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Monday, October 27, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Issues Part 9

We are going to wrap up the first appearances of some notable volume 2 Suicide Squad members in Part 9, and then dive into the other key issues from the other titled series. Actually, I'm only going to list the #1 issues for volume 3, 4, and the newest series to save some time.

So we'll be diving into the first appearances of volume 3, 4, and the newest after Part 9. We are nearing the end to this Suicide Squad key issues list. Only a few more parts to go.

You can click this Part 8 link if you missed it. If not, let's get Part 9 over and done with!

First appearance of Louise Lincoln
Death of Killer Frost (Crystal Frost)

Here's the first appearance of Louise Lincoln and we'll find out why this first appearance in Firestorm volume 2 issue #21 is of importance. Although she does not appear as the 2nd Killer Frost in this issue, the debut of her civilian character is in this issue.

Also, the original Killer Frost known as Crystal Frost does see her demise in this issue as well. It would pave the way for her friend Louise Lincoln to take up her mantle. The character of Killer Frost will be in the Flash TV series and Danielle Panabaker will play the role. However, the character that will be in the TV series is Caitlin Snow, the later version of the Killer Frost character.

March, 1984 was when this comic was published.

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FLASH #338
First appearance of Big Sir

The first appearance of Big Sir isn't really that great of a Flash key issue, nor a Suicide Squad key issue either. Big Sir dies in issue #1 of the volume 2 Suicide Squad series and he has played a pretty minor villain in his career in the DCU. Like many others during the volume 2 team, he was once part of the Injustice Society.

His real name is Dufus P. Ratchett and was born with a malformed brain gland that caused his body to grow to incredible proportions but left his mind mentally handicapped. He was created by Carey Bates and Carmine Infantino and the first appearance of Big Sir in Flash #338 was published in October, 1984.

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First appearance of Louise Lincoln as Killer Frost

Here, it is. Firestorm #34 from the volume 2 series sees the first appearance of Louise Lincoln as Killer Frost. This version of Killer Frost became one of the more staple members of the volume 2 Suicide Squad team.

Louise Lincoln was a friend and colleague of Crystal Frost, the original Killer Frost. After Crystal died, Louise decided to undergo the same experiment that had turned Crystal into Killer Frost. The same effects happened to Louise that had happened to the original, and Louise took up the mantle of Killer Frost, becoming one of the more ruthless Firestorm villains.

This version of Killer Frost is a Copper Age creation by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom. This comic was published April, 1985.

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First issue to third self-titled series

In this 8 issue series, Jay Ostrander once again takes over writing duties and pretty much uses the same team lineup that's in the first Suicide Squad volume one series. However, a second Captain Boomerang is introduced in the line up and Rick Flag is brought back into the fold as well.

Other characters who joined the Squad briefly was The General, King Faraday, Chemo, Twister and Blackguard. Oh, yes, and William Hell as the White Dragon also is recruited into the Squad as well. This was published November, 2007.

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First issue to fourth self-titled series

Adam Glass takes over as writer in this reboot series. It is part of the New 52 DC Universe. It's in this series that Deadshot serves as the team leader.

Also, this team lineup has Harley Quinn, and has been notable to comic fans for that very single reason. Harley Quinn has yet to be rumored for a Suicide Squad movie, but the fan's desire for her to be in it is quite strong.

Will Warner Bros. and DC give what the fans want for the first movie or another Suicide Squad movie after? That's really the question, but fan's are hoping so for sure. 

Also rumors are going around that Will Smith may be Black Spider in the film as well, and that character is in this incarnation of the team. Publishing date is November, 2011 for this 1st issue.

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First issue to new titled series

This is the most recent incarnation of the Suicide Squad team and Sean Ryan is so far writing this newest series. The team lineup consists of Deadshot, favorite Batman villain Harley Quinn, Joker's Daughter, Aquaman's Black Manta, and Deathstroke as team operatives.

Definitely some candidates that may be very plausible to hit the big screen in a Suicide Squad movie in this new team incarnation. Since a solo Aquaman movie has been announced, will the villain be Black Manta? Will Black Manta find his way to be recruited into the Suicide Squad? Who knows, but it's fun to think about. This Modern Age comic was published September, 2014.

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Alright, in Part 10 to this Suicide Squad key comics list, we're gonna list off the first appearances of some volume three team members. Most of the volume three team was still compromised of the members from the volume one series, so there won't be that many. Thank, God!

If you missed Part 8, click the blue PREVIOUS link below to check that out. Otherwise, click the PART 10 link below to continue with this key issues list.


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