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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Comic Books Part 8

Welcome to Part 8 of this Green Lantern key comic books list and we are quickly winding down to the last of the Silver Age key Green Lantern issues. I know that I said we'd be hitting some Bronze Age in this part, but looks like I found a few more keys that should be listed, so we'll probably see those in Part 9.

Some good ones in Part 8 for sure and a few minor ones as well. If you missed Part 7, just click the link to go back. Otherwise, hope you enjoy Part 8.

First appearance of Katma Tui

Not noted in guide but it is on CGC labels, Green Lantern #30 sees the first appearance of Katma Tui. She is from the same planet as Sinestro, and is also part of the Green Lantern Corps.

It was Tui who led a rebellion against Sinestro and testified against him before the Guardians. In Green Lantern lore, this resulted with Sinestro being sent to the Antimatter Universe and imprisoned on the planet Qward.

She was nominated as Sinestro's replacement by Tomar-Re. That does not happen in this issue. It is a back story of the character. In this issue, Katma Tui is already Sinestro's replacement on the planet Korugar and Sector 1417. 

She is a semi-important supporting character in the Green Lantern universe, and I'm betting that this key issue is quite over-looked in the market. July, 1964 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Quite a few raw copies here, but only one CGC 9.2 low NM if you prefer slabbed copies.

mycomicshop - One raw VG+ is the only copy here for the moment.

NewKadia - One one low FN copy here. 

ComicConnect - Six copies here and one is in a comic lot. There's also a CGC 9.2 low NM. The rest are raw copies and one is a high grade VF+. Others are low grade.

ComicLink - Four CGC copies and three raw copies here at the time of this writing. Highest CGC is a 9.2 low NM. 2nd highest slab is an 8.5 VF+. An 8.0 VF and 7.0 FN/VF are the last two CGC options. Highest raw grade is a VF+.

First appearance of Earth Three
First appearance of Power Ring
First appearance of Crime Syndicate of America

This issue was already detailed in the Justice League of America key issues list done a while back, but it's still fun to talk about. Taking up with where Justice League of America #22 and the whole Infinite Earths concept, Justice League of America #29 expands on it and introduces the first appearance of Earth Three.

On Earth Three, the members of the Crime Syndicate of America are the Justice League of America's counterparts in that parallel universe, and like the name suggests, they are evil version of Earth One's JLA team. Ultraman is Superman's evil counterpart, Owlman is Batmans, Johnny Quick the Flash's, Super-Woman is the bad girl version of Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern's evil Earth Three counter part is Power Ring.

In terms of a Green Lantern key issue, this comic has the first appearance of Power Ring, and Power Ring's 2nd appearance would be in the following issue, Justice League of America #30. Very cool key issue to own not just for a Justice League of America key, but a Green Lantern key as well. August, 1964 was when this was published.

eBay - Looks to be a decent enough selection for raw copies on the mighty eBay, but no CGC as of yet.

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ComicLink - One CGC 8.0 VF and a raw 5.0 VG/FN here for now.

First appearance of Evil Star

Although there are two DC villains that go by the name Evil Star, this is the Silver Age version. Real identity is unknown, but what is known is that Evil Star was a scientist on the planet Auron. 

Driven to cheat death, Evil Star creates what's known as the Starband, which makes him immortal. The side effect of this invention is that it twists his mind into a more evil version of himself.

Afraid of the Starband, the people of Auron set out to destroy it, but Evil Star relents and a battle ensues that ends all life on Auron except for Evil Star. Seeking new worlds to conquer, Evil Star finds himself constantly in conflict with the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps. The first appearance of Evil Star is in this issue right here - Green Lantern #37 - and was published June, 1965.

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First solo Golden Age Green Lantern in Silver Age
First Silver Age appearance of Solomon Grundy
First solo Golden Age Green Lantern in the Silver Age? Well, since the revival of many of DC's Golden Age characters during the Silver Age, Alan Scott was mainly seen with the Justice Society of America as a group.

However, in Showcase #55, Alan Scott is in a comic without his superhero team mates. This issue also sees the first Silver Age appearance of Solomon Grundy, Green Lantern's old Golden Age foe.

Quite an over-looked Silver Age Green Lantern key issue currently and worth owning just for the first Silver Age appearance of Solomon Grundy alone.

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2nd solo G.A. Green Lantern in Silver Age
Origin of the Guardians
Origin of Infinite Earths
First appearance of Krona
Highly important comic not just for Green Lantern, but also for the Pre-Crisis stories concerning all of the DCU. It's in this issue where the origin of the Guardians and of the Infinite Earths is revealed.

Of course, it has the first appearance of Krona as well, and this bugger is tied to it all. On Earth Two, Alan Scott starts discovering that his power ring is taking on the same properties as his Earth One counterpart, so he travels to Earth One to show Hal Jordan what's going on.

However, his ring no longer displays the same effects on Earth One. Suspecting that there might be more going on to the strangeness of Alan Scott's ring, Hal Jordan and Alan Scott probe the ring to find out what's happening.

The ring then tells them of an Oan scientist named Krona that built a device so he could watch the creation of the universe about a million years ago. Although forbidden by Oa, Krona viewed its creation and caused a chain reaction that destroyed his device and created evil in the universe.

Krona was punished and converted into an energy that would be sent to circle the various universes in existence for eternity. The Oans then created the Green Lanterns to police the known universes and protect it from this evil created by one of their own. In the story that the power ring tells the two Green Lanterns, it also establishes that there are a number of infinite parallel Earths, populated by different versions of Earth One's heroes.

It seems that the yellow meteor that Alan Scott tried to stop in the beginning of the story was really Krona, who transferred himself into Alan's power ring and is loose somewhere on Earth One.

Important DC Comic and Green Lantern key issue period. Should be one of the Green Lantern key issue comics to invest in and own in one's vault for sure. October, 1965 is the publishing date for Green Lantern #40. Oh, yes, this is the first appearance of Golden Age Green Lantern in the Green Lantern second series as well.

eBay - No problem finding this on eBay. Looks like there's plenty of raw copies. Only five CGC copies and one of them is Restored. Highest is an 8.0 VF Universal label. 2nd highest slab is a 6.5 FN+.

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2nd Golden Age Green Lantern in titled series
First appearance of Prince Peril
First appearance of Princess Ramia
Green Lantern #45 has the 2nd appearance of Alan Scott in this title, which seemed to be popular among fans. These Golden Age appearances in their Silver Age counterpart's titles became a common thing during the Silver Age and even Bronze Age as well.

Aside from that key note, this issue also sees the first appearances of both Princess Ramia and Prince Peril. On the planet Mryg, Princess Ramia was indebted to marry the evil Prince Peril, so she fled to Earth and befriends Doiby Dickles.

Of course, the Prince Peril shows up to capture Princess Ramia and battles with the two Green Lanterns, defeating them both and capturing Doiby and Princess Ramia. The prince then returns to Myrg with them both and enslaves Doiby as his court jester.

Alan Scott and Hal Jordan follow them to Myrg and defeat Prince Peril. In the end, Princess Ramia and Doiby end up marrying, and Doiby Dickles becomes the ruler of Myrg. This comic was published June, 1966.

eBay - Seems to be quite a few raw copies here at the time of this writing. Only three CGC copies though and one of them is ending in a few hours of this post being published. There are two 8.0 VFs and the one ending soon is one of them. Both are Universal and the lowest option is a 7.0 FN/VF but asking for a bit much if you ask me.

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ComicLink - One CGC 9.4 NM copy here and two raw copies. Unslabbers are an 8.5 VF+ and a VF.

Three listed here in Part 8 of this Green Lantern key comic books list are solid investments. The first Silver Age appearance of Solomon Grundy is pretty over-looked in the market right now. I'm sure it will catch on in the near future though.

Ok, definitely Part 9 will be wrapping up the last of the Silver Age Green Lantern key issues and heading into the Bronze Age. If you missed Part 7 to this keys list, just click the PREVIOUS link below to read that. Part 9 is ready so just click the PART 9 link below to carry on with more Green Lantern key comics.


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