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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Comic Issues Part 3

Continued from Part 2, we will be finishing up the rumored first appearances of the Suicide Squad members that are supposedly the line up for the new movie. As I mentioned before, nothing yet has been confirmed. Only other news is that Tom Hardy, Will Smith and Ryan Gosling are being considered by Warner Bros. for this Suicide Squad flick.

Near the end of Part 3, I will start with the first appearances of other notable Suicide Squad members from volume one. Because the Suicide Squad has a revolving membership and quite a few characters seem to die on the team, I think the movie franchise will do the same. You'll get what I'm trying to do when you see it for yourself.

If you missed Part 2 or Part 1, just click the links to go back and catch up. Don't worry, you'll be able to navigate back here. Otherwise, enjoy Part 3 and hope doing this key issue list this way isn't too funky.

First appearance of new Deadshot
2nd appearance of Floyd Lawton as Deadshot.
New costume and weaponry

Not sure why guide as this as the first appearance of new Deadshot. After all, isn't this just a make over on his costume. It's still Floyd Lawton, and the character was last seen in Batman #59.

That makes this the 2nd appearance of Deadshot in comics. Still, this is an important key issue and gives the modern spin on the character who will become the only Suicide Squad member to be in every incarnation of the team. His first appearance and this one are steaming up and is already getting major play in the market! This comic was published December, 1977.

eBay - Not much of a selection on eBay for this issue. I suppose it hasn't caught on just yet. Your local comic shop may have not caught on either, best to check there as well if you can.

mycomicshop - One copy but it's only a VG. This key issue has definitely caught on! Maybe your local hasn't caught on just yet for this issue.

First appearance of Danton Black

The first appearance of Danton Black in Firestorm #1 just might give another push in demand for this comic. We already know that Firestorm is slated to appear in the Flash TV series and Robbie Amell has been cast to play the superhero.

Well, now the rumors are swirling around that Danton Black will be assembled in the Suicide Squad, and he will eventually become known as Multiplex. March, 1978 was when this Bronze Age key was published.

eBay - Decent amount of raw copies on eBay. No CGC for this issue at the time of this writing. Best to keep checking if you prefer slabbed copies. a 9.2 low NM CGC sold this month a little above the $100 mark. This issue still hasn't caught on much.

mycomicshop - Brings the CGC goodness. Two slabbed copies here and one is a CGC 9.6 NM+ and the other a CGC NM. Both seem a bit over-priced to me, but you may disagree.

ComicLink - Only one copy from the first series available. It is a CGC copy and graded 9.6 NM+. It's also a Signature Series signed by Al Milgrom.

First appearance of Danton Black as Multiplex

There are two first appearances to the character of Multiplex. The first is his alter ego as Danton Black in Firestorm #1. In Firestorm #2, however, we see his first appearance as Multiplex.

It's strange that Multiplex is considered to be part of the Suicide Squad movie if the rumors end up being true. He is not a volume one Suicide Squad member, and he only appears as a volume 3 Squad member. Volume 3 was only an 8 issue miniseries, and Multiplex was in no other incarnation of the team before or after.

Still scratching my head about the validity of this rumor. Then again, maybe DC and Warner Bros. are also planning to shed some light on more obscure characters. Multiplex can split himself into two are more separate beings. April, 1978 was when his first appearance in Firestorm #2 was published.

eBay - Not exactly a great selection here for this issue and it hasn't caught on much at all. Still pretty much a sleeper for now. Only raw copies and not very many at this moment.

mycomicshop - Two raw copies here only. Highest is a FN+ and other copy is a 3.5 or low VG.

First appearance of Vixen

Another Suicide Squad member rumored to be in the movie line up is that of Mari Jiwe McCabe, otherwise known as Vixen. She is of African descent and her origins are tied closely to the legend of Tantu, a warrior who asked Anansi the Spider to create a totem that would give the wearer all of the powers of the animal kingdom.

Mari just may be a descendant of Tantu, as the totem was passed down to her, giving her the ability to mimic any animal. Vixen has been a member of both the JLA and the Suicide Squad, and she shows up in the comics in issue #11 to volume one of the Suicide Squad's first series.

She is known as a major player for the Squad in this incarnation, but she is not a staple member like Captain Boomerang and Deadshot. This issue was published July, 1981.

eBay - Only three copies here. One is in a lot that's pretty cheap. Looks like the other two sellers have caught on to the buzz. Their listings have the prices already jacked up for this key issue.

First appearance of Mindboggler

Once again, we come back to Mindblogger. Kinda strange that I would list her death first before her first appearance, but this is how this Suicide Squad key comic issues list is going.

Rumor has it that Mindboggler is one of the members who'll be recruited in the Suicide Squad movie, and I must admit, the call leans a little more to why? She didn't last very long and actually died on one of their very first missions. Perhaps, this is why she may be in the movie.

Right now, who really knows? She is another villain of Firestorm, and the first appearance of Mindboggler is in this issue. This Copper Age key issue was published November, 1984.

eBay - Extremely limited selection. Only about two listings and both are raw and one is a VG copy. Yikes! May be able to get this one for a bargain at your local if they haven't caught on yet. High grade copies seem to be a hard find on the mighty eBay at the moment. That may change if the rumors turn out to be true.

mycomicshop - Two raw copies here and the highest is only a FN copy. The other is only a VG.

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I'm splitting up this section to include other Suicide Squad members and their first appearances. Since the cast lineup news for the Suicide Squad is only a rumor so far (be wary of those who say it's confirmed, because it's not yet), I'm gonna include this section here.

So these are other possible Squad members who were part of the volume one series. They may or may not have a good chance of being in the first movie or perhaps later movies for the franchise. It's all up in the air for now, but this is a reference section to look up in case other Suicide Squad members do get confirmed either for the first movie or a later one.

Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #1
First appearance of Ben Turner in comics

Richard was a dude in Japan who happened to sneak into a Chinese dojo to steal a jade Buddha and was caught by a student there and beaten.

The Master saw something in Richard and began teaching him Kung Fu along with Ben Turner, who was the student that beat the snot out of Richard. This was a novel written by Dennis O'Neil and Jim Berry before it became a comic book.

Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #1 holds the first appearance of Ben Turner in comic books. Ben Turner is also known as Bronze Tiger, and Bronze Tiger was a staple member of the Suicide Squad for the team's first on-going series. He was 2nd in command under Rick Flag and Waller, even though Waller set him up to be team leader.

His very first appearance is in the novel Dragon's Fists (1974), but this is his first appearance in comics. Recent rumors have Will Smith, Ryan Gosling and Tom Hardy being eyed by Warner Bros. for the Suicide Squad movie. It's not known if all three actors are being eyed for the same part, but if not, I'm wondering who Will Smith will play?

Could he be Bronze Tiger? Could be cool, but they may pull the switcheroo and have Will Smith play a white character, much like how the Avengers opted to go with Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. Oops, excuse me, Mr. Samuel L. Jackson. Interesting to see who Mr. Smith is being considered to play in terms of the Suicide Squad.

Not sure, but I am starting him off first in this first appearances section of Suicide Squad keys, because he has been a major player for the first modern incarnation of the team. Then I'll go back and list by date for the others. The first comic book appearance of Ben Turner a.k.a Bronze Tiger was published in May, 1975.

We are gonna continue the first appearances of other notable Suicide Squad members from volume one in Part 4 so just click that PART 4 link below to continue this key comic issues list.

If you missed Part 2, just click the PREVIOUS link below to head on back.

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