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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Issues Part 7

Here we are with Part 7 to this Green Lantern key issues list, and we're still in the Silver Age. Some minor key issues here and must admit that the first appearances in Part 7 are pretty much less than thrilling.

Anyways, let's get down to it and get this one over with. If you missed Part 6, click the link the head back. If not, here's Part 7.

First appearance of Doctor Polaris
Origin of Doctor Polaris

Green Lantern #21 from the 2nd series sees the first appearance of Doctor Polaris. His real name is Neal Emerson, and he was raised by an abusive father, though later retconned to be an abusive aunt. 

He became a medical student who was fascinated by magnets, believing that exposure to magnetic fields could provide health benefits. Over exposure gave him the power to control and channel magnetic fields. 

Neal Emerson dies in the Infinite Crisis storyline and was succeeded by John Nicol.  Perhaps a minor key but still a Green Lantern key issue, June, 1963 was when the first appearance of the original Doctor Polaris was published.

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1st meeting between Hal Jordan and Alan Scott
1st meeting between JLA and JSA
Crisis on Earth One story
An important comic considering the entire DCU during the Silver Age, Bronze Age and a little bit into the Copper Age. The Crisis on Earth One story was one of the firsts to establish the multiverse in DC Comics that explained how the Golden Age and Silver Age characters stories were able to exist separate from each other.

They existed in parallel universes of course! The Silver Age DC heroes belonged to Earth One and the Golden Age heroes to Earth Two. This comic would not only build on this concept, but it would hold the first meeting between the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America.

Though other sources say that Green Lantern #40 is the first meeting between Hal Jordan and Alan Scott, I'd have to say that it's Justice League of America #21 instead. According to issue #40 story canon, Alan Scott is well aware that Hal Jordan is around and even realizes that his ring has the same properties as Hal Jordan's. August, 1963 was when Justice League of America #21 was published.

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First G.A. Green Lantern & S.A. Green Lantern team up
Crisis on Earth Two story
Also, as some sources say that Green Lantern #40 is the first Golden Age and Silver Age Green Lantern team up, I'd have to disagree and believe that Justice League of America #22 is the first Golden Age and Silver Age team up for the Green Lanterns.

In this issue, the two Green Lanterns do team up together to save the Golden Age and Silver Age Flash while their other team members pair up with other JSA members.

Like issue #21 to this title, I've mentioned this issue #22 quite a bit in other DC Comics key issues lists for a reason. Quite important since the Silver Age did establish DC's multiverse and made it possible and a bit reasonable for their Golden Age heroes to exist in the Silver Age.

I've also said that issue in one of the best Silver Age key comics to invest in or own, and now I'm saying it's an important Green Lantern key issue as well. It was published September, 1963.

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First appearance of the Tattooed Man

A sailor with tattoos that become real after he touches them? Either pretty awesome or pretty hookey. Abel Tarrant is the first and original Tattooed Man, and Green Lantern #23 has the first appearance of this version of the Green Lantern villain.

Another pretty minor key issue and villain in the DC Universe, and this comic was published September, 1963.

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First appearance of the Shark
Origin of the Shark
Before there was King Shark, there was the Shark whom is to no surprise a pretty minor Green Lantern villain. He is a Tiger shark that was mutated into a highly evolved humanoid form by radiation from nuclear tests.

Becoming more highly intelligent and gaining telepathic powers The Shark decides regular humans are too easy prey and wants a challenge. He telepathically challenges Green Lantern, in which Hal Jordan brazenly accepts.

A key issue nevertheless, but a pretty minor one. Green Lantern #24 was published October, 1963.

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First appearance of Black Hand

If there's a Green Lantern villain that I think would interesting in a movie other than Sinestro, the Black Hand is definitely one of them. William Hand is an inventive genius, in which comic books have no shortage of, and hates his prominent and well-known family in Coastville, a suburb of Coast City.

Feeling the best way to distance himself from the other famous Hands is to embark on a life of crime, William Hand does just that, and dons a super villain get up and calls himself the Black Hand. Because the dude is a super genius, he realizes he'll have to go up against the hero and protector of Coast City, Green Lantern. For this inevitable clash, William creates a device that is able to absorb the residue energy of a Green Lantern power ring from any object it touches, and the device can then be used in the same way as a Green Lantern ring.

I think that's pretty cool and a definite menace to the Emerald Warrior. Green Lantern #29 sees the first appearance of Black Hand and was published June, 1964.

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Not all that thrilling in terms of first appearances as I mentioned above, but they still are key issues of Green Lantern. Only two or three worthy key issues in this part. 

In Part 8, it looks like we'll be wrapping up the Silver Age and heading into the Bronze Age.

A few more parts left to go with this Green Lantern key comics list. If you missed Part 6, just click the PREVIOUS link below to head on back. If not, just click the PART 8 link below to continue. Thanks for reading.

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