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Friday, October 24, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Issues Part 6

We ended the section of volume one Suicide Squad members and their first appearances in Part 5. Starting with Part 6 we'll get into the actual key issues from the various volumes within the teams self-titled series.

Some key issues from the first series won't be re-listed starting here, as they were already detailed in earlier parts starting with Part 1. If you just arrived to this site and don't know what's going on, I suggest you click this Part 1 link to go back so you're not as confused to why I didn't start with Legends #3 or list Suicide Squad #1 from here on.

First appearance of William Hell

Also known as William Heller, William was a childhood acquaintance of Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. Deadshot. Heller was a rich spoiled loner whose parents died in a race riot and went to live with his Nazi supporting grandfather.

Heller went from conservative to straight racist, using the money he inherited from his grandfather to fund several Neo Nazi and white supremacist groups. He later changed his name to William Hell and became a masked vigilante, only turning over Black, Latino, or Asian criminals to the police while sending White ones to the various Aryan headquarters and groups.

The Suicide Squad was sent in to bring William Hell down. Later Hell would become the White Dragon and try to execute all the descendents of the Justice Society. He would be recruited into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Weller a short time after, and not surprisingly, he tries to kill Weller and the Suicide Squad.

Hell manages to kill Twister, and in doing so received the wrath of Plastique. Seeing her friend die in such a brutal manner, Plastique attacks Hell viciously. In the end, Plastique kills William Hell in Suicide Squad #8. August, 1987 was when this comic was published.

eBay - A few copies here for #4 volume 1. Most seem to be #4s from the later volumes which isn't surprising. Another surprise is that there are no CGC copies for this issue, but there are for later volumes with the same issue number. Go figure.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy here in stock.

NewKadia - Four copies here. Highest is a NM followed by a low NM. Last two options are a VF+ and VF.

Death of Karin Grace

Original Suicide Squad member Karin Grace gets offed in this issue. Don't think she's ever revived in this continuity or in the New 52. This issue also reveals that Karin Grace has been duped and an agent for the Manhunters.

Not exactly a sought out key issue or extremely important one in terms of a comic investment. It is one of the more notable keys within the first series, and there really aren't that many. January, 1988 is the publishing date for this comic.

eBay - No CGC at the moment and that shouldn't be very surprising. A few raw copies available. Might be able to get this one in a high grade lot if you're really into the Suicide Squad, or these might be good deals in the back issue bins at your local.

mycomicshop - VF raw copy in stock and the only one as well.

NewKadia - Only two copies and they are a NM and a low NM.

Apparent Death of Mister 104
Death of Psi
Apparent death of Thinker
Death of Weasel

When the Doom Patrol and the Suicide Squad hook up in this one shot special, quite a few deaths are involved. This mission saw one time and brief memberships in the Squad such as Mister 104, Psi, the original Thinker, and Weasel.

They all die, or it seems the Thinker does. He does eventually come back in DCU continuity so it's an apparent death. If any of these characters are cast in a Suicide Squad movie down the line, we may have a good idea why and what for: to die! This comic was published March, 1988.

eBay - No problem finding raw copies for this issue on eBay. No CGC though.

mycomicshop - Two raw copies in stock. One is a VF and the other is a FN.

Origin Nightshade
First appearance of modern Punch and Jewelee
This is not the original origin of Nightshade. In fact when the character first debuted in the Captain Atom comics, she was Eve Eden, daughter of a U.S. Senator.
Secret Origins #28 revamps her origin story so that she was a princess of the Land of Nightshades. Her mother was queen and fled to Earth with her and her brother Larry to escape the demonic Incubus.

Not only does this issue help connect the character to the DCU, she was a Charlton Comics' character before DC bought this property, Secret Origins #28 also helps connect the character to the Suicide Squad team. If Nightshade does ever assemble for a Suicide Squad movie, this may also be a sought out key issue soon after. The publishing date for this comic is July, 1988.

eBay - Quite a few copies when it comes to raw comics for this issue. CGC non existent at the moment.

mycomicshop - VF and FN raw copies in stock at the moment. No CGC or slabbed copies.

NewKadia - Three copies with the highest only being a low NM.  Other two copies are a VF+ and a FN+.

Death of Shrike II
First appearance of J. Danfield Kale
Before the second Shrike was assigned to the Suicide Squad, she was an escaped mental patient who got her powers from the Overmaster and joined his Cadre. Very childlike, Shrike II was easily manipulated, and she was not a hardened, vindictive, or evil super villain like some of other Suicide Squad members. She didn't really have a grasp on her power, which make her dangerous.

Shrike II died on her first mission in this issue. J. Danfield Kale is an actor who was hired to be a smokescreen and pretend to be the director of the Suicide Squad, so Amanda Waller could secretly pull strings behind the scenes. His first appearance is in Suicide Squad #25. March, 1989 was when this was published.

eBay - Seems to be a pretty limited selection concerning raw copies. As for CGC of this issue, none at all on the mighty eBay.

mycomicshop - Looks like mycomicshop is all about the VFs and FNs for comics they have in stock from this era. Once again a VF and FN of this very minor key issue are here.

NewKadia - Two copies here for this issue. One is a NM and the other is a low NM.

Apparent death of Rick Flag

Sometimes you gotta lead by example and that's what Rick Flag does here in this issue. The well-known leader gets offed in Suicide Squad #26, and actually doesn't appear again in this volume one series.

I think they were actually planning on having ole Rick just stay dead, but for some reason, he will be brought back in volume 3, which was also written by Jay Ostrander. April, 1989 was when this was published.

eBay - Not that many copies of this issue to begin with. Limited selection of raw copies. No CGC at all.

mycomicshop - Finally, something different. Highest raw copy here is still a VF for this issue, and there is a FN. However, there's also a VG copy as well.

NewKadia - NM copy and a low NM copy in stock at NewKadia for the apparent death of Rick Flag.

Even though these are Suicide Squad key issues, I don't see much potential of these becoming sought out any time soon. Maybe if the movie is a success, but that's stretching it pretty thin. Still, if you're a fan and looking for keys pertaining to this group, then these are just some.

In the next Part, we will finish up the volume one keys and go into the volume 2 keys. Volume 2 Suicide Squad won't have a lot. It's only a limited series, but after those key issues within the titled series are done, I'll list the first appearances of the volume 2 team.

If you missed Part 5, just click the PREVIOUS link below to go and read up on that. If not, Part 7 is ready so click the PART 7 link below to continue with more Suicide Squad key issues.

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