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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Comic Issues Part 4

As I mentioned in Part 3, this section of the Suicide Squad key comic issues continues other first appearances of the members during the group's revival in the volume one self-titled series. It's not a straight out Suicide key comics list, meaning the keys from their various self titled series.

Team membership has been a revolving door for some characters with the exception of a few staple members and have made first appearances in other comics prior. There are not many first appearances within the self titled series, nor are many important characters introduced in the series.

This first appearance section is a resource guide in case other news of other members surface soon or after the first movie. I am sure they will introduce new characters in the movie franchise as time goes on, so when that happens, you'll have a resource guide here for that within this keys list.

Click this Part 3 link if you missed it. Other than that, let's get this crackin'.

First appearance of the Thinker

Another golden oldie and Golden Age Flash villain was part of the Suicide Squad for a very brief moment.

This is the first appearance of the original Thinker, Clifford Devoe, and there would be two Thinkers that joined the ranks of the Suicide Squad. Devoe joined in for a mission in exchange for a full pardon.

The Thinker wore a helmet called the "Thinking Cap" that could project mental force. He would seemingly die in his first mission with the Suicide Squad, but that death would later be untrue (of course).

The original Thinker would actually end up reforming himself and become friends with his old nemesis Jay Garrick. He would later die of cancer, but Garrick would try to use the Thinking Cap to save him. Devoe refused the offer, wanting to finally be at peace. Devoe's last words to Garrick were,"Learn to lose every once in a while. A little humility prepares you for what lies ahead."

Not so sure about the Thinker being assembled for a future Suicide Squad movie, but who really knows? This is on the list for future reference just in case. September, 1943 was when the first appearance of Thinker was published in All-Flash #12.

eBay - Only two copies on the mighty eBay for this golden oldie. One is raw copy and the other is a CGC 8.0 VF. Kinda strange that the raw copy is more expensive than the slabbed.

ComicConnect - Wow, super high grade CGC 9.8 here. It's a Universal label and the highest graded for this Golden Age key issue.

First appearance of Dr. Light

In the first volume of the Suicide Squad, Dr. Light was a pretty prominent character. Much like Captain Boomerang, Dr. Light was seen as cowardly, and while he was a member of the Squad, Dr. Light was haunted by the ghost of his former partner Jacob Finlay.

Dr. Light would prove himself heroic and attack a squad of parademons on Apokolips. He would seemingly die in that mission, but his ghost would hang around the Suicide Squad for a while until he was resurrected. June, 1962 was when this was published.

eBay - Found a few raw copies, but they all seem to be in the lower grade. One CGC located so far and it's a 6.5 FN+.

mycomicshop - Only one raw copy and it's only a VG+.

ComicConnect - Two raw copies with the highest being a 9.0 VF/NM.

First appearance of Enchantress

Enchantress was an early member of the revived and modern Suicide Squad team, and she was there with the modern team's first appearance in Legends #3, as well as their origin story in Secret Origins #14 volume 2 and the first issue of Suicide Squad volume 1. Enchantress is a powerful sorceress, of course.

Unless Warner Bros. and DC want to go the way Marvel is with Dr. Strange, I'm not too confident about this character being introduced on the big screen further down the line either. However, because us fanboys are crazy, there are rumors that Justice League of America and the Suicide Squad will occupy the same movie-verse, so some are speculating that the two teams will meet in a movie.

Not such a far stretch. In that case, the Suicide Squad team will need a powerful super being or sorceress to clash with the Justice League. Sorry to say, but Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Blockbuster, Multiplex, and Mindboggler will be a pretty uneven match up against the Justice League. The first appearance of Enchantress was published in Strange Adventures #187 April, 1966.

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First appearance of Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is definitely not a staple member of the group, and was not part of it for very long. I'd highly doubt that she'll be in this or a later Suicide Squad movie. There is a slight possibility though, and who knows what Warner Bros. has in store for this team of super villains.

Regardless of whether her character will be cast in this movie or a future Suicide Squad movie, the first appearance of Poison Ivy is a great solid Silver Age Batman key to have or have on your want list regardless. Batman #181 was published June, 1966.

eBay - Highly sought out comic investment so no problem finding this on the mighty eBay. Quite a few raw copies and slabbed copies as well. Highest CGC is a 7.5 low VF. Most other slabbed copies seem to be in the mid-grade.

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First appearance of Nightshade

Not all the members of the Suicide Squad were villains. Nightshade was always a super heroine.

Nightshade was a character that debuted under Charlton Comics, and in Captain Atom #82 before DC Comics acquired the property. However, Nightshade was a prominent character in the first Volume 1 series of the Suicide Squad under Jay Ostrander's direction.

Since the roster for the Suicide Squad continually changed during the first revived series, as certain team members did die during missions, I'm wondering if this character will be in the sequel. Could be, but I think most are voting for Harley Quinn.

Nightshade did only serve in one incarnation of the Suicide Squad, while both Bronze Tiger and Harley Quinn were in two of the incarnations. Harley Quinn however was not part of the revived Suicide Squad like Nightshade was, and the Joker's better half would be part of team in later volumes. Nightshade may have a good chance of being in a Suicide Squad movie, but then again, it's way too early to tell now. September, 1966 was when this comic was published during the Silver Age.

eBay - No easy find on eBay and no copies located so far. May change by the time you read this, depending on when you read this.

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First appearance of Punch and Jewelee

Punch and Jewelee were recruited by Amanda Waller to join the Suicide Squad for a time. They are considered jokes to most superheroes and comic relief, although the couple displayed a demented penchant for violence on their first mission with the team.

Despite their unpredictable behavior, Amanda Waller kept them on briefly to observe them. Bronze Tiger opposed this decision, claiming the two were dangerous liabilities to the team.

Punch and Jewelee were foes of both Nightshade and Captain Atom and were published by Charlton Comics prior to be being bought into the DCU. I don't consider it likely the two will show up in a Suicide Squad movie, but this here is for reference just in case they are announced in the near or later future. Their first appearance was published in March, 1967.

eBay - A few more copies for this Silver Age key issue. Not much though, and watch out for the modern reprints. There are a few reprints for this issue. Only raw copies and no CGC here yet.

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ComicConnect - Three raw copies here, all high grade. Highest claims to be a 9.6 NM+. Other two are a low NM and a VF.

As promised, we will continue with the first appearances of the notable Suicide Members from volume one, the series that made the Suicide Squad sort of popular. I won't have all the appearances as some members weren't in the group very long or died on their first mission. We'll have to see.

Some of these are already comic investments or comics to invest in from the Golden and Silver Age. This will be continued in Part 5 and that's ready so just click the PART 5 link below to read on. If you missed Part 4 just click the PREVIOUS link below. If you're new to this site, I suggest you start with Part 1 to get caught up with this Suicide Squad key issues list.

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