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Monday, November 3, 2014

Black Panther Key Comics Part 3

Alright, and here we are with Part 3 of this key comics list that pertains to Black Panther. Most of the ones in Part 3 I do not consider as good long term comic investments. The first appearances may get some juice from a character being in the Black Panther movie, but I don't think they'll sustain very long in terms of demand. They may be good short-term investments to snag early and dump during another peak or confirmation. That's if they do show up on the big screen. I think a few on here just may.

If you missed Part 2, you can click the link and go back to those Black Panther key issues. If you're already up to speed, enjoy Part 3.

First appearance of Jakarra

Black Panther has a half-brother, and just as true as most royal bloodlines back in the early days, they all scheme to overthrow the lucky one who gets the throne. The old adage that "blood is thicker than water" doesn't apply to royalty in most real life cases and comics, and Jakarra is a perfect example of this in comics at least, attempting to overthrow T'Challa and seize the throne of Wakanda for himself several times.

Over-looked key right now, but I seriously hope that Jakarra is written into a Black Panther movie. He would be a great character to set up in the sequel as one of the main villains for T'Challa, and it would not be so hard pressed to do since Jakarra is a general of the Wakandan military in the comics.

I say a perfect jumping off point for this character to hit the big screen. The first appearance of Jakarra may be one to consider. Besides Klaw, he is a Black Panther nemesis worth noting. It was never named who Jakarra's mother was in the comics.

First appearance of Bashenga

Expanding even further on the Black Panther mythos and his lineage, Black Panther #7 introduces the first appearance of Bashenga, ancestor of T'Challa, and the first to be the Black Panther. Bashenga was also the first to form the Panther Cult and the first king to unify all of Wakanda some 10,000 years ago.

Beshenga's first and only appearance is in this well over-looked key issue that details slightly a bit more of Wakanda's history, and T'Challa's ancestry in the Wakandan royal family begins with him. This comic was published January, 1978.

First full appearance of Ramonda?

Ramonda is the step mother of T'Challa, as his mother died during childbirth. Ramonda became wife to T'Chaka soon after and bore princess Shuri. After the death of T'Chaka, it was believed that Ramonda left Wakanda for another man, but this was not true.

In truth, she was abducted by a white supremacist named Anton Pretorius. For years, she remained imprisoned in his mansion and sexually abused. T'Challa would eventually find out and free her. He also welcomed her back as Queen Mother of Wakanda.

I think Ramonda is seen in flashback or imaginary fantasy in this comic. The Panther's Quest is a story line that runs from issue #13 to #37 in this titled comic series.

Ramonda shows up in flashback or an imaginary cameo in both issue #13 and #14 (T'Challa cannot remember her so the images he conjures up could be imaginary) in those issues of the comic series, but she actually shows up in the present and actual story in Marvel Comics Presents #37. 

This may be her first full debut, but not totally 100% sure about that. She does show up in two panels in issue #36 of this comic series, but it's at a distance and pretty blurry. 

Then again, I'm not specin' on this one. Just talking about it cause she is part of the Wakandan royal family. Marvel Comics Presents #37 was published March, 1989.

1st appearance of Zuri
1st appearance of Nakia
1st appearance of Oyoke

We got triple decker 1st appearances in this issue. The Black Panther movie will have all three of these characters in it, so I had to just recently add this one to the list.

Forest Whitaker will be playing Zuri, and this guy is a Wakandan war veteran that has is older but possessed enhanced strength.

Don't really have to say that he was also a master of armed and unarmed combat. The Dora Milaje make their first appearance in comics, and the two representing them are Nakia and Oyoke.

This series explains that the Dora Milaje are highly skilled warriors and personal guard to the king of Wakanda. However, they are also known as the "Adored Ones" and are wives in training or something like that.

Despite the movie connection, heat on this comic and it's Dynamic Forces variant aren't even warm. Black Panther #1 has the cover date of November, 1998.

First appearance of White Wolf

Hunter was adopted by T'Chaka and became T'Challa's adopted brother when a plane crashed in Wakanda carrying him and his parents. His parents did not survive.

Hunter was viewed with suspicion and treated with contempt by most Wakandans due to their xenophobia and mistrust of outsiders. When T'Challa was born, Hunter knew he would not gain the throne, and developed a jealousy towards T'Challa.

Hunter would be driven to train and become the best Wakandan, which led T'Chaka to appoint him leader of the  Hatut Zeraze, Wakanda's secret police. Because of their brutality, T'Challa disbanded the HatuT Zeraze when first became king.

Hunter and his men left Wakanda and became mercenaries. He would become White Wolf, and even though he carries a resentment of T'Challa, his love for Wakanda has often tempered his feelings for the king and would often come to the aid of his country.

If this character is seen in a Black Panther movie, I would suspect they just may twist his character to be a villain for our hero. This just might be a short-term comic investment to keep an eye out for. Might be time to look in your collection to see if you have this one. February, 1999 was when the first appearance of White Wolf was published in Black Panther #4 from the 3rd series.

First unnamed appearance of Azurri
First appearance of Dondi Reese
First appearance of General Wallace

Though he wasn't named, Azurri was referred to and shown in this comic. Adding more to T'Challa's ancestry, Azurri is T'Challa's grandfather and father to T'Chaka.

Azurri was also a Black Panther and would be later written into and connected to Captain America during World War II. I suppose this is his first cameo appearance. Don't think it can be fully called a full first appearance.

Dondi Reese was Secretary of the State for the U.S. and was very active in Wakandan affairs, often working with General Wallace, whom also makes his first appearance in this issue. Might be a good chance these characters will be part of the Black Panther movies. Not sure about Azurri though. This comic was published April, 2005.

First appearance of Shuri

T'Challa's sister Shuri made her comic book debut in this issue right here and was a pretty late addition to the Wakandan royal family in terms of publishing date. As stated before, she is the half-sister of T'Challa and daughter of T'Chaka and Ramonda.

I am pretty sure this character will be introduced in the Black Panther movie franchise. Maybe even as early as the first movie. How much of a supporting character for the entire duration is questionable. Shuri did become the Black Panther in the 2009 Black Panther comic series though. This issue was published May, 2005.

First full appearance of Azurri
First meeting of Captain America and Black Panther
And we're putting in this bonus here just because. I definitely don't expect or think this character will be in a Black Panther movie. They may give Black Panther's grandpop a nod and connect him to Captain America since Black Panther will be debuting in the third Captain America movie.

Doubt he'll actually be in a movie though. You never know. Could be a flashback scene for this character.

Don't really expect this comic's demand or value to be affected that much or if at all, but it's cool to know about it. Looks like Azurri helps Cap and Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos to whomp on some Nazis back in the day.

Come to think about it, this character would be a great choice to introduce in the Agent Carter TV series since that show will stilll deal with the World War II era. The publishing date for this comic is June, 2010.

As I stated above, some of these keys may get a slight bump in demand and value and some may not. Pretty hard to tell which ones will and which won't. Most of these you'll probably be able to find in the back issue bins at your local. Maybe in the bargain bins as well.

Most of them were listed purely to illuminate Black Panther's background just a tad more. Solid bets are still Fantastic Four #52 and #53, Avengers #52 and #87 in terms of long-term investments. All else is suspect and may get a bump in demand and then drop down like rocks once the movie is done.

So, this Black Panthers key issues list is short and sweet and done.  If you missed Part 2, click the PREVIOUS link below to go back. You can also click this Part 1 link if you want to start at the beginning of this Black Panther key comics list. Hope this helps and happy hunting.

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