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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Power Girl Key Issue Comics

Welcome to Part One to this Power Girl key issue comics list. Although I do love me some Power Girl, this key issues series is fulfilling a request. Nonetheless, Power Girl has become an extremely popular character in the world of fandom. She is perhaps one of the most over-cosplayed characters out there, and for good reason also.

There aren't really that many high profile investment comics concerning Power Girl. Most are under-valued and most are plain sleepers also. I predict that won't last very long though. Only a matter of time. Anyways, this will be a short series, so let's get this on.

First appearance of Power Girl

As the Golden Age Justice Society of America were being reintroduced a lot more during the Silver Age and Bronze Age, DC Comics decided to give them their own book. All Star Comics was relaunched for this purpose and even started with the number after the original Golden Age series left off at issue #57.

DC Comics at the time also felt the team needed some new blood, and that's why we get the first appearance of Power Girl in this issue. Power Girl was meant to be the Earth Two version of Supergirl from Earth One. 

However, she was completely different from her Earth One counterpart. While Supergirl was more prim and proper and a traditional female, Power Girl was clearly written to be the mouthpiece for  feminists at the time, just the same as Green Arrow was to be for liberals during the Bronze Age.

In this issue, she states she is the cousin of Superman, and obviously the Superman of Earth Two had kept her a secret longer than the Superman of Earth One did with Supergirl. Also, she is not a full fledged member of the JSA in this issue. Her, Robin, and Star Spangled Kid are considered more like junior members known as the Super Squad.

The first appearance of Power Girl was published February, 1976. 

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2nd appearance of Power Girl

Here we have the 2nd appearance of Power Girl in All Star Comics #59, and the JSA and Super Squad go up against Brain Wave, whom is a Golden Age villain that made his debut in this titled series.

His alter ego is Henry King, and he made is first appearance in All Star Comics #15 in 1943. Later his son Henry King Jr., would take up the mantle and become Brain Wave Jr. All Star Comics #59 was published during the Bronze Age of comics in April, 1976.

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3rd appearance of Power Girl

If you like 2nd appearances, then 3rd appearance may be ones to get also. This can be said for the 3rd appearance of Power Girl in All Star Comics #60, which is still a highly over-looked comic for such a popular DC Comics character that came out during the Bronze Age.

This is a sleeper so far. Not many CGC and raw copies are still quite affordable. June, 1976 was when this bad boy came out.

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Superman resigns as an active member
Power Girl becomes full-fledged member of JSA

It's this issue that Power Girl graduates from being a junior member of the Super Squad to becoming a full-fledged member of the Justice Society. Of course, Superman of Earth Two resigns from active duty and vouches for his cousin Kara Zor-L to be inducted into the JSA.

Power Girl would become a well-known and popular member of the Justice Society since this comic. December, 1976 was when All Star Comics #63 was published.

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Power Girl first encounters Earth One

This one is kind of a big one concerning Power Girl key issues. It's the first time she encounters Earth One and Earth One's Justice League of America. She would even meet Earth One Superman for the first time as well.

These Earth One and Earth Two cross overs between the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America are fan favorites. Industry doesn't recognize this issue as a key issue pertaining to Power Girl. Just this list recognizes it so far, but it is an important first meeting for Power Girl.

She would even state that she liked Earth One better than her reality. October, 1977 is the publishing date.

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Power Girl origin detailed
First appearance and death of Zor-L
First appearance and death of Allura In-Z

We have the famous first detailed origin of Power Girl. While other issues just talked about her origins, this issue showed it more.

Apparently, the origin isn't much different that Supergirl's origin on Earth One. In this issue we see the first appearance of Zor-L and Allura In-Z, Power Girl's parents back on Krypton. Zor-L is one of the few who believe Superman's father Jor-L about Krypton exploding and sends baby Kara into space via a symbioship.

Strangely, this ship that Kara was in was slower than the ship her cousin Kal-L was in. While traveling through the galaxies in a sort of suspended animation, Kara received projected imagery into her unconscious mind that taught her about Krypton and Kryptonian culture.

That effect was also used in the Superman The Movie starring Christopher Reeves when baby Kal-El is traveling through space in his Kryptonite ship, but in the comics, Superman's ship was much faster and reached Earth quicker. He did not come out of his ship with as much Kryptonian knowledge as Kara had, whom reached Earth in her early twenties.

February, 1978 was when this comic was published.

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When it comes to early Power Girl key issues, it's very much like Green Arrow and how the character was shifted around from title to title. This won't happen until the All Star Comics title was once again cancelled.

Like Earth One Batgirl and Supergirl, Powergirl and the Huntress, daughter of Earth Two Batman and Catwoman, would start a close friendship as JSA members. Part 2 is ready so just click that PART 2 link below for more Power Girl key issue comics.


  1. Love your site. Just found it a few days ago and really wish I would've found it sooner. Could've saved a lot of money on back issue hunts before some of them got pricey. With rumors of a Suicide Squad script being written, I was wondering if you planned on doing one for them? I'd love to see it as your Key Issues lists are so informative and helpful.

    Even if you don't intend to do them, thanks for all the work you put into this site. I now stop in daily to see what's new/

    1. Will put that in the pipeline since the Suicide Squad has already appeared on Arrow, but it may be a while as the next key issues list will be dedicated to some Golden Age horror key issues, as Halloween is coming up soon.

      Thanks, glad you found the site and find it useful and thanks for commenting as well. Always appreciated. How did you find this monstrosity of a site?

    2. Well, I stopped buying current comics last January, but since I'd been collecting since childhood in the early 80's it's been something I can't really kick. So I recently decided that rather than spend $20-$30 a week on new comics of which most are never worth anything, I'd start going back and collecting first appearances and other key issues.

      I did this about five or six years ago just with characters I really enjoyed and managed to get the majority of first appearances of the Guardians of the Galaxy, with the exception of Thanos, since I didn't want to pay the $60 or so IM 55 was selling for back then. Oops. Still, I'm not looking to make money but rather to get older books into my collection while I can still afford them.

      So I was googling things like' undervalued comics' and 'bronze age key issues' and your site popped up. And I've found it to be an invaluable resource. Thanks.

    3. Cool, a long time collector and I know what you mean. I've taken quite a few short hiatus from comics here and there, but always find my back. Seems like we made the switch roughly around the same time concerning new comics and for the same reasons.

      Great, man, glad to hear that Google is still giving this site some love, though not as much. as when it first started. Still glad that some find this site a helpful resource as well, though I do question that from time to time, actually quite often.

      Thanks for reading and commenting and glad that this beast helps ya!

  2. interesting never heard of power girl. JW

    1. I didn't know much about here either until the mid 2000s.