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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Comic Issues Part 5

Welcome to Part 5 of this Suicide Squad key comic issues list and we are finishing up the first appearances of other notable members of the team from volume one. These are other characters from the titled series that could possibly be in the first Suicide Squad or later film. Then again, they may not as well as it's really too early to tell as of now.

So for future reference, here are the last few first appearances of other Suicide Squad members. If you missed Part 4, just click the link to go back. Enjoy Part 5.

First appearance of Lashina

Created by Jack Kirby, Lashina is a Goddess Warrior raised and trained in the Granny Goodness Orphanage. This orphanage was really a training facility to create the greatest  and most fearsome warriors on Apokolips.

Lashina became leader of The Female Furies, whom would battle the new Suicide Squad in issue #3 of volume one. After that battle, she is struck with amnesia and joins the Suicide Squad as team member Duchess. February, 1972 was when this comic was published. This comic has the first appearance of Lashina.

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First appearance of Shade the Changing Man

Shade the Changing Man was also a Suicide Squad member for a short time from the first series and was created by Steve Ditko. He came upon the Suicide Squad when they reached the Area of Madness, in which Shade was living at the time.

He joins the Suicide Squad in exchange for technical help to return to his dimension and home world of Meta-Zone, where he was framed for treason and sentenced to death. Later he was manipulated by Lashina, after she regains her memories and realizes she's a baddie, with an offer to return to Meta-Zone via her home world of Apokolips.

Shade agrees and ends up helping Lashina to kidnap Vixen and Captain Boomerang. Lashina betrays him as soon as they're there, and many of Shade's friends die during the battle between the Female Furies and parademons, including Briscoe and Dr. Light.

After Darkseid appears and settles the conflict, what's left of the Suicide Squad is permitted to go home. Wracked with guilt, Shade the Changing Man is also sent back to his dimension. The character would later be revamped in the Vertigo line by Peter Milligan. His first appearance was published July, 1977.

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First appearance of Count Vertigo

Count Vertigo is originally a Green Arrow villain, but he did join the Suicide Squad during the later issues in the first volume one series. The reason Count Vertigo did so was in exchange for a shortened prison sentence.

Not really a staple member, but he did accompany them on several missions. Count Vertigo will be appearing again in this season's Arrow as well.

Maybe Warner Bros. will want to capitalize more on this character and bring him to the big screen in the future. It's always a possibility no matter how small the chances. So for now, it remains in this first appearances section of volume one Suicide Squad members for later reference just in case. First appearance of Count Vertigo was published July, 1978.

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First appearance of Nemesis

Like Nightshade, Nemesis was one of the few non-criminal members of the Suicide Squad. Brave and the Bold #166 is the first appearance of Nemesis as Thomas Andrew Tresser, the original to take the mantle.

The character was a vigilante and master of disguise. He helped the Suicide Squad on various missions during Jay Ostrander's first run of group's titled series.

Nemesis did not appear in any of the later incarnations of the team as a member, but was a prominent member of the 2nd incarnation. He appears as a member in Suicide Squad #1 volume one. September, 1980 was when this first appearance was published.

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First appearance Barbara Gordon as Oracle

Quite an important key issue as Oracle has become a pretty popular character in comics and other media as well. As we all know, Barbara Gordon was Batgirl and paralyzed by the Joker. Since then she has become Oracle and Suicide Squad #23 has the first appearance of Barbara Gordon as Oracle.

For a while, Oracle was an important supporting character of the Suicide Squad. It's in this comic series where her character is first seen and used as an information broker. Her talents would later be used for other superheroes, especially Batman. Out of all the keys in the first Suicide Squad series, this one is probably one of the best comic to invest in besides issue #1.

I think it would be awesome if Barbara Gordon showed up in the Suicide Squad movie as Oracle, and with the black ops missions involving the team, it would be a good fit for her character in this kind of comic movie. January, 1989 was when this comic was published.

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First appearance of Atom (Adam Cray)

Okay, not a very notable Suicide Squad member, but Atom is one of the few super hero characters that first appeared in the volume one titled series. This is the third Atom, Adam Cray, not the more popular Ray Palmer version.

Adam Cray is the son of Senator Cray who was assassinated by Deadshot, and the third Atom dies within this titled series on another suicide mission. This issue was published August, 1990.

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So that wraps up this section, and we'll be heading into the normal Suicide Squad key issues from within the first titled series or pertaining to it. After that's wrapped up, we'll start exploring the other later volumes briefly and then cover the first appearances of members from those teams.

Part 6 is ready so just click the PART 6 link below to continue with this Suicide Squad key comics list. Click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 4.

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