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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Comic Issues Part 2

Okay, we're going to finish up the most important key issues pertaining to the 2nd incarnation of the Suicide Squad, and then we will dive right in with the first appearances of those characters already rumored to be in the movie's line up.

The rumor has it that the Suicide Squad movie will be based off of John Ostrander's acclaimed revival of the group when he took the helm for the comics. So here are the rest.

Amanda Waller origin
Suicide Squad origin
Death of Rick Flag Sr.

Important key issue concerning the Suicide Squad and how the original team connects with the Silver Age team. This issue not only shows the origin of Amanda Waller and how she stops President Ronald Reagan from shutting down the Suicide Squad, but it also shows how Rick Flag Jr. becomes the leader of the original Suicide Squad after the death of his father Rick Flag Sr., and how he is ultimately recruited into the new Suicide Squad. Secret Origins #14 from the 2nd volume was published May, 1987.

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First issue to very first titled series
First appearance of Briscoe
First appearance of Jihad
First appearance of Ravan
First appearance of Jaculi

The Suicide finally get their own self-titled on-going series during the Copper Age of comics, skipping the limited series bit. New members are added such as Plastique, Mindboggler, and Nemesis. Karen Grace also rejoins the team in this issue as well.

This issue also sees the first appearance of Briscoe, the pilot who served as a ferry from Belle Reve Prison to various missions for the Suicide Squad. The series lasted only 66 issues, but made DC Comics obscure characters like Deadshot and Captain Boomerang more well-known to comic fans.

The first appearance of the super powered terrorist organization Jihad makes their first appearance in Suicide Squad #1 as well. The Jihad would later be known as Onslaught. Rumor has it that the movie will be based off this Suicide Squad incarnation, minus a few characters, and that the character of Jaculi will be one of them. Jaculi is an enemy of Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad #1 was published May, 1987.

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Death of Mindboggler
2nd issue to first self-titled series

The character of Mindboggler would not last long as a Suicide Squad member. Once a foe for Firestorm, Mindboggler was recruited by the Squad after being offered the choice of serving on a deadly mission and having her jail term changed to time served or remaining in prison until her sentence was over.

I believe she was recruited in Suicide Squad #1. In this issue the Squad goes up against the Jihad in Qurac, the fictional nation in the middle east and home of Jihad, later Onslaught, operations.

Mindboggler would be shot in the back by a Jihad member, and Captain Boomerang had a chance to save her but let her die, revenge that he swore he would get when she used her powers of illusion to embarrass him after the mission debriefing.

Much like the comic's title, it may be the same for the comic movie. If the movie is truly based off this team, then just like the comic, Mindboggler may bite the dust in the movie as well. June, 1987 was when this comic was published.

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First appearance of Deadshot

We are now getting into the first appearances of rumored characters within this Suicide Squad key comic issues list, and the character of Deadshot has the highest probability of being in a Suicide Squad movie. The character of Deadshot is a golden oldie, but never made much of a dent during the Golden, Silver, or Bronze age.

It wasn't until John Ostrander got a hold of him did he bring the character into prominence as a member of the Suicide Squad. So, it seems the rumor going around is that Deadshot will be suiting up for the Suicide Squad movie, and he just may be leading the group instead of Rick Flag.

Floyd Lawton is Deadshot's real name, and he is primarily an enemy of Batman and prominent member of both the Suicide Squad and the Secret Six. Deadshot is a staple Squad member and has been in every incarnation of the group. This comic was published in June, 1950.

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First appearance of Captain Boomerang

Already mentioned on here several times, this character's already gonna be on Arrow, and an actor has already been cast. I believe I mentioned it already on here but for those new, Nick Tarabay will play George "Digger" Harkness on the small screen in the Arrow TV series.

However, if the rumors circulating now are true, Captain Boomerang just may hit the big screen as well in the Suicide Squad movie, and why not. After all, it's now well-known that there will be a small screen Flash and a big screen Flash soon. Captain Boomerang has been a staple Suicide Squad character, but to be honest, I think the character is not just a little bit lame but just flat out lame.

If they do decide to go with this one, it'll be interesting to see how they make him cool. Or, he just may a good contender to get whacked in the movie. Captain Boomerang first appearance was published December, 1960, another Silver Age goodie.

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First appearance of Blockbuster

Another Batman related comic introducing another Suicide Squad character from John Ostrander's incarnation of the group. As we already know from Legends #3, Blockbuster is not a member of the Squad for long. Will the movie portray his death in their very first mission as well? Who knows?

Kinda find it strange to have this character in the Suicide Squad, but the movie does need to live up to it's name. Some members have to die in it.

Anyways, Blockbuster is Mark Desmond, a chemist who desired to be strong instead of scrawny. Creating a serum in true comic book fashion, Desmond experimented on himself becoming a huge mindless brute. Sounds like the Blockbuster will be the Hulk of this movie. Blockbuster is Silver Age villain and his first appearance in Detective Comics #345 was published November, 1965.

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Alright, as mentioned before, the first half of this post dealt with key issues from when John Ostrander first revived the team. It was an important revamp and those issues are the basis of all the team's later incarnations and basic premises - villains being recruited to perform dangerous missions in order to gain freedom or reduced sentences.

The 2nd half has to do with the first appearances for the characters that are recently rumored to be in Suicide Squad movie. Take note that these are rumors and not confirmed. The only three of these first appearances I think have high probabilities of actually being in the movie are Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and Amanda Waller. Deadshot and Amanda Waller I have the highest confidence in so far.

I do not know whether Rick Flag will be in the movie, but I have to admit it would be strange not to have him. He has been an important character and leader for the team. As for the rest, some seem kind of sketchy like Blockbuster and Mindboggler. Perhaps, they are fodder for the eventual fire like I mentioned before.

Anywho, we have a few more first appearances to go in Part 3 so just click the PART 3 link below to continue. If you missed Part 1, just click the PREVIOUS link below to go back.

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