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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Issue Comics List

There are a tiny few DC Characters that I actually like. Batman and Wonder Woman are two, but one of them and in my top 10 is definitely Green Lantern.

Maybe it's the costume, maybe because the color green and black are my two favorite colors, maybe it's because he's got a cool ring that constructs anything he wills. I dunno, I've just always liked the character, and even though I like Batman in comics and in the movies better, my favorite on Super Friends was Green Lantern as a kid.

So, were gonna do an Ultimate list of Green Lantern key issues starting with the Golden Age and working our way to some Modern Age, so expect this to have several parts. 

This is Part 1. So without further ado...In brightest day, in blackest night...

First appearance of Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

Perhaps, the holy grail of Green Lantern comics is All-American Comics #16 and holds the first appearance of Green Lantern. Of course, this is the Golden Age version and original Alan Scott, and it's this version which started it all for the character, obviously.

Alan Scott and the original Green Lantern was created by Martin Nodell and Bill Finger, and the comic that holds his first appearance was published by All-American Publications which was founded by Max Gaines before merging with DC Comics.

Alan Scott, later established as the Earth Two Green Lantern in DC continuity Pre-Crisis, is no doubt the basis or later inspiration for his Silver Age counterpart, Hal Jordan. There were differences, however. As I've probably noted this in another key issues list, his lamp was a magical lamp in the beginning, and he fashioned a ring for himself.
The ring also could not affect anything made of wood or plant matter, instead of the Silver Age weakness of the color yellow, and his power ring only lasted 24 hours before he had to recharge it. Like the Green Lanterns that were revamped after him, Alan Scott could use the ring to conjure up solid objects. They would also be called "constructs". This highly important DC comic was published July, 1940.

eBay - No surprise that's there's only one copy here at the moment. It is a CGC slabbed copy, and it's a Restored 8.0 VF. Still a whole lot of mulah even though it's restored. No raw copies, and I doubt that there aren't too may unslabbed copies out there in the market for this one.

ComicConnect - A CGC 8.0 VF Restored label here as well. Probably the same on listed on eBay.

2nd appearance of G.A. Green Lantern

As the note above states, this is the famous 2nd appearance of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Though only a 2nd appearance, this one is definitely no cheap find and one of the most sought out Green Lantern comics out there in the collector's market.

Green Lantern was an extremely popular character during the Golden Age, and although not as popular as Hal Jordan, he is still a staple in the DC Comics Universe for sure. Sure, this is a solid investment comic, but any early Golden Age Green Lantern comic, even common issues, would be cool to add to any vault. All-American Comics #17 and the 2nd appearance of the Golden Age Green Lantern was published August, 1940. .

eBay - A bit more options for the 2nd appearance of Green Lantern on the mighty eBay at the moment. Some mid-grade unslabbed copies spotted and only one CGC 5.5 low FN copy. Definitely a bit more affordable than the first Golden Age appearance of Green Lantern, but still up there in price as expected.

ComicConnect - Only raw copies but in the mid-grade range. FN/VF copy and a FN+ here at the moment of this writing.

3rd appearance of G.A. Green Lantern
First appearance of Irene Miller

This is the 3rd appearance of the original Green Lantern in comics ever, and while that is important, it's not the only thing that's important about this issue. This comic also sees the first appearance of Irene Miller, a co-worker of Alan Scott and secretary at the Apex Building in which Scott was an engineer.

Irene Miller was an early love interest for Scott, and she shared many adventures with him under his masked identity of Green Lantern. She is one of the first supporting characters for the Golden Age Green Lantern.

Oh, yes, I suppose you could also say that this comic also is the 3rd Green Lantern on a cover as well if that icing on the cake floats your boat and adds extra importance to the comic. September, 1940 was when All-American Comics #18 was published. In-store date is July 20, 1940.

eBay - Five copies spotted so far on the mighty eBay. Two are raw copies and one is advertised as a VG. Other three are CGC slabbers with the highest being a 7.0 FN/VF, which is a great grade for an early Golden Age comic. Next two options are a 5.5 low FN and a 4.5 VG+. All, as expected are pretty up there in price.

mycomicshop - Only one copy and it's a CGC 5.5 low FN. Maybe the same one on eBay and probably cheaper here at mycomicshop.

ComicConnect - Two raw copies here as well for this key issue. One is a VG and the other is a cover less.

ComicLink - CGC 2.5 GD+ here and a raw 1.8 low GD.

Green Lantern begins in title
4rth appearance of Green Lantern

An extremely important comic as well as this titled series would see the formation of an extremely important superhero team in the world of comics. For the meantime though, All-Star Comics #2 sees the introduction of the Golden Age Green Lantern in this titled series.

Since this comic also ties with All-American Comics #18 in terms of publishing date, the in-store date is after AAC #18. Comic was published September, 1940. In store date, August 23, 1940, and I do believe this is the 4rth appearance of Green Lantern as well.

eBay - We got three unslabbed, raw copies here. For some inane reason the lowest grade at a GD+ is the most expensive. Other raw options for this key issue are a VG and GD/VG. One CGC copy here that's an 8.0 VF but Restored copy.

ComicConnect - One high grade CGC 8.5 VF+ copy and it is a Universal label. Amazing! Two low grade raw copies with the highest being a VG.

First appearance of Justice Society of America
Origin of Justice Society of America
1st superhero team in comics

And here's the mega important comic. Yep, DC Comics was on the ball with this one, and they were the first to brazenly decide to put a bunch of superheroes together and form a team. All-Star Comics #3 is not just the first appearance of the Justice Society of America, it's historically the first comic to have a superhero team in it.

Thus, the JSA are the very first superhero team in comics ever. Pretty important comic on two fronts there, and this will be no small chunk of change to own even in low grades. The Golden Age Flash, Hawkman, and Green Lantern were part of the original Justice Society. Wonder Woman would later join. December, 1940 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Only two copies with one a raw copy and the other a CGC copy. CGC copy is not surprisingly a Restored label, but it is high grade 8.0 VF. Raw copy is toted as a VG or VG+ and not restored if you wanna believe it.

2nd appearance of Justice Society of America
1st adventure for JSA

The second appearance of the Justice Society of America is in All-Star Comics #4, and this first superhero team in comics would go on it's first adventure in this issue. This adventure is a World War II type tale that involves spies who plan to destroy America from within on behalf of the Axis powers of the time.
The JSA are requested by the FBI to stop these threats and the team does so. Their first adventure is in the story For America and Democracy. April, 1941 is the publishing date for All-Star Comics #4.

eBay - Only five copies for the original 1st printing of this key issue. Only one is a raw copy but toted as a super high grade 9.4 NM. I wonder why they didn't just grade this one at CGC to be honest. One CGCs 7.5 low VF and considered high grade for early Golden Age issues, and the highest CGC is an 8.5 VF+. Lowest is a slabbed VG. All are Universal labels as well, which is pretty awesome!

ComicConnect - Only two copies here and both are CGC. One is an 8.5 VF+ and the other a 7.5 low VF. Probably the same ones on eBay so better check which is cheaper if you're intent on snagging this Golden Age key issue. Last raw copy is a reprint so don't get all excited about the price.

ComicLink - One raw VG copy and a CGC 5.5 low FN copy at ComicLink for now.

This is the end of Part 1 to this Green Lantern key comics list, but as stated before, there are several parts left to go. Part 2 will still deal with the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, and in terms of comic investments or solid comic investing choices, these comics are important to discuss or list.

Just click the PART 2 link below for more Green Lantern key issues.

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