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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Comics Part 6

We've got some minor Silver Age Green Lantern key comics in Part 6, but some important ones as well. If you're a Flash fan and Green Lantern fan, you may know or already own two of the issues on here.

All in all, pretty interesting stuff. I'm loving this lore for sure, and any early Silver Age Green Lantern issue is pretty awesome to have in one's vault. Alright, enough babble...let's get the goodness going.

Click this Part 5 link if you missed it. If not, hope you enjoy Part 6 and more of these Green Lantern key issues.

First 5700 A.D. story
First appearance of Pol Manning
First appearance of Iona Vane
First appearance of Korlian Dasor

This one is a doozy for sure, and I'll try to explain it as best as possible. In 5700 AD, the Solarite Chairman Korlian Dasor believes that the new Solar Director should be somebody chosen from the past and that somebody should be Green Lantern from the 20th century.

Having time travel technology but knowing that their time travel device induces the side effect of a memory wipe, the Solar Council make up a false identity for Hal Jordan when he arrives. This false identity is Pol Manning. 

Pol Manning was also programmed by Korlian Dasor to be greatly in love with Iona Vane. The decision to bring Green Lantern into the future as a protector of Solar City was because of the Zegors, an aggressive group of alien monsters that threatened Solar City.

This is the first 5700 AD story in the Green Lantern comics, but it would not be the last. Chairman Dasor would bring Hal back from the past several times. October, 1961was when this early Silver Age Green Lantern comic was published.

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First Sinestro cover
2nd appearance of Sinestro
First appearance of Jordan brothers
Last 10 cent issue

When it comes to the character of Sinestro, this comic is important on two fronts. First, even though CGC nor Overstreet notes it, Green Lantern #9 is the 2nd appearance of Sinestro.

On the 2nd front, this issue is the first time Sinestro is featured on a comic cover as well. If these two were just the only key statuses for this issue, it would still be highly important.

However, this issue does have the first appearance of the Jordan brothers. Hal Jordan is the middle child and has an older brother Jack and a younger brother Jim. Jack is Coast City's D.A. and the most tension between the Jordan brothers are between Hal and Jack.

Jim is the youngest and the mamma's boy of the brothers. He is often the middle man between Hal and Jack's various disputes. His family, especially his mother, were quite unhappy about Hal joining the Air Force, since Hal's father died during a test flight. December, 1961 was when this comic was published, and it's also the last 10 cent issue for this comic.

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1st Silver Age Flash cross over
First time Green Lantern and Flash learn their secret identities

Barry Allen as the Silver Age Flash would have his first cross over in Green Lantern #13. Although both are members of the Justice League of America, it's apparent that both superheroes know nothing of their real identities.

This issue does see Green Lantern and the Flash battle it out, and later on Barry Allen and Hal Jordan learn that they are the Flash and Green Lantern. They vow to keep their identities secret, and of course, settle their dispute and team up to save the day.

If you're a Flash fan and Green Lantern fan, Green Lantern #13 is definitely one of the comics to invest in as it is an important one for both characters. This comic was published June, 1962. 

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First Silver Age appearance of Golden Age Green Lantern

Like the Golden Age Flash and Green Lantern, the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, and Hal Jordan would also become great friends and highly connected to each other. It's no surprise that the first Silver Age appearance of the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, would be in a Flash comic.

As I mentioned before, Alan Scott would be revived in the Silver Age as readers were gaining re-interest in the Golden Age Green Lantern. Writers would have to later explain just how these Golden Age characters could mix with the Silver Age characters, and I've covered that many of times in other DC Comics key issues lists on here.

Highly important Flash and Green Lantern key issue for sure. This comic is a key for other reasons as well, but they are explained in the Flash key issues list. As for Green Lantern, Flash #129 is the first Golden Age Green Lantern appearance in the Silver Age of comics, and it was published June, 1962.

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First appearance of Sonar
Origin of Sonar

The first appearance of Sonar in Green Lantern #14 was the original Bito Wladon from a relatively unknown Balkan nation called Modora. This nation was ruled by Fando the Mad and believed it should be sealed off from the rest of the world and frozen in the past.

Bito, born to deaf parents who were shunned by the Modorans due to the belief that this disability was the mark of the devil, didn't agree. He wanted to make Modora one of the greatest nations on Earth, and invented a nucleo sonic motor which could be powered by any sound source. He also discovered his invention could nullify gravity and concentrate sound into a destructive force.

Later he would fashion this into a Sonic Sceptre that could absorb sound, project illusions, propel sonic attacks, fly, and perform a degree of telekinetic feats. He was an early and recurring foe of Hal Jordan and would later be succeeded by his son, Bito Wladon Jr. This key issue was published July, 1962.

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First appearance of Silver Age Star Sapphire
Origin of Silver Age Star Sapphire
First appearance of Zamarons
First appearance of Star Sapphire Gem

If you didn't know already there is a Golden Age Star Sapphire and a Silver Age Star Sapphire. The Silver Age version of this character happens to be none other than Hal Jordan's love interest Carol Ferris.

Ironically, Star Sapphire would start out as a villain for Green Lantern and they would duel quite often. Looking for a Queen, the Zamarons selected Ferris and brain washed her into thinking Green Lantern was a villain, because she refused to leave Earth for her love of Hal Jordan.

Green Lantern #16 is the first appearance of Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire, the first appearance of the Zamarons as well as the Star Sapphire Gem, a mystical gemstone that holds and channels the violet energy of the Zamarons. This Silver Age key issue was published October, 1962.

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Part 6 to this Green Lantern key comics list is done. You can see that there are a few over-looked key issues in Part 6...the Flash #129 being one.

Well, if you missed Part 5, just click the PREVIOUS link to go back. Otherwise, happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans who read this site. Part 7 and more Green Lantern key issues are just a click away, so click that PART 7 link below to continue.


  1. happy thanksgiving; and comic shopping.

    1. Hey, thanks Oraldo, hope you had a good Thanksgiving also.

  2. like the listing of your green lantern keys; I've been going over my long boxes and I found some of my green lantern books that I bought when green lantern movie came out. I won green lantern 5 & 6 good to vg on ebay for $60 both. bought green lantern 40 vf from mile high comics for $40 I also got green lantern 29 first black hand vf+ for $35 on ebay.I was luck to green lantern 29 for cheap before the blackest night crossover. I got more green lantern book but their are more from modern and copper age books.

    1. For some I reason, I like Black Hand...think he'd make an interesting villain for a Green Lantern movie. I'll be going over some of the Copper and Modern age books as well. The Emerald Dawn first series will be on a future to this list for sure.