

The look of Aquaman changes drastically also in this series and moves away from the clean cut look he has always had in the past. With the casting of Jason Mamoa, the look of Aquaman in this series may be the basis for the look of Aquaman on the big screen, as he has the gruffy long hair and beard look.

Issue #2 of this series sees Aquaman lose his hand cut and Charybdis is the character responsible for that event. In Aquaman #0, we see Aquaman replace his missing hand with the hook.

Don't know if those issues will see a spike in demand since the movies' look just may be based off the look from these comics, but it doesn't hurt to mention them I suppose. Aquaman #1 from the 3rd on-going series was published  August, 1994.

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First appearance of Admiral Strom

Might as well put this guy in here since he is an Aquaman enemy and a U.S. Navy commander, which seems like an appropriate and logical character to introduce in the Aquaman film franchise. Admiral Strom is a New Earth Aquaman enemy and is like General Ross in the Hulk comics.

Strom would eventually be executed by his alien master Tiamat for his continual failure in defeating Aquaman. Whether they use this character or not, who knows now? Since it's a 90s comic and an Aquaman 90s comic, it's probably pretty cheap anyways.

Aquaman #3 from the 3rd on-going series and considered volume 5 was published November, 1994.

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2nd Black Manta origin

Definitely had to put this one in, and this Aquaman #8 from the 2003 series gives another origin for Black Manta. This origin is vastly different and the boy who would become Black Manta was an autistic kid and placed in Arkham Asylum.

The subject of experimental treatments cured him of his autism but left him extremely prone to violent behavior. He would end up killing the scientist who treated him and escaped from Arkham and set out on his quest to conquer the ocean. Another under the radar key issue currently.

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Alright, we've got one more part to this Aquaman key issues list to go as we're definitely into the Modern Age. Part 6 will be more of a clean up job for some Aquaman key comics I missed that should be listed.

If you missed Part 4, you can click the PREVIOUS link below. To continue to the last and final part of this Aquaman key comic issues list, just click the PART 6 link below.


  1. got another idea for you mayhem comic vs comic as a better investment. example green lantern 1 vs flash 105, giant size x-men vs xmen 94 etc... just a thought. JW

    1. Could be dangerously interesting JW. Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. no prob hope you have a another great year of buying books like the year you just had. think im gong save up big for the shoe in june also send in a comic to be graded every two weeks, first one was TOS 39 so ill let you know how that turns out. the biggest one in this area in char nc. going to go after FF1, hulk 1 or AF 15. its a goal so im going how it goes. its hard to save and pass up on good deals when you see one. thanks for another great year.
      also the puppy I got my wife for x-mas we named it LOKI and it certainly fits

    3. Uh oh! You got a mischievous pup with a name like that. Very cool name and good call. Is the wife a comic fan too, or does she know about it because she's hitched to one?

      Wow! FF #1, Hulk #1, or ASM #15. Going after some mega keys. Yeah, tell me about the saving up part. Pain in the ass, especially with all the speculation comics taking off. I think I'm gonna gun for more solid comics to snag this year and take a step back from speculation comics.

      Thanks for the New Year wishes man, and hope 2015 is a great year for you too JW.

    4. wife is a big comic fan after I begged her to see cap first avenger which we saw twice lol. like u im gunning for more solid keys this year getting sick of speculation books especially if they drop the movie later. wife also like the comic cons which is cool and learning the key books to look out for, two pair of eyes better than one. JW