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Saturday, December 13, 2014

2nd Appearance Comics to Invest In

Continuing with the topic of 2nd appearances, for those of you who are gunning after them, I decided to start a 2nd appearances list of key issues that definitely should be considered comics to invest in. Very few will be speculative, and most contained in this series will be solid comic investments.

This list will not only deal with high grades, as quite a few are already quite valuable in high grades, but some of these keys will concern VFs and lower VGs also. So, don't think that NMs are your only options or slabbed copies.

2nd appearance of Suicide Squad
2nd appearance of Rick Flag Jr.

Everybody should know by now that Tom Hardy is playing Rick Flag Jr., and if you saw him in the movie Warrior, that casting call shouldn't be a shock. However, what the current market isn't catching on in big numbers just yet is that Brave and the Bold #26 is the 2nd appearance of Suicide Squad and the 2nd appearance of Rick Flag Jr., but I predict it will start to in the near future.

Suicide Squad is hot right now, and the hype is pretty amazing for it. Nobody ever thought this Task Force X team would be runner up or even in the line up with Batman v. Superman and the whole Justice League movies, but sure enough it is. For me, personally, I am quite interested in seeing this movie, and this is a Silver Age key issue 2nd appearance worth gunning for.

eBay - Only a few raw options on the mighty eBay, but very few. No CGC for this one just yet.

ComicConnect - Only one low VG 3.5 raw copy here for now.

ComicLink - Three raw copies and the highest is a 5.5 low FN.

2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in comics
1st told origin of Harley Quinn in comics

This one is heating up quick, and not only is it the 2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in comics it's also the first origin told of Harley Quinn in comics. Most every key of Harley Quinn is hot in the market now, but CGC 9.6s are still below or at the $250 mark, especially if you catch an auction.

On the other hand, since this is a Modern Age comic, a high grade unslabbed will have a less likely chance of being restored, and careful shopping just might get you a higher grade if you snag them and submit them to a third party grader. Hmmm...something to consider for sure. February, 1994 is the publishing date.

eBay - Only a few options for this one also. 1st and 2nd prints located. CGC copies are available. 9.8 and 9.6s were spotted.

mycomicshop - Three options here. Highest is a CGC 9.8 and a bit expensive already. The other is a raw low VF that's currently up for auction. Last copy is also a raw and is a FN.

2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in DC Canon
First appearance of Harley Quinn in mainstream title

Okay, Harley Quinn is going to have some keys concerning first appearances and 2nd appearances. Though her early appearances in Batman Adventures are considered her first appearances in comics, they were still not part of DC canon or mainstream. 

Batman #570 is a double whammy key. It holds Harley Quinn's 2nd appearance in DC mainstream comics and her first appearance in a mainstream title or Batman titled comic. Her first canonical appearance in DC mainstream is in the one shot Batman: Harley Quinn, which also features a more detailed origin of the character.

Do not confuse DC Comics Presents: Harley Quinn with Batman: Harley Quinn. Same cover but reprints various Harley Quinn stories including Batman: Harley Quinn #1.

Anyways, Batman #570 is still flying under the radar for now. October, 1999 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Quite a few raw copies available here for this key issue, but no CGC if you prefer slabbed copies.

mycomicshop - One raw FN/VF copy on consignment here. You'll probably find a better deal on eBay for this one.

2nd full appearance of Thanos

Ah, debate over this one is still rampant, since Thanos does have earlier appearances. However industry has stated those earlier appearances are cameos and notes Captain Marvel #27 as having the 2nd full appearance of Thanos.

Yes, this one is already on the radar and 9.6s are already past the $250 mark for slabbed copies. 9.2s aren't though, and if you can snag a high grade raw copy to submit to CGC or CBCS or whatever third party grader you prefer, even better if it comes back that grade or higher. July, 1973 was when this comic was published.

eBay - No problem finding raw copies for this 2nd appearance of Thanos, but only two CGC copies. One is a 9.6 NM+ and the other an 8.0 Signature Series. Probably the one from mycomicshop.

mycomicshop - CGC 8.0 Signature Series here and signed by Jim Starlin. Also lower grade raw copies available.

2nd appearance of Daredevil
2nd appearance of Electro

For a long time Daredevil #1 was a highly under valued key issue, but since the Netflix TV series, that is no longer the case. This comic is definitely not under the radar any longer. High grades in the NM range are already expensive. Well, according to my budget they're expensive.

However, CGC 8.0s are still below the $700 range, especially if you catch an auction. There is one on the mighty eBay right now for $664 with a Best Offer option.

Oh, yes, this comic is also a double whammy and holds the 2nd appearance of Daredevil and Electro. As we know, Electro is no minor villain in the world of Marvel Comics either. Daredevil #2 at VFs are still under valued and should be worth much, much more. This double whammy Silver Age key issue was published June, 1964.

eBay - Quite a few copies of the 2nd appearance of Dardevil on the mighty eBay. Raw copies available and some CGC as well. 8.0 copy is still there and the best deal so far. There's also a 9.4 NM slab if you are a high grade sniper. Lower grade options and mid grade slabs as well. 7.5 low VF spotted as well as a 7.0.

mycomicshop - Three CGC copies here. Highest are two 8.0 VFs, and you can a cheaper copy on eBay as I pointed out above. Last option is a CGC 7.5 for slabbed copies. There are raw copies but they're super low grade.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.0 is the only slabbed copy here. There are raw copies and one is unslabbed 8.0. The last option is a VG.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies with one being a super high grade 9.8 and quite expensive if you got the ducats. The other is a low VF. You can probably snag the eBay 8.0 for the same price as the one here. If the one on eBay is still there by the time you read this.

2nd appearance of Deadshot
New Deadshot costume

This comic has already gained heat in the market and 9.8 slabbed copies are dropping a little past the $400 mark. They're not a lot of them on eBay. Even unslabbed copies are hot right now.

I already mentioned this comic in the Suicide Squad key issues list, so hopefully you snagged it then or already had this comic. CGC copies of Detective Comics #474 and the 2nd appearance of Deadshot are already becoming scarce on eBay. It was published December, 1977.

eBay - Limited options here. A few raw copies and one CGC 9.8 up for auction that ends in 2 days.

mycomicshop - One VG copy on consignment and asking way too much for sure.

X-MEN #5
2nd appearance of Scarlet Witch
2nd appearance of Quicksilver
2nd appearance of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

For a Silver Age key issue and an early X-Men key issue that has quite a few 2nd appearances of major characters and the 2nd appearance of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, this comic is quite under valued at VF and lower grades, meaning these grades are over-looked. 

Quicksilver already made his on screen debut in Days of Futures Past and the FOX version is already slated for a come back in X-Men Apocalypse. Also, the same character and his sister, the Scarlet Witch, will be in debuting in the highly anticipated Avengers Age of Ultron, X-Men #5 and the 2nd appearance of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch should be more on the hot burner.

Definitely one to be on the hunt for, and this is definitely a solid comic investment. Let's recap: 2nd appearance of Scarlet Witch, 2nd appearance of Quicksilver, 2nd appearance of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, whom are definitely one of the most popular X-Men foes. Also, this comic has the 3rd appearance of Magneto. So more than a double or triply whammy of a key issue. This comic was published May, 1964. 

eBay - Ah, eBay and their search results listing any and everything pertaining to the X-Men. Pain in the ass. However, there are raw copies available as well as slabs. Saw a CGC 9.0 for some mad dollars with a Best Offer. Also a 6.5 FN+ for considerably less.

mycomicshop - CBCS graded 8.5 copy here and a raw super low grade copy available at the moment.

ComicLink - Three copies of this key issue here for the moment. Highest is a CGC 6.5 FN+. Other two copies are both raw and both low FNs.

Alrighty, there's the first six and surely more 2nd appearances to come. This will be an on-going series and published here and there every now and then. If you can spot these at your local or a comic convention, they may be cheaper. There are very few good deals left online for a lot of these keys in the VF range, but as I mentioned, lower grades are over-looked for some of these 2nd appearance comics to invest in.

May want to check your collections also and see if you got some of these. May be a good time to slab them. Thanks for reading and hope this helps you in your hunt. Click the Part 2 link below to continue with this series.


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    1. Thanks Jesse, hopefully I'll be able maintain the goodness.

  2. Gonna enjoy the hell outa this one! Love over looked keys. Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen #135 2nd darkseid might be one to think about. Keep up the hard work, I love being more educated on books than my local comic shop…….. hehehe

    1. Great Call!!! ...and as far as being more educated than local comic shops, I refer to that
      as the "fox in the hen house" Effect. Knowledge is

    2. Jimmy Olsen #135 is definitely one to get now. Thanks for suggesting that one will be in a future part to this series regardless.

      LOL "fox in the hen house" the expressions LK. "Chum" is still my favorite one (huge Jaws fan here).

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your insights guys. Definitely makes this site a lot more interesting than just me yapping to myself, which I admit I do quite often.

  3. Hoping to see Avengers #58 and Thor #88 in this series.

    1. Heya Jesse...Oh, you will see them for sure...Almost every 2nd appearance will be listed in this series sooner or later, but thanks for calling out those two. Definitely helps when I have suggestions at the forefront of my mind instead of having to think about them. Good calls!

  4. Excellent as always! Recently, I picked up a Batman 570. That one's definitely heating up. And I've been hunting for X-Men 5 (love the cover on that one).

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Meyhem can you talk a little bit about Harley and what is outside of DC canon? or continuity? its very confusing for a novice. thanks

    2. Wow, hey Jeff...long time, man! Great to hear from you. Definitely a great snag for the Batman 570. Yep, that is definitely heating up for sure. Thanks for reading and commenting...always makes this site a lot less boring for me so definitely appreciated! Hope all is well with you! Any others you've got in your sights?

    3. Yeah, I'm still searching for more Spidey keys. And I'm also looking for a FF #2, the second appearance of the Fantastic Four and first appearance of the Skrulls. Great yellow cover on that one! And I'd like to get a Strange Tales 115, origin of Dr. Strange. But that one really heated up. And thanks, as always, for the info, man! Really helps.


    4. Wow, Fantastic Four #2 will be a pricey hunt for sure, but well worth it if you can snag it for a fair deal. Awesome! Thanks for the kudos, Jeff, and great to hear from ya. If there's a local comic con in your area, you may be able to pick up a Strange Tales #115 for cheaper, but you're right...that ones definitely heated up fast.

  5. Sure, Andy, I'll try to explain it the best I can. Okay, so outside of DC canon is like Batman Adventures comics, which are based off the animated TV cartoon. The Batman Adventures comics are not set in the mainstream universe, nor does it bridge with the characters in the mainstream titles like Batman, Detective Comics, Flash, Superman, etc.

    What happens in the Batman Adventures comics does not affect any of the regular titles and characters and therefore doesn't affect DC's mainstream continuity. The events in Batman Adventures operates outside of canon/continuity, so if let's say Superman dies in Batman Adventures, you won't see the entire DC Universe affected by that.

    But if Superman dies in DC's mainstream continuity, then you will see it affect other characters in their regular mainstream titles. So DC continuity consists of Pre-Crisis, Post Crisis, New Earth and The New 52. Batman Adventures is not part of any of those, so it's outside of canon.

    Since I'm more of a Marvel guy, I'll talk about their mainstream continuity which is called Earth 616. Then you have the Ultimate universe and even as far as that the Marvel 2099 universe. These are considered alternate universes and not the mainstream universe of Earth 616.

    When we say it's the first appearance of Harley Quinn in canon, it's the first time Harley Quinn appears in DC's mainstream continuity, meaning that whatever she does can affect the mainstream DC universe and all the characters within it. Harley Quinn in Batman Adventures has no affect on any of the characters other than the characters in that particular Batman Adventures comic title. It has no bridge to regular continuity.

    It's confusing, but I hope my explanation helped somewhat. Perhaps, another can explain it better.

    1. Opps forgot to explain canon and continuity. Canon is what's considered official, like an official timeline of events for example or the mythology of the character...continuity is timeline or existence. They are pretty similar concepts in the world of comics.

  6. Yes huge help. I love the blog. I read daily. Thank u

    1. Ok, whew, was afraid I'd just confuse you more...not really the best at explaining stuff like that. Thanks for the kudos, man. I'll try to keep up the goodness, and thanks for reading and commenting...always appreciated.



  8. Thanks Sid, glad you liked it. How goes it?

  9. Doing great. Picked up Legends 1 -6 for 10 bucks lol. Books seem to be in VF/NM. Gotta love the black friday sale.

    Thank you and keep up the good work. Happy Holidays!!!


    1. Whoa, nice score there Sid! Congrats...damn that's a hell of a deal. Where'd you snag the books? Local? comic con? eBay?

      Thanks, man, and Happy Holidays to you and your family as well.

  10. Local book store sire and also Shazam 28 for $9.95 hahaha. (guess they forgot to update the prices) It would have been a NM grade if only there wasnt a slight tear on the back cover. :( which sucks but still a pretty damn good deal.

    I know right. Pretty cool deals. Trying to hunt down Batman 570. Thanks for the wishes.


    1. very nice snag! Gotta love it when the local doesn't catch on and you get a comic for a steal. Congrats on that. Good luck with the Batman 570.

    2. Found it for $20. A beautiful NM copy :D


  11. Yess sir. What about Defenders 28 - 2nd starhawk I believe or is it the 1st full appearance can't remember...But considering the success of GOTG, I believe he could be one the characters in the new sequel?

    1. I'll check into it and thanks for that suggestion, Sid.

    2. Yes please let me know.


    3. It seems Defenders #28 is the first full appearance of Starhawk and #29 is the 2nd appearance. I detailed this more in the Guardians of the Galaxy key issues expansion. Thanks for bringing this issue up, Sid. I hope they put the original team with Starhawk, Talon, Vance Astro, Charlie-27 etc in a future Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

      Since the 90s series and even the new series has a bunch of characters being time displaced and time travel, I think it would be cool to see this in a future movie, also have Kang the Conqueror in it since he's a time traveling baddie.

    4. Thank you for detailing it out. Even I researched and found out the same. Also, to add to your point one of my friend suggested that he recently purchased GOTG DVD and there is this image similar to the gaming screen where they have featured Starhawk over there. It might not mean anything but at least we know the Director likes this character enough to put him inside. Maybe I am just over thinking it haha.

      I would love to see Kang the conqueror. I don't know the back story but he looks badass honestly. I am saving up to buy 1st Kang. Even though he is not featured or I dunno if Marvel is even considering him but I just want to read that book haha and see whats his origin or what are his powers etc.


  12. Captain Marvel #26 is the 2nd appearance of Thanos. He has 2 pages in it.

  13. Tales to Astonish #91 would be a great issue, being the Abominations 2nd appearance and the first Hulk vs Abomination cover and battle.