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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Issues Part 8

Alright, now we're going to get into some better keys here, and Part 8 will deal with the first appearances of notable members from the volume 2 Suicide Squad team. Of course, with the exception of Deadshot, since his first appearance key issues were already listed in Part 2 and Part 3. Click those links if you're looking for the first appearance keys of Deadshot.

Also, we won't be listing the first appearances of Modem or Havana in Part 8 as well. Their first appearances was in Part 7, so you can click the link to discover what issues hold that. If you're ready for some better key issues relating to the Suicide Squad members, continue on.

First full appearance of Sgt. Rock

In the industry this is regarded as Sgt. Rock's first full appearance. Though he does make earlier appearances, they are considered prototypes of the character. He was named Sgt. Rocky in Our Army at War #81, and was finally named Sgt. Rock in issue #82.

Our Army at War #83 holds the first full appearance of the character Sgt. Frank Rock. In the 2nd series of the Suicide Squad, Sgt. Rock is recruited by Amanda Waller to lead the team.

At the end of the Suicide Squad 2nd series, Sgt. Rock pulls off a mask and walks away when the team disbands. It's not known if Sgt. Rock was an imposter or not, and it was never clearly defined as such. Sgt. Rock's first appearance was published in July, 1959.

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First appearance of Bulldozer Nichols

A long time supporting character of Sgt. Rock, Bulldozer Nichols did become the right hand man and a leader of the volume 2 Suicide Squad team. He also was a member of Easy Company that Sgt. Rock also belonged to.

In the 2nd series, he was mostly wheelchair bound, but when the team disbanded and Sgt. Rock peeled away his mask, Bulldozer Nichols got up from his wheelchair and walked away.

Our Army at War #95 is the first appearance of Bulldozer Nichols, and the comic was published during the Silver Age in  June, 1960.

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First appearance and origin of Multi-Man

Duncan Pramble is the Multi-Man, and originally a villain for the Challengers of the Unknown. He drinks a liquid light serum that enables him to be instantly resurrected to life after death with a  set of new powers.

Multi-Man is in the first issue of the volume 2 series, but he is not a member for very long. June-July, 1960 was when the first appearance of Multi-Man was published.

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First appearance of Clock King

The version of Clock King that joins the volume two Suicide Squad team is William Tockman, the Silver Age and 2nd version of the character. He is originally a foe of Green Arrow.

Clock King can see in the future about four seconds or so. He joins the volume 2 team very briefly in issue #1 of the second series and also dies in that issue. The first appearance of Clock Kin in World's Finest Comics #111 was published in August, 1960, and the character has already appeared of the Arrow television series in Season Two.

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First appearance of Major Disaster

Major Disaster's alias is Paul Brooks, a once cheap crook who learned the secret identities of Green Lantern and the Flash. He would later employ scientists to create devices for him that could cause natural disasters. The device also protected him from any disaster he created by giving the ability to reform his atoms over time.

Major Disaster was a staple member of the volume 2 series and was one of the few to survive their first mission in Suicide Squad #1 volume 2. This issue is the first appearance of Major Disaster and was published March, 1966.

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First appearance of Cluemaster

Arthur Brown, the original Cluemaster, was a foe of Batman. Cluemaster has no super powers but had gadgets like blinding flares, explosives, smoke, and incapacitating gas to use as weapons.

He presumably dies in issue #1 of the volume 2 series and saves Major Disaster from the death in that issue. However, it's revealed later that he does end up surviving that Suicide Squad mission, though shot multiple times through the chest.

Cluemaster was created by Carmine Infantino and Gardner Fox. His first appearance is during the Silver Age and Detective Comics #351 was published May, 1966.

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These first appearances are for reference just in case more announcements are made in the future about other Suicide Squad members joining the movie franchise later or much later. That depends if the movie is successful or if Warner Bros. ends up changing their minds about a movie for this comic team to begin with later on down. They have been known to change their minds about movie properties.

Anyways, Part 8 dealt with the first appearances of more notable Squad members from the 2nd series, not all, and we will continue with that in Part 9. Just click the PART 9 link below to continue.

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