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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Issues Part 11

Here we are with Part 11 to this Suicide Squad key issues list and in Part 11 we're gonna cover the staple members of the volume 4 team. Once again, Deadshot has been pretty much the only constant member of the Suicide Squad team and his first appearance was already listed in Part 2 a long with the volume one first appearances of that team.

If you missed Part 10, just click the link to go back. If not, enjoy Part 10 to this Suicide Squad keys list.

First appearance of the Unknown Soldier

This is the first appearance of the original Unknown Soldier. There are actually three incarnations. The one used in this Suicide Squad series is the third incarnation of the character.

However, if the character is ever used in a future Suicide Squad movie, I can assume his original first appearance will be more sought out and a better bet since it is a Silver Age comic. June, 1966 was when Our Army at War #168 was published.

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First appearance of El Diablo

I'm listing the original El Diablo here since it's the first appearance of the character El Diablo. However, the first El Diablo has little connection to the one that joins the Suicide Squad volume 4 series. The first incarnation of the character was Lazarus Lane and the incarnation that joined the Suicide Squad is Chato Santana.

Just for reference in case they do decide to use the Chato Santana character as El Diablo, you'll know the original characters first appearance as well as Santana's. This comic was published November, 1970.

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First appearance of Black Spider

There's a rumor that Will Smith may be in talks to play the Black Spider, partly because this is one of the few black characters of the Suicide Squad  a long with Bronze Tiger. But it's really too early to tell who Warner Bros. has in mind for Will Smith concerning a Suicide Squad character.

After all, he may be playing a white character from the comics like Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag, or another candidate. So the rumors of Will Smith as the obvious choices of Black Spider or Bronze Tiger should be taken with a grain of salt.

Black Spider was created by Gerry Conway, and was a heroin junkie who committed a robbery that involved him killing the store owner. The owner of the store turned out to be his father, and Eric Needham was arrested for his crimes.

In jail, Needham kicked the habit, and when he was released, he set out on a war on the drug trade, donning a costume and becoming the vigilante known as Black Spider. His ruthless war on drugs and those involved in trafficking it put him at odds with Batman quite often.

He would join the volume 4 Suicide Squad team, but resents being forced to work with criminals and not seeing himself as one as well. The first appearance of Black Spider was published September, 1976.

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First appearance of James Gordon Jr.

In the famous Year One story line for Batman, James Gordon Jr. was first introduced. Unlike his father who is a well-known ally of the Dark Knight, James Gordon Jr. was not.

Actually, Gordon's son is a known super villain in the DCU and has extremely violent tendencies. In the New 52, Barbara Gordon is the daughter of James and Eileen Gordon, making James Gordon Jr. her brother. James tries to murder his own mother and stalks Batgirl. Shortly after, he is recruited by Amanda Waller to join the Suicide Squad.

The character of James Gordon Jr. has already been depicted on the big screen in The Dark Knight, which Two Face threatens to kill him in revenge for letting Rachel Dawes die. His frist appearance in Batman #407 was published May, 1987.

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First appearance of Barbara Ann Minerva

Barbara Ann Minerva is the third to take up the mantle of Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman's oldest and probably most popular nemesis. Minerva is a British archaeologist who inherited a great fortune.

She is selfish, ambitious, and neurotic and comes upon an African tribe who appoints a female guardian with the power of the cheetah to guard them. She ends up becoming the host of the cheetah persona and like her predecessors an enemy of Wonder Woman.

This version of Cheetah would join the Suicide Squad in issue #21 of volume 4. The character of Barbara Ann Minverva's first appearance in Wonder Woman #7 volume 2 was published August, 1987. 

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First cameo appearance of King Shark

The villain King Shark was a staple member of the 4rth series Suicide Squad team. Superboy #0 volume 4 has the first cameo appearance of King Shark. Would be an odd character to have in a Suicide Squad film, but you never know.

This very minor key goes on this list for reference in case Warner Bros. does get weird and casts this monstrosity for a future flick. Highly unlikely, but then again, what do I know?

October, 1994 was when this Modern Age comic was published.

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One more part left and that's gonna be all for this Suicide Squad key issues list and thank the lord for that. This has been an extremely long and time consuming keys list to do, and chock full of sleepers and over-looked keys. Most are keys that most collectors could care less about.

Nevertheless, we got Part 12 coming up that will finish the first appearances of both the volume 4 and newest incarnation of Suicide Squad team members.

If you missed Part 10, just click the PREVIOUS link below to go back. Click the PART 12 link below to continue on to the last part to this Suicide Squad key comics list!

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