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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Suicide Squad Key Comic Issues Part 1

Fulfilling a request for this key issues list and because it was just announced that a Suicide Squad movie is slated for an upcoming release, we're going to detail a few Suicide Squad key issues in this list. First, I am going to list the key comic issues pertaining to the original Silver Age Suicide Squad and revived version by Jay Ostrander. Then I will continue with the first appearances that pertain to the new rumors about the potential lineup for the movie.

This will not be a full-blown Suicide Squad list in the first few parts. I may expand on it later, but the hype is coming in fast, so I want to get the important key issues out there first. Remember, all the news surrounding the line up are rumors and not legitimately confirmed by any actor or Warner Bros. associate.

First appearance of original Suicide Squad

The first appearance of the original Silver Age Suicide Squad in the Brave and the Bold #25 precedes the first appearance of the Justice League of America if you can believe that. However, the latter is definitely more well-known and popular.

Created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, the first ever to draw the Punisher for publication, the the original incarnation of the Suicide Squad was very different from later incarnations. First, the main characters of the first team did not have superpowers.

Their early adventures involved battling dinosaurs, monsters, and other various creatures. It did not have the black ops, espionage tales of the later incarnations of the comic group. Brave and the Bold #25 just doesn't hold the first appearance of Rick Flag Jr., it holds the first appearances of the entire team that also consists of Karin Grace, Dr. Hugh Evans, and Jess Bright.

Rick Flag has been an important leader for the team since it's beginning and even during some of  the later incarnations, but it is unclear whether he'll be in the first film or not. This comic was published September, 1959.

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2nd appearance of original Suicide Squad

2nd appearance of the Suicide Squad and Rick Flag as well. Since 2nd appearances seem to be getting more in demand these days, probably best to list this one.

This key issue ain't no easy find as well, same with issue #25. Brave and the Bold #26 is guided above $700 for 9.2 low NM raw copies. Surely CGC copies would command a much higher price.

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3rd appearance of original Suicide Squad

Here's the third appearance of the original Suicide Squad from the Silver Age. Nothing much else to say about this, except they fight a sea creature that carries a bomb set to go off and destroy everything miles around it in this issue. They do not reappear again until issue #37. In this issue they would disband.

This issue was published November, 1959, and the next issue will hold the famous first appearance of the Justice League of America.

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2nd attempt for Suicide Squad series

This is the 2nd attempt or try out for the Suicide Squad to gain enough popularity to become an ongoing series. In this issue the original Suicide Squad rejoin to fight the menace of dinosaurs.

The original team's 2nd tryout during the Silver Age would only last 2 more issues and end with Brave and the Bold #39. This issue was published September, 1961.

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First appearance of Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller has been connected to the Suicide Squad since it's 2nd incarnation, and recruited Rick Flag Jr., who became team leader of this revival team. The character was created by John Ostrander, legend Len Wein of Wolverine fame, and John Byrne of X-Men fame.

Known as "The Wall" Waller has been an anti-hero or antagonist and occasional ally for many superheroes in DCU. A former congressional aide, she became the director of the government run program of former super villains known as the Suicide Squad. The villains recruited as operatives in the Suicide Squad would perform highly dangerous black ops mission in exchange for amnesty or reduced prison sentences.

Waller also set up The Agency also known as Checkmate, an independent branch of Task Force X. This Copper Age key issue holds the first appearance of Amanda Waller, and is already steaming up a bit in the market. Highly likely this character will be in the movie since the rumor has it that the lineup will be based off John Ostrander's acclaimed Suicide Squad. It was published in November, 1986.

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First appearance of 2nd incarnation of Suicide Squad
Death of Blockbuster

The Suicide Squad team would not make another appearance until this issue. Legends #3 revives the Suicide Squad with a new team assembled and directed by Amanda Waller. Rick Flag is the only member of the original Suicide Squad to join this new incarnation in this issue.

John Ostrander would helm the revival and create the new concept of the Suicide Squad members as a group of super villains being recruited by a secret government agency to undergo suicide missions. This new incarnation saw the members of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress, Rick Flag and Blockbuster, who doesn't last long and dies in this issue.

The concept was highly inspired by the movie the Dirty Dozen and the television series Mission Impossible. Legends #3 has heated up in the market already. CGC 9.8s already passed the $300 mark. January, 1987 was when this issue was published.

eBay - No problem finding raw copies of this issue on eBay at the moment as this issue is hot. Only CGC copy and it's a 9.8, but the price is a tad high with no Best Offer option. May want to wait for an auction to pop up.

Looks like these key issues will be quite the hunt for. No easy finds online at the moment for sure. 

We've got more Suicide Squad key comic issues in Part 2 that will continue with the keys important to the rumors swirling around currently, as well as the first appearances of those connected to the rumors. It's ready so just click the PART 2 link below to continue with this key issues list.


  1. Great post! Looking forward to part 2...

    1. Thanks Michael, I'm finding out pretty quickly that a Suicide Squad keys list is a cluster F--k. Not really that many keys in the actual series and most members first appearances are actually outside the title, so it's like the weirdest key issues list I've done. It's all over place.

      I actually think if done right, this would be a really, really interesting movie to watch...expendable cons doing these screwed up missions in exchange for reduced sentences or pardons. Jay Ostrander really hit the nail on the head with this. Great concept! I'm actually really excited to see how this film develops.