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Friday, November 7, 2014

Inhumans Key Issues Part 3

Here we are with the last and final part to this Inhumans key issues list that consolidates some of the more important keys and some speculative keys that introduces characters that may have a good chance of being in a Inhumans movie. Depending on the character and how much he or she is used, some of the keys in Part 3 may see the demand and value go up but then drop if it's apparent that they won't be used later in the movie franchise.

So, in terms of longevity, short-term vs. long-term, it's still way too early to tell for some issues listed here. So, I'll basically just say start off with short-term for most of these until they look promising as long-term comic investments. Sound reasonable?

If you missed Part 2 just click the link to head on back. Okay, let's finish this key issues list up.

First appearance of Evil Inhumans
First full appearance of Aireo
First appearance of Falcona, Nebulo, Leonus, Stallior, Timberius

I think I've mentioned this one before in the Hulk key issues list, but I don't remember mentioning anything about it pertaining to the Inhumans. Well, it seems that there are Evil Inhumans as well, and this issue shows the first appearance of these baddies whom hold allegiance to Maximus the Mad.

Among this group of followers who become enemies of the Inhuman royal family are Aireo, Falcana, Nebulo, Leonus, Stallior, and Timberius. These characters are often used in the later stories of the Inhumans, especially in their first titled volume one series.

There may be a very good chance that these characters are utilized in the first Inhumans movie, or if not, a later one. This key issue is not a sleeper by any account, and is already quite an expensive comic already.

If there is confirmation of these characters in the near future, I suspect the first appearance of the Evil Inhumans will see a push in demand. Incredible Hulk Special #1 was published October, 1968.

eBay - Seems to only be a few copies of this first Incredible Hulk annual on eBay. All are raw copies at the moment and no CGC in the search results as of this writing. Will probably change soon though.

mycomicshop - Just raw copies here and all are on consignment or going up for auction soon. Highest is a 5.5 low FN.

ComicConnect - One raw VF copy here at the moment.

First issue to Inhumans starring comic

Jack Kirby would further expand on mythos for the Inhumans he created, and he would lay down the great foundations in the Fantastic Four, Thor, and Amazing Adventures volume 2 titled series, entrenching them and tying them together deeply in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Kirby had been pushing for an Inhumans title for years, but it was always pushed back. To the displeasure of Jack Kirby, the Inhumans were shoved as a back feature in the Thor title. However, like I said, his work was impeccable in the Thor title concerning his vision for the Inhumans, and he was allowed to continue it in this comic titled series.

The groundwork that Kirby laid down for the Inhumans in Amazing Adventures furthered their distrust of the outside world. The distrust and prejudice that the Inhumans felt towards humans was mutually returned. Kirby cast the Inhumans in a truly anti-hero light, and his creations were all but ready to war against humanity if threatened.

Although the Amazing Adventures was co-shared the spotlight with the Black Widow, it was the first comic book that the Inhumans starred in that wasn't a back up feature. They would last until issue #10 before the title switched to feature other Marvel characters, namely the X-Men's The Beast. Kirby left after issue #4, and that doesn't mean just the title. He would leave Marvel Comics and go to DC Comics. This comic was published August, 1970.

eBay - Doesn't look like there's a problem finding raw copies for this key issue on the mighty eBay at the moment. There are CGC copies for this one though, and it has seemed to gain a bit of steam in terms of pricing. Highest CGC copies are two 9.6 NM+s. There's also a 9.4 NM with the old CGC label and a 9.2 low NM available.

mycomicshop - Two low grade raw copies here. Highest is a VG+ that goes up for auction tomorrow. One really low grade in stock at the time of this writing.

ComicConnect - Highgrade copies here, and one CGC 9.6 NM+. Three raw copies with the highest being a low NM.

ComicLink - One CGC 5.0 at an extremely ridiculous price for this grade and this comic.

NewKadia - If you're looking for discounted raw copies, NewKadia may have some cheaper options for this issue. Three raw copies with the highest being a VF. Photo or scan is up there to view for the VF copy.

First self-titled comic series

No surprise that the first issue to the very first titled series of the Inhumans is starting to see heat in the market. CGC 9.8s are already nearing the $500 mark, but dropping near the $400 and above range.

This series only lasted only lasted 12 issues before it was cancelled. It's in this series where the Sentry 459's prophecy becomes true, and the Kree becomes foes with the Inhumans, trying to recapture them for military purposes. The Kree are the main baddies, with the exception of Maximus and his Evil Inhumans, for our heroes in this short-lived comic series.

No clue whether that will be a premise in an Inhumans movie or not, but it seems likely as the Kree and Maximus and his Evil Inhumans are consistently written as threats to the royal family. Too early to tell, but Inhumans #1 from the first volume has definitely seen quite a bit of demand. It was published October, 1975.

eBay - Plenty of copies for this one here, and it's a wonder just why the prices have moved up. Also seems to be quite a bit of CGC 9.6s as well and even a PGX 9.8. NM+ 9.6s are in the $250 range and 9.8s should not be above $500. Lots of unslabbers to choose from if you desire that route.

mycomicshop - All low grade raw copies here. Not really worth mentioning.

ComicConnect - One CGC Signature Series at a 7.0 FN/VF grade. Signed by Stan Lee of course.

ComicLink - One CGC Signature Series at a 7.0 listed here as well. Probably the same copy at ComicConnect.

First appearance of Falzon
First appearance of Shatterstar

This is the issue where the Kree decide to scoop up their Inhumans experiment to use them for warring purposes, and they send Shatterstar, not to be confused with the Rob Liefeld creation, to hunt them down and bring them back.
Falzon is one of the only Kree leadership who disagrees with this move, and he becomes a semi-important supporting character in this story arc. Not quite so sure whether they will utilize Shatterstar in the movie or not. Marvel has been known to use more obscure characters in their library of comic characters.

Shatterstar does eventually align with Maximus and his Inhumans in this series, so it may be possible they'll bring that to the big screen. Inhumans #3 sees the first appearance of Shatterstar and Falzon and was published February, 1976.

eBay - Plenty of unslabbers for this issue on the mighty eBay. Some are claiming high grade or at least I saw a few VFs in the search results. Not surprised that there aren't any CGC or slabbed copies concerning this key.

mycomicshop - A low FN and VG+ raw copies in stock so far for this key issue.

First appearance of Ahura
First appearance of Minxi

Medusa and Black Bolt are gonna have a baby, but this is not a joyous occasion for the Inhumans. Those on the Inhumans Genetic Council believed Black Bolt's bloodline was too dangerous to pass on. In defiance, Medusa still bore their son, and this act threatened civil war.
The council took the baby to examine and forbade any parental contact. Black Bolt was torn between his love for his family yet his duty to respect the council. It was not until Black Bolt discovered they were using his baby son in a plot against him that he turned against them and relinquished his crown.

Marvel Graphic Novel #39, simply known as Marvel Graphic Novel The Inhumans gave a contemporary story of women's rights to choose. It holds the first appearance of Ahura Boltagon, and this character may be introduced in a future movie, as the story is a great one concerning the Inhumans and could be a subplot for a flick. It was published in 1988.

eBay - Only one copy of this one on the mighty eBay at the moment. It's a raw copy.

First issue to self-titled second series

I'm suspecting that this Modern Age key issue will be sought after by those into newer comics or just refuse to buy solid vintage comic investments. Different strokes for different folks.

Nonetheless, this is a great limited series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee and was part of the Marvel Knights imprint. Basically this series just redefined the look and feel of the Inhumans for a new generation of comic fans. This limited series focused on the Inhumans' Kree origins, inter-family struggles, and their distrust or xenophobia of outsiders and their place in a universe filled with aliens, super humans, mutants, and monsters.

Once again, Maximus and the Kree would not be friendlies in this series also. No surprise there. November, 1998 was when this comic was published.

eBay - As expected, this issue is also seeing heat in the market as least on eBay. Not much of a selection here though. Raw copies located but didn't see any CGC.

mycomicshop - Two raw copies at highly ridiculous prices for a Modern Age issue that's not all that comic investment worthy to begin with. I would not pay those prices for this book. Both are on consignment and highest is a low NM.

NewKadia - Only one NM copy here, but infinitely cheaper than the ones on consignment at mycomicshop and at a higher grade as well.

First appearance of the Unspoken

Bonus issue and probably a pretty important one as the Unspoken is greatly linked to the royal family. After all, he is Black Bolt's cousin and the story behind him is intriguing enough to possibly add into a movie script.

So before, Black Bolt became king, his cousin occupied the throne, but enraged the young royal family when he stole the Slave Engine and Xerogen Crystals, the very elements that produce the Terrigen Mists, and removed it from Attilan. The young royals claimed that by removing their greatest weapon, it rendered all the Inhumans vulnerable to the humans.

The King claimed that this weapon was too powerful for any race and shouldn't be used, refusing to disclose where he had hidden it. Medusa, speaking on Black Bolt's behalf, of course, makes a challenge of succession. Although the King is more powerful than Black Bolt, he is overpowered by his young cousin and loses the battle with Black Bolt claiming the throne.

Black Bolt and the royal family exile the cousin, and declare that his name be removed from the histories, hence the name The Unspoken. Many are already speculating that this character may be or become a possible villain for an Inhumans movie. Whether this turns out to be true, I do believe that he will be introduced on the big screen regardless and just may be a villain.

This first appearance of the Unspoken was published September, 2009.

eBay - A few options here for this issue. No CGC, just raw copies but higher probability of picking up a high grade copy of this one since it is a recent Modern Age book.

mycomicshop - NM copy and a VF copy in stock at mycomicshop.

NewKadia - Only one VF+ copy in stock at NewKadia at the time of this writing.

There are other volumes that I could list here but there aren't that many important characters introduced that I see collectors really gunning for. More like supporting characters that most won't even realize or take notice.

So far, some the keys concerning certain characters I've listed here in the earlier parts to this Inhumans key issues list will definitely be in the movie, such as any character within the regular royal family like Medusa, Black Bolt, Crystal, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Lockjaw.

I'm pretty sure Maximus will be in the Inhumans' movie franchise as well, and will probably be a major villain for a film. However, it's not sure how long he will utilized throughout the franchise. I hope he is set up like Loki in the Thor franchise. Alpha Primates will definitely be in there.

Some of the other keys in this list are high probability ones, as they are more linked to the over-all mythos of the Inhumans. Maximus' Evil Inhumans have a high probability of being on the silver screen.

If you think there are others that should be gunned for, just sound off in the comments below. I didn't put Luna Maximoff, child of Crystal and Quicksilver, in this list. That's already listed in the Fantastic Four key issues and you click that link above to find out which issue holds her first appearance.

If you missed the beginning of this Inhumans key comics list, you can click this Part 1 link. If you missed the PREVIOUS post, just click the blue link below to go back. Otherwise, thanks for reading and hope this helps you on your hunt!


  1. mayhem is know you don't care about low grade as an investment on most comics does that include golden era also? thanks for the help on the strange tales annual 2 by the way. JW

    1. I have no problem with low grade when it comes to major keys in the Golden and even some Silver Age.