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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Aquaman Key issues Part 3

Zipping right along into Part 3 to this Aquaman key isues list. We're still going through some Silver Age key issues and there will be quite a few good ones as well. Quite a few of these ones are quite over-looked, but some have heated up dramatically since those issues introduce Aquaman's main villains. We will be talking about one of them in this Part.

If you missed Part 2, just click the link to read that. Enjoy more Aquaman Silver Age key issues below if you're ready to continue.

1st appearance of Aqua-Girl

Gotta back track on this one. This was published May, 1963 so it's a bit out of order.

Anyways, this is the first appearance of Aqua-Girl, the 2nd one known as Selena. She was a young Poseidonis, the capital city of Atlantis named after the Greek god Poseidon. She teamed up with Aquaman in order to impress her boyfriend and just like the 1st attempt at this character, the 2nd Aqua-Girl was short-lived and only made one appearance.

World's Finest Comics #133 is the first and only appearance of Aqua-Girl Selena.

eBay - Limited selection and all raw copies here so far. Looks like all of them are low grade copies at the time of this writing.

ComicConnect - Four low grade raw copies here. 5.5 low FN is the highest followed by a VG+.

2nd appearance of Mera

Still on a 2nd appearance kick and while most of the market will be gunning for the first appearance of Mera, which is already seen a big boost in demand, the 2nd appearance of Mera will probably be over-looked for a little while. Many are speculating that this character will be in the Aquaman movie, and it may be a good call since she is the longest running Aquaman love interest for the character.

If you don't already know, the first appearance of Mera is in Aquaman #11. Still, this is a speculation comic as the only character confirmed in an Aquaman movie is Aquaman, whom Jason Mamoa will be playing as we all know by now. The 2nd appearance of Mera is not well-known for that key issue status. Nobody yet is noting it as such. February, 1964 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Raw copies located so far for this 2nd appearance key issue on eBay. Did not see any CGC there though.

ComicConnect - Two copies here, and one happens to be a CGC 9.2 low NM. It has the old label. One raw copy as well and it's a VF/NM.

ComicLink - Two raw 7.0 FN/VFs here. No pictures available for the actual copies.

Aquaman crowned king of Atlantis
Aquaman weds Mera

Pretty important key as you can tell. We all know Aquaman as the king of Atlantis, but it took until Aquaman #18 for that to happen in the comics.

Also, this issue sees Aquaman and Mera wed, thus making her the Queen of Atlantis. Pretty over-looked as most consider Aquaman a pretty lame comic character. I'm betting you can find this one still cheap in high grades at a local comic shop or comic con.

That's if you can find them. Aquaman Silver Age key issues are pretty scarce on eBay. Not because they're rare, but because the demand is extremely low for them. Aquaman #18 was published December, 1964.

eBay - No CGC and only saw three raw copies of this issue on the mighty eBay and at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - One low VG located here and on consignment. Might be able to find a cheaper option on eBay for that grade.

First appearance of Hila

Hila is the identical twin sister of Mera and sister-in-law to Aquaman. She was also wrongfully accused of a crime and exiled in this issue. Aquaman ends up helping her and her lover Kandor.

Eventually, they are cleared of their crime and allowed to return the Dimension Aqua. This is the only appearance of Earth One Hila. She would later return in New Earth continuity as a villain for Aquaman. Hila's first appearance in Aquaman #22 was published August, 1965.

eBay - Limited selection for this Aquaman key as well. Saw maybe a handful of raw copies at most on eBay. Not much though and no slabbed options either.

ComicConnect - VF/NM copy is here and a FN. Both are raw copies.

First appearance of Arthur Curry Jr.

Yes, Aquababy and it didn't take long for Mera and Aquaman to get busy. Aquaman #23 is known as the first appearance of Aquababy. Not really an integral important character in the Aquaman mythos, the son of Aquaman known as Arthur Curry Jr. would later be killed by Black Manta though.

Not exactly one of the most sought out Silver Age key issues, but it is an Aquaman key issue. October, 1965 was this comic was published.

eBay - Appears to be a few raw copies, but no slabbed options for this key issue yet. Selection for this issue on eBay is still pretty limited at the moment.

ComicConnect - Only raw copies for this Silver Age key issue here at the moment. One is VF/NM and the other is a low FN.

First appearance of Ocean Master (Orm)

Ah, this first appearance of Ocean Master or Orm is hitting a boost in demand, because a lot of people are speculating that Ocean Master will be hitting the big screen in the Aquaman movie. There may be a chance he does so as Orm/Ocean Master is Aquaman's half brother.

Once again, this depends on what continuity the movie will be mainly based off of. If we are talking about Aquaman being Orin (not Arthur Curry) that's a completely different origin. In the Silver Age, Orm is the son of Tom Curry and another human woman, a non-Atlantean, and had no under-water abilities like Arthur Curry.

Because Orm was jealous of his half-brother most all of his life, he would try to be a conquer of the ocean, often coming into conflict with Aquaman.

In the New 52, Orm is the son of Atlanna, Aquaman's mom, and an Atlantean Guard. She is forced to marry the guard, and thus Orm does have the same under-water capabilities as a regular Atlantean. Aquaman is still the son of Tom Curry and Atlanna, and he is brought to the surface long prior to the events just told live with his father to escape the tyranny that the Atlantis government was going through at the time.

Ocean Master would be become king of Atlantis. Aquaman and Ocean Master would make a deal, and Arthur let his younger brother maintain the throne as long as he did not invade the surface world. Of course, as us surface dwellers know just how much we screw up the ocean continually, the deal would not last long and Orm would wage war on the surface world, coming into conflict with our hero.

Oops, I probably just did a whole spoiler for the movie while explaining all this origin stuff. Well, that's if they go with this origin. There is an Aquaman origin that is different during the Copper Age. We'll get to that when we get to it.

The first appearance of Ocean Master in Aquaman #29 was published September-October, 1966. Orm was created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney.

eBay - Very few amount of copies for this one at the moment on eBay. About a handful of raw copies and most are low grades. There is a FN/VF that's way over guide. I mean way, way over guide.

mycomicshop - Low grade raw options here and on consignment. One is a GD+ and the other a low GD.

Concerning possible supporting characters for an Aquaman movie, anyone is really up for grabs at this time. In Part 2, I said that I doubt Aqualad will be in the in the Aquaman movie, but he very well could be.

I'm sure they would just have him be called Garth instead of calling him Aqualad in the film. Same with Tula. They could just have the character go by their other name or real name.

What I do doubt is that they'll be called by their comic book hero name Aqualad and Aqua-Girl in the movie. Now that would be super lame.

Anyways, if you missed Part 2 you know that you can click the PREVIOUS link to go back. If not, just click the PART 4 link below to continue with more Aquaman key comics.

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