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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Black Panther Key Comics

Although I have many of these Black Panther key comics in other key issues lists such as the Fantastic Four and Avengers key issues, I've decided to concentrate them all in one very short list just to make it easier for those who are searching for important Black Panther issues to snag up. These are not all the key issues pertaining to Black Panther. These are just some the more important or the ones that have the highest probability of their value being affected by the Black Panther movie just recently announced.

Of course, I will list some ones that are considered minor keys in the current market, but semi-important to the mythos of the Black Panther with nothing to do with a possible movie. Whether those become in-demand are yet to be seen, but they are fun to include.

First appearance of Black Panther
First appearance of Wakanda

I've recommended this one for some time now, and there's really not much else to say that I haven't already said before considering the first appearance of Black Panther. He's a cool character, will be getting his own movie, which is now confirmed, and even the rumors before the confirmation spiked the value of Fantastic Four #52 considerably.

Now, with the confirmation that Black Panther will be in Captain America: Civil War movie in 2016, his own solo venture in 2018, and assuming he'll be in the Avengers Infinity Wars two part flicks, I think demand for this Black Panther key issue will continue upward. Chad Boseman will be playing T'Challa, and I'm especially excited in finally seeing this character brought to the big screen! The first appearance of Black Panther was published July, 1966.

First appearance of A.I.M.

Purely speculation here with this issue and I'll explain why. In terms of Black Panther, the A.I.M. group is important to the later origin story that is told in depth after Fantastic Four #53. If there was perfect time to introduce and spotlight the A.I.M. organization to the big screen or Marvel Cinematic universe, a Black Panther movie would be it.

If they do opt to include A.I.M. as a major villainous group for the Black Panther in his solo movie, I'm sure they will twist it around. It's expected, and I could even see Klaw as a member of this group for the movie. Of course, there is the chance that they won't even include the organization in the movie also, but it would be nice to see them base some of the comic mythology pertaining to the Black Panther on the big screen.

You'll learn later in this list why I put the first appearance of A.I.M. and Strange Tales #146 as a possible key issue for Black Panther that may see some demand. This one might be one to keep an eye on as further Black Panther movie news develops. Comic was published July, 1966.

2nd appearance of Black Panther
Black Panther origin
First appearance and origin of Klaw
First appearance of T'Chaka & actual death
First Wakandan vibranium

This key issue was over-looked only about a month ago, but now it's seen a big push in demand. For good reason also.

Not only is this the 2nd appearance of Black Panther, it holds many over-looked firsts as well. Fantastic Four #53 marks the first appearance of Klaw as well as his and the Black Panther's first origin stories. This comic also sees the first appearance and actual death of T'Chaka, T'Challa's pops.

Also, we get the first appearance of vibranium, as we know it today in the MCU, meaning vibranium from Wakanda. Vibranium was introduced in Daredevil #13, but that variation of the metal is known as Anti-Metal and not the variation from Wakanda that's connected to Cap's shield or Klaw's sonic weapon. The Wakandan vibranium can absorb sound and kinetic energy and it's this variation of the metal that's simply known as vibranium in Marvel continuity. August, 1966 was when this comic was published.

3rd appearance of Black Panther

In case you have this one already, this is the 3rd appearance of Black Panther. This may be a one to get if you already have the character's first and second appearances. Fantastic Four #54 may see an increase for those who can't afford Black Panther's first or second appearance, but it might not either. September, 1966 was when the 3rd appearance of Black Panther was published.

1st meeting between Black Panther & Captain America

I must admit, I missed this key in the Tales of Suspense key issues list, and this key is a semi-important one that starts the story arc of Black Panther joining the Avengers eventually. Tales of Suspense #98 features the first time Black Panther (T'Challa) and Captain America (Steve Rodgers) first meet.

It would be later written that Steve Rodgers as Cap and Azzuri, T'Chaka's father, as the Black Panther met during World War II. This issue has seen a bit of demand but nothing major, meaning that this issue is being sold more but not enough to really spike the value up considerably just yet.

Black Panther agrees to joining Avengers
First Silver Age Captain America self-titled issue
In terms of importance in Black Panther keys, this is a semi important one as well. Taking up where the story arc of Tales of Suspense #98 and #99 left off, the end of Captain America #100 sees T'Challa finally taking up Captain America's offer of joining the Avengers. Also, this is the first issue to the self-titled Captain America series since the Golden Age of comics, and that adds more umphff to the importance of this Silver Age key issue. This issue preludes to Black Panther joining the Avengers and was published April, 1968.

Some of the keys in this Black Panther key comics list won't really be affected all that much due to the confirmation of the Black Panther film. The important keys like the first appearance of Black Panther and Klaw are the top keys most are gunning for in the current market.

Some of the key issues in Part 2 are heating up in the market. Others will be more speculative or keys that further detail T'Challa or Wakanda's history. Part 2 is ready so just click the link below to continue.


  1. thanks mayhem. JW

  2. TCM,

    This just in, an unslabbed copy of FF #52 that looked around 8.5 - 9.4 sold by original owner just ended on ebay for $2,380.00! Isn't that insane. It was a beautiful copy but man that seems insanely high. what do you think?

    I was hoping to get that copy for about $1000 but it ran way out of my price range. Bad time to buy this issue for sure. 2 years ago I bought a copy in 5.0 for $70. At that time this book in 9.4 was about $350.00. I kept delaying and ran out of time.

    1. Considering that an 8.0 CGC dropped only in Oct 26 for under a grand, I'm gonna call that latest buy pretty nuts. What was the seller advertising it as an 8.5 - 9.4? Lol, I'm guessing if it was such a loose grading attempt and judging by the pictures, most were thinking it was near the 9.4 range, which is actually a steal if it is really at that high of a grade.

      But if it's an 8.5, that's overpaying way too much. I'm guessing buyers were grading near the 9.4 range and that's why it was bid up so high. CGC 9.4 dropped October 28th for $4,495.95!

      This issue should have been snagged during the rumor stage for sure.