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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Comic Issues Part 4

Part 4 will be wrapping up with the last of the Golden Age Green Lantern key issues and heading right into the Silver Age Green Lantern key comic issues about mid-way. So, we'll be looking at some pretty important key issues concerning both Alan Scott and Hal Jordan.

For the upcoming movie, it remains unclear whether Hal Jordan will be reprised or if they'll go for another GL member such as John Stewart to join the ranks of the Justice League of America on the silver screen. Either way, this will be a large resource for you to check when more news does come out for this character.

If you missed Part 3, you can click the link and read up on that. If not, here are more Green Lantern key comic issue to snag!

Last Green Lantern in titled series
Last issue

Ah, and the famous period of time during the Golden Age when superhero comics were out of fashion or not popular anymore with readers. Even the mighty Green Lantern wasn't immune to this.

All-American Comics #102 would see the last appearance of the Golden Age Green Lantern in the tile. Actually, it would be the last issue of this titled series as many superhero comics were being cancelled around this time. October, 1948 is when this comic was published.

eBay - About 8 copies here at the time of this writing. Two or three are raw copies. 5 are CGC. All CGC are Universal labels and the highest is a 9.2 low NM. Yowza! An 8.0 VF slabbed is the next highest for slabbed copies. A raw is advertised as an 8.5 VF+, but still commands a hefty price. Lower grade options are available as well, but not many.

mycomicshop - Only one copy here and it's a CGC 9.2. Probably the same one on eBay and probably a tad cheaper at mycomicshop, depending if you have eBay Bucks.

ComicConnect - Two raw copies and one CGC copy here at the moment. Two raw copies are a VF and a FN/VF. Slabbed CGC copy is a 7.0 FN/VF.

Last issue to first Green Lantern series
First appearance of Mister Paradox
Another last issue in the realm of Golden Age Green Lantern, but this time his own comic series got the boot. No surprise since characters like Streaky the Wonder Dog were introduced as a last ditch effort to recapture the reader's attention during the time.

Still this last issue does see the first appearance of Mister Paradox. Not an extremely important Green Lantern villain though. As a last issue, Green Lantern #38 may have a low print run. It was published October, 1949, and is still a great Green Lantern key issue to snag.

eBay - There seems to be only one copy here on the mighty eBay at the moment. It is a CGC which is no surprise, and it is a 7.5 low VF. Yep, it's a Universal label as well.

ComicConnect - Only one copy for the Golden Age Green Lantern #38. It's a CGC 7.5 low VF.

Last G.A. appearance of Green Lantern

Here it is! The very final appearance of Green Lantern, Alan Scott, during the Golden Age of comics in All-Star Comics #57. Although, his last Golden Age appearance, the character would be revived during the Silver Age.

I believe I covered some of that in the Justice League of America key issues list. This comic is scarce though, but not entirely all that sought out for a Golden Age key.

Just my opinion, but it should be. March, 1951 was when this comic was published, and it is the last Golden Age appearance of Green Lantern as well as the Justice Society of America team.

eBay - Three copies at the moment and one of them is a CGC. It's a restored 8.0 VF though. Other two are raw copies, and one is advertised as a VG/FN.

mycomicshop - The same CGC restored 8.0 VF copy is at mycomicshop also.

ComicConnect - Two copies here and one is a CGC slab and the other is a raw copy. The CGC is an 8.0 VF and not restored like the one on eBay. It is a bright, shiny Universal label. Raw copy is a VG/FN.

ComicLink - Three CGC copies here with the highest being a 7.0 FN/VF. Lowest are two 6.5 FN+s.

First appearance of Hal Jordan
First appearance of Silver Age Green Lantern
First appearance and death of Abin Sur
First appearance of Carol Ferris

Without a doubt, this is the more popular version of Green Lantern, and Hal Jordan, the second Green Lantern and known as the Silver Age Green Lantern came during the revival of superhero comics during this era after the Flash proved to be a huge success.

As I've been saying, you can't keep superhero comics down for long. However, this revival did need to revamp a few characters. The Flash was revamped into another reincarnation, and so would Green Lantern. This new GL was Hal Jordan, a test pilot who comes across a dying alien named Abin Sur, whom was a Green Lantern.

Hal Jordan is selected by the ring to be the next successor, and is also given a battery to recharge the power ring to protect all life in Sector 2814. Created by John Broome and Gil Kane, this inter-stellar space cop revamp from the original Green Lantern gave the character a more Science Fiction feel, and would the character a much better base to expand the mythos, back story and Green Lantern universe in a more broader direction than Alan Scott's could.

The first appearance of the Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordon is also considered the Holy Grail of Green Lantern key issues to own, and Showcase #22 also has the first appearance of Carol Ferris, a love interest for Hal Jordan and an important supporting character. This solid comic investment was published October, 1959.

eBay - No problem finding a slabbed copy or raw copy on the mighty eBay for this one. High grade is a different story though, and the highest CGC copy is a 6.5 FN+, and it's of course asking for quite a lot. Most are lower grade slabs. Quite a few raw copies and they aren't much cheaper.

mycomicshop - Only one copy and it's a raw PR.

ComicConnect - No surprise that there are a few copies here as well. Most are low grade, even for the slabbed copies and three are up for auction as I write this. The third one starts Dec 8th  and is a PR but a CGC copy. Highest copy there is a CGC 5.5 low FN.

ComicLink - Only two copies here and both are CGC slabs. One is a 7.5 low VF and the other a 3.0 GD/VG.

2nd appearance of Green Lantern
2nd appearance of Carol Ferris
First appearance of the Invisible Destroyer
Showcase #23 has the second appearance of the Green Lantern Hal Jordan as well as Carol Ferris. In the first story of this issue called, Summons from Space, Green Lantern gets a distress call via his power ring from the Guardians claiming that a danger on Venus needs to be stopped.

Green Lantern travels there and fights with, uhmm, dinosaurs, whom are terrorizing a tribe of humanoid aliens.

In the second story of this comic simply called The Invisible Destroyer, we see one of the first appearance of one of the first villains for the Silver Age Green Lantern. However, the Invisible Destroyer is a very, very minor one.

Aside from the first appearance, this issue is mainly sought for being the 2nd appearance of the Silver Age Hal Jordan. It is a solid comic investment and already highly valuable. This Silver Age key issue was published December, 1959.

eBay - No problem finding raw or slabbed copies for this one at the moment. Highest slab is a 6.5 FN+ though. 2nd highest are two 6.0 FNs, and one is a PGX. Lower grade copies are also available as well.

ComicConnect - Four copies here with only one being a slabbed CGC. The CGC is a VG and is up for auction at the time of this writing. There's also a raw VG+ up for auction as well. A VG copy is in stock also.

ComicLink - A few copies here for this one, both raw and slabbed. Highest slabbed is a 7.5 low VF. Lowest slabbed is a 3.5 low VG. Highest raw copy is a 5.0 VG/FN.

3rd appearance of 2nd Green Lantern
3rd appearance of Carol Ferris
The last issue to his try out run in Showcase, this comic holds the 3rd appearance of the 2nd Green Lantern known as Hal Jordan, and despite being a 3rd appearance, this comic is still quite valuable. Note that the Fantastic Four #1 hadn't even been published yet when this comic came out.

Green Lantern was one of the early superheroes to help spearhead their revival during the Silver Age. I keep mentioning the appearances of Carol Ferris as well, and that's because Hal Jordan worked for her and her father's company Ferris Aircrafts. She is vice president of the company, but more important, a long-time love interest for the character.

Nothing really exciting happens in this issue though. Green Lantern goes up against a pick-pocket who steal secret missile plans from him as he is on his way to deliver them to the military. When he tracks the thief down, he discovers its actually a group of thieves who plan to use the plans to build a missile of their own.

In the 2nd story to this issue, GL goes up against some weird creature that's rampaging in Coast City. The 3rd appearance of Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris in Showcase #24 was published February, 1960.

eBay - Quite a few options for the 3rd appearance of Green Lantern in the Silver Age. Highest slabbed is a an 8.0 VF, and there are a few lower grade slabbed copies as well. Raw copies also present and some are advertised as low VFs.

mycomicshop - Two raw, low grade copies here. One goes up for auction Dec 6th and is a low GD. Highest is a measly GD.

ComicConnect - Three raw copies and two CGC copies present at ComicConnect for now. The CGC copies are both high grade and one is a 9.0 VF/NM and the other an 8.5 VF+. Both are glorious Universal labels and the 9.0 is up for auction at the time of this writing. Highest raw copy is a low VF.

ComicLink - About five CGC copies here and six raw copies. Highest raw copy is a 5.5 low FN and the highest CGC copy is an 8.0 VF Universal.

We are definitely in the Silver Age of Green Lantern key issues now, and they are definitely more popular than the Golden Age GL key comics. All of these in Part 4 are solid comic investments and have proven to be throughout the decades.

As the Green Lantern universe and mythos is greatly expanded during this era, we will see quite a bit of key issue comics in this title, especially during the Silver Age as it is the age that greatly builds the foundations of these characters. So, we've got more Green Lantern key comic issues coming up in Part 5.

If you missed Part 3, click the PREVIOUS link to head on back. Otherwise, click the PART 5 link below to continue with this key comics list.


  1. Sorry to post this comment in the wrong article, but I just noticed this, a CBCS 9.6 spiderman 301 just dropped for $40!!

    Most CGC 9.6 equivalents are dropping over $100. Have you noticed or compared CBCS books with CGC books? Are they comparable? I'm talking any books, not just ASM, used that as an example. Thanks for all the great articles!! Awesome site.

    1. From the books I've watched, CBCS is comparable to CGC. ASM #101 is dropping at 9.6 starting with late Oct as a copy only sold for $79.98. Demand isn't very high for this book this month at 9.6, and it's dropped considerably. CGC 9.8s are still strong...more rare...near $700-$800 dollars and still dropping at those prices.

      I think these Copper Age books, ASM #300 especially, are highly over-inflated and will most likely bust in the near future, or it could just be on a down swing and then pick up again like the Daredevil #168 I got which was quite a bit under guide.

      But to answer your question, CBCS prices are pretty close to CGC for important keys...much closer than PGX.

    2. PGX gets a bad rap, but I have gotten PGX Graded Comics for half of guide and they are already graded (sealed). I have to laugh when I see people walking away from a pgx copy of Brave Bold 29 5.0 for less than half price of overstreet....I'll take that thank You~ LK

    3. Every grading service gets a bad rap. CGC is getting a lot of complaints now as well, and CBCS hasn't started off too great. I have to admit, I don't care much for PGX. They've consistently gotten a bad rap since they hit the scene, but when it comes to half off guide, unslabbed or slabbed, I don't care, I'll snag it if it's a major key like BATB #28 or #29. I do prefer it be CGC though.

  2. Off Topic Question: Do you think that a comic such as Iron Man #55 (1st Thanos/Drax) will continue to hold it's value 15-20 years from now. With the movies pushing this comic it's obviously skyrocketing, but will it continue to hold AFTER the movies go away, or will it be like a baseball card who's player has retired and gone to the hall of fame...and then loses all interest/value. Keep in mind that 5 years ago this comic was NOT a key staple. Food for thought. LK

    1. You are right L.K., it is food for thought definitely, but let's break down Thanos and his character. Before, Thanos was a cult fan favorite, not all that popular, but he's very tied into the MCU. He is a great marvel cross over character for events, meaning when he starts doing messed up things, it involves the MCU on a grand scale. Probably why they chose Thanos for this movie build up in the first place.

      Now, he's extremely popular and yes it has to do with the movies, but I think he is here to stay. He is part of movie history, as Disney and Marvel Studios are the first EVER to create a shared comic universe on screen. That will always be remembered among comic fans. That won't be forgotten anytime soon.

      After the movies will the value drop some? At first no, but as time goes on? Yeah, I predict it will drop a bit, but not insanely drop like plummet back to Overstreet values or anywhere near it before all the movie hype.

      Let's look at Iron Fist, whom was pretty much in the same boat as Thanos before the movie and then TV hype. A cult favorite among comic fans, but he isn't really tied into anything on a grand scale like Thanos.

      His first appearance might drop significantly unless the Netflix shows are a hit and they plan some insane stuff with Iron Fist after. He's not really a character that can be the center of an event that draws in a large majority of the MCU.

      Now when I say I think ASM #300 will bust in the near future, I am taking into account of the massive number of high grade copies out there for that issue. Iron Man #55 at 9.8 only has 47 copies in the CGC Census. 9.6 is at 95. I'm sure there are PGX copies and raw copies out there for that issue and that grade also, but ASM #300 has 528 at 9.8 and 1613 for 9.6 not including all the ungraded copies or PGX out there as well.

      Chances are when it comes to ungraded Iron Man #55 and ASM #300, more ASM #300s will probably come back 9.8s or 9.6s than the amount of raw Iron Man #55 copies still ungraded out there. Also, I have less faith in Sony than I do in Marvel/Disney when it comes to planning out their flicks for their characters.

      I love Venom and I love ASM #300. I've been talking about that comic forever, but bias aside, I don't think it is a good time to buy now for that comic. Also, this is just my opinion. I could very well be wrong and it could go up to $2000 and hold there 15-20 years from now.

      In terms of Baseball cards and comics, that's not really a fair comparison. Baseball players rarely have constant revivals like comic characters do - death of, sex change, joins or leaves group, return of, turns into robot - unless of course a movie is done about the player and that only lasts so long. With comic characters, creative teams can constantly change characters and regain comic collector interest if readership is failing. You can't reinvent Jackie Robinson or Babe Ruth or Joe Jackson. Their tales are pretty much done while comic character tales are pretty much infinite, cause, well, they're not real people.

      I don't mean bust as in there will be no demand whatsoever for the first appearance of Venom. That's a character that has had good natural demand for a long time no doubt, but the demand for it now is too surreal and too fast. 2 days after confirmation is insanely fast and you have admit that it is speculator driven, not fan driven, or comic investor driven, but those looking to get a quick flip. If that's the case, more copies may flood the market than there is natural demand in the near future, you may see the value drop back to it's natural demand around a little above the values it was going for before the movie hype. Those buying at the tail end of hype just might get a rude awakening in a few years, especially speculators flipping.

      Or, maybe not. It all depends on how many are actually holding onto to them long term or short-term, and what you think people are willing to pay for in the future for a specific key issue.

    2. WOW! Very Thorough Answer! You are right on the money. Thanos is a Huge part of the Marvel Universe and deserves to be in the Marvel/Disney Movie Franchise. I just remembered what you had said about sticking to the Key Issues, and now it seems there are tons more keys thanks to movie news. It's becoming harder to decide which are for the long haul, or just quick cash grab based on hype. Thanks for taking the time to explain. Always a pleasure hearing from the most Educated and Cleaver Comic Investor I know. ROCK ON!!! lk

    3. I hear is getting confusing, and I must admit I'm getting boggled as well when it comes to short-term and long-term. I've always admitted that I'm not that great at short-term, and all these new key issues being discovered is insane.

      Lots were sleepers before because they weren't that well-known, or guide didn't bother to note the key issue importance of it. Then again, there were some that were known key issues but nobody really cared all that much for the character - best example and my favorite Speedball.

      The first appearance of Brother Voodoo is gaining heat only because speculation that he may be a Doctor Strange villain in the future, but I'm just like eh. Don't want to touch it long-term.

      New rumors have circulated that the Venom/Carnage movie was dropped, but they'll now be the main villains for Amazing Spider-Man 3. If Carnage only happens to be a one time villain in a movie, I'm suspecting that will be a short-term investment. If it looks like they'll build on Carnage then it'll be a different game for ASM #361. I could very well be wrong. We are heading in new waters and you're absolutely's getting tough to figure out flippers or ones to hold onto for many of these new keys surfacing.

      Most sleepers, not all, depending on how the character is being built up in the movie or TV world, I am not trusting all that much as long-term investments in the current market, especially in the newer range of comics such as some Copper and most Moderns.

      Dude, you are probably more on the ball with certain key issues than I am. Doctor Strange 2nd and 3rd appearances. You brought those up before I even caught on. Brave and the Bold #29, 2nd appearance of Carol Danvers, I could go on.

      I learn just as much from those who frequent this site as they learn from here, because the great thing is that we all see things differently and have different perspectives on this comic collecting beast that we all love.

      ROCK ON! LK, always great to hear from you and talk comics, and I hope the weather is treating you good over there on the East Coast. I've seen on the news you guys are getting some crazy cold and snow.

      My pops and I were thinking of somehow getting all that snow and transporting here to Nor Cal, cause we definitely need some water.