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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Comics Part 3

This is Part 3 and we are close to wrapping up the Golden Age Green Lantern key issues. Most of the early Golden Age Green Lantern comics, keys or common, are superb comic investments, but some of the later ones in the Golden Age that you'll find in this key comics list of Green Lantern issues are also great ones as well.

Plus, they're just cool to have even in VG grades. Some of them are scarce finds and command a pretty hefty price already, but they are solid comics to invest in. Alright, let's get down to business.

As always, if you missed the previous part, no worries. Just click this Part 2 link and it'll bring you back. Otherwise, enjoy Part 3!

First appearance of the Gambler

Another early Golden Age Green Lantern villain was the Gambler. Yes, the name is correct, and no he didn't steal Alan Scott's money in a poker game. He was actually a recurring villain for Alan Scott much like Vandal Savage.

Unlike Vandal Savage, he was a non-powered villain who was a master thief, expert knife thrower, and master of disguise. How this dude was able to give a guy with a magical ring problems is beyond me, but welcome to the early Golden Age of villainy.

Pretty silly, but the Gambler was an original member of the Injustice Society if that helps to give him a less cheesy factor. The original Gambler was Steven Sharpe III, and after his suicide, his son Steven Sharpe V took up the mantle. The first appearance of the Gambler was published June, 1944.

eBay - Seems to only be two copies here on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. Both are CGC and there's a 6.0 FN and a VG+. Both are Universal labels.

mycomicshop - One CGC 6.0 copy located here for now on consignment. You'll need to scroll down some after clicking the link to find the listing, and I think it's the same CGC FN listed on eBay.

First appearance of Solomon Grundy
Origin of Solomon Grundy

A popular DC Comics villain over-all and early foe of the original Green Lantern was Solomon Grundy. Perhaps, the most sought out Green Lantern villain from the Golden Age is the first appearance of Solomon Grundy in All-American Comics #61, and yes, the first time I saw this character was on the Super Friends cartoon. Solomon Grundy wants pants too.

Once a Gotham merchant named Cyrus Gold, he was murdered and thrown into Slaugher Swamp where he was transformed into an undead and super strong, zombie-like beast whom was given the name Solomon Grundy by a hobo. No joke there.

He is mainly a Green Lantern foe, and because of this, butted heads with the Justice Society of America as well. All-American Comics #61 was published October, 1944, and is one of the best Golden Age Green Lantern key issues to own.

eBay - Only appears to be one raw copy on the mighty eBay at the moment. Pretty expensive, but who knows? Maybe you can afford it.

First appearance of The Harlequin (original)

I've mentioned Harlequin a few times on here, but this is not the Duela Dent version but the first and original. Yep, Harlequin is a Golden Age character and was not a Batman foe but a Green Lantern foe.

Actually, Moly Mayne was a secretary that worked for Alan Scott and had a huge crush on him. Well, okay, a huge crush on his masked identity. She even went as far as to dress up like villain, which was basically an act in order to get his attention.

Much later, the two would end up getting married and are still married. The New 52 version where he is re-imagined as a gay man is of course a different Alan Scott. The first appearance of Harlequin in All-American Comics #89 has the publishing or cover date of September, 1947.

eBay - Apparently this issue is a hard find. No available copies at the time of this writing, but may change in the near or far future.

First appearance of the Icicle

Well, if this doesn't sound familiar: Dr. Joar Mahkent was a scientist who created an ice gun, which was able to freeze the moisture in the air. Regardless of the closeness to Batman's foe Mr. Freeze, the Icicle came before him during the Golden Age and was a recurring foe of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

This character also became part of the second Injustice Society of the World as well, but met his demise during the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. James Christie, Mahkent's grandson would take up the mantle of the Icicle, as well as Mahken's son Cameron Mahkent. The first appearance of the Icicle, the original, was published October, 1947.

eBay - Looks like this is another not so easy find as well. No raw or slabbed copies for this one at the time of this writing.

First appearance of Sportsmaster
First appearance of Knodar

Sportsmaster? Lawrence "Crusher" Crock is his birth name and this recurring villain of the Golden Age Green Lantern used to be a professional athlete before turning to a life of crime.

As the name states, he does use sports-themed weaponry such as exploding baseballs, baseball bat rockets, exploding hockey pucks, and flying bases? Jeez, pretty cheesy, but what do you expect from an early comic villain?

Green Lantern #28 and the first appearance of Sportsmaster was published October, 1947.

eBay - Only two copies and both are raw. One is advertised as a FN/VF and the other a GD/VG.

ComicConnect - Only one raw FN+ copy located here for the meantime.

ComicLink - There might be two copies here. One is a CGC 6.5 FN+ and either the listing title is wrong or the picture is wrong, because the title says Green Lantenr #28 1964. The other copy is a raw PR, but it is cover less. Cover less copies usually grade NG, meaning No Grade when CGC'd.

First appearance of Streak The Wonder Dog

Much like the hookiness that DC Comics owned throughout the Golden, Silver, and even Bronze Age, the original Green Lantern got a pet sidekick also called Streak the Wonder Dog. Funny thing about this pup is that he would replace the Green Lantern as the star of the comic in Green Lantern's own titled series.

You know when a dog upstages you in your own comic, cancellation is coming pretty quick. This is the first appearance of Streak the Wonder Dog, and Green Lantern #30 was published February, 1948.

eBay - At the time of this writing, it looks this will be a hard find even on eBay. No copies raw or CGC here yet, but I'm sure one will pop up sooner or later.

Well, it looks like the keys in Part 3 of this Green Lantern key comics list are definitely harder finds online. They may or may not be easier finds offline at comic shops, comic cons, or where ever. One thing is for sure is that most high grade copies VF and up will put a dent in your wallet, and in some cases, bank accounts.

Well, in the next Part we will be wrapping up the Golden Age Green Lantern comics and heading into the more well-known Silver Age Green Lantern key issues. If you missed Part 3, you can click the PREVIOUS link below. If not, feel free to click the PART 4 link and continue with this key issues list.


  1. Random question here, I just saw the Guardians movie (for the second time) at my local "dollar theater" and was trying to pick out "easter eggs" I may have missed the first time I saw the movie. The scene where Gamora is requested to the Collectors lab, we obviously see items, things, and people he collects. We've all seen the cocoon of HIM from Thor and Guardians (you have also stated this.) Well my question is; When the powerstone was touched and blew up the place, do you think the cocoon of HIM was opened? or activated by the explosion?

    Like I said, completely random and off topic here. But I figured I'd ask.


    1. I think HIM/Adam Warlock's cocoon is open and he's somewhere out there just waiting to pop up in a future marvel movie.

    2. Thanx for the reply, I'm just curious to when he will arrive. Guess we will find out soon enough!!

  2. Hi again Mayhem. I'm here to bug ya again buddy. Lol. Once again we run into a long list of key issues. On certain long run titles you have on the bottom a panel of pages 1 through whatever where you can just click on the page you want to go to. Like for instance I wanted to go to part 12 instead of going through pages 1 through 11 I just click and I'm there. Why can't that be done for all long run key issues? Thanks for listening. Doing a bang up job as usual.