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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Marvel Movie News - The Latest What The?

Instead of doing the typical, boring, "Hey, it's been confirmed that (fill in the blank) or (fill in the blank) has just been cast in (fill in the blank), I'm gonna yap it up about two recent Marvel movie and TV news that I find both disturbing and a bit funny at the same time.

First runner up is Tatum Channing as Gambit, which the news has been around for a while that he would step into the boots of Remy Lebeau. He even expressed interest about a year ago stating in an interview for Total Film, "There's a lot of superheroes out there. I'd like to play Gambit, because I'm from New Orleans, around that area, and my dad's from New Orleans, and I like to do the Cajun accent."

I gotta admit when I first heard of the news that Channing would possibly be playing Gambit, I cringed at the idea. I really cringed at the idea of it.

New Orleans background or not, I just don't look at him and think Gambit. Face structure is all wrong and he's a little too bulky. Gambit is a tall, lean character, face is slender with really high cheekbones.

It's not a face that can rock out long hair convincingly. In this case, medium hair length. He looks like the typical high school jock or movie military guy. Not that those are bad things. Just doesn't make me think of Gambit.

Actually, when I look at Channing, I think of the nut bag John Walker who replaced Steve Rogers as Captain America during the 80s. John Walker, once Super Patriot, became a terrible Captain America. So bad that I've hated that character since, but Channing would be perfect if they ever decided to include John Walker in a future Cap movie for God knows why. Personally, I always liked that Captain America story arc and was one of my favorites as a kid.

Then came the classic photos that merged Channing's face with Gambit art. I gotta admit that some were hilarious. The one here I'm posting isn't that bad actually.

It isn't that great either, but they generally gave me a good laugh. Now, it's confirmed that Gambit will not only appear in X-Men Apocalypse but is also getting his own spin-off movie.

Wow, as much of an XMen -fan that I am, Channing Tatum as Gambit doesn't really get me all that excited to see him in the role or a Gambit solo movie. Not saying that I won't give him a chance to surprise me. 

I wouldn't miss watching X-Men Apocalypse because Tatum doesn't look like Gambit to me, but if he doesn't deliver on the character, you can bet I'm just gonna Netflix the Gambit solo movie. 

But like I said, those at FOX and Channing could very well surprise me with their vision of Gambit and have the last laugh. They kind of did with Quicksilver in Days of Future Past, though I was more impressed by the special effects than their actual take on the character.

Speaking of Netflix, the next horrible blunder and funny is the first look at Daredevil's costume! What in the beejezus is this unholy creation about? Matt Murdock going with the black, I'm a generic ninja who can't actually afford a superhero costume, look?

I'm seriously hoping that this look is just a trial, try-out thingie for Daredevil in the beginning and then later adopts the red costume soon after. If the character is seriously gonna be running around on roof tops in this get up the whole TV series, I'm just gonna Netflix Shô Kosugi's Revenge of the Ninja. I'd much rather watch that than some version of Daredevil in a lame costume. 

Please tell me their gonna introduce the famous red costume eventually. I'll even settle for the first classic yellow and black costume. This is not an original look either. They got this Daredevil look from the made for TV Hulk movie, Trial of the Incredible Hulk, done in 1989. Actually, I have a good mind to see if Netflix has that one, will bring back some good memories.

Seriously, I know that Marvel is excited about making news, but going this route with this blunder of a look isn't going to get fans riled up in a good way. You guys have made billions on Marvel movies. Are you seriously going to skimp out on your TV ventures with costumes?

Not the first time you guys disappointed on the TV front either. It was bad enough that they produced a half-assed and lame get up for Deathlok in the Agents of S.H..I.E.L.D. television series.

When I first saw this, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I did both. You want to compete with Warner Bros. and DC Comics on the small screen? You gotta do better than this and that terrible throw back to 1989 for Daredevil. This is almost 2015 yo! I'm serious, cause if you're gonna kick off your first Netflix TV series with a Daredevil costume like that, I'm scared to find out what Iron Fist will look like or even who you're gonna cast for Luke Cage.

I'm thinking they may go as far as casting Jaleel White as Luke Cage and literally give him the Steve Urkel get up. Well, hell, if we're gonna make it laughable and disappointing, might as well go to the extreme, yeah?

Since we're on the subject of throw-backs, Iron Fist just may be Ralph Macchio in his old Karate Kid gee to round off the silliness. Actually, when I think about it more, the Defenders show just may be worth watching for the hilarity factor alone with that line up.


  1. mayhem I need your help I know AF 15 is spidey 1st appearance followed by ASM 1 but I cant figure 3 rd appearance. his 4th is strange tales annual 2. thanks JW

    1. I believe that would be spiderman 3 but im not sure. Looking for a great investment for my husband that he can pass down to our children. Have about a grand to spend for a comic and he and my son have just starting collecting together but they are buying newer comics. I would like to be able to get him something special that will be worth the money say years and years for now. Any suggestions from anyone ?

    2. Just to start off with:

      1. Amazing Spider-Man #129 - 1st appearance of the Punisher - 9.2 CGC...wait for an auction...should be able to get it around a grand or lower.

      2. Batman #171 - first silver age appearance of Riddler - CGC 8.5 - should get it around $850 - $875 or lower but in the $800 range.

      3. Amazing Spider-Man #13 - First appearance of Mysterio - CGC 8.0 - close to a grand.

      Anymore suggestions my fellow comic investors?

    3. I guess a logical question to start off with is, is the hubby and kids more Marvel fans or DC Comics fans?

  2. Amazing Spider-Man appearances as follows JW:

    Amazing Fantasy #15 - 1st appearance August 1962
    Amazing Spider-Man #1 - 2nd appearance March 1963
    Amazing Spider-Man #2 - 3rd appearance May 1963
    Amazing Spider-Man #3 - 4rth appearance July 1963
    Amazing Spider-Man #4 - 5th appearance Sept 1963
    Fantastic Four Annual #1 - Sept 1963
    Amazing Spider-Man #5 - 6th appearance Oct, 1963
    Strange Tales Annual #2 Oct 1963

    1. ok thanks was confused because overstreet listed strange tales annual 2 as his fourth appearance I believe when I was looing in the price guide last night. iron man 1 8.5 cgc, FF 36, ASM 38 9.2. JW

    2. Overstreet has Strange Tales Annual #2 published July, 1963, as well as some other sources, but there is debate whether this or Amazing Spider- Man #3 is his 4rth appearance. It may have to do with continuity - what story precedes the other - sorry, the Strange Tales Annual #2 date is wrong that I posted.

    3. Thanks for adding some suggestions JW. Much appreciated...even put in some grades also!! Right on!

    4. Ok here's where it gets even more confusing...even we're going by newstand date here's the list for Amazing Spider-Man

      Issue - Cover Month - (Newsstand)

      Amazing Fantasy #15 - August - (June 5, 1962)
      Amazing Spider-Man #1 - March - (December 10, 1962)
      Amazing Spider-Man #2 - May - (February 12th, 1963)
      Amazing Spider-Man #3 - July - (April 9th, 1963)
      Amazing Spider-Man #4 - September - (June 11th, 1963)
      Strange Tales Annual #2 - 1963 - (June 11th, 1963)
      Fantastic Four Annual #1 - 1963 - (July 2nd, 1963)
      Amazing Spider-Man #5 - October - (July 9th, 1963)
      Amazing Spider-Man #6 - November - (August 8th, 1963)
      Amazing Spider-Man #7 - December - (September 10th, 1963)
      Strange Tales #115 - December - (September 10th, 1963)

  3. First, my recommendation would be to collect what your husband and son like (their favorite characters or storylines). If not, you can buy a book, like spidey 129, and if they don't like the Punisher it will never be "special" to them (it will continue to increase in value however). Total Comic Mayhem has a huge list of key issues that pertain to certain titles or characters. Once you find out what they like, you can go from there. Below is my list, based on what I like, of course.
    Low grade Avengers #1, X-men #1,
    Spiderman 121 (pivotal moment in comic history), giant Size Xmen 1 (I'm an X-men fan!)
    Or perhaps your husband and son like more Modern books, check out spiderman 300 or New Mutants 98 in super high grade.
    Have fun! and welcome to Comics!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions...pretty good choices there.

  4. As far as what you should collect, I firmly agree with the poster above me. Collect what you love! I'm a huge Wolverine and X-men fan and I've been working on a full run of Uncanny X-Men (Almost all the keys are done!) and I can honestly say that they are the crown jewels of my collection. I have other investments that I've made which do little for me except wait to be sold for a profit and reinvested into books I really enjoy.

    1. Disagree...question poster was asking was for a solid "comic investment" purchase for the hubby and kiddies that would continue to grow throughout the years...not a collecting purchase based on "like".

    2. I hear you with the investment bit, but liking a character and picking up an investment book aren't necessarily mutually exclusive to each other. I'll use my own collection as an example. I own a 7.0 Hulk #181 and a 8.0 ASM #129. I much prefer my lower grade 1st app Wolverine to my 1st app Punisher. Both are very sound investments but one offers more attachment on a personal level for me. I'm sure you've got those books you feel the same way about. I do appreciate you playing devil's advocate though :)

    3. Ah, I'm just being a shit hehe...I see your, I know your point...I'm a fan of both Wolvie and Punisher so those first appearances are that much more special, but hard to tell which one I feel more attachment to...big fan of both characters! Snikt Snakt!

      If the hubby and kids are just starting to collect (beginning) it will probably be a good choice to get a comic investment they both like, but then again, if they're basically collecting newer Image stuff, a solid long term investment may be pretty limited based on that preference.

      They will later branch inward from newer stuff to older usually happens with most collectors. So, since we are both fans of the X-Men, which issue would you recommend for a grand or a little bit under it as a long term investie?

      I'd say X-Men #4 first appearance of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

      X-Men #94 9.0 or 9.2 (may be hard to find a 9.2 at a grand though)...but solid X-Men investment.

      Not putting GS X-Men #1 since it was already mentioned, but also a good one.

    4. I consider most early Silver Age X-men in high grades very good investments. With the 1k restriction X-men 4, 5 and 12 are probably the best to look into. X-men 4 and 5 are also subject to a lot of speculation on the overall roles Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will play in both the MCU and Fox's X-men franchise which could cause a little inflation on the price. 1k could also fetch a decent #1 which is always solid as well. As far as Bronze Age goes, there's Hulk 180-182, GS X-men, and X-men 94. I'll lump books like Iron Fist 14 in there as well. If you are looking for more recent books be ready to play the game. I tend to avoid most Copper Age and Chromium Age(lol what I call the modern age) due to the games you have to play. Modern books require a lot of ground swell to make them worthwhile. New Mutants 87 and 98, UXM 266, NYX 3, and Wolverine Origins 10 (third claw variant) are books that instantly come to my mind as important books related to the X-men.

    5. Great suggestions also for X-Men keys. Sabretooth may be in the next Wolverine movie or maybe it's already confirmed he is. I haven't looked it up yet, but Iron Fist #14 is a solid X-Men key. Modern books...don't get started on most of those. lol.

  5. Obviously you want to get something they will both like, so when they are gone
    take a look throughvtheir comic stash. The other thing you could do if still
    unsure would be $1,000 gift card at their face comic shop...that would freak me out.
    this gives then more time together at the store with no worries over price...ROCK!! lk

    1. Heya LK might know the real answer to this since he's a big Spidey fan...what's the 4rth appearance of Spidey?

    2. I believe 4th is strange tales annual #2. Just got back from seeing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY for the 3rd time. My dad can't get enough of this movie and we both keep watching for hidden Easter eggs. It's like star wars for the next generation....who will be Starlord 's dad? Groot is the 21st century Chewbacca! ROCK ON MAYHEM! LK

    3. Loved Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. Are they still playing it in theaters on the east coast? I have no idea who Starlord's pops will be. Some are saying Adam Warlock and some are saying Yondu. Who you think it is LK? Keep on rocking brutha!

    4. Star-Lord. Peter Quill. His father is Jason of Spartax.
      Adam Warlock is the uncle of Starhawk. Maybe you have him confused with Star-Lord.
      Yondu Udonta is from the 29th century so it would be improbable to have a son in the 21st century.

    5. Hiya D Pringle. Yes, we know Star-Lord's pops is Jason of Spartax in the comics, but the question LK was asking was for the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. The rumors I suggested are the rumors going around for the movie since James Gunn has said Peter Quill's father in the movie would not be from the comics.

      So either Gunn is trying to throw people off or he is actually going to put a different spin when it comes to the cinematic universe and who Star-Lord's dad will be in the movie. I did not know Adam Warlock was the uncle of Starhawk though so thanks for that 411.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Looks like there are already a lot of good suggestions on a good comic to buy for the new collector's so I'm gonna go off topic, or should I say on topic. I totally agree with you on most of what you're saying in this post. First off, Tatum Channing is way too big to play Gambit. If he can shed about 30lbs he might be able to pull it off however, I don't see that happening.

    As for Matt Murdock's ninja getup, I don't mind it too much. I don't expect that he'll be wearing it for too long on the show. After all, he has to have something to wear before he decides to make his costume. I'm betting that outfit won't make it into the second episode. At least I hope it won't.

    And don't even get me started on Deathlok on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He looks absolutely horrible!! If I were to hold up a picture of Deathlok in a comic next to the one on T.V. I'd have no idea that it was supposed to be the same character. Maybe they had to keep it a little more "simple" for budget reasons, but if they can't get the character close to looking similar, then don't do it at all, am I right?


    ~Gerry D

    1. Yep, if you can't make the character look like the character then don't bother is what I've always said. Deathlok's look is terrible. I still don't like the black pajamas look for Daredevil even if it is out of canon or not. They could've done better.

  8. The ninja getup is ripped straight from canon so I'm good with it. I for one don't think Channing Tatum will do it as Gambit.

    Back to Spidey:

    I did some digging and ASM #3 is the 4th app. Technically 5th app is a 3 way tie between ASM #4, ST An #2 and FF An #1. Although I think FF had a later sales date so the market would probably consider it the 6th.

    1. I think the fan base is contesting Overstreet marking Strange Tales Annual 2 as the 4rth appearance of Spidey. Unless the story in that issue precedes it chronologically, then I think ASM #3 just might be the real 4rth appearance. Thanks for looking that up Jesse!