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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Comic Books Part 5

Welcome to Part 5 of this more in-depth Green Lantern key comic books list or simply Green Lantern key issues. We are definitely in the early Silver Age of comics for Hal Jordan and moving right along to some keys that definitely expand and build the core of GL's comic book universe.

Don't think I really need to say that most, if not all, listed in Part 5 are important Green Lantern key comics, or that they're great comics to invest in either. You probably already figured this.

So, if you missed Part 4, click that blue link to head back. If not, enjoy Part 5, or at least I hope you enjoy Part 5.

First appearance of the Justice League of America
4rth appearance of Silver Age Green Lantern?

This one again, and when it comes to DC Comics characters in the Justice League of America, this one will probably be in every key issues lists as it is the first appearance of the Justice League of America. Green Lantern is known to be a founding member, so it is a Green Lantern key comic technically.

I know, you're probably tired of seeing this one on most every list, just as I'm getting weary of noting it. However, the first appearance of the Justice League of America in Brave and the Bold #28 just may be the 4rth appearance of the Silver Age Hal Jordan at least when it comes to publishing date. Brave and the Bold #28 precedes Green Lantern #1. Actually, Hal Jordan last appeared in Brave and the Bold #30 before Green Lantern #1. When it comes to canon, I'm not sure as canonical appearances seems to mess a lot of things up.

Still, an important comic and definitely on the hot burner.  March, 1960 was when Brave and the Bold was published.

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First issue to 2nd titled series
First Puppet Master
First appearance of Guardians of the Universe
First appearance of Oa
It was not long after when Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern received his own titled comic series. This would be volume 2 and hold the first appearance of the Guardians of the Universe.

Their first appearance was in the first story, The Planet of Doomed Men, to this comic issue. This story retells the origin as Hal Jordan's astral self is transported to Oa, the world where the Guardians inhabit, in order for them to find out just whom the power ring has chosen to take Abin Sur's place.

Hal retells the events that happened and the Guardians deem him worthy. However, they agree that it's too early for him to know of their existence so they erase his memory and send him back to Earth.

The second story, Menace of the Giant Puppet, has the first appearance of Puppet Master or Puppeteer. He is a pretty minor villain in the DCU. August, 1960 was when Green Lantern #1 was published.

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2nd issue to 2nd titled series
First appearance of Pie Face
First appearance of Qwardians
First appearance of Antimatter Universe
Pie Face is an extremely important supporting character in the 2nd series for Hal Jordan as he is his best friend. He is of Inuit descent (Eskimo family) and an engineer at Ferris Aircraft.

His real name is Thomas Kalmaku, and his nickname of Pie Face hasn't been used for quite some time now, but it was during the Silver Age. Though many fans suspected that Pie Face came from Eskimo Pie, it is actually a 60s American slang for "round face".

The first appearance of Pie Face is not the only important reason this is a key issue. Green Lantern #2 has several DC first appearances that are important that are often over-looked. First is the first appearance of the Qwardians.

During the birth of the universe in DC lore, an Antimatter Universe (or Negative Matter Universe) was also created and mirrored the Positive Matter Universe at least on Earth-One. The planet Qward would be a planet that would be the Antimatter analogue to the Positive matter planet Oa.

The Qwardians, known as the Weaponers of Qward are the main adversaries of the Guardians of the Universe and are the negative dimensional counterparts to the Green Lantern Corps.

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First appearance of Hector Hammond

Yes, you saw him in the movie, and Hector Hammond has been a notable Green Lantern villain. It was radiation from a meteorite that caused his brain to grow and head to swell awfully large, giving him psionic powers.

The radiation unfortunately left his body immobilized and he lost his ability to speak as well, but he could control others with his telepathic powers. Hector Hammond has battled Alan Scott as well as Kyle Raynor.

Green Lantern #5 is the first appearance of Hector Hammond and is a must-have early Green Lantern key issue to own. It was published April, 1961. 

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First appearance of Tomar-Re

An alien Green Lantern from Xudor, Tomar-Re is a notable and prominent member of the Green Lantern Corps. He investigated Sinestro's abuse of power and was close friends with Abin Sur.

Tomar-Re protects Sector 2813, and even had a mission that involved the planet Krypton, which was in that part of the sector. In that mission, he was to take a rare compound called Stellarium that could absorb the tectonic pressure that was causing Krypton's core to become unstable. Pretty neat.

He was en route when a solar flare suddenly popped up and blinded him, causing him to drop most of the Stellarium. Blinded, he took what little of the compound he had left and continued towards Krypton. Of course, he did not make it in time, and as his vision started to clear, the first thing he saw was Krypton exploding. This is not in this issue, but is the back story of Tomar-Re.

In this issue, Tomar-Re asks for Hal's assistance in stopping space monsters that threaten his home world of Xudor. After helping his fellow Green Lantern, Tomar-Re explains a few mysteries to Hal Jordan, one of them being that there are obviously other Green Lanterns who protect different sectors within the universe.

Another important Green Lantern key issue to have and was published June, 1961.

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First appearance of Sinestro
Origin of Sinestro
Ah, here is an extremely sought-out and important Green Lantern key. It's probably one of the best Green Lantern key issues to own in the volume 2 series besides issue #1.

And rightly so! After all, Sinestro is Green Lantern's ultimate nemesis in the comics. A once fellow Green Lantern who turned bad, the origin of Sinestro was told to Hal Jordan by the Guardians of the Universe, thus implying that Hal Jordan had never met Sinestro before.

However, it would later be retconned that Sinestro was actually a mentor of Hal Jordan before he abused his powers and established himself supreme ruler of Korugar. This retcon of Sinestro's origin in much later comics would have Hal Jordan be the one who discovers Sinestro's abuse of power.

Retcon or not, Green Lantern #7 and the first appearance of Sinestro is an ultimate must-have and solid Green Lantern comic to invest in without a doubt. Not the first time I've recommended this comic. Probably won't be the last either. August, 1961 was when this key was published.

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As we can see, quite a few important Green Lantern key issues, and two of them are quite over-looked. Well, at least I think so. Most are still up there in NM range high grades though and that's to be expected. 

Well, we've got several more parts to this Green Lantern key comic books list and more Silver Age keys to deal with as well. If you missed Part 5, click the PREVIOUS link below to catch up on that. Otherwise,  click the PART 6 link below to continue.

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