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Monday, October 27, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Issues Part 10

Jay Ostrander used many of the same core members from the first series in his brief 8 issue mini series that was volume 3 to the self-titled Suicide Squad series. However, there are a few other characters that were used as well.

Part 10 will list some of the first appearances of these newer Squad members that were used in the third series. Not all of them, but some of the more recognizable or notable ones. 

Visit this Part 1 link to see some of the staple volume one Suicide Squad members that are used in the volume three series. If you missed Part 9, you can click the link to read up on that. 

All good? Continue and enjoy Part 10 to this Suicide Squad key issues!

First appearance of Chemo

Not really a long Suicide Squad member and was actually more of a villain for the volume 3 series, the character has been around since the Silver Age and was created by writer Robert Kanigher and artists Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. He was one of the earliest adversaries for the Metal Men.

Chemo appears in Suicide Squad #4 volume 3 of the series. He has super strength and durability and can spray hazardous and dangerous chemicals hundreds of feet. The first appearance of Chemo was published July/August, 1962.

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First appearance of Windfall

Windfall first appeared as a super villain and was a member of the super villain group the Masters of Disaster.  She would later stop her villainy and return to college where she was tormented and even raped by the fraternity she was in.

Pictures of the act were then spread across the internet to further her humiliation. She used her wind powers to asphyxiate her college tormentors. Shortly after she was recruited into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Weller.

Windfall would end up dying in a mission when part of the Suicide Squad team went rogue and forged a mutiny. The General led this mutiny, accompanied by Cliff Carmichael the second Thinker. The rogue members were able to hijack control of Chemo and use his chemical blast against the other Squad members who did not go rogue. Windfall tried to stop the attack with an air wall, but the blast broke through her shield and reduced her to a skeleton.

Windfall, alias Wendy Jones, first appearance was published April, 1984.

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First appearance of Blackguard

Richard Hertz, also known as Blackguard was a short-lived super villain and adversary of Booster Gold. He was recruited by the 1000 and given his super powers by the organization.

He was not very successful and the organization decided to eliminate him a long with Booster Gold. They both escaped and Blackguard would later join the Suicide Squad for a brief time.

However, when The General first began his plot of mutiny, Blackguard would be one of the many who would die in the line of duty. Booster Gold #1 was published February, 1986.

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First appearance of Twister

A once disciple of the Church of Blood, Twister was originally a Teen Titans nemesis after she underwent an experiment that would give her psionic powers of hallucinations. When the brotherhood was captured by the Teen Titans, Twister hid and became a nun. She was then recruited by Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad.

Twister would die at the hands of White Dragon, also known as William Heller. The New Teen Titans #26 and her first appearance was published December, 1986.

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First appearance of Wade Eiling (The General)

General Wade Eiling is a central villain to the origin of Captain Atom, the Nathaniel Adam version (not Charlton Comics original version of Allen Adam). After being accused of a crime he did not commit, Nathaniel was blackmailed by the General to undergo an experiment that would turn the titular hero into Captain Atom. 

After various other appearances in the DCU as a baddie, The General would later be recruited into the Suicide Squad during the 3rd series. He is the main force behind the mutiny and Rick Flag would end up detonating a bomb implanted in the General's head. The General's regenerative abilities would regenerate his brain, but he would have some amnesia. March, 1987 was when this comic was published.

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First appearance of Owen Mercer

Owen Mercer was the second to take up the mantle of Captain Boomerang. He is actually the original Captain Boomerang's son. Owen Mercer is relatively a newer character as this comic was published October, 2004.

Much like his father, Owen Mercer as Captain Boomerang had a stint as an enemy of the Flash until he too was recruited into the Suicide Squad in the volume 3 series by Jay Ostrander.

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That's wrapping up the volume 3 first appearances for some of the non-staple members of the series. Part 11 is gonna deal with the important Suicide Squad members from the volume 4 series and that is ready so click the PART 11 blue link below to continue on with this Suicide Squad key issues list.

If you missed the PREVIOUS part to this Suicide Squad key comics series, just click the link below to go back.

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